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Originally Posted by SandyinZ4 View Post
On the subject of basting spray I will make a comment. So far, after using it for the first time, I love it! One of my QG members helped me use it to sandwich a small quilt. I am amazed at how well it helps keep things together and I only used a few pins to keep things in place until I got back to my house. I am going to try it out again on my next small size quilt. Wish me luck! Do any of you worry about overspray? At my friend's house, the floor felt a bit sticky when we were finished so I am thinking I need to be a bit cautious when trying it when I have carpet. Any thoughts?
I spray on my basement floor with a sheet spread out to cover at least 18 inches past where I am spraying...once I am done I toss the sheet in the washer and use warm or hot water.
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I was told early on that very little of the spray baste is needed. I'm so glad she told me because I was getting it everywhere and it is expensive. Now one bottle lasts for ever. Also spraying and sandwiching in sections is a life saver when sandwiching.

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Just a note on basting spray. Do not use it in your house. Ventilation could be a problem. I hang my tops and backs over the porch rail and spray when there is no breeze. The residue seems to not stay on the railing especially after it rains on it.
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Thanks everyone for the tips on the basting spray. I think I will go with the large sheets and cover everything in sight way beyond what I need. I was thinking the garage floor would work good, too. Just would have to back out the car but no problem. Would give me a good reason to sweep it once in a while. I don't have a high enough railing and the wind blows here so much that I don't think it would work. Thanks everyone for the tips. I especially like the tossing sheets in washer afterward. You all are super helpers.
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I'm excited...finally my QBuddy and I are having a Sewday...we've postponed it for 2 weeks...going to check out the stash for fabric...Will take 2 yards of fabric for each apron...so how many should I plan to make for Christmas gifts?
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Funny about the spray. 505 does not bother me one bit and I use it in the house with windows and doors open. Sullivans is a bit stronger. Those are the only ones I use.

Enjoy the sew day, oksewglad. Aprons? Um, I associate aprons with chores which would make them a very unappreciated gift. Just saying - but then I am a slob and all the aprons in the world can't fix that. lol
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LOL...Martina...I was thinking how many yards of fabric I could use from stash...found some fabric that I bought years ago because it reminded me of my Mom and the aprons she wore..have enough to make at least three for my sisters. I plan on using mine when I help at church funeral dinners..I usually run the dishwasher afterwards...
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That's nice ok. It will probably bring back memories of your mom for your sisters too.
Like Martina I spray in the house with windows open, fans going and I even bought a respirator for when I baste as it does bother me. Like tk I don't spray heavily. Too much has a tendency to stick to sewing machine needle. When that happens one of those alcohol swabs works like a charm though.
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Went back to get more of the sashing fabric for the black and white star flower quilt.

Is there a book that tells me how to figure out how much fabric I need for certain things? The LQS isn't all that local, it's in the next town over.

I also got the 38 by 24 cutting board because I keep on running off the shorter one and ruining my rotary cutter blade. And I got the rotary blade sharpener too. I'm going to get ahead of the dull blade problem one way or another.
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I have been very, very good at not buying fabric. Even when Connecting Threads new ad came out I wasn't tempted. Part of that is I found out the apartment I've wanted to move to has come available so I'll be downsizing from a 1600 square foot house with two storage buildings to 800 square foot apartment with one 6 x 8' storage room. Yikes! The other reason is I purchased a Bailey Home Quilter and a Hinterberg frame. And, yes, it will fit in my new apartment as long as I don't use a dining room table.
Got everything put together yesterday and will put the aprons on today -- they need shortening. My heavens, what have I gotten myself into?

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