Fabric Moratorium 2023

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Just in case I needed any more encouragement to stay OUT of the fabric store:

I'm teaching myself to longarm. (Its much more challenging than Angela Walters makes it look.) Pat Sloan said that she taught herself how to quilt with panels. It was her secret weapon. Add a border or alternating blocks - makes a fast top.

So I've picked up a few (ok - 3!) at Project Linus. Today I went into the stash and found delightful fabric border choices for all of them. Do you hear me -- 3 different panels? All of which have fabric pulls to go with them without a whole lotta effort? Sheesh. I got way too much.

PS. I did offer to longarm for $10 (thread charge) at the last PL meeting - but nobody has taken me up on it....YET....
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I think focusing on longarming is a great way to stop buying fabric for a while. That being said, you're going to need backings. Have you got enough stash to avoid having to buy backing? I hope so! Go for it Rff1010!
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Picked out fabric for a new mystery quilt I will be making with my local quilt group. All from stash. It was hard to find exactly what pleased me and that met the requirement of the mystery, but now the decision making is done and I have to wait a month for the next step.

Remember when I jumped off the wagon to pick up some bargains from Shipshewana a couple of weeks ago? Well I purchased some white-on-white that will be used as the background for this new mystery..By the time the mystery is finished it will be about 10 yards out of my stash, including the back and binding. Looking forward to that.
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Originally Posted by Snooze2978 View Post
MosquitoBait, my sewing area is also in the basement and in the midwest so can relate to being cold in the winter time. It's 2 basic rooms with only 1 having the baseboard heat in it and it's on the far side of the space. When I know I'll be doing some actual sewing/quilting and it's downright frigid, I'll plug in my space heater that looks like a radiator as I can adjust the heat on it. It seems to do the trick for me plus I keep a fleece lightweight jacket down there when I need just a little bit of warmth.
I did try the space heater thing. The problem is the neuropathy in my feet. It's just not enough. Feels the cold too easily.
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I'm still working on the Around We Go quilt- I'm doing a very scrappy version with all fabrics from scraps in my stash. I may even have a widleback in my stash that would be suitable, if not, I'll try to piece something rather than buying backing.

Haven't bought any new fabric so far this year!

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Okay - I just took a total nosedive off the wagon, but I'm sorry to say I really can't feel too upset about it. I started the day off on the wrong foot and was just having such a hard time breaking out of my funk that I decided to head out 30 minutes early for an appointment to go and have a quick peek in the local thrift stores first. At one of them it was "Thrifty Thursday" with 30% off everything in the store so I came out with 5 yards for just over $10 and at the other one they'd packed up "quilter's grab bags" and I bought 3 of them. When I unpacked them, I figure there's about the equivalent of 20 FQs that I paid $11 for. So... my spirits were lifted and I've supported two charity shops in my community, even if I have once again managed to start a month with a slip up. :-)

On a more positive note, I've also just finished my 42nd leaf for a stash-sourced quilt, so am at least using up some fabric to make room for new finds. Although it's still very much a work in progress, I'm including a picture of the first 39 leaves to turn this into more of a Fabric Moratorium-worthy post! :-)
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Since I quit buying fabric back in Nov 2018, I was lucky that I had quite a few backings for future quilts on my list. Plus, I've had to piece one backing for a quilt that wasn't on that list back then, bought a bed sheet for a doggie quilt I just finished and sent so I don't count that as fabric as it's a sheet, right? So far so good and I still have 10 quilts to finish up this year to meet my goal of UFOs and I have backings and batting for all of them.
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One thing I have done - even though I'm trying to use stash, is that now my buying is limited to what I actually need to make the project I am making, instead of buying something because it catches my eye.

So, even though I'm hopping off the wagon from time to time, I'm not hopping off the wagon to just stock more stash.

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quiltsfor, I certainly understand your thinking. Right now for me, I'm concentrating on finishing a bunch of UFOs/WIPs that need to become completed tops. I know that I will be hopping on and off this wagon but more selective with what I buy or "need" to buy. So I am looking forward to using more stash and adding less
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Rryder congrats on not buying any fabric this year.
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