July weight loss

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KQ, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1983 so I'd like to hear your story. I have a massage therapist who has helped a lot, but I need to start putting some space between my visits to him. I wish my insurance included massage therapy. I have had some success with supplements, but would like to hear what you have to share.

MaryMo, the same supplement that helped the fibro helps my muscle spasms, too. I want to try yoga when I can walk again. I do have some reservations about being the oldest person in the group. I'm trying to get the instructor to have a senior class, but so far, no luck.

I will find a batik and get it in the mail. I certainly have enough to chose from. I just had a muffin and I don't like how I feel. I do not eat carbs in the evening - now I know why.

I AM getting healthier and losing weight.
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irishrose, all my yoga instructors have stressed it's your yoga practice, so try not to worry or think about the others in the class and do what you can do. Also, if you're not happy with one class try a different one and/or a different instructor. I just went back to my 'old' instructor this week and only 10 mins into the class I already felt a better stretch than in my other yoga class. In my most recent class the other students had known each other for a long time and would chat and make jokes during class. In hindsight, I think with the chatting going on I was unable to fully relax and focus on the yoga.

I have a bunch of fruit to wash and cut up and veges to cook today. Here's to healthy food choices today!!
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Oh, I have my instructor picked out and he will be perfect. It's just my mental block I have to get past - who wants to be the old whatever in a class of pretty bodies? That's why I've asked him to consider a senior class.

Do you ever feel like you spend half your life waiting? Handyman is late, dogwalker is late. Oh, well, I'm not due anywhere until 3:00.

I cut veggies yesterday. Trying not to eat too much fruit because it's more sugary. I do have a pineapple that's calling my name.

What's for dinner? I bought a roast and now I don't want it. I don't like to freeze meat, but I guess I'll have freeze it until I have company. My son is a beef eater.
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Just checking in. The roofers are here again today. We had a storm in June that knocked down lots of trees all over town. One big black walnut tree beside our house fell and took off the corner of our roof. Other limbs poked holes in the front part of the roof. I've got my fabrics together for the next three months, just haven't mailed them. Hope everyone is having a good day.
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I placed my (3) three month fat quarters in the mail to you today. Thanks bjsmith57

Originally Posted by meanmom View Post
WOW we have a big group for July. The list is...
I hope i have everyone. Let me know if I missed you. The fabric themes for the next 3 months are July batiks, August black and white, September pinks. It saves postage to send 3 months at a time, that is up to you. If I owe anyone a PM of my address send me another one. Good luck and healthy eating to everyone.
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Certainly glad it is Friday! Trying hard to stay away from all the sweets and carbs, but I work at a condominium building where we have many great ladies who love to cook but don't want to eat all of it! Well, they bring down a "sample" for us and what is a gal to do?? I have been trying to put it all someplace where I cannot reach it and then just take a taste so I can tell them how good it is. Oh, but some of the stuff is sooo tempting!
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MaryMo, would something as simple as Benadryl help? I've never had an itch it couldn't stop.

I'm getting a little basket of houses built! Mother's behavior is so crazy sometimes working on something with numbers is all I can cope with I probably have 40 or 50 finished.

Today she decided to pour water over one of her oldest framed pictures. Those old pictures are all she remembers now. I took the water away from her but you can't reason with dementia so I hope the photo isn't ruined.

I'm only up to 5K steps today, took my walk at 5:30 AM, it is going to be in the high 90's here for a week.
This house will be miserable because I can't close down the shades in front, mother would have four cows.

I'll be back later with my long story about fibro
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Those are some cute houses in that basket! I hope we get to see the quilt when you get it all put together.
Tomorrow will be a challenge. Baby shower in the afternoon and then going to the fair. Fair food for dinner! I plan to share my favorites that I just have to have. At least I will get some walking in.
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I received 3 months of FQ yesterday and a little cash for mailing them out from mateoh. They are so pretty. One of my quilt guild friends has been bugging me to enter some of my quits in the fair or other places. She is a quilt judge so I am taking her advice. They are of course due today and I still need a hanging sleeve on one of them. I am entering my avatar and a few other items.
I am going to have a tough weekend. My GS 4th birthday party is tonight. We are having pizza and I made strawberry cheesecake. He loves cheesecake and wanted a Spiderman cake so I topped it with homemade strawberry jelly and took some white chocolate and made a spiderweb on it. Tomorrow we are having dinner at my sisters. Kinner won't be a problem as she is a lousy cook. (my elderly Uncle told me that she obviously doesn't use the same cookbook as my sister and me). Everything has to be thrown together in a hurry and be low fat, that doesn't mean it has to be tasteless. I am making raspberry tiramisu for dessert. My cousin is here from Iowa and it is her favorite. Hopefully there won't be any leftovers.
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Pat, my fat quarter went in the mail today. Good luck to all! I'm still pondering what to do with my June win but I've narrowed it down to 2 patterns.
I had a difficult time sticking to my plan over the holiday but I'm back on track now, still a long way to go. Best wishes for all you gals trying to keep in control and for those who are struggling at this time. Big hugs for all of you!
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