March Weight Loss 2016

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Please be very careful with your hurt back, Judy. We all wish you well and hope there is no fracture for you to contend with.
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I hope it isn't a fracture Judy. Praying it all goes well. I tried a new class tonight. Hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow and get out of bed. I did my spinning class, 15 miles and then a group power class. Lots and lots of squats with weights and weight lifting. I was doing water aerobics 2 nights a week but I don't like having something 4 nights a week.
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My friend and I worked out with a trainer yesterday. Oh my. Just about every part of my body hurts today. I plan to go back friday to work out again if my knee feels better. She really kicked our butts!
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Hey all. Its been rough here in this house lately. We have all had the flu and my daughter now has a cold. We are on the mend and feeling all right now though.
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I am in. You already have my FQ.
So far I think I am gaining for the month.

I have a new little Granddaughter. Erin Elizabeth was born on March 2. That makes 7 grands, 4 girls 3 boys.
Love being a grandma, but it sure is tiring when you get to babysit them.

My newest Grandson, Caleb Austin, was born May 29th. I am now Grandma to 4 precious babies. I am so blessed!!!!
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I sent you a pm, Pat before I left on a cruise saying I'd be in for this month. Had a wonderful time. Smooth sailing in the Western Caribbean, beautiful ports, and lots to eat & drink! There were 14 of us in our group & we had so much fun! I came home sick though. Started with a cough the last few days of the cruise. I felt ok then, but by the time we flew home I was coughing, sneezing & blowing like crazy! I would have hated to have been sitting near me on the plane! Luckily I was between my husband & aunt trying hard not to cough without much luck. I've taken it real easy this week & finally am feeling better.

I sure hope it isn't a fracture, Judy. I hope you aren't in a lot of pain either.

Congratulations Gayle on the new addition to the family!

5 lbs is a great loss mjmachin- congratulations to you as well!

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Thank you, everyone for your concern. The pain is severe at times (worse today), but doing better if I look at last week for comparison. I went to a yin yoga class yesterday. The instructor was very helpful keeping a pad under my sacrum on the back poses. He is such a nice young man. This studio has two steps and stairs are not my friend right now, but J helped me up them. I did not attempt what another member calls, "Kick your a** yoga" this morning. It really isn't that, but it's a cute name. The dogs had their first walk in 10 days yesterday. They were a happy pair! Walking was not too bad, just bending over to pick up after them. It's too bad my dog walker moved away, but I need the fresh air and exercise (to the best of my ability) so it's not all bad. I started back on quilting the quilt that's been hanging out on the machine. I missed the baby shower deadline, but will definitely deliver it before the birth of my next great grandson. Colorful chevrons separated by soft gray and white polka dots.
My weight is holding without much exercise, though I had mac and cheese last night so I may have done some damage. A deep tissue massage removed much of the fluid from my legs Wednesday.

Congratulations, Gayle. Your grandbaby was born the day after my birthday. That was one I won't forget because it the day I fell.

Pat, the exercises you do amaze me. More power to you!

Five pounds is a great loss in the winter when our bodies are programmed to gain. Spring will soon be here and that phase will be over. Yay!
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Congratulations mjmachin!
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Judy, sorry for that nasty fall. Hope that you are giving it plenty of time for healing. Your deep tissue massage sounds wonderful!

Gayle, congrats on a new treasure. Mom always said having babies is for the young - yet she keeps her twin great granddaughters all the time. She says it gives them purpose.

I can't believe the month is going so quickly. And I hope you are all doing better than I am.
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I've lost 16 lbs since October and am pretty much at my goal weight, so I'm not joining the challenge. Just here to cheer you all on! You can do it. Remember that weight loss is 80% nutrition, 20% workout, and 100% mindset!

Eat right and think positive.... and be sure to drink plenty of water every day. It's the catalyst to burning fat. Drink half your body weight in ounces, per day.

Another tip: Keep your metabolism speedy by eating a high protein snack between meals. Don't go longer than 3 hours without eating.

Good luck, everyone!
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