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Thread: I'm upset...he didn't like it

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    Power Poster amma's Avatar
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    (((HUGS))) I am so sorry that he hurt your feelings like this (((HUGS)))
    I think your quilt is beautiful and that you did a wonderful job on it!!!

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    Senior Member taiboo's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Long Valley, NJ
    LOL, he is 72 (will be in august) and this is just how he is, but he has never been that way with me.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaryStoaks
    How old is your father? Has he seen a doctor lately? Maybe he's not well?

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    I am SO sorry............. for many years, I got the same reaction from my Dad for everything I ever did. I KNOW how it hurts, when you try so hard to do something you think they will like.
    One year, I had made my Dad a lovely soft tailored woolen flannel shirt, and had even hand monogrammed it for him.
    When he opened my present, and asked " What the %@)) am I supposed to do with THIS?" Instead of being hurt, that one time, I finally told him..........."You're supposed to wear it, and if you make ONE more ugly hurtful comment to me, I WILL tell you WHERE you can wear it!".
    That ended it, and he has been decent to me ever since. For the first 45 years of my life, I can't recall ONE thing I ever did that suited him, though.
    Here's ((((HUGS))))((((HUGS))))((((HUGS)))) for you, and just don't feel so alone.
    You did a beautiful job on this, and you put your heart into it for him.

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    Junior Member Elizabeth-Liz's Avatar
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    I think it is just beautiful. It is his lose. I don't know how my dad would be, so I just don't make anything for him. My Mom in supportive and loves anything I do. And if it gets used for other than being pretty and to show off, I agree that it needs to be used for other reasons. Keep your chin up and know you did a great job.

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    Super Member Barb_MO's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Sorry your feeling was hurt by your father's words and actions. Hugs to you for thinking of your father and wanting to do something nice for him. Hope you will continue on with your quilting. You did a good job with all the firsts....now that you have mastered those firsts, go on and make something very pretty just for yourself to enjoy.

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    Super Member Charlee's Avatar
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    How do you get more patriotic than FLAGS and red white and blue?
    I am so sorry that he reacted that way, and so sorry that you were hurt! ~MEGA HUG~

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    Oct 2009
    South Carolina
    Sorry your feeling are hurt. Forgive your dad, and releize there is something wrong with him health wise. It maybe the beginning of a health issue.
    It also could be the fact that the quilt brought some memory that he can't deal with. He may need you more that you know at this time.

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    Super Member raptureready's Avatar
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    I'm truly sorry this happened to you but don't let it prevent you from enjoying quilting. We've all had things like this happen to us. From people thinking that our art is a cheap way of getting out of buying a gift to just being plain rude. Your wall hanging is lovely.

    It's a shame that he couldn't have been more gracious. My father wouldn't have cared for it either. He wouldn't have said so though, he just didn't have any use for things like that. I say leave it and the hurt he caused there, if you bring it home it will be a constant reminder.

    A lot of older people don't appreciate anything that can't be "used." My mom was like that too. Don't give her any knick knacks that she had to dust, if it was a quilt it had better fit a bed, etc. One of her favorite birthday gifts was the year we went together and bought a handicap toilet and installed it in her bathroom. We'd have done that for her anyway but since it was her birthday and Mother's Day..... She loved it because it was practical. Perhaps your father is the same way.

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    thismomquilts's Avatar
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    here! :)
    It is beautiful and VERY patriotic - I mean, what aspect of patriotism is not in it??? It's sad about his reaction - I made my sisterinlaw a quilt once - she did not like - I took it back and have not made her anything else.

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    I'm sorry your dad hurt your feelings. I have to say, sometimes it is a guy thing. My dad would not get the whole wall hanging thing. I made him and my stepmom a table topper. She loved it. He said what the he** is it. But that's my dad.

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