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  1. Hello to all from Arizona
  2. Hello! I'm new here!
  3. Greetings from the PNW!
  4. Hi from Cleveland Ohio!
  5. Hello from SE Michigan
  6. From SW Washington State - Rain Country!
  7. Brenda
  8. Greetings from Corning, New York
  9. New here... How am I ever going to finish this quilt...
  10. New
  11. Hi from Wisconsin, USA!
  12. Hello from the Tennessee Foothills
  13. hi from victoria Australia
  14. Hello from Northern Michigan
  15. Hello from Tampa Bay, Florida!
  16. Marcy
  17. Hello from Manitoba
  18. Hello from Belfast, Northern Ireland
  19. Hi from Fredericksburg TX
  20. Hello from North Carolina
  21. Hello From Nebraska
  22. Greetings from Bedford, OH
  23. Hello from Germantown Ohio!
  24. Hello from Madrid, Spain
  25. It's an intro thread!
  26. Hi from San Diego
  27. Hi from Saskatchewan
  28. hello, olá
  29. Hi from Indiana.
  30. Waving hello from Georgia
  31. Hi From Colorado
  32. Hello
  33. I am new in this forum
  34. Hi from Illinois
  35. Hi from the Catskills
  36. Linton Indiana
  37. not really new...
  38. Greetings from Alaska
  39. Hello from Arkansas
  40. Spinner52
  41. Hi!! Back to quilting, in Honolulu, HI
  42. New from Victoria, BC Canada
  43. Hi from KC
  44. Hello from sunny Southern California
  45. New again
  46. Hello New Quilter and New to Quilters board
  47. from Spain
  48. Mimigirl
  49. Hi My Name is Tammy from Artemas, Pennsylvania, USA
  50. Hi All!
  51. fairly new to quilting, new to this forum/site
  52. Hello! New quilter & new to the Quilting Board
  53. Hi I'm from Upstate NY and new to quilting and to site.
  54. Greetings from the Rockies
  55. Hi All!!
  56. Hi- My name is Sierra
  57. Hi I'm new - from Indiana
  58. Quilting in Katonah, NY!
  59. Hi I'm christy.
  60. Carolarogers
  61. Hi...Finally steppin' into the sun
  62. Hello from Baltimore, MD
  63. Hello from North Idaho
  64. Hi! I'm new.
  65. Hey all
  66. New from Big Clifty Ky
  67. Hello
  68. Hello from Pacifica, CA
  69. Howdy from south-central Texas!
  70. Hello From Manchester England
  71. Hi from Deerfield NY
  72. Hello from Tulsa, OK
  73. Hello from Lansdowne, PA
  74. Hello From St. Pauls NC - so glad to be back
  75. Happy New Year! Happy return to creative sewing
  76. I have returned!!
  77. Aloha from Washington
  78. Hi from Florida
  79. tina52
  80. Hello
  81. hi from Mass
  82. Lookie Loo
  83. Hi from Yorkshire England
  84. Hiya! Sites for Inspiration
  85. Hello from Ohio
  86. Hello from NC!
  87. Hi all....from the Seattle area
  88. Hello from St. George, Utah!
  89. Hello to all the old sewing machine appreciators!
  90. Hello, Thank you and Wow!
  91. newbie in London!
  92. New to this site, but not to quilting.
  93. Hi! I am a quilter from Kansas
  94. New Quilter AND a Newbie on Computers.
  95. New Quilter
  96. Hello from Spain
  97. New to quilting, and it shows...
  98. Hello from Florida!
  99. Newb from Northern MI Hello Quilters!
  100. Waves Hello
  101. Newbie Inspired by Cindy Needham's Work
  102. Help
  103. hi-dee-ho from central nebraska
  104. One more newbie..
  105. Hello from Northern California
  106. New to the quilting board
  107. Hi from Roanoke,Virginia
  108. TexasquilterSA
  109. Newbie from California, needs a bit of starting point help
  110. all to pieces
  111. lulubelle
  112. Hi from Eastern Washington!
  113. Another Rodney here!
  114. Bernina 830 w/embroidery
  115. Hello Again … from Peoria, AZ
  116. Greetings from KS/NE border!
  117. Good morning from NC!
  118. Hello from California
  119. Hi from the UK
  120. Hello from Eastern Washington
  121. Been away for a while!
  122. Hello from New Hampshire
  123. Not a Newbie but...
  124. Hi a newbie from Ohio
  125. Hello from England (The Isle Of Wight).
  126. Alaska quilter. . . .happy to find QB. Somewhere in this message should be a picture
  127. Returning member from American Canyon, Ca.
  128. A Minne-sn*w-ta Hello!
  129. Hello Everyone!
  130. Newbie
  131. t shirt quilt
  132. Hello everyone from near Houston, TX
  133. Newbie from Small Town, Central Ontario finally ready to jump right in!
  134. Aussie Noob
  135. Excited
  136. New from Grand Prairie, TX
  137. I don't think I ever introduced myself! I'm from IN.
  138. Hello from Northern Indiana!
  139. Hi from NC
  140. Hello I'm Barbara from Tx
  141. Hello From Somerset Kentucky
  142. Hello Everyone
  143. Hello from the Berkshires!
  144. I quilt but need help
  145. New sewer/quilter
  146. I'm soooooo bad, from AZ
  147. Newbie from NJ
  148. Dee
  149. Hi from Manchester UK
  150. Back to quilting from Florida
  151. back to the Board
  152. Returning to the board.
  153. Hello from Nevada
  154. Newbie quilter from Sweden
  155. New quilter from CT
  156. Hi from Michigan
  157. Hello, Newbie from Michigan.
  158. New and searching for.....
  159. Hi from North Carolina
  160. Howd'i from the Bluegrass state!
  161. Hello from Colorado
  162. Greetings from Central Florida
  163. Hello from Michigan
  164. Hello from Colorado
  165. Greeting from a newbie in Upstate New York
  166. Another New Guy
  167. Hello from Virginia!
  168. Howdy from Sew Adorables in Texas
  169. Help, I'm a novice!
  170. Newbie from minnesota
  171. im a lost, returning newbie
  172. Cassuviel says hello
  173. Been here before :):)
  174. Greetings for Southwest Michigan
  175. New
  176. Hello from Sacramento Ca
  177. Joined Today! Looking forward to the next Boomerang opportunity.
  178. finally back online
  179. Hello, from Imperial, MO
  180. Hi from Australia
  181. New Member...Missing my quilting room after move
  182. My name is Wilma from southern Ontario!
  183. I Joined Today from Chenango Forks, NY
  184. Hello... just joined today!
  185. Hello from Rothbury Mi
  186. I cant believe I have been gone so long!!!
  187. Hi everyone
  188. New To Quilting
  189. been on the board for quite a while - never introduced
  190. Hi From The UK
  191. Hello from North Georgia
  192. Hello from Geelong Australia
  193. Hey from Charlotte NC
  194. Nicole from Ontario Canada
  195. Hello from BC Canada
  196. Hi y'all!
  197. Hi from Kentucky
  198. From Shady Cove, OR
  199. Hello from B.C. Canada
  200. Greetings from South Africa
  201. [email protected], in VA
  202. Quilter from Oklahoma
  203. Another newbie from NC
  204. Hello!
  205. I got hives from my first quilt...
  206. new from North Carolina
  207. Hello from Sacramento!!!
  208. New from Indiana!
  209. New from Alabama
  210. So happy to find you!! - Ohio
  211. I'm a newbie, too!
  212. Not really new but.......
  213. Hi from central Pa
  214. New-ish in Ohio
  215. Hello from Illinois
  216. Hi! My name is Melanie from Oklahoma.
  217. Newbie from Alabama
  218. Hello from New Mexico
  219. Hello from Kansas
  220. Kathryn from Bermuda
  221. Hi my name is Rae from Australia
  222. Hi from Florida
  223. Hi I.m Katie
  224. Back after a loooong break
  225. I'm Swannie and new to Quilting Board.
  226. Returning to the board
  227. Computer gaming fabric?
  228. MN Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter
  229. Brand new to quilting
  230. New member from Iowa
  231. Hello from New Hampsire
  232. New member from NJ
  233. suggestion on purchasing long arm quilting maching
  234. New membership
  235. Hi from CA (but may soon be from TX...)
  236. Hi everyone! New to quilting.
  237. Greetings from Wesern PA
  238. Hello!
  239. Hi New here
  240. Quilting on the Bayou
  241. New to board
  242. Hi! I'm new here and from South Carolina and already have a question.
  243. Introducing myself....
  244. dasmom
  245. Hello from Sarah!!
  246. Hi from down under in Australia. :-)
  247. Greetings from Clover, SC
  248. Hi! My name is Tish from Mansfield, Texas
  249. Hi I am Vickie from Texas
  250. Hello from Sweden

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