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  1. Another Thing to Make you go AWWWWWW
  2. French Braid Quilt
  3. Son's Blue/Gray Quilt
  4. My latest two finishes
  5. Feathered Star
  6. Southern Gentleman
  7. Southwest Quilt
  8. Trout quilt
  9. 3 minute flying geese quilt topblock quilt
  10. Wedding Quilt: Only One Year Late!
  11. Night Before Christmas Quilt
  12. War eagle!
  13. Midnight Weave Quilt
  14. Baby Girl Will Be Spoiled!!!
  15. Son-in-law's Promotion Quilt
  16. New Applique Project
  17. Hand embroidered quilt
  18. Doing the sandwichy thingy...
  19. Log Cabin-quilted by Harriet.
  20. Happy, Happy, Happy. I got a blue ribbon!
  21. My Military Guys
  22. A guitar quilt
  23. Night Fairy Panel
  24. Quilt I made for my son's 7th Birthday...8 years ago
  25. More Scrappy Items Done and a WIP
  26. Boom 9 and boys transportation swap quilts
  27. Start with one yard- group challenge
  28. Furlough Scrap Quilts
  29. Boxer Luv Rescue Charity quilt
  30. Halloween projects
  31. Batik Bowties
  32. Rainbow Tote
  33. Second Quilt to a National Show!! Quilted by Kevin
  34. Latest finish in mission to use scraps
  35. Tie & bag
  36. DN graduation quilt
  37. Selvedge Mug Rug
  38. GFG with a modern flair
  39. BIG Bucket Tote Bag from Pellon
  40. String quilt - ready to quilt
  41. Finished with scrappy D9P and my first "floating top"
  42. Carpenter's Star - beautifully quilted!
  43. How do you like my latest quilt?
  44. My first wholecloth quilt with FMQ
  45. Fallin Charm
  46. Girly Girl Baby Quilt
  47. Daughter's favorite teacher's quilt
  48. King size Madison Star
  49. small winter wallhanging
  50. Scrappy batik Prarie Braid
  51. My Fabric Find
  52. Honorable Mention Grand Rapids
  53. Owl quilt
  54. Mermaid
  55. William Morris quilt finiched
  56. DGS first quilt
  57. animal print youthbed quilt/spread
  58. baby blankets
  59. Just added this to my HST quilt!
  60. Wall hanging
  61. New janome
  62. my 3D quilt for my granddaughter
  63. Daisy pattern
  64. Dragon from Shrek @ Quilt Show
  65. Belly Dancers - my favorite quilt!
  66. Now, that's a quilter's car!
  67. Grand Rapids quilt show
  68. Mystery Quilt done and ready to be quilted!!
  69. First sojourn into the world of hexagons
  70. Madison Star pattern by Karen Gibbs from The Quilt Studio In NY using Bargello!
  71. Kaffe Gemstones
  72. Two baby quilts by my DS
  73. My feathers
  74. Civil War Spools
  75. "Weave It To Me"
  76. 4Patch Posy
  77. my spiral runner
  78. Sunday Sampler
  79. Remember the ""Perfectly Pink" 6-1/2" Square Fabric Swap?
  80. Farmer's Market Oven Mitts
  81. Beginner quilt for a cancer Patient
  82. Help with frustrating design
  83. Folded Star Pot Holders
  84. A few of my Quilts
  85. Football Quilt
  86. New find
  87. Boxed in Pincheels
  88. Quilts for 2 Special Little Girls
  89. Crumb Quilt Finished
  90. One Block Wonder
  91. Bejamin's Wonky Baby Quilt
  92. Daughter in Laws quilt
  93. My big step out of my comfort zone!
  94. table topper
  95. 3D quilt
  96. update on Wolf Quilt
  97. Dear Jane
  98. Interlocking batik pinwheels
  99. cancer quilts
  100. Started yesterday.....
  101. My other OBW that is not perfect but ...
  102. OBW walk of shame
  103. Ohio Pine Tree Quilt
  104. Some Butterflies
  105. Update on HST!!! FINISHED!!!
  106. Winter Wind
  107. Colorful Mushrooms Soup Mug Rug!
  108. Blooming nine patch in fall colors
  109. Hello Kitty Quilt
  110. Farmer's Market Table Runner
  111. Jackson's Thomas quilt almost done!
  112. Kitty quilt
  113. Quilt rescued from flood
  114. Professional Tote
  115. redwork baby quilt
  116. I need help!!!
  117. appliqued I SPY squares
  118. 4 patch posie finished
  119. Another quilt top done but not quilted!!!
  120. irish Chain quilt top finished
  121. Quilted Placemats
  122. Road Runners Round Robin 2013/2014
  123. Fall Batik Table Runner
  124. Red & black sampler quilt
  125. Mug Rugs
  126. Green and Purple Apple Core Quilt
  127. Spiral Lonestar
  128. Featherlicious - Finished! Picture of Entire Quilt
  129. Got a new toy....3 cheers for toys....
  130. Wedding Memory Quilt
  131. Swinging Pinwheel Swinging Happily!
  132. OD green
  133. Baby Quilts
  134. From the Book "Scrap-Basket Surprises"
  135. Stargello--10 point star for christmas table
  136. Doggie Quilt for SIL - She loves dogs!
  137. Fooling around with a Squedge
  138. sunbunnet Sue pillow covers
  139. My finished tub chair cover
  140. caterpillar quilt again!
  141. Tulip blocks
  142. For daughter's retiring golf coach
  143. Playing with HST!!!!
  144. A blessing for a dear friend
  145. Crazy About Iris is in the Grand Rapids show!
  146. My Quilt in the quilt show in Grand Rapids
  147. My 'Las Cruces' in Batiks!
  148. Charity raffle parrot quilt
  149. Counterpoint WIP
  150. A quilt for Children's Hospital
  151. Balkan Puzzle For Cheryl.
  152. The Cat
  153. Christmas Tree Skirt
  154. Appliqued Sue Bonnet Blocks
  155. No Kill animal shelter donation
  156. Easy Peesy Tube Quilt
  157. Emma welcome to the world party and quilt!
  158. Annie's Love Knot Quilt
  159. Sister #2 Christmas DONE!
  160. charity quilt
  161. Ahh! All Over Feathers!! Success!
  162. Christmas in July Table Mat
  163. Panel challenge
  164. First "floating top" quilt - Scrappy D9P
  165. Another quilt for a charity
  166. Indulge me one more time - Yoho National Park Landscapes
  167. Log Cabin Quilt
  168. One year gone and weekly blocks done
  169. Doesn't meet his approval yet...
  170. dog mug rugs
  171. Teal and feathers
  172. Placemats and Binding Tool
  173. Wave of quilts Quilt show Florence, Oregon
  174. Craftsy August basket block
  175. Wow I scored!!!
  176. Coast Guard Quilt top done for DGD
  177. fall table runner
  178. quilt for my granddaughter, Morgan
  179. Minnie Mouse Baby Quilt
  180. Can anyone tell me about this OLD quilt?
  181. Wish Upon a Star
  182. Things with Wings!
  183. Giant Mug Rugs
  184. Colorful flower
  185. Purple Sunbonnet Sue
  186. Pansy Passion II done and delivered.
  187. New Placemats
  188. Last Summer table runner, and a few bibs for quilty kids
  189. recent quilts :)
  190. Batiks and some meandering feathers
  191. This time it has MY name on it!!!
  192. Commisioned table runner ...
  193. ugly quilt part 2
  194. Midnight Rose
  195. Helper is no help!
  196. Japan
  197. Got those 30's table toppers quilted and bound
  198. Latest Prayers and Squares quilts
  199. A few recent projects - table topper, mini quilts, other stuff too!
  200. 1st Applique's
  201. First finished quilting project!
  202. Square in square QAYG for my daughter
  203. Quilt from Hades...........finished, finally
  204. wall hanging
  205. My new purse
  206. My special parcel just arrived!!!
  207. Fun Lobster bag
  208. MQ8 City Streets
  209. Penni's Story Quilt
  210. Western quilt
  211. snap happy bag
  212. Heather's Quilt AGAIN, on HER bed in BC
  213. 3 little fishies...swimming in the sea
  214. Joy or Relief...I think this will be considered "joy"
  215. Mt Rushmore quilt
  216. Bali Star-quilted by Harriet
  217. UPDATE to need you opinion
  218. My NOT Marjen for Error quilt
  219. Smith Mountain Morning for DS
  220. this quilt was such a challenge! i'm so glad i managed to get it done
  221. Thread Painting and FMQ a panel.
  222. Just for Fun
  223. My Christmas Runners so Far
  224. Fall Table Runner
  225. 1930's Repro Feedsacks Custom Quilting
  226. my inner city
  227. Christmas Table runner tops pieced so far
  228. Winter Wonderland in Blue!
  229. Caiden's Fire Trucks
  230. for contest fabric moriatorium
  231. sweet lap quilt
  232. Quilty Barn Along is a ribbon winner!
  233. cat lovers mug rugs
  234. Went to Obie's today, oh my goodness!!
  235. Carpenter's Star, Postage Stamp, Star Quilt done on summer vacation....
  236. Baloo from the Jungle Book done in a New Wave
  237. selvedge mug rugs
  238. Bargello... A Heart Set Free
  239. UH OH can you see the mistake?
  240. Things that Make you go AWWWW
  241. finished It's a Boy's World
  242. Block problems
  243. my sister's colorful quilt top-Any quilting suggestions?
  244. One Block Wonders - Relay for Life
  245. YEAH!!! I have my sewing room back!!!
  246. Road Trip
  247. A Moth at Twlight
  248. My first try at Hand quilting..
  249. Ladybug Picnic
  250. New Baby Quilt