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  1. Completed Projects by Dodie
  2. Current project scrappy bargello
  3. quick doll quilt
  4. Short notice to a baby shower - flannel rag + receiving blankies
  5. newest quilt top done
  6. quilting projects
  7. Birthday Block Quilt
  8. Here is a wall quilt I did.
  10. Yellow Brick Road Quilt
  11. Sponge Bob Quilt
  12. my mom's quilt
  13. new afghan for me from my daughter!!
  14. Finished- Ole Miss Quilt
  15. Emily's crumb blocks
  16. Log Cabin Baby quilt
  17. Just a teaser, progress added. Quilt completed
  18. Split 9 Patch Baby Quilt
  19. sharing quilt pics
  20. UFo is done
  21. more felting....
  22. Flip Flops for Izy
  23. needle felted..noggin.
  24. "Alice in Quilterland" TLC Quilters 2008 Quilt Show Pictures
  25. TEEHEEE How cool is this?!?!?!
  26. I got mail
  27. look what I got from the fabric corner sale
  28. flying to hawaii
  29. Some quilts I have done...
  30. Color Wheel Quilt Finished!
  31. Finished 2 UFO's & the scrappy bargello top
  32. At your request here is my Picture Tutorial for a crumb block
  33. Comfort quilt-one day wonder-Update pg 2
  34. Lookie what I have received in the mail so far
  35. Grandmas quilt
  36. a little something i made for my 'niece' . . .
  37. Two more parcels have arrived in Spain wooooopppppeeeeee!!!!!!
  38. label for my french braid quilt
  39. quilted Faces in ink
  40. mothers day gift I'm working on
  41. Packages
  42. A package came today!!! Thank you Terri! :)
  43. Scrap Busting took a detour
  44. fat quarter club
  45. almost forgot this quilt
  46. "Space Plasma"
  47. I did it!! My Crumb block top completed!!!!!
  48. a different attempt
  49. new memory wall hanging
  50. My purple quilt
  51. My newest additions.. Sunday shopping trip
  52. Spent my refund on this :)
  53. Tetonsticher b-day block
  54. Bargello wall hanging
  55. I sold another Talk-About-Quilt!
  56. Music Wall Hanging
  57. A day at the lake with friends
  58. Time for a Happy Dance -- Thomas & Max Are Done!!!
  59. Sharing some pictures
  60. Lover's Knot Quilt
  61. New table runner
  62. my quilting pictures
  63. Wagon Tracks Top
  64. doll swap photo
  65. Scrappy Bargello quilted by Jacque
  66. 2nd Quilting Effort Baby Quilt
  67. Happy Birthday to Me! Look what my mommy got for me . . .
  68. Oops! (#1 Argument for a Design Wall)
  69. foundation paper piecing
  70. And Another Thing
  71. My Bali quilt
  72. How I spent part of my evening
  73. New Wall Hanging
  74. I've been to Wal Mart again
  75. My First Quilt
  76. Tote Bags
  77. A Christmas table runner I will NEVER, EVER make again ...
  78. Aunt Grace Nine Patch
  79. A Pic of my first effort
  80. The Quilt for my friend is delivered!
  81. purse i made
  82. thrift store bargin
  83. Old Quilt.rescue from thrift store
  84. My Challenge Quilt is Complete!
  85. Birthday Present from Cathy M (don't know if she knew my birthday was this week)
  86. How much do you think you can fit in a little box?????????????????????????
  87. Fish Tank Done
  88. ZEN Quilt D O N E (finally!)
  89. Not a quilt in a day.............
  90. Rag Quilt before washing/drying
  91. My very first quilt top
  92. my newest fabric
  93. A few quilts I just finished quilting
  94. Next Scrap Buster in Progress
  95. New from Ebay
  96. Opinions on quilting
  97. been hiding I guess
  98. One for my son
  99. Camo Quilt - NOW FINISHED!
  100. Today's Wallyword Idea
  101. Done at last-latest baby quilt
  102. Attic Window finished.
  103. Americana BUNCO quilt prizes
  104. Pretty in Pink for my sis
  105. Americana Quilts
  106. Someone's buying this--is it quilted enough? What price????
  107. another work in progress (UPDATE) at the end
  108. Bow Tie Doll Quilt
  109. french braid
  110. Why was I up til 3a.m. AGAIN last night??????????????????????
  111. Things I found in my room
  112. Another Quilt Finished-Easter Theme
  113. kind of new to the board
  114. Trash to Treasure thanks to DH
  115. Here's the garden work I've done this week & my Irises are starting!!
  116. Another one for the kids...
  117. Spring Tote Bag
  118. Prom night
  119. Scrap Busting Saga continues....
  120. Sewing at the lake . . .
  121. Heres my first harlequin block!!!! (thanks Gmarie!!)
  122. dogwood twig wreath with grapevine twists...
  123. buttugly
  124. I cleaned out my herb boxes yesterday...
  125. Scrappy in progress
  126. quilted placemats with serged edge
  127. BABY for a quilt!!!! :)
  128. Tonights Wally finds
  129. chicken, not so little
  130. Here is a pillow I finally got done with and a pic of me with my new glasses
  131. My RR Fabric came today!
  132. Paper piecing pix and tip
  133. Results of my Marathon Sewing Day!
  134. April Showers bring May Flowers....
  135. Oh Look whats arrived ALL the way from the U.S.A to Spain!!
  136. I'll try one more time
  137. I'll try one more time
  138. Some of you wanted to see these
  139. Have a look at the dowelling frame my DH has made for my wall hanging!!
  140. I FINALLY finished the next 5 French braided table runner tops.....
  141. There are angels!
  142. 4 new fat quarters
  143. pink baby quilt -- just finished
  144. Some of my older work
  145. Granddaughter's Birthday Quilt Done!
  146. Here are some more amazing pictures of the world we live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. Newest Baby Quilt- First picture post
  148. I Spy is finished!
  149. Another Scrap Buster Top Done
  150. Pictures at last.
  151. LWR Quilt Top (7 of 12)
  152. Black and White Around the World
  153. My poor wbb'ittle sewing machine...
  154. My New Projects
  155. question about quilting embroidered blocks
  156. Boy did it make my fingers hurt stitching all those beads on!!
  158. Still Scrap Busting
  159. Quilts donated by our members for a fundraiser...
  160. My Latest Project
  161. Dog Quilt, Tote, Hotpad & Vests
  162. Hayes Corner quilt
  163. Rainbow log cabin quilt quilted and finished
  164. Yellow Brick Road top almost finished
  165. WIP Jasmine's quilt
  166. new quilt that I'm working on
  167. Top----- Disappearing 9-- Patch
  168. Charm Quilt (I have a problem... See page 2)
  169. I Took Ruthy on a Lazy Trip Around Tim's Star
  170. QUILT SHOW!
  171. My ebay fabrics--Great deal.
  172. Red/Black Mariners Star
  173. 3 more quilt show pics
  174. still more quilt show pics.
  175. more quilt show pics.
  176. quilt show in a 100 yr old church
  177. 9 Patch and Stripe tops done!
  178. more star blocks
  179. star blocks
  180. finally finished
  181. Round Robin fabrics
  182. Fish Tank Wall hanging
  183. Latest Quilt I finished
  184. Wedding Wall hanging for my neice
  185. Native American Fabrics for Loretta
  186. More of Dodie's Beauties!
  187. Dodie's Beauties!
  188. pink baby quilt done
  189. Frog Pond . . . In progress
  190. Disappearing Nine Patch
  191. My Fairy Godmother
  192. A braided table runner--boy this was weird to make!
  193. first completed project
  194. my mink bear
  195. Want to see what came in the mail today??? Yummy!
  196. Last weeks work
  197. Englebreit quilt finally done!
  198. My first machine sewed blocks! Quilt top Done
  199. I Spy quilt tops
  200. Thomas the Train Top Done
  201. Thanks for the inspiration Barnbum & Katherine!!
  202. DH's First Sewing Project Ever
  203. quilters--how would you quilt this little thing? Never mind--it's done!!
  204. Double Wedding ring quilt
  205. my happy dance
  206. I do not like the quilting part! This looks-yucky? Added--I changed it. Haha!
  207. french braid lap size
  208. Memory Quilt
  209. wall hanging for friends 50th birthday
  210. wallhanging
  211. My 9 patch disappeared!!!
  212. Orange peel is done---edit ......pic on bed
  213. e-bay box 2...........building fabric
  214. Quilt Top Idea I had
  215. I need help please....
  216. Thomas the Train Blocks
  217. Finally procrastination is over..progress on the "Love" quilt
  218. Sampler quilt
  219. My First Paper Pieced Block
  220. I won from e-bay
  221. Baby & Big Brother Quilts
  222. Need ideas for border
  223. Quilt Top In Progress
  224. Challenge....My Entry....Garden Delights
  225. Looking for....
  226. log cab barn raising
  227. My first "disappearing 9-patch"
  228. Need some critique....
  229. My first round quilts
  230. Also Scrap Busting
  231. Granddaughter's quilt top
  232. Lookie what I did!!
  233. Honeycomb Quilt from my scraps
  234. Wallhanging Pics
  235. Just thought these flowers were pretty
  236. WOOO! Finished the top!
  237. Fabric I bought at that new quilt shop. All sale items here.
  238. the lap quilt that Jackie quilted for me
  239. 2008 RFL quilt FINISHED with a little help from Jackie
  240. My mariner is almost done
  241. If you're looking for cool panels--go to ebay!! Here's what I won this week.
  242. My "Recliner" Quilt - It's DONE! pics p. 2
  243. Oh man, I'm so excited!!!!(updated pics)
  244. Frog square - 1st of 12
  245. Hot Air Balloon quilt
  246. Teddy Bear Baby Quilt
  247. Here's my shot at a Split 9 Patch that I finished today
  248. first shot at free motion
  249. This is too cute!
  250. Not sure about this one.....

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