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  1. Elephants on Parade baby quilt
  2. Wisconsin Red Barn
  3. Two of my quilts I just finished recently
  4. In Honor of Mom
  5. Wall Hangning finaly done!
  6. For my big sisters B-Day
  7. Radiant Suns
  8. Fabulous Finger Lakes Shop Hop/pics added on page 2
  9. Pictures of Quilts of Valor
  10. My new fabric....please keep me out of Joann's
  11. Quilting in California with my sisters!
  12. Cotton reversible shopping tote
  13. SEE THE WINNERS --- QB Quilt Contest!! - Lap Quilts made with Traditional Piecing --- SEE THE WINNERS
  14. I think I did good on both of these, don't you?
  15. Mom's birthday quilt
  16. My new craft/sewing room
  17. Post Photos Of Your Grandmotherís Sewing Machine?
  18. My UFO's..must !!!
  19. Baltimore type BOM
  20. I Love Lucy Quilt
  21. For DIL Bridal shower
  22. mug rugs....
  23. Would like suggestions on what pattern to use with this fabric
  24. woohoo finish
  25. My yard sale find.
  26. Bathroom Done
  27. More MINI QUILTS!!
  28. Daughter's Freecycle deal
  29. Charity Embroidery Block
  30. quilts made from vintage sheets
  31. Here is Natalie,my side kick
  32. Linda's Quilt
  33. Granddaughters first sewing adventure
  34. Finished UFO and new project
  35. A little trouble with my first pieced WIP
  36. Roar!!!
  37. pattern suggestions
  38. My Yellow Brick Road...just finished
  39. French Braid
  40. For Newquiter10
  41. Baby Genius Floor Quilt
  42. Looking for a pattern!!!!
  43. Fish Wallhanging
  44. Flying Geese versions..
  45. More shirt tails....
  46. My First Bow Tuck
  47. 784 HSTs later...
  48. Any info on this machine?
  49. DGDS' rag totes
  50. Milan Catherdral..........finally!!
  51. Exploding Pineapple
  52. Six pointed star
  53. Lay out Opinions please
  54. UPDATE!!! - Sewing Room Finallyyyyy Done - UPDATE!!!
  55. My new sewing space
  56. UW stadium quilt finished
  57. My latest baby quilts
  58. thoughts?????
  59. Maureens Beautiful Pink and Green Quilt..quilted by Daisey
  60. My laptop quilt from Riversong
  61. Finally finished ...
  62. His and Her lap quilts
  63. Dresden Pattern
  64. Antique Crazy quilt
  65. Drooling for some time, now I can wipe my chin :) My Redeye!
  66. Super Fantabulous Beach Bag
  67. My latest baby quilts
  68. Need pricing help for this quilt
  69. 4 patch posies blocks & suggestions needed
  70. Quilts using men's shirts
  71. Patches and Pinwheels
  72. My tiny machine
  73. Outside
  74. Would like help in identifying a fabric
  75. Sun Bonnet Sue baby quilt
  76. Quilting Attempt
  77. My DGSs' Pillows and Pillowcases
  78. 12 Days of Christmas applique quilt
  79. A couple of handquilted
  80. A lady that I just love that teaches classes at the LQS and I spoke yesterday. I had mentioned wanting some of the pattern type paper to make some patterns with. She had me follow her out to her car. It wasn't in there but she did have 4 bags of thin
  81. How much is that doggy in the window?
  82. Eden to Paradise Lost - A Cautionary Tale of Woe
  83. Pieced backing with Flynn diagonal method
  84. New Ikea Cabinet
  85. My Hancock's Find!!!
  86. Trash Can Mug Rug
  87. Over 200 pieces in this table runner!
  88. Mini, Mini, Mini! Latest one!
  89. I stole an idea for my sewing room
  90. Toddler's Backpack
  91. From my friend!!
  92. My bright mug rugs
  93. bed quilt finished!!!
  94. Bowtuck diaper bag
  95. my new find
  96. Work in Progress
  97. sewing machine matt and thread catcher
  98. More mug rugs or whatever...
  99. Scrappy Dresden with "Inspectors"
  100. My next major quilt in progress
  101. D9P - Purple Scrappy
  102. Fred got me a new Juki F300 yesterday!!!
  103. Stained Glass Quilt Top Finished...
  104. Look what has taken over my Quilting Time!
  105. My first purse
  106. Why I haven't been posting on the QB
  107. The Other reason I haven't been on the board lately...
  108. Amish Quilt
  109. Tropical blooming 9 patch
  110. Pincushions
  111. Candlequilter star #1
  112. My new Kindle cover
  113. Mesh Tote Bag
  114. Holy Cow
  115. Pink n Brown
  116. Three Completions!!!
  117. Warm Wishes Horse Theme Finished--Thanks for all the help
  118. Not really bow tucks...............yet !
  119. Ruler wall and messy studio about to recover
  120. 2 "orphan" block projects
  121. My Irish Chain
  122. Pink n Brown 10 minute block
  123. Yellow Warbler by Brenda Yirsa
  124. Cotton reversible shopping tote update
  125. Have a herd of cows in my sewing room
  126. "Whole Cloth Quilt with matching Neck Roll Sham"
  127. An Air force themed bed quilt top for my 10 Year old son:)
  128. my halloween quilt gift
  129. Birthday Quilt
  130. Update on project and a new one to!
  131. Update for Charity/Donation????i don't know what to call it
  132. Help
  133. First Time Posting Pictures - 2 Presents for Mom's Bday
  134. 1001 knots - well 166 - is this TOO MUCH???
  135. Tote my granddaughter made
  136. question about pricing.
  137. Ditty Roo Purse
  138. Another Batik project
  139. Batik projects for friend
  140. .~ Black Bear Fusible Web Applique.~
  141. .~Tango By Debi Hubbs.~
  142. 3YD quilt Top
  143. The 70's called, they want their fabric back.
  144. I did it, I did it, I did it
  145. A few cross stitch pics as promised
  146. My Fairy GodMother
  147. Purple Scrappy
  148. Two Quilting Finishes....
  149. table topper & placemats
  150. My candlequilter star
  151. Stars and Roses...Quilted by Charisma
  152. Stained Glass Quilts
  153. Dear Jane Batik - Blk A2
  154. My Cats Wallhanging
  155. To clean or not to clean heck with it quilt instead
  156. Out of Darkness - Quilted 2 different ways
  157. My mystery quilt is finished!
  158. Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
  159. 32 point 3D Mariners Compass
  160. Lily Walker Bag
  161. Sashiko quilt
  162. Customer quilt with scrappy Autumn leaves
  163. Americana topper
  164. working on my mug rugs
  165. 3YD Quilt Top Completed.
  166. Harry Potter
  167. Candlequilter Star Block
  168. Christmas Wall Hanging
  169. all the leaves are done!
  171. My Little Quilts
  172. Three of my five (5) Row Robin Blocks
  173. started out as table runners
  174. My latest quilt.
  175. Churning Stomach....quilted by Charisma
  176. Kindle Cover for my BFF's Birthday
  177. NJ - The Garden State - Minature Quilt, First in the State Series
  178. Charisma's Doll quilt challenge
  179. Brenda Yirsa Poppies Your input needed!
  180. My BUB, back up brain
  181. D9P pillows
  182. playing with scraps
  183. Update on learning to sew curves - layout help
  184. Navaho Rose
  185. Perfect Timing Quilt found by my mother in my old closet - from 2006 (prob earlier) - Harry Potter
  186. French Toile home dec
  187. Quilt for my new granddaughter
  188. Dolly finished for Dolly Days quilt
  189. chair bag was made from a board members posting
  190. Need Advice on the "Sunset Quilt" and Bowtie quilt
  191. Louisiana Quilt Update Photo 95% Done
  192. Designing from digital photos of fabric
  193. Vintage Machine Riddle
  194. My Heart Quilt
  195. My niece's first sewing project!
  196. wall hanging my mom made me
  197. Second Memorial Quilt
  198. Christmas Stockings
  199. Hubbys Birthday 'Memory' quilt from his dads shirts... Now I need help with....
  200. Basket quilt
  201. help finding pattern
  202. Show Me Your Pics of Harvest Spice Quilts
  203. My new quilt "A Few of My Favorite Things"
  204. Now to show My Fish
  205. Purple Double Irish Chain
  206. My first Treadle
  207. Nostalgic baby quilt - Dick and Jane
  208. my sandhill crane
  209. A or B has been decided and the top is done
  210. Newest Wallhaning
  211. Wool Penny Rug
  212. carry on bag for trip
  213. Eagle Scout's Lap Quilt
  214. My new sewing cabinet & machines
  215. The Bowtucks Parade
  216. Hooked on 3D Pinwheels!!!!
  217. Mug Rug with napkin
  218. My new baby..
  219. Matching Cuties!!!
  220. My new machine
  221. Next Quilt going out to Daisey!!!
  222. Just quilted
  223. Hunter's Star quilt
  224. How NOT to paper piece
  225. Finished footstool!
  226. One of the things that I did last week
  227. 2010 Christmas quilts
  228. Sisters Quilt Show 2011
  229. Mountain Goats in Progress
  230. Bob Marley Quilt Finally Done
  231. finished handquilting 92"x92" D9P...........
  232. ya ya sisters
  233. Flower Fun!
  234. Quilt Camp for Kids
  235. A few trinkets picked up in PA last week
  236. My Avatar: Simple Country Sampler by Lydia Quigley
  237. finished just in time for Christmas
  238. Dr. Seuss baby blanket
  239. Graduation T-Shirt Quilt
  240. workers quilt
  241. I need your input PLEASE
  242. Just for fun--which lay out do you like best? (only 16 blocks)
  243. My craig list super find
  244. New Use For Old Item
  245. A Quilt of a Different Shape
  246. Found old Singer machine parts....but I don't need them
  247. CrabbyPatti's Rosita
  248. Baby Wipe Gifts
  249. Another top quilted
  250. need help with boarders on bargello