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  1. My latest pride and joy- Black and White Trip around the World
  2. Finished Graduation Quilts
  3. Pot of Posies Table Runner FINISHED! TA DA!
  4. Turning Twenty Duvet
  5. Jar Block quilt top
  6. Some quilts i've made...and a bit more about me
  7. Diamond Is Laid out ready to be sewn
  8. baby girls quilt
  9. My 2nd project completed today... another Split 9 Patch
  10. finished today
  11. rainbow log cabin quilt top
  12. Another project completed
  13. Can't go to Joann's for just one thing
  14. my first bargello
  15. Progress So Far On Scrappy Bargello
  16. sweetpea wall hanging wip
  17. Leader Wallets
  18. Working on This
  19. My mom's first quilt at age 83
  21. baby court house steps
  22. Grandma (& Patrice) might be proud...
  23. WV Wallhanging
  24. My First tied quilt
  25. My First actual quilt
  26. trying to show off
  27. help with finishing my quilt
  28. finished
  29. The Tree of Life is done. Want to see?
  30. Stars In My Eyes Sampler Quilt
  31. my side of the bed quilt
  32. I would like to share the quilt top I just completed.
  33. More Birthday blocks.
  34. It's Finished - My Giant pot holder!!!
  35. This week's project
  36. My First Stained Glass Quilt
  37. True love's knot
  38. Tumbling blocks
  39. One more WIP
  40. Another WIP... reversible? Not sure
  41. A reversible WIP
  42. More split 9 patch projects
  43. Some stuff I bought yesterday (2/27)
  44. ehr are some fabrics I got from Cathy M
  45. Red and Navy String Quilt
  46. From Don-isewman---A few more pictures of quilts, I DID
  47. look what I found....
  48. art nouveau friendship wall hanging
  49. B-day block for Signitwright
  50. Dresden Plate Top
  51. Doll Blanket Rag Quilts
  52. Purses made and making
  53. Quilted Wall Hanging I made for a friend about 3 months ago, finally found a picture of it
  54. Purse I made tonight
  55. A really WILD crib quilt!
  56. Check out my result of reverse applique workshop!!
  57. Some more UFO's (unfinished no more!)
  58. Some finished UFO's
  59. My first quilt--not finished though
  60. Mariners compass quilt is FINALLY FINISHED!!! see look!!
  61. Tulip Hill; just in time for spring quilt
  62. Top Jacquemoe Quilted for me
  63. More of my Stuff
  64. New York Beauty Baby Quilt
  65. ohnoes!
  66. My raggedy baby blanket
  67. Stuff I got today2/24/08
  68. Amish diamond top done 2 freindship stars to go
  69. Stuff I got from Bernina store 2/23/08
  70. Suggestions on quilting Spring Beauty?
  71. Finally Completed
  72. My quilt in progress
  73. Some pictures of my stuff :)
  74. new Project...opinions
  75. 3 new baby quilts done in time !
  76. A picture of me and my Quilting Buddy
  77. Some Mermaid Fabric I got tonight
  78. blue jean rag quilt
  79. For the Classroom
  80. Eloise's Flower Garden Paper Pieced
  81. baby quilt and bat
  82. baby quilt
  83. Another Disappearing 9 patch
  84. block for my 1st and 2nd graders
  85. Back of postcard
  86. Post cards
  87. Kitty Cat Top is Done!!!!!!
  88. string quilt
  89. The first quilt I ever completed.
  90. Asian Purse I just made
  91. My First Tote project
  92. Tote Bag
  93. My Scrappy Irish Chain
  94. My Sanctuary Quilt for MIL
  95. Show me your Sewing room~~~And I will show you mine
  96. My very first Two quilt blocks!! About time I got around to quilting
  97. As promised Pictures of my tiny but, newly painted sew room
  98. My quilt that jacquemoe quilted
  99. wall hanging
  100. Finally Finished!!!
  101. my lap quilt
  102. Friendship block from my friend :)
  104. family quilts
  105. Another Seminole Tablerunner
  106. Show and Tell
  107. So much fun--planning a "Tree of Life" top
  108. A few projects ...
  109. Quilt I just finished
  110. Quilt For A BIG Girl Bed!
  111. My hand pieced blocks
  112. ok.. here is my projects..
  113. A few of my projects
  114. The top is done
  115. Quilt for me
  116. Quilting with Grandma
  117. Here's my block for Bebe
  118. Shadow's Block
  119. Shining Star
  120. Just finished this small top--mystery pattern bj had posted
  121. b-days blocks done
  122. Pretty but Flimsy Bag I just made
  123. paper pieced heart baby quilt
  124. Stuff I just made
  125. blue is F- - - - - Done
  126. Finally! A block for bebe's b-day!!!(ok ok I put the real one here too LOL)
  127. Wally Fabric
  128. friendship star baby quilt
  129. Seasonal Table Runners
  130. Stars done, been working on them since November
  131. Three Finished - and then there were four done!
  132. Birthday Blocks!!!
  133. You all really like to see what fabric we've bought?
  134. Need suggestion on a cathedral windows......
  135. Rocketship Bag
  136. Steve, Here's my reverse applique
  137. Bundle I picked up today
  138. More birthday blocks
  139. Do you want to see some progress??
  140. Red & White Irish Chain
  141. another quilt top from Don--isewman
  142. another quilt top from Don--isewman
  143. New Baby Quilted Blanket
  144. Passport pouches
  145. Valentine's boxes
  146. PICTURES--Finally posted..
  147. PICTURES--Finally posted..
  148. Pineapple quilts
  149. Addicted to shopping heres my haul tonight
  150. My quilts by Lois
  151. Baby Quilt top
  152. My Sister Calls It "The Fabric Shop"!!
  153. Look what Auntie Jnebug sent the girls!!!
  154. My Quilts on Display at Harvey House in Belen NM
  155. Batik Scrap exchange
  156. Do you know this block?
  157. A Stepping Stone Behind
  158. One that didn't turn out too good.
  159. show and tell quilts
  160. latest quilts
  161. Latest Baby Quilt
  162. New Project Completed...It's a small one
  163. Train Quilt Finished
  164. Baby quilt
  165. Top and border done
  166. Winter Posey Quilt
  167. Help me choose!
  168. I've been busy...
  169. Quilt for baby #7
  170. Quilt Blocks
  171. 6 to 9 Quilt INSTRUCTIONS FOUND, PAGE 3
  172. Baby quilt Penguins
  173. Flowers for Luvmy2bts
  174. QuickEasyCharityQuilt
  175. Valentine's Day Heart Block Runner
  176. sharing my latest quilts
  177. color issues
  178. WIP
  179. Cat Wallhanging
  180. Some more of my quilts
  181. My Grand daughters Alphabet Quilt
  182. Winter Theme Runner
  183. My first Disappearing 9 patch
  184. Embroidered Baltimore Album
  185. Pic of grandma with the quilt
  186. Roman Stripe Quilt Top
  187. Butterflies at the Crossroad Quilt
  188. I also make pillows
  189. nameless baby quilt
  190. newest project
  191. Easy Valentine's Day Card Holder finally done
  192. My grandaughter's quilt
  193. Potholders
  194. Ok..I've screwed up big time and need help PLEASE!!!
  195. Another one finished!!
  196. Lone Star Wall quilt
  197. Breast Cancer Memory Quilt Completed
  198. Poodle Skirt
  199. My 1st Attempt at Paper Piecing
  200. Mar Jen for error quilt
  201. Something different for Shadow Dancer
  202. Just finished last to start that darn pin basting again..GRRRR
  203. Breast Cancer Memory Quilt WIP
  204. More Birthday block sent out!
  205. parents 50th anniversay
  206. Update on The Final Memory Quilt - FINISHED!!!!
  207. Sunbonnet Sue by any other name...
  208. Precious moments baby quilt
  209. some of the stuff i bought tonight feb 1st
  210. Lone Star
  211. Raffle Quilt
  212. If I never see
  213. My 2 newest paper pieced quilt tops
  214. Split 9-Patch: Fun, Fast, & Easy!
  215. My very first embroidery block
  216. story book panel baby quilt
  217. My love/hate relationship with paper piecing!
  218. Minkee Quilt for Mary
  219. Mod Purse for My Daughter
  220. not the easiest quilt I ever made
  221. My latest little quilt!
  222. A Little Quilt I did tonight before bed.
  223. Help me choose, Please! Updated Pics-is it to much?
  224. My first attempt at paper piecing
  225. Here's my V-day Placemat . . .
  226. Tuesday Garden Club quilt
  227. finished the butterfly quilt
  228. Quilt my grandfather made for me 22 years ago
  229. sample block of snowflake star
  230. wedding ring class photos
  231. my quilting buddies & where my spot is
  232. It's snowing
  233. Shadow Dancers DB Block
  234. Messed up so I tea dyed it...LOL.... :)
  235. Prairie Star Promise variation
  236. First full-sized quilt
  237. Chain Reaction - Final Pic on Page 6
  238. latest quilt top
  239. bd Block I made for Bebe.
  240. train car quilting pics
  241. Both bear quilts are done
  242. How about a few fish?
  243. I actually finished one!!!!!
  244. A Yellow Brick Road
  245. More projects (mostly unquilted tops, of course)
  246. Quilts by Joy
  247. A few wall hanging (tops!) I want to share
  248. BOM - so far
  249. Quilting practice
  250. Shoo Fly Mini Quilt - 7.5" X 8" + one more on page 2