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  1. Another top started
  2. Whoo Hoo - Bailey 15 is set up!
  3. Imagine doing this!
  4. Aquamarine Ambience quilt
  5. Quilted Christmas Ball Ornament 9/4/08 *added another one!
  6. ChristmasSocksForSoldiersProjectBOM91508???
  7. Tablerunner, coffee cozy and new block
  8. Vacationing between Fay and Gustav
  9. B/W with a touch of pink for my GD
  10. My Latest
  11. Bright Baby Quilts
  12. A few more
  13. What I worked on today
  14. More photos
  15. So in celebration of the coming of Autumn....
  16. My Favorite Pattern
  17. The last of the CW fabrics for the quilt that hasn't been started yet
  18. Missing Mom
  19. my flower pin cushion
  20. Flannel quilt tops
  21. Crazy Patch Quilt
  22. My 4-patch posie quilt!
  23. The VAN HALEN Tribute Quilt - Sweetie's birthday gift!!
  24. Where the Wagons Went
  25. Disappearing 9 block--TOP DONE! New Pic added
  26. got another one quilted
  27. New Kitty quilt for my furry babies
  28. I'm learning how to make my machine work, wanna see?
  29. New purchases. Want to see?
  30. Here is a picture of a block for a RR i am doing
  31. It's a rough life
  32. Disappearing 9 patch using donated Moda charms - UPDATE - Pics added pg 2!!!
  33. Where did the nine patch go?? New blocks added pg.3
  34. I finally got this quilted today
  35. More of my Wall Hangings
  36. Little braided border complete
  37. 27th Annual San Diego Quilt Show
  38. I Spy - Disappearing 9 patch - Top Done - 9-8
  39. My spacey block LOL
  40. My first table runner
  41. And quilting lives on in this family
  42. green bags
  43. Another day in the life of Nitwit and Mac..added pic today
  44. Tidepools wallhanging is done!
  45. 25th Anniversary Quilt
  46. Charming Flannel Fay
  47. Festival of Quilts NEC, UK Purchases Made & Quilt Pics
  48. The goodies at Jo-Ann
  49. Quick Quilt for a little girl
  50. Beginner pictures
  51. niece's quilt
  52. WooHOO!! Look what I got!!!
  53. Moon Over the Mountain finished
  54. Before and After
  55. My mother's embroidery
  56. I have a picure posting solution for you
  57. Even the trash.........
  58. little braided border complete
  59. like to see a French expo?
  60. Why didn't someone remind me....
  61. Happy Halloween Block NEW PICS PAGE 3
  62. sneek peek UPDATED: top done
  63. Grandmother's Garden Quilt Pix -- UPDATED 12/15/08
  64. Fish Wall Hanging...
  65. Two quilts I completed this year
  66. You wanted more table runners
  67. Latest quilt
  68. Children bibs
  69. Children bibs
  70. Jelly roll quilt!
  72. I've got my sewing room set up!
  73. Holiday fabrics
  74. Made Another Tote
  75. More quilt
  76. My Hawaiian shopping spree!
  77. Patriotic Quilt
  78. More Quilts from Jazzy
  79. Bright Hopes Quilt
  80. black and white disappearing nine patch
  81. Here's Mom Quilting Her Quilt
  82. Quiltingly Yours Quilts
  83. Here are a couple of other applique pieces I did recently.
  84. My favorite applique quilt, pattern by Kim Diehl
  85. Men just cant keep out of the fun
  86. Finally finished!!! Take a look!
  87. ragged flannel lay out--final decision on 12th reply
  88. Some of my older quilts
  89. Latest project in the works!
  90. Hand quilting
  91. My sewing room sew far..
  92. Pictures of Allie's baby quilt- UPDATE - Baby born Sep 3 @ 4:30
  93. How do I post pictures?
  94. water lilies with pond pics added
  95. log cabin variation
  96. International Round Robin
  97. Inspired by "photo Finally" by Leslee
  98. Irish chain with embroidery
  99. Quilt store sample done
  100. You wanted pictures! Happy to be Scrappy!
  101. Ice Cream Quilt
  102. Bought some more stash
  103. Purple log cabin baby quilt...update
  104. surprise for hubby UPDATED: finished pic on page 2
  105. Sunflower 9 patch
  106. Cat quilt completed!
  107. What is everyone working on?
  108. Ooops, I forgot the best one,...
  109. some of my goodies arrived today....
  110. towel wrap for DH
  111. More bookmarks!
  112. Another Izy postcard
  113. Does this look familiar?
  114. From Izy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  115. Quilted backpacks
  116. My First Wall Hanging
  117. Does this look Ok? (PICS ADDED PG 3)
  118. Alaska State Fair Quilts
  119. Alaska State Fair Results :-)
  120. Finally!! BOM top finished (almost) pic
  121. Bags
  122. Red and White quilt
  123. pictures of disappearing nine patch
  124. Quilted Post card from Izy
  125. Looking For This Fabric
  126. stained glass hummingbird wallhanging...updated
  127. Some macros I took this morning
  128. Suzie's Suggestion
  129. Anne's Sewing Room
  130. Drunkard Path
  131. My first machine appliqued quilt
  132. Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic
  133. The wedding quilt I made for friends!!
  134. my latest WIP
  135. New fabrics--6 are CW repros
  136. my Birthday gift from Karla :) and my latest project
  137. grandmother's garden still workingon binding
  138. Grandson Grayson's quilt
  139. No more after this - I promise
  140. More quilts
  141. State Fair 'My First Quilt'?
  142. Fingers crossed
  143. Having TOO much fun!
  144. Here are a few more
  145. wips are done
  146. For all the Matthew Followers
  147. My first quilt top!!
  148. Three Old Quilts
  149. Butterfly Paper Piecing
  150. Baby Quilts with babies on them!!!
  151. baby quilt
  152. purse
  153. Ribbon Quilt
  154. "Earth-Friendly" shopping/grocery bags
  155. quilt For grandson
  156. frog quilt.......updated with pic page 2
  157. 7" square crochet quilt
  158. Revenge Shopping Picture as promised! Updated 8/19
  159. Surprise for Emily// Update with pictures
  160. The OOOPPPS!!! is fixed!!!!!!!
  161. burn mark on quilt, all gone!!
  162. 2 Baby quilts done
  163. Dinner plate and dinner knife
  164. Dinner plate and butter knife centerpiece
  165. Quilt by Jan
  166. GOURD ART
  167. Festival of Quilts 2008 at the NEC, Birmingham, UK
  168. My little Sewer
  169. My new "fan design" quilting frame
  170. No Chivalry here (more added)
  171. made form scrap flag material.....
  172. New update on my Irish chain added pics
  173. Midnight Loves My Quilts
  174. Baby Quilts DONE and sewing room pix
  175. Challenge Quilt Pics from Dodie...
  176. More beautiful creations from Dodie...
  177. Dodie's pics from the Fair...
  178. Great Projects from Dodie...
  179. hen placemat
  180. My Sewing Space
  181. French seam pillow cases!
  182. The Finale..... Chain Of Love..
  183. Asian quilt for DD
  184. I made my first tote! (Pattern link on page 2)
  185. Katie finished her state fair quilt
  186. my quilt room
  187. Finished my quilt for the fair
  188. Finally finished
  189. I got permission
  190. Joanne's run and Mennonite shop stop
  191. Look what I found for Maddy's Birthday!
  192. The bookmark collection grows. BEADS ADDED--page 3
  193. God Bless America Quilt Contest Quilts
  194. Quilt for Jacob UPDATE: #1
  195. my URR ( and a question)
  196. Sorry , it's not quilting........
  197. MAJOR blooper! Photos added!
  198. Baby Quilt at its new home
  199. Peek at my work
  200. my wall quilt is done now
  201. URR Started
  202. My Project Today
  203. Camel Paper Piece Wall Hanging
  204. It's done and a few more I found in the closet...
  205. First Quilt Top (finished pic pg2)
  206. A couple of quilts that I have done
  207. My newest addition to the sewing room
  208. My sewing room
  209. just finished sewing/craft room
  210. sneak peak
  211. Maddy finnished her quilt!!
  212. Cutting Fabric with Lyn
  213. [b]I am the winner Yipee,Ya[/b]
  214. What's on the design board this weekend
  215. Another top done...
  216. Tablecloth I made tonight out of some Connecting Threads Fabric
  217. tulip quilt top finished
  218. Alaska Stuff
  219. Civil War Repros
  220. What I got at the quilt show
  221. I know it's only August...
  222. Quilt Show Pictures
  223. 1350 pieces!
  224. This is a celtic bars table runner
  225. My first Art Quilt
  226. Work in progress - airplanes
  227. One of my Round Robin Quilts
  228. Rebirth of the the burned up t shirt quilt
  229. 4th quilt...1st finished
  230. posting REIN's current WIP...
  231. Craft sale items for upcoming Autumn/Christmas Craft Fairs
  232. will try again
  234. my tiny reproduction stash
  235. Items to add to the craft sale pile
  236. My hydrangeas 8-08
  237. WIP's (Rein, here's the Tennessee Waltz)
  238. thought this fabric was interesting!!!
  239. With Aggi's encouragement I did it I made my first TOTE
  240. Finished project
  241. Hydrangea Wall Hanging
  242. One More Black and white
  243. My Kitties from around the World in Attic Windows
  244. A few of my Quilts
  245. Winston"s Quilt
  246. Getting ready for my weekend away...
  248. Pics from a new member
  249. Material for Dear Jane
  250. Quilt Pink 08-Update