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  1. Portrait of our dogs
  2. SPOOKY!!!!
  3. Bow Tuck Queen Strikes Again
  4. I won a gift basket
  5. my DGD's doll quilt
  6. Halloween Wall Hanging
  7. Natures' Inspirational Flora - Reminds Me of Batiks
  8. "Mighty Bright" is done!
  9. Fall Wallhanging
  10. Michaels Cycles
  11. So Happy....Dr. says I can sew...
  12. Surprise in my mail
  13. What to make with fat quarters... and some yardage.
  14. Carpenter's Wheel in Progress
  16. What is black, white, and red all over?
  17. Home from Texas-quilts are loved
  18. Sandra's Reproduction squares......quilted by Charisma
  19. I broke the ice
  20. Applique Chooks Wall Hanging (Fat Cat Patterns)
  21. look at my thrift store fine FREE
  22. Boogertown Gap
  23. How to quilt this????
  24. Costumes for grandkids
  25. Costumes for grandkids
  26. A few of my quilts
  27. Door banner for my sister
  28. It's finally a Quilt top!!!!
  29. My First Quilt
  30. My Redskins Quilt special thanks to Donna Sue
  31. My Yard Sale Find
  32. If you think feathers are overdone, DON'T LOOK!
  33. I like it but have no idea what to do with it...
  34. Jeanne's quilt ----- quilted by Dee
  35. Charity quilts
  36. Christmas quilt....quilted by Charisma's Corner
  37. Snowboarder....Quilted by Charisma's Corner
  38. JEnJEn224's Custom Comfort quilt...quilted by Charisma
  39. Scarecrow placemat
  40. Halloween and more
  41. Kate's Wallhanging made specially for her daughter....quilted by Charisma
  42. Any thoughts on this fabric?
  43. Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild's quilt show 10/2011
  44. Which Colour Way Would You Chose?
  45. I won a blue ribbon
  46. Sister's Quilts
  47. European Feather Pillows
  48. My Snap Bags
  49. Yo-yo wreath
  50. Tennesse Waltz
  51. Another happy customer
  52. Thread Holder my husband made
  53. Baby quilt for a friend's granddaughter
  54. my winners from the county fair!
  55. Quilting Caddy
  56. What I did on my day off
  57. what I did at Retreat this weekend
  58. King Wedding Ring Quilt
  59. Batik Shining Star quilt, this one is for me
  60. mardi gras organizer and mug rug
  61. breast cancer awareness month
  62. Sunbonnet Sue & Sam Quilt
  63. LSU mug organizer and mug rug
  64. YoYo Ornaments
  65. Holloway Quilt Shop in Cosby, TN
  66. surprise little " wallets"
  67. Two my of christmas ornaments & my farm animals
  68. My Quilt is Ready for The Quilt Show
  69. My "pink" quilt in honor of my aunt
  70. The needle case, Scissor holder I made myself
  71. Scarecrow Wall Hanging
  72. Sewing in Ethiopia
  73. more show pictures
  74. Granddaughter's First Quilt
  75. pictures from our quilt show
  76. pictures from our quilt show
  77. pictures from our quilt show
  78. Christmas Table runner and kite quilt
  79. How I spent my Sun afternoon
  80. How I spent my Sun afternoon
  81. mug rugs candle mat wall hanging
  82. Snap Bags
  83. Team - "Veronica's Victory" Quilt
  84. My First T-Shirt Quilt
  85. My flower garden quilt
  86. I did it
  87. Another TATW ~ My absolute favorite pattern!
  88. some of my purses I have made lately
  89. I have a Angel on this board
  90. Double Star Crossing Quilt
  91. My First Queen Size Quilt on my Bernina 440 QE
  92. Fall quilt with leaves
  93. dilemma with quilt
  94. Help finishing that red BOM?
  95. Oh, my Crumby Stars
  96. Iris & Hummingbird quilt delivered
  97. Halloween quilt in progress
  98. "Stars" quilt
  99. Still playing with silk! This one is going to AAQI
  100. WHEWWWWW.. I'm sooo glad that's done. Quilted by RoseMaynes
  101. I saved the scraps!
  102. I guess I *wasn't* done....
  103. Do you recongise this Fabric
  104. Christmas Table Runer
  105. Finished Small Owl Quilt
  106. House block, pptrees for wallhanging....
  107. Henrietta whiskers Block 4 bunny hill designs
  108. Applique baby girl quilt top done!
  109. Crocheted angel blanket
  110. Fractured Fir
  111. Totes for Cruise
  112. Granville Ohio quilt show
  113. Went to see kaffe Fasset
  114. Fall projects
  115. Fall projects
  116. Tumbler quilt
  117. Quilt top enlarged
  118. my new treadle
  119. Here Kitty, Kitty crib quilt
  120. Repurposed Singer base
  121. HELP
  122. A short break from the big stuff
  123. Other Baby Quilts
  124. more stockings
  125. 3 yard baby quilt - Old MacDonald
  126. new table topper and stockings
  127. my first quilt
  128. Finally decided to share my own quilts
  129. my latest quilts
  130. I finished Baby Rainn's quilt!!
  131. Some more stuff of mine.
  132. BRANDA21
  133. Got the New Frame Set Up and Loaded
  134. Red, White and Black Zebra
  135. Pic for NeonParrot - label fabric
  136. Baby Boy Quilt
  137. Antique Butterfly Quilt
  138. Orphan Block to Quilt Pin Holder
  139. What do you think?
  140. pictures from wedding
  141. Christmas Stockings I got at Octoberfest
  142. This is the quilt I am currently working on
  143. Well ................I upgraded !!
  144. Attic Windows so far and a question
  145. My first "Tote" Bag
  146. Granddaughter's Quilt Top
  147. Do you like it?
  148. More "Fun with FMQ"
  149. Noodle Swap quilt #1
  150. New technique (for me)
  151. Scrappy Style "Road to Stardom"....quilted&made by Charisma
  152. Beth's Flower Garden....quilted by Charisma
  153. Recycled Sewing Machines
  154. Does this new setup look right?
  155. Door Hangings
  156. Folded dahlia
  157. Christmas Tree Wall Hanger quilted by ptquilts
  158. My first folded Dahlia
  159. Baby Quilt Top Finished
  160. Boo!-ti-ful
  161. Boomerang 6 Block Photos - Winter and Autumn Groups
  162. First Four Patch Posy...quilting suggestions
  163. Quilt for my co-worker
  165. Halloween - It's not that far away - Need to get busy!
  166. First Real Applique Project
  167. A quick project for solving a seat of the pants need
  168. My latest quilt
  169. Asian fabric quilt by Katie
  170. Help Please
  171. Jack-o-Lantern Door Quilt
  172. Henrietta Whiskers Block 5 Bunny hill designs
  173. Pumpkin Wall hanging I made and designed
  174. Kitchen Wall Hanging
  175. Cabarrus 2011 Quilt Show Pictures
  176. our quilt show
  177. our quilt show
  178. The Beatles - applique wallhanging
  179. Bermuda Quilters Show
  180. OBW 12 1\2" squares
  181. new projects
  182. new projects
  183. Snuggle Bunnies
  184. Carolina Gamecock Quilt
  185. I played tonight! Twister Block
  186. My Ten Min. Block QAYG
  187. Small projects completed
  188. Picture of appliqued blocks
  189. The Journey of Rylee's Quilt
  190. Charity Quilt for Congenital Deaphragmatic Hernia
  191. My First Quilt Show
  192. My Barn quilt.....well kind of??
  193. Wooohooo, I'm a winner
  194. Update - quilt for auction
  195. Today's Fun Project
  196. my quilting helpers
  197. My Very First Quilt
  198. made this tote bag
  199. Boom 6.0 don't look if you don't want to see your block before you get it! I'm add as I get em finished to this link so if you like to see them check back weekly! :)
  200. Quilt Show -- Siren WI
  201. My Flea Market Quilt
  202. projects completed
  203. Not a Quilt But A Couple of Angels
  204. Cathedral Window Layout ?
  205. My first ever completed block ...
  206. Yellow BOOOO-rick Road
  207. Fire quilts in one place and the bear hunting dog
  208. Free Embroidery Pattern From Rhonda
  209. More quilts from the Newtown Quilters in PA
  210. Newtown Quilters Guild show in Pennsylvania
  211. Practicing
  212. Breast Cancer Awareness Lace Ornament
  213. Thread
  214. Can anyone tell me the name of this pattern with houses, where to get it??
  215. Hows this for great sewing items(antiques?)
  216. Finished my FIRST quilt.
  217. How cute is this fabric!
  218. Charity Quilts
  219. Finally..Hallween Applique Quilt
  220. Grandma's Baby Girl quilt Quilted by RoseMaynes
  221. at 102 i want to still be quilting lol
  222. My Jordan quilt
  223. Feathers and Fruit
  224. Old Dresden Plate quilt top
  225. Cat likes Mat
  226. Tessellating pin wheels thanks to eej713
  227. Finished finally
  228. Pinwheel blocks
  229. An appliqued flour sack dish towel
  230. Trip around the World
  231. Irish Chain Pieced by NLS and Quilted by Bamamama
  232. Happy Halloween Pieced by NLS Quited by Bamamama
  233. Needs a 'Special' Qult ....
  234. My reason to make a baby quilt!!!
  235. Recent finishes
  236. Scarecrow gourd
  237. Quilt retreat projects
  238. Mes patchworks
  239. Mon patchwork
  240. Lap quilt using Asian florals
  241. Summer Flower quilt and cushions
  242. My Fall Scrappy quilt
  243. Last week's output:
  244. My new grandbaby
  245. Fall and Halloween Wall Hanging
  246. Deer panel quilt
  247. Stockings for Soldiers
  248. Stack n Whack
  249. snowflake table runner
  250. pics of new project

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