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  1. any ideas for what to do with this fabric.......
  2. show quilts
  3. show pictures
  4. My Granddaughter loves to Hand "Queelt"
  5. UPDATE on TEXTILE MEDIUM used on Sports Crayon Quilt.
  6. somerset new jersey quilt show
  7. selvages!!!
  8. blue dresdan quilt
  9. a couple I have finished
  10. current WIP
  11. Fall Quilt is FINALLY finished
  12. Fun and done progress
  13. purplemem sent Kennedy and me this.....
  14. Here is Block # 11 for Rachel's Flower Garden
  15. quilt in a few hours?
  16. apron
  17. Izy may I introduce you to Izy......
  18. View from my quilting studio
  19. Last quilt studio photo.
  20. Quilt studio photo
  21. Photo #2 of quilt studio
  22. photo #2 of quilting studio
  23. Photos of mu Quilting Studio
  24. Another block made after looking at the Egg money quilt book
  25. French Roses quilt
  26. This is the way we hand sew.
  27. My first T-shirt Quilt
  28. My sewing room was invaded....
  29. My next quilt
  30. Here is the poinsettia from Rachel's Flower Garden
  31. Mystery quilt "Mama" top done
  32. New Fabric for the Fun and Done Quilt
  33. My stars top done. How to bind
  34. Help, PLEASE!!!!
  35. daughters quilt
  36. This is my week I guess.
  37. squishy packages.
  38. BabyQuilt and ScrappyQuilt FINISHED!
  39. Very old quilt, need help with pattern and dating?
  40. close disaster - P.3 QUILT FINISHED
  41. wooden quilt square
  42. Posting for my Granddaughter
  43. Sister gave me some quilting money so I went shopping
  44. Chisholm Trail and Plaited Block
  45. More Mid=Atlantic Quilts
  46. Pics from Christmas finally came
  47. This is my first finished block except for border
  48. Spiral bargello made by my friend.
  49. Finally have a picture of the quilt we made for a lady with cancer
  50. Sewing Cabinet
  51. Poinsettia table topper
  53. What is your favorite quilt?
  54. Double Tulip block
  55. Fun and Done????
  56. Snowed in Monday
  57. Chisholm Plaits
  58. My mini quilt for a swap.
  59. Just a block that I'm playing with
  60. My version of fun and done
  61. Wanna sneak peak? - layouts added-pg. 3
  62. Fun & Done Pic
  63. Charity quilt finished
  64. Another Scrappy Top Finished
  65. What i've been working on :)
  66. My first rag quilt is done.
  67. Finally finishe Irish chain top
  68. Bullseye throw finished!
  69. warm wishes
  70. lqs bom
  71. New Project with Pink/Maroon Scraps
  72. My gifts from my dh's travels...
  73. [b][i]Travel sewing kit[/i][/b]
  74. butterflies
  75. Lilacs ready to quilt
  76. 1st "proper" FMQ
  77. Ladies and gentelmen here's some
  78. FINALLY got my pillowcases done
  79. Pictures for pocoellie
  80. My Current WIP is now a Finished Quilt...updated pics added.
  81. Dresden Plate finally done!!
  82. 2 laps I just finished
  83. Sewing room is looking mighty fine!
  84. Finished at last GGrdson Caydens Sports Quilt & I have a little dilemma.
  85. Here's what I got done today! I need to show someone who cares! LOL
  86. Casserole Carriers
  87. Border
  88. Classic Pooh for My nephew
  89. Baby sized quilt done
  90. Spent more than time at the quilt festival
  91. Color Me Purple
  92. My Warm Wishes
  93. fabric shopping yesterday.....and a little buyers remorse.
  94. Wish me luck.... Black and White Quilt.
  95. Finished Throw & Gertie's New Home
  96. House Tour Part 3.. We're slowly getting there
  97. scrappy in lavendar
  98. Mid-Atlantic quilt festival
  99. Those bright beautiful "splashes" in the Black and Whites are sometimes people
  100. My WIP for my Dad
  101. Hawaii Trip and some of the fabric.
  102. Ballet Quilt is finished!
  103. 2 WIPS
  104. My new(to me) treadle!!!
  106. Crib size quilt just finished
  107. Latest DNP
  108. From Don-isewman1---Some new quilt's done
  109. Need help choosing colors..
  110. My first star quilt
  111. My 9yo quilted her first top
  112. Need opinions on this top
  113. Here is my Chicken quilt so far... Update: Borders done. :)
  114. my Goodwill find yesterday
  115. Quilt show pictures
  116. some of my quilts through the years.
  117. Log Cabin Star
  118. One More picture of the food fabric
  119. My food fabric
  120. Pine Crossing Throw
  121. Will it ever be done
  122. blue and green star baby quilt
  123. Missionary Quilt
  124. polka dot baby quilt
  125. 30s Drunkard's Path
  126. Green and Yellow Butterfly Baby Quilt
  127. Fabric in the mail
  128. 2 Wall hangings
  129. Lucky Stars
  130. Mystery Quilt called "Mama"
  131. Husqvarna Viking Rose Sewing Machine
  132. The 'Quilt for Me' so far...Stage 2
  133. Lookie what I finished!
  134. great find at Wally's
  135. Beautiful mauve stars
  136. Need opinion on border
  137. WIP requested by Izzy, quilting suggestions invited!!!!
  138. Heartsong....Guess what....Finally Finished!!!!
  139. Look what hubby let me get today!!!
  140. Embroidered Kitchen Towel
  141. An act of pure kindness......
  142. Next project figured out
  143. Just finished small quilt
  144. Buddy learning to sew and Kate sewing too!
  145. The first baby quilt I made today!!!!!
  146. Quilting Suggestions for my Blueberry Pie Quilt
  147. Top of the Morn' with new tabletops!
  148. a block i am doing.
  149. The first quilt I ever made completely from my stash
  150. plan fo new quilt
  151. Let it snow!
  152. Just Finished in Time/New Baby Quilt
  153. Flat Stanley's Quilt
  154. Valentine for DH
  155. Latest WIP
  156. 4 for Alaska
  157. Ready to start the applique
  158. New Pattern Stunning Angleplay
  159. One Less UFO :-)
  160. LOOK what I found
  161. Retail Therapy - I feel better now!
  162. How border fabric can change the look of your quilt
  163. Got this Eleanor Burns book today as an early birthday gift(like 3 months early)
  164. My WIP with some of my new Oriental fabrics
  165. The Frame is in the House but....
  166. Mystery Quilt #2 colors chosen
  167. First Set of Yoyos for Cancer Cap done
  168. Can someone tell me what this block is called?
  169. Need some advice on new quilt I am about to start
  170. Feed Sack Blocks
  171. Finished Stars of Wuthering Heights
  172. Triple Irish Chain-finished!
  173. Hosewarming gift
  174. Almost Free - Strip Twist - DONE
  175. for annie
  176. Grab Ball for baby from scraps
  177. Pictures for pocoellie
  178. Thimbleberries BOM
  179. Yet to be quilted but I love the colors
  180. My stars, Next step done.
  181. Snake Quilt
  182. Double Delight Quiltville Mystery
  183. My new table
  184. Pooh on my Quilts
  185. Srappy Quilt.....still not done .....but
  186. Redwork Updated Page 3
  187. Dad's log cabin Christmas gift
  188. Two latest projects
  189. the last of my grand kids quilts
  190. last of six
  191. Are you sick of looking at it yet? Update
  192. Finished a BOM only two months late!!!!!!
  193. New Sewing Room, Day Two
  194. Need Your Opinion
  195. Twist n Turn D9P finito'd!!!!!!!!
  196. Cassie's New Quilt
  197. Postman brought me a surprise today.....
  198. Quilt top for my brother
  199. Joann's sale!
  200. This is for Marcia- Cherry Checkerboard
  201. 140 FQs !!!
  202. My crumby blocks :) :) :)
  203. Quilt just off the frame
  204. My new sewing room, day 1
  205. Two quilts I'm working on
  206. New Fabrics bought on sale
  207. My Garden Quilt!
  208. Weekend projects
  209. wall quilt
  210. hand quilting project
  211. table runner I made and a surprise for Dawn
  212. Finished two wolf couch pillow covers
  213. progress of weaver fever
  214. Here's the top of a quilt I just pieced
  215. The benefits of being broke.
  216. pillowcases for my 19 year old's birthday
  217. Lookie at the pretty fabrics I got:)
  218. Stained glass eagle wallhanging
  219. something in red
  220. one of my scrappy tops
  221. The 58 pincushions are finally finished
  222. round robin
  223. new fabric
  224. Kitty Sweatshirt
  225. My First Completed Quilt
  226. From Don-isewman1--3 more pictures
  227. arms cushion for pins
  228. Playing around with D9P
  229. "Cherry Surprise" quilt
  231. Sale at JoAnns---I MADE OUT LIKE A BANDIT!!!
  232. Really Ugly UFO almost finished
  233. Pincushion
  234. Raggy Flannel Jacket
  235. Shopping Tote
  236. Star Spin Quilt
  237. baby quilt
  238. Another Scrap Quilt
  239. What happened after washing??
  240. update on scrappy #2
  241. Jacob's Valentine
  242. Another one quilted
  243. Spring wall hanging
  244. Please help me with D9P quilting line patten.
  245. blk white n red
  246. My Stars..
  247. Wal-mart quilt of the month.......what a bargain !!!
  248. TRying to share my work
  249. Trying to post pictures
  250. Here's my newest baby quilt