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  1. What do you think? a( baby in pink.)
  2. Scrappy Civil War..finished!
  3. Another great garage sale find-storage
  4. Fast Finish!
  5. My best quilt yet
  6. with snowflakes
  7. Sashing Opinion
  8. A cute Thrift Store Find
  9. A Hunters Dream
  10. need pattern for Christmas toile
  11. A quilt for my 10 year old
  12. Some of my work...
  13. Oh My Darling Clementine! Wonky top
  14. My Candlequilter Block
  15. large print fabric
  16. Christmas quilts for my grandkids
  17. Another UFO finished (9 patch)
  18. Is this too much pizzazz?
  19. My DD made me do it!
  20. OK Please tell me the truth...
  21. 3rd place winner
  22. New Juki
  23. How I'm spending my time lately.
  24. Purple Ribbon at County Fair
  25. Coffee theme table runner with brown and bronze borders
  26. Fairy Godmother turned into a witch
  27. My Quilting Fairy Godmother
  28. my first quilt
  29. A thank you gift- Stepping through the flowers mini
  30. My daughter's birtday present! Butterflies!
  31. Sandwiched and ready for quilting
  32. a few finished.
  33. start with a couple of charm packs
  34. Done with cats!!
  35. pink and brown throw
  36. Memories of Napoli
  37. First machine and free motion quilts
  38. Finally ALL finished with it !
  39. mcb1180's maze quilt
  40. Baby Boy Quilt-WIP
  41. next batch to be sent to Afganistan
  42. My Fair Entry
  43. Do you believe this??
  44. to sc-sunshine
  45. Christmas ... in July
  46. Hollow cube fish quilt done, well almost
  47. Amish Dahlia
  48. Grandma's Table
  49. How cute is this?
  50. Flip Flops with Sunflowers
  51. This is what I have been working on.
  52. Rose quilt finnally finished
  53. Husbands Quilt
  54. trying to post pics
  55. Opinions on T-shirt quilt please.
  56. Quilts I have made - for all the flower lovers
  57. On your galloping horses for an opinion please
  58. Mug rug mania!!! Our first mug rugs!!
  59. First post Asian 4 patch with appliquéd circles bedtopper.
  60. ~.Elk Quilt.~
  61. Question about Quilt of Valor fabric selection
  62. quilts in use
  63. William Morris, what to do with these?
  64. French Braid Batik
  65. My Blooming star blocks are finished so far this is where I am...
  66. Yard sale find
  67. My First Bargello - didn't think I could do it!!
  68. I finally got a bargin! :)
  69. another quilt by mom of nine patch
  70. Reversible table runner #6 - Christmas in July
  71. Nurse Mug Rug
  72. Savannah Garden quilt
  73. Captain America Quilt
  74. Forrest Bricks and Georgia Bulldogs....
  75. A motivational quilt for all the dieters
  76. Chicken Pin Cushion Done
  77. Rag Quilts I've made
  78. My OBW- A study in color value
  79. My new bulletin board!
  80. Quilted "Hanna's Summer in the Park"
  81. Work in progress..... A Beginners quilt (lol)
  82. Candlequilters Star
  83. This Multi Fan Star Makes Cranberry Relish
  84. Baby quilt
  85. Rescue Quilt #1
  86. boys twin size quilt
  87. Pink Flamingo's
  88. From Don-a member--Posted picture of this quilt before
  89. D9p finished
  90. Tote bag pattern from grocery store bags
  91. Joy's Snake River Log Cabin....quilted by Charisma
  92. One of my custom quilts
  94. Real 30's and 40's fabric
  95. Uploading pictures
  96. WIP
  97. My yellow quilt...part 2
  98. Rescue Quilt #2
  99. machine quilted baby quilt with embroideries
  100. Bright Happy TEAPOT QUILT
  101. DMIL's memorial
  102. Hand appliqued and hand quilted
  103. Winner of Max and Whisker fabric
  104. pictures of item at the 7-24-11 quilt show in Platteville,WI.
  105. My First Treadle Machine
  106. My western quilt
  107. Christmas in July Wall Hanging
  108. Necktie Purse ...
  109. Fairy Quilt Godmother - finally completed!!
  110. My practice bargello
  111. DWR - just finished
  112. Just one star
  113. Bedazzled close up!
  114. FAST service from brother company
  115. How can I use these coasters?
  116. Finished, thanks to McQuilter
  117. quilted table topper
  118. Scrap Quilt - I named "Wisdom Gleaned"
  119. Help with border?
  120. Trip Around The World I am working on.
  121. My First 10 Minute Block!
  122. Quilt for Raffle
  123. Bargello WH -- borders or not??
  124. A few firsts for me...
  125. Linn County Quilts
  126. Can anyone tell me the 'official' name of this block or where I can get a pattern?
  127. What I've been up to lately. Been practicing and gift-making
  128. quilt that i put in at sauder village quilt show
  129. messy studio update
  130. Projects with the granddaughters
  131. Bow Tie Purses
  132. Pretty In Pink - (3D pinwheel baby quilt)
  133. My Mom's Heart Quilt has problems!
  134. Vacation Projects
  135. My Mommas Necktie quilt
  136. Ohio vacation barn quilt blocks
  137. Mug Rugs GALORE so many different ones!
  138. My D9P work in progress
  139. Baby quilts
  140. 'Memories' Quilt
  141. Boating Bow Tucks
  142. mug rug done
  143. Garage sale find on Sat...
  144. Fall quilt tops
  145. Better late than never Star Spin
  146. My Latest find and runs like a dream sewing seams on AOTH
  147. a small tabletopper for my friend.
  148. My latest bargello
  149. First attempt at EPP - beginning Grandmothers Flower Garden
  150. witchie-poo
  152. My Glacier Star
  153. More Quilts for Kids
  154. Gaigai's IRR II quilt top
  155. Paper Pieced Table Runner
  156. Elephant Quilt
  157. Coduroy D9P bed throw
  158. fabric baskets (bali bowl / basket?) ~ be nice, its my first try!
  159. My wonky stars and crazy blocks is done.
  160. Summer Bag
  161. Grandmothers Quilt
  162. Christmas in July?
  163. Splash in the pond and scrappy stars
  164. Help and opinions, Please.
  165. Garden Stroll Quilt
  166. Charity/Donation????i don't know what to call it
  167. Hollow Cubes, fish Need ideas, thanks
  168. Fridays completed baby quilt
  169. Squared Up Easy Pattern Pictures
  170. Repost "Not Playing with a Full Deck" with Pictures!
  171. Car babyquilt for DGS
  172. What I did with one of my "mug rug or whatever" blocks
  173. Waste containers for car
  174. WIP sunflower wall hanging
  175. What do I do now?
  176. Travelers Star Mini Quilt
  177. Ride fast, my friends
  178. Made another one
  179. Kitty Cat Quilt Meow
  180. Paper Doll Quilt
  181. Another UFO completed for 2011
  182. Jewel Box Top Done
  183. Finished throw quilt top
  184. My little collection of Doll quilts
  185. Oriental Fabric Quilt
  186. Ironing Board/Cutting Table
  187. After 5 years, finally finished...
  188. Just a few things I have been working on.
  189. Snap Happy Purses
  190. update on my 4 patch posy quilt
  191. Yellow and White quilt
  192. Daiseys Thimbleberries Big Lodge Quilt
  193. Bow Tuck Picture
  194. Grandson
  195. Our 1923 Craftsman Home...FOR DENISE...and anyone else
  196. How much do you sell your Bow Tucks for?
  197. my attic window wall hanging. Just the the top, not quilted yet
  198. How can I make so many mistakes?
  199. commission complete!
  201. Remember the little barn panel? Top is done. Plus a floral runner....
  202. So Proud of My Daughter - Now a quilter
  203. Marine quilt for grandson
  204. Bow Tucks for summer
  205. My Geishas
  206. Bandana Bed Spread
  207. French knots!!
  208. A friend's first quilt
  209. Cathedral Windows Pillow or Pincushion
  210. The Ultimate High-Tech Sewing Room ~ Is It Yours?
  211. First Label
  212. A "TARHEEL" Quilt
  213. Has anyone else made one of these?
  214. Blue Dresden Plate ready for bed
  216. Are these Mini's
  217. A or please
  218. Need help with layout of this Warm Wishes
  219. "I Spy" completed today and on its way
  220. looks like we are going to do blue and yellow layout- thanks
  222. for kim
  223. June 2011 DQS
  224. Retirement Quilt for Boss
  225. Ongoing saga of my inherited Applique Tulip Quilt
  226. Mini Swap with Fromzstore
  227. New table runner but no one else likes it in my house....
  228. My sewing area gets better all the time!
  229. My kids lap quilts
  230. whittling down the wip pile
  231. My first two quilts
  232. Joyce's RR leaf quilt...quilted by Daisey
  233. Best Bargains I have ever found!
  234. Quilt with stars
  235. Blue jean and Red Bandana quilt ?
  236. flower quilts
  237. Quilt for DD's Birthday
  238. sampler from intro class - UFO no longer!
  239. Some quilts I have finished
  240. Brown Bear, Brown Bear
  241. Paula's Irish Chain
  242. It's been 8 years
  243. Amish Wallhanging/Tabletopper
  244. Thanks to Friends on QB -- it's QAYG
  245. Navy Fabric
  246. The Quilt from H.....
  247. Looking for pattern: 3 strand celtic knot
  248. My Mommy Bag!
  249. todays project 7-2-11
  250. blue batik gifted today - such fun!