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  1. Red Roses for Carolyn's graduation
  2. I won!!!! Flying High Seagull Wall hanging
  3. AKSunshines Pastel floral quilt....quilted by Charisma
  4. Dresden Square
  5. Wildflower Meadow, floral bargello wall hanging, is done... 40.5 by 42
  6. my first baby quilt for my first grandbaby
  7. My Quilt Show Quilts!
  8. Pink romance quilt
  9. Pineapple Blossoms Quilt FINISHED!!!
  10. Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. My Quilts of the Months so far :)
  12. First Dresden Plate topper
  13. Singer quantum stylist 9960
  14. I finally opened the boxes
  15. My Second Quit
  16. Blocks
  17. Hearts Desire
  19. I feel like I won the lottery! :) Pic heavy
  20. Birthday gift for my Father in Law
  21. Charismas competion
  22. Warm off the LA
  23. A reasonably priced cutting table customized to your height
  24. Wholecloth Wall Hanging with Feather Patterns
  25. Circle of Friends quilt Finally Completed, (Top))
  26. Fabric baskets-video
  27. My GGD first quilt
  28. 10 dolly days dresses! Fun project ! 8 to go !
  29. Need help with making Quilt pattern
  30. Mystery Vintage Machine
  31. scrap single irish chain completed
  32. pics for quilt frame
  33. Update on Mini Bow Tuck and Lessons Learned & new pic
  34. introducing MR. Nicky Hilton
  35. Cupcakes WIP
  36. Border Patrol needed! Can you help me pick.....
  37. Made for my granddaughter
  38. Wallhanging completion
  39. Yard Sale Finds and Gifted Batiks!
  40. my new ebay win!
  41. shipshewana meet n greet, June 24, 2011 at the 5 & 20 resturant
  42. 3D Baby Quilt
  43. Veterns wheelchair quilts
  44. Awesome embroidery quilt
  45. Bali Pop Strip Tease with Ferns
  46. Waiting to be quilted
  47. Have you ever bought a pattern just because you loved it
  48. My New Embroidery Project
  49. My latest collection for my brother's weekend house
  50. Finished my Country Log Cabin & pillow cases to match!
  51. Belatedly, my first finished quilt
  52. the past few months
  53. This sums it up pretty well
  54. radiant sun
  55. Quilt top from ebay
  56. fabric whisperer is inspiring me aka butterfly quilt
  57. Improv Blocks
  58. Fredericksburg, TX Meet - Shop Hop
  59. my long term projects GFG and DJ
  60. A scrappy quilt for a local raffle
  61. Pillowcases
  62. Modified Dresden Plate with prairie points finished
  63. Jacob's Ladder in progress
  64. Pics of Ill Meet & Greet
  65. A quilt made on a Vintage Singer
  66. Need some help on this one
  67. 2 new tops just made
  68. Two quilts
  69. It's Finished!!!
  70. WIP basket quilt
  71. Baby Frog Quilt
  72. Quilting Thread Color
  73. Little girl quilt with her dolly quilt.
  74. Rail Fence Quilting Class - MY QUILT IS DONE!!!!
  75. Because of you, dear board members....
  76. Contra Dance
  77. Some things I've been working on
  78. My version of Double Wedding Ring
  79. Flying Home
  80. hand quilting question on already started quilt
  81. Made for my sewing room wall
  82. orange and white hst
  83. Quilts I'm Entering in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Quilt Show
  84. Grammy Patty 7's Round Robin 2010 completed
  85. My DGS 1st Attempt at a Tutorial - Feedback Please
  86. What I've been doing.
  87. hankies are going to washington state
  88. More on my outdoor sewing room
  89. Quilted Church Tote and Bible Cover
  90. Jan's Jewel Of A Quilt
  91. Today's Find
  92. Not Quilting--2nd project
  93. New sewing table
  94. Cobblestone Quilt
  95. Not sure, did I share this one?
  96. Uh oh...tell me how to fix this hole please!
  97. CandleQuilter Block ... this time with picture!
  98. A couple of my Quilts
  99. Problems posting a picture
  100. Thank you dsb38327 Hummingbird
  101. Border help UPDATE -Hope it looks ok
  102. Today's Find
  103. Quilt along, Block #2
  104. My WIP
  105. Oh my, what a job this is going to be!
  106. A k3n wallhanging
  107. my new treadle beauty
  108. ISO
  109. D9P for Great Grandson
  110. whole bright chils quilt..used panels too....
  111. Easy Tumbler Baby Quilt
  112. DNP, well kinda!
  113. Boise Quilt Show
  114. Candlequilter Star
  115. Pic Re-Post
  116. my wild irish chain quilt
  117. A couple of Totes
  118. Glacier Star Quilt Top is Complete
  119. another candlequilter star
  120. Featherweight Frenzy!!
  121. Cats on the stairs (more glow in the dark fun)
  122. 4 Patch Posies-Update, Maybe
  123. What machine do I have?
  124. Practice for Affairs of the Heart
  125. Raven Quilt
  126. Went o a Quilt Exhibit
  127. Birthday Gifts for June.
  128. Watch I found
  129. Rosettes at the UK National Quilt Championships
  130. Tulip Table Runner
  131. Her DH's Father's Day gift
  132. hand quilting ideas for this quilt?
  133. Project Linus Springfield/Branson MO Make a Blanket Day
  134. candlequilter star-Patriotic
  135. Finally some finishes
  136. Flag quilt with bow tie blocks
  137. Thread painting in prep for a quilt.
  138. some finished projects
  139. No more threads on the floor for me!
  140. chemo lap quilt and hat
  141. Loved this panel!
  142. Pot gardening 2011
  143. For the Birds :) Finally done
  144. How to post pics in the mini catagory?
  145. Snowflakes
  146. My Playground
  147. No Pain No Gain Crazy Quilt
  148. help please
  149. guild quilt ready to send to the quilter!
  150. Prize Winning Quilts
  151. The Thirteen Fandango - my original pattern, piecing completed!
  152. Breast Cancer Tote/Purse
  153. My Donation to cjomommas Tymeless Hearts
  154. Since Snicker Dee asked: Under Cover of Night
  155. My flowers of 2010
  156. trying to use up this fabric.......
  157. My Avitar/Info Quilt Pic for Robbi24
  158. Patriotic swap qlt done
  159. My quilts for kids
  160. Sewing Rocker
  161. Who likes modern/contemporary? I DO!
  162. Been busy the past few days
  163. Serenity Prayer
  164. Daughters request
  165. my great grandma's quilts
  166. radiant sun
  167. Small project
  168. Did a little sewing again.
  169. My Sister's Tablecloth
  170. Did a little sewing
  171. Estate Sale Like Christmas!
  172. Yo Yos my mother made
  173. My first QAYG Quilt
  174. Sun E. Delight Splash Quilt
  175. Latest Projects
  176. Dresden Tree Skirt
  177. So I went to a garage sale this morning...
  178. I need help on deciding the borders
  179. My first purse
  180. EASY!!!!! slipcovered chair!
  181. Keeping the Dr. happy
  182. quilt and pillow
  183. ava's baby quilt
  184. Remember the "Let's play pick the border thread"
  185. June baby quilts done
  186. My Rail Fence Quilt Top......DONE!
  187. two rows of the start of a beautiful disappearing nine patch
  188. Look at this Sewing Machine....
  189. Did a little sewing again.
  190. Patience Corners
  191. She's Finally Here!
  192. Wild-may need dark glasses
  193. Sew In was fun!!!!!!
  194. First attempt to post picture
  195. My finished projects....
  196. Morning Glorious
  197. what I saw on holiday
  198. My DGD and her first quilt.
  199. Look what DH made for my quilt frames
  200. My "new" White Family Rotary circa 1917??
  201. The Perfect Quilt- quilted
  202. My finished Quilt but I have a question
  204. Little man wanted to help mommy!
  205. Quilt top finally done! Frustrating!
  206. Woohoo! My first FMQ project done!
  207. Childrens Game Quilt
  208. My stash of sewing machines... 14 and counting
  209. QAYG - My 2nd Quilt
  210. My scrappy flying geese
  211. Roda's doll quilt I made for her
  212. a Patriotic star for Candlequilter
  213. Next Project - Quilt made out of socks
  214. 64 year old dress....
  215. Brother Foot
  216. Pictures of Boomerange 5 East blocks -- updated 6/26/11
  217. My church quilt club's first quilt
  218. Cats
  219. Oklahoma Quilt
  220. Red, black and white D9P finished
  221. Its a chair, no its a ...., no its a ...!!
  222. Butterfly Garden finished
  223. BBBS Bowl for Kids' Sake Quilt Top Completed
  224. making a patchwork cushion cover - help needed please
  225. Chain ReAction - now quilted
  226. Dahlia pillow
  227. Here fishie fishie fishie
  228. show and tell
  229. i got a squishie today
  230. I couldn't help myself!!!
  231. Country sewing pocket
  232. Two quilts [tied]
  233. CHECK THIS OUT ....... won't even count the hours
  234. finished Lamb quilt for Joplin girl
  235. My new quilt rack - see page 7 for plans
  236. While cleaning out my quilt chest....
  237. Oops Quilt
  238. Free form butterfly
  239. grandma's quilts
  240. My first time quilting from the backside of a quilt
  241. progress on black and white quilt for my Aunt
  242. wild irish chain
  243. Bag and tiny wall hanging
  244. Cut Leaf Cone Flower & Sunflower
  245. Help needed!
  246. My first Bow Tuck for my Sister....
  247. Quilt Guild Meeting
  248. Candlequilter Star Block
  249. a new project
  250. quilt top for my dh