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  1. need addy
  2. Click for free mamograms--Breast Cancer site
  3. Moving
  4. A question please?
  5. If you have a need for speed,.......
  6. Just When You Think You've Seen It All.....
  7. Gerber Baby Contest..Help by voting? :)
  8. If I ever have to have surgery.........
  9. Changing my email address
  10. The Lamaze class (joke)
  11. Have you ever been to Menorca?...if not well sit back and enjoy the tour!!
  12. Do you have a blog or blogs? If so post the link for us to see!
  13. What gets off soap scum and hard water off shower?
  14. Fruitcake Lady
  15. How Do You
  16. This is quite cute also
  17. We pay for T.V. service and nothing on
  18. Pictures
  19. So cute!
  20. What do you do when person doesn't receive the item
  22. Don't you just hate it when...
  23. I had lunch with dkabasketlady today!!
  24. Definition of Calories
  25. Christmas Gnomes
  26. paying with Paypal here
  27. Do you decorate for Halloween?
  28. What all the cool Elves are wearing this year...
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  30. signature test
  31. when does it get to be too much?
  32. Donation
  33. Rude Awakening
  34. HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL...funny
  35. Hows this for a pension scheme?????
  36. Jokes that could be told in church...funnies!!
  38. Where is Abby Quilts?
  39. The Joke for me today
  40. To all that sent items to Penny Doty
  41. Happy Birthday
  42. Cooked-on grease on stovetop
  43. need more privacy
  44. And that's when the fight started....Lots of laughs
  45. t shirt neck ribbing
  46. thin nails
  47. New Baby, more pictures!
  48. First day of Fall?
  49. Does anyone on this board also sews (kids)clothing??
  50. Thank You
  51. How do you change your email on this board
  52. Does anyone do crocheting need help a with pattern
  53. Life changing events
  54. Daughter Moved Out
  55. vacation in the USA!
  56. Christmas Thanksgiving Easter
  57. I'm a quitter
  58. Dinner's in the crockpot!
  59. Just a reminder on my email
  60. Do you have tips for a garage sale?
  61. Finally potty trained my kittie. Laugh for the day.
  62. Lessons at school - a funny story
  63. Foot soak for Christmas gifts
  64. Iowa's weather was 3rd-worst
  65. Halloween Party....Saturday's funny
  66. Whodda Known That ....
  67. What I did today
  68. shifted stuffing
  69. soda pop and swelling in legs and feeet
  70. Remember to take care of yourself
  71. Politically correct descriptions of men!....funny
  72. Garage Sales, Rummage Sales Tips (Let's get organized)
  73. Air Show Collision
  74. So glad the rain is finally clearing out of here!
  75. Help to delete my classifieds
  76. musical whachamacallits
  77. Did ya ever...
  78. cleaning tub/shower of hard water
  79. happy birthdays members!
  80. Calling Michiganders for a foliage report!!
  82. How many have breast cancer
  83. Problems with JC Penney
  84. mammogram
  85. How about ideas for cleaning INSIDE of oven
  86. What kind of stain remover
  87. whats up?
  88. quilters exercise routine
  89. today is Sept 22 the 1st day of fall...............where???
  90. Acne is a bugbare
  91. Project Runway again
  92. my new avatar
  93. 10 Finkers ...funny
  94. The Psychiatrist and Proctologist....Friday's funny
  95. After Breast Cancer Surgery Accessory...
  96. Rhonda's Birthday
  97. Girls sewing class, 1925
  98. pictures
  99. A Tribute to Our Military
  100. Why some men have dogs and not wives
  101. My newest crochet designs
  102. How did you spend your Sunday.
  103. Any other Mayflower Descendants out there?
  104. Thought this was really cool!!
  105. Anyone Watch Hells Kitchen
  106. ok, so here it is...
  107. Touching Football story...
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  109. New Teaching Applicant ....funny
  110. Kids and the Ocean (Another Funny!) Rated PG!
  111. changing E-mail
  112. Desktop Pictures Galore
  113. Perfection
  114. Well, My boys are off!
  115. Driving Distractions
  116. funny for today
  117. Taking Vitamin D
  118. Kitten Adoption Tips
  119. Unbelievable GOOD Service
  120. Morning!!!
  121. heard from?
  122. Traditional remedies Research
  123. Susan C. of KS Plz PM me
  124. Holy Toast w/ Jesus on it
  125. So guess what I'm doing today......
  126. Are you "green"??? I'm confused
  127. IT'S FRIDAY
  128. Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  129. New Quilt Inspector
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  131. Sewing a security pocket to avoid pick pockets
  132. Thursday Silly Story
  133. Valentines from 1930's
  134. Does your cat do things that make you think it's HUMAN?
  135. I've had to tell my husband.....
  136. Switching channels.....funny
  137. Weather
  138. The Light at the End of the Carpal Tunnel--Or I hope It's the clear end of the matter.
  139. Pecans in the cemetery
  140. quilting the driveway
  141. New Baby!
  142. Where are you???????
  143. Try This
  144. So what are you doing today, with all the rain.....
  145. Letter from Grandma......funny!
  146. Non-quilting Hints and Tips
  147. Husband hobbies
  148. Need Ideas
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  150. Mr Monkey
  151. Happy Monday!
  152. Mensa contest results -funny
  153. It took me over a year to do................
  154. Dances With The Stars
  155. Project Runway day
  156. of with my kitties to the Perth royal show
  157. Awww and yay!
  158. now we know!!!!
  159. Admin-- My signature is missing
  160. I used to be a regular now I have nothing
  161. Banned?
  162. funny for this morning
  163. Simple Blessings
  164. Perfume in clothing
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  166. It's good to try to help others, but be careful!
  167. squishy
  168. How do you type onto a photo when uploading?
  169. Pet Insurance
  170. Tom's scrotum....funny
  171. I need help with strawberry plants.
  172. Amazing floral art work at the royal show
  173. Need help again
  174. Got laid off today...
  175. a wonderful gift.
  176. Budwizer 9-11 commerical
  177. I am so sad.....
  178. I drove today!
  179. The New Barbie's
  180. Clothes Dryer Caution
  181. Cleaning up.out the PM's do you?
  182. JOKE: Bobbitt Family Update
  183. kitties got 1st 2nd & 3rd in royal show more pics
  184. When I am not quilting.
  185. Now back to Quilting!!
  186. The Great Weekend
  187. I'm Back!!!
  188. birthday flowers
  189. A Man Who Was Truly Ahead of His Time
  190. I remember when....
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  192. Harry & Bess
  193. The Banana Test
  194. Low-Flyers
  195. 'Because Enquiring Minds Want to Know.
  196. New Drugs for Women
  197. What Do You Think?
  198. She's 13... it's gonna be a long 7 years... help?
  199. Georgia Rae
  200. back from the show and WOW
  201. Girls Night Out....funny
  202. I am back at my own apt now
  203. I was so mad, i couldn't find a pattern for someone...
  204. Frillie lace tables for a baby shower
  205. Update on IBQuiltin...her DH's health & Prayers Needed
  206. I want to share something I feel is precious.
  207. Amongst the hobblers here
  208. 2021 miles in 5 days
  209. Poem for the computer addict
  210. New little "quilter" on the way :-)
  211. From the mouth of babes!!
  212. Can I freeze fresh mushrooms?
  213. Note to Self
  214. Should have kept my mouth shut...
  215. When I said big, he got big alright..
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  217. e-mail accounts messed up
  219. Things to Ponder........funny
  220. Still Lurking About!!!
  221. Just have to share this story!
  222. Our Quilters' Tea
  223. For those of you that have flown
  224. my paper bag brag books(sewn binding)
  225. Quilting Withdrawl
  226. Amazing human 'Spiderman'
  227. So, how are you "Green"?
  228. I made it!
  229. Can't Believe What Happened @ Wally World!!!!!!
  230. grandparents rights
  231. Fall is my favorite time of year! How about you?
  233. Bye Bye for two days
  234. I am such a strange person................
  235. Look who I got to play with today!!
  236. Glad to be back
  237. PayPal Disputes
  238. Pay Pal
  239. My Deer Neighbors today...
  240. The Ventriloquist....Sunday's funny
  241. Look who I met today
  242. A Veteran's Charity called and asked for donations.
  243. Moon Picture
  244. Will someone please
  245. E-MAIL account is messed up
  246. Heads Up on Wal-Mart
  247. I spent the day taking pics of my kids
  248. A wise old Doctor once said.......
  249. I met up with...
  250. One more time Thank you all!!