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  1. soldiers quilt poem
  2. My imagination or.....
  3. Hard to watch!....not funny!
  4. quilt club party
  5. Gotta ask this!! Are you one of these too!!
  6. Kids in Church (hope no one is offended)
  7. "My Pages" Who uses them?
  8. Run for Cancer
  9. Oh no SIL losing job on Friday
  10. Unusual Christmas gifts--do you give them?
  11. I have to say this about Truck Driving Schools
  12. Just Need A Little Encouragement
  13. My Christmas Tradition
  14. Wordsmart vs EyeQ?
  15. How many of you have hubbies that can not wait until ...
  16. Here is a cute Grandma and TSA jingle some one sent me on facebook to see
  17. What's the funniest thing a/your child ever asked you?
  18. Name 3 of your "Favorite Things"
  19. WASH your grapes really well
  20. OH my word
  21. A Message From Santa
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  23. Thank you!
  24. Received a big compliment
  25. Tis the season!.....funny
  26. crazy drivers drive me crazy
  27. This is me.
  28. Deer Camp
  29. Diamonds from DNA
  30. Why I won't be around
  31. Went back to NY with Emi
  32. Spittin nails
  33. Need Help from all the experienced seamstresses
  34. MOVING
  35. watch this,its pretty cool
  36. LetsQuilt! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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  38. COMPUTER info needed
  39. Besides quilting, what other hobby/craft are you doing?
  40. Coffee Makers
  41. Good Grief
  42. Paper Stars for Christmas trees
  43. Hair Bows
  44. Answered Prayers
  45. What is wrong with me? I need help...
  46. Merry Christmas
  47. Another cute Santa video for kids
  48. My sons entry on facebook....
  49. Go Grandma!
  50. Took my shih tzu dog to groomer today and later to vet
  51. Christmas gifting question...
  52. Merry Christmas Quilting board members
  53. How could they even put this in their catalog?
  54. What is one your favorite Christmas memories?
  55. free letter from Santa
  56. RIP Elizabeth Edwards
  57. JOKE: Happy Holidays
  58. How many Maine Coon Cats out there . . .
  59. How could they even THINK about sellilng this...
  60. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
  61. Jan in VA's - Soldiers receiving quilts
  62. My hubby has taken interest in my sewing
  63. Friendly Holiday Advice
  64. Check out whats under my Christmas Tree
  65. Do you know what today is????
  66. Have you ever watched Paranormal State?
  67. Flannel material for sleep pants
  68. How did we ever survive?
  69. A credit card alert!
  70. My favorite you tube video of Santa
  71. First class mail - 4 days
  72. any tony stewart fans?
  73. Quilters/Hunters
  74. Today for some reason...
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  76. weird fears or aversions
  77. Southeast Michigan- Comcast - Ebay
  78. My goodness
  79. For all of us nostalgia buffs
  80. Freaky Owl
  81. What is your Christmas Wish?
  82. Well, Hellooooooooooooo!!!!! Blonde joke!!!
  83. I am back
  84. The flying car!! Amazing!!!
  85. the mayonnaise jar and the 2 Beers.
  86. Elizabeth Edwards
  87. An unruly 2 year old
  88. Funny Cats Video
  89. have you ever done this?
  90. My daughter is 33!
  92. DH played Santa today!!
  93. update of my grandsons
  94. Any suggestions for treatment for compression fractures?
  95. I'm losing my job....more time for quilting!!!
  96. What's going on???
  97. Happy Birthday
  98. Christmas Village
  99. You gotta see this.
  100. Old Spot.....a funny!!!!
  101. Happy St Nicholas Day
  102. Elves Elves and more Elves
  103. Caution...wrong car!
  104. more funnies!!
  105. deployment time coming...
  106. RE: Mistake on Order
  107. Bubble Shirt
  108. Books - audio or reading
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  111. Where ya from?
  112. Made 38 yrs. ago
  113. Extremely fast shipping!
  114. Yet another can anyone relate
  115. diary of a dog/diary of a cat
  116. Dan it. Probably killed my beautiful poinsettia plants
  117. This one is for Ditter...
  118. Almost not quilt related Christmas present
  119. Grown Kids Teaching Their Kids
  120. Is anyone a nutritionist?
  122. Insomnia
  123. I just found out...
  124. What to do with your lost jewelry at Christmas time!!
  125. my Christmas ornament eggs
  126. Why We Should Not Flirt!!!!!!!
  127. Christmas tree and wicker sleigh
  128. Spread some Holiday Cheer and say Thanks!
  129. What's your favorite song for Christmas Eve?
  130. Bring back the joy
  131. Baby picture....soooo cute!!!
  132. Snow pictures.
  133. Wounded Warriors...
  134. Here birdy birdy
  135. My Newest Grandbaby!
  136. Google Books
  137. Finaly on the internet again
  138. New Church
  139. Baby spitting up/projectile vomit. what to do??? help please.
  140. pass this on to your kids
  141. Merry Christmas!!!
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  143. For those of you in the snow belt!
  144. Help with cabbage
  145. Blonde joke...funny!!
  146. Winter at Elmhurst College
  147. Taste of Home subscription-double issue=double price
  148. The Kola chronicals.......
  149. Help with Chicken & crock pot
  150. Rough Morning
  151. I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  152. cicciobello doll
  153. Proud of my DD
  154. Pixie Elf
  155. Merry Christmas Decorations
  157. Lloyd?
  158. the potty....funny!!!!
  159. Deck The Halls......from our furbabies!!!!
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  161. CafePress
  162. Needle Felting
  163. I'm moving!!!
  164. Missing QB'er
  165. Putting You Money Where Your Mouth Is
  166. I Don't know what to do here.
  167. Caring women and men
  168. Signature
  169. Any Soldier
  170. Christmas houses
  171. Need good thoughts!
  172. I am not going back in any store till...
  173. regular here
  174. Looking for pattern
  175. Christmas is comimg
  176. Santa wrote me a letter!!!!
  177. Eve's side of the story...funny!!!
  178. Decorating the Christmas tree
  179. Elf having fun
  180. Question for Woody...
  181. Going crazy here today, anyone else? Can't find stuff in my house!
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  183. Stocking Stuffers for college kids?
  184. How much would you pay someone to rake your yard?
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  186. Snow
  187. Grab the Kleenex!
  188. What Chefs Do When They Get Bored
  189. Cell Phone Go Public This Month
  190. What a great discovery!....please look!!!!
  191. It's here
  192. Reminder! Do you have your Christmas cards and packages mailed yet? Christmas is almost here!
  193. Can you help me? cholesterol + gifted kids??
  194. Laughing at myself...
  195. Idaho meet-up
  196. Gourmet cooking
  197. Calmness in our lives
  198. Who else uses Flickr?!
  199. Well.. at least snow...
  200. more layoffs at my job
  201. How To Clean a Toilet
  202. I will survive.......funny!
  203. First snow day for this winter. :-D
  204. help with MS Word 2010
  205. My three newest crochet Dolls - Girlie Girls
  206. Susan Boyle's new cd "The Gift"
  207. Snow in Scotland
  208. Having one of those days
  209. Animals Singing "Deck the Halls"
  210. Where did all the signatures go???
  211. Anxiety
  212. Happy Chanukkah, Hanukkah!!!
  213. paypal question
  214. She's always had the loveliest smile...
  215. Stockings?? New or reuse??
  216. Cool new song for Christmas
  217. Chuckle
  218. 80 year old hillbilly
  219. yes, it's snowing hard in Scotland!!
  220. Hunting and Fishing
  221. Terrence the Turkey is a Calendar Model!
  222. Helllllo everybody!!! :D
  223. Happy Hanukkah
  224. trapped in my house!
  225. Ok, everybody, STOP!!
  226. Friends need Help
  227. what happened to our signatures?
  228. When taking breaks....
  229. Any leather crafters our there or anyone knowledgable?
  230. Christmas Dinner table I am hosting tonight
  231. Sooo sad to see my daughter cry. Did we really rescue him???
  232. What' s the funniest thing your pet does?
  233. Signature Question
  234. Winter is here...
  235. Does anyone else have this problem?
  236. Engineering Equivalents...pun,pun,pun
  237. Kindle, Nook or Kobo
  238. A trip to NYC I wasn't planning on (Picture heavy)
  239. Penguins: A Scientific Discovery
  240. How cold ARE you???
  241. pasta cookers
  242. 2010 Darwin Awards
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  244. We have SNOW!!!!!
  245. Useful Dog tricks
  246. Learning to post pics ?!
  247. A Perfect Gift!!!!
  248. Are our board members ok in Georgia, carolinas and virginia??
  249. Epson salts?
  250. Am I shrinking?