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  1. Important Safety Information When Driving
  2. Interesting, heartwarming read about a quilter
  3. Any one in the St Marys Ga neighborhood
  4. How to install a Home Security System
  5. You Gotta See This!
  6. I needed a Quickie For Relief! invention, sort of...
  7. Only in Alaska.....
  8. new yahoo page
  9. Does Anyone here use Magic Jack for their phone service
  10. cross your fingers
  11. Went off on a coworker today...
  12. Blue & Pink Snowmen Ornaments I Made Out Of Old Bulbs
  13. JOKE: Riddle
  14. a moment?
  15. Christmas decorating ideas??
  16. 1960s Marriage Guidance!
  17. Happy Veteran's Day
  18. Whole house so sick!!
  19. FYI about sitting with your foot tucked under you....
  20. nothing new under the sun
  21. guideline statistics
  22. Christmas Book Giveaway
  23. About Giving Dogs Melatonin
  24. Hurricane Ida
  25. One of my quilt inspectors
  26. Great new candle product!
  27. Computer help needed to watch the tube quilting video
  28. Thank You Tide Funny!
  29. Question about 'FLU MANNERS'...I guess?
  30. Fall is here!!!
  31. two photos I thought you'd like
  32. Lovemaking tips for Senior Citizens
  33. do you neti?
  34. paypal
  35. Thought you might be interested
  36. Why You Should Always Carry A Camera
  37. Tip for aluminum foil, saran wrap boxes, etc....
  38. Children writing about the Ocean
  39. Hey Mousie.... calling Miss Mousie....
  40. JOKE: Tic Tac Toe (?0 TV Show
  41. Baby Inspectors
  42. Ft Hood shootings
  43. JOKE: Ladies, Be Reasonable!
  44. Have not been here lately.
  45. My Grandson has arrived
  46. colonoscopy
  47. Need some Science Fair help!
  48. any one making soaps
  49. How do I find another member on here?
  50. help....
  51. Mouse saga continues!!!
  52. Dogs or Kids. You Chose.
  53. My Trick or Treater
  54. problems with printer
  55. Playing Cat and Mouse
  56. JOKE: The Talking Dog
  57. Haunted House Pictures
  58. JOKE: Finally Together
  59. Joke #2 Blonde joke
  60. Joke: Divorce vs Murder
  61. Menopause anyone???
  62. I count it Stash
  63. Have to chuckle
  65. The nerve of some people.
  66. This is fun!!!!!!!
  67. re:It's my birthday!
  68. A trip around Australia and meeting Vanessa
  69. here are my little tricker or treaters!!!!
  70. This year's Halloween costumes...
  71. Natalies Halloween Costume pics...
  72. Halloween in Florida
  73. Saw some photo opts today... got the they are...leaves and a rainbow...
  74. JOKE: Older and Sadder
  75. Need new countertops
  76. Happy Halloween!!!!!!
  77. Spooky cat bowling ....
  78. Encouragement -- we all need it
  79. Apron captions
  80. My Designer Mole
  81. Sister's birthday present
  82. Unbelievable - I'm Speechless
  83. Hey, Mom! Have I got another deal for you!!!
  84. moving water
  85. Funny
  86. Stranger using your debit card
  87. Quilt "Helpers"-you gotta love 'em!
  88. Where can I find "blanks" for embroidery?
  89. WOW: Great Italian Motorbike Display
  90. JOKE: 10 Funny Answering Phone Messages
  91. My grandaughter has arrived!!
  92. JOKE: 24 Hours To Live
  93. Goofy Animal Pictures
  94. Would this make you mad/uncomfortable at work?
  95. Colorado Winter Pictures
  96. I finally meet my greatgranddaughter!
  97. Son coming home from Korea for Christmas!!!!!
  98. Well here it is!!! Ready or not.
  99. OH HORRORS!!
  100. Joke: patient in hospital
  101. JRSAY! They got here!
  102. My grandchildrens Halloween Party Pictures
  103. Winners from September 2009 Shop Hop
  104. Have You Ever Been This Tired?
  105. JOKE: Could I See Just One?
  106. JOKE: What Were They Thinking? (this has no videos)
  107. All Packed Up and Nowhere To Go ... Video
  108. Cat training?
  109. fall photos
  110. JOKE: A Timmins Wife
  111. JOKE: The Tequila Will Get You Every Time
  112. JOKE -- How I learned to mind my own business
  113. Garage sale bonanza
  115. pandora radio
  116. Grandkids and cupcakes!
  117. I love people who have the gutsy way of doing.
  118. Quilt4U.....needs a fabric shower
  119. My SIL went to an Ortho!!! you won't believe this.........
  120. Sewing caddy
  121. Easy Chrismas Gifts ideas to sew
  122. unexpected find a dentist office
  123. What do you collect, sewing, quilting related? Besides fabric
  124. No new e-mails:(
  125. cell phone calls for previous owner !
  126. JOKE: zzzzzzzzz's
  127. Sale at the Textile Museum in Toronto
  128. What Country Is It Manufactured In?
  129. Cat Enjoying a Bath
  130. Do you know?
  131. Horses. Wait, maybe yaks? Winter jammies have arrived!
  132. UGH how many more will I have to buy?
  133. JOKE: Only in America
  134. pattern wanted
  135. The Best Cat Video You Will EVER See
  136. Watch this video and Kraft Foods will donate EVEN MORE money to feed the hungry
  137. Omg so scared...while working on my doll quilt!!
  138. Heart attack story
  139. SOOO Sick, miss quilting
  140. My goofy job
  141. Got to love this cat!
  142. I'm kicking myself.....
  143. I want this cat LOL
  144. Rosie in the sun
  145. Peeking in......
  146. The Snuglet Pattern
  147. DVD hardware
  148. Izy
  149. Haley's comet
  150. Admin :)
  151. fun halloween bowling game
  152. JOKE: Men
  153. Joke: In His Dreams
  154. JOKE: Elvis and Michael Jackson Found Alive
  155. JOKE: Pharmacy Robbed
  156. Wonky stuff
  157. A Message From MimiSharon
  158. Ultrasound pics!!!!!
  159. A little pic that made me smile
  160. help for ancestry research
  161. facebook problems
  162. JOKE: How to give a cat a pill
  163. Quick Reply
  164. Who on here is making halloween costumes?
  165. old machine for sewing on bottons
  166. Ironing vinyl?
  167. Non Quilting Question
  168. Math Trick
  169. Hair in the sink!
  170. Weird Sewing Project
  171. My Bostons
  172. My Bostons
  173. Our roadtrip pictures
  174. Pictures of my day out to the Chinese Gardens
  175. The Deer
  176. This Is What Sad Looks Like
  177. JOKE: Is That Cheerios?
  178. My Nervous Nellie Tree with a guest
  179. JOKE: I'd Rather Hold It In..........
  180. New Homes
  181. I'm aways amazed at people at WalMart!
  182. facebook
  183. OMG! Turn on CNN!
  184. Lunch with LJSunflower
  185. Furious At My Sister
  186. Vacation
  187. JOKE: Save the Last Dance For Me
  188. JOKE: Plumber with a Sense of Humor
  189. Needle Felted Dog Portraits
  190. JOKE: Look Out, World!!
  191. JOKES: Includes Religious References
  192. found another squirrel
  193. Looking for patterns
  194. Crocheted baby hats
  195. Towns or States Where I Would LOVE to Live!
  196. closing!!!
  197. Drive Home Through The Fall Colors
  198. Another Hobby - Pumpkin Carving
  199. JOKE: The Hypnotist at the Senior Center
  200. Wow!!
  201. If you like to read I think you will love this book.
  202. When Will I Ever Learn!!!
  203. Cloth Dinner Napkins
  204. Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  205. Bear Ear Hat Pattern
  206. JOKE: The Hairdresser
  207. Awareness Ribbons Colors
  208. Mazie Mobile progress or A fun way to spend an afternoon. :-)
  209. Do I have a problem?
  210. How many people can fit in a smart car....and other bits of info
  211. Going to Australia
  212. bawling my eyes out today - sad sad day
  213. Took some photos today--horses, fall. Just fun stuff--nothing spectacular.
  214. Squirrel patrol
  215. new avatar
  216. A now have a name instead of my own Ruth Camp
  217. Got a 5 gallon metal bucket?
  218. JOKE: The Perks of Being Over 50 (Moi?)
  219. You gotta watch this guy paint!
  220. Autumn is Here!
  221. JOKE: How Is Norma?
  222. Why Do Dogs Bite?
  223. Warning about using Pyrex baking dishes
  224. For needleworkers out there
  225. on the road again... heading south for a minivacation to NC
  226. JOKE: Taking A Lady To Bed
  227. JOKE: Why Women Are Crabby
  228. October 29th is National Cat Day!!!
  229. Are there towns/states you would never live in?
  230. Breast Cancer Awareness Month/ Information link
  231. Have you adopted a child from the State?
  232. Down in the Dumps Need a Lift
  233. Looking for leathery fabric
  234. Back to the "Tortured" Rose Garden - Oct. 6, 2009
  235. Do you ever change your Avatar?
  236. Daughter's Wedding
  237. I met Someone from the Board in Spain
  238. I met Someone from the Board in Spain
  239. Did we need this invention? Bra that doubles as gas mask
  240. I feel like a bad kitty mommy
  242. I Love My Job!
  243. Glue help
  244. aspertame is deadly
  245. CHEERS!!!!!
  246. The Grasshopper Man
  247. How The Fight Started
  248. I've been trying to get a photo of a pansy all summer... finally got it.
  249. Driving refresher test
  250. BATS!!