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  1. I used to grow an herb to put in cabinets to keep ants away
  2. Pajama Days Since Retirement?
  3. My Fur Baby
  4. Date Night Basket help
  5. cats and quilts
  6. Smart Phones
  7. Fruit Flies
  8. Another item about coffee filters
  9. HEADS UP~~~New USPS~~~PaDDed EnveLOPes
  10. "HTTP" & "HTTPS" - Do you know the Difference/
  11. Destructive Tsunami
  12. Boys will be Boys!
  13. Do You Know What Happened 100 years ago today?
  14. Bailey
  15. The Arrogance of Authority ... joke
  16. Quilting Notions Sale at Joann
  17. No quilting this week but I did make a Raggedy Ann Doll
  18. Mid life Crisis, Cabin Fever or Depression?
  19. Has this ever happened to you? Never in my sewing life....
  20. Help Learning To Read in Spanish y Japanese
  21. giving a dog aspirin @@@ [email protected]@@@
  22. For Goodness Sakes
  23. What kind of F*L*O*W*E*R are YOU
  24. Do you hate to have to scroll right and left?
  25. Not quilt related but had to show this
  26. A blonde and the chimps...funny!!!
  27. Two old ladies.....Cute!
  28. do any of you remember a tv show called Swamp Fox
  29. When your parents no longer can stay home...
  30. Postcards needed
  31. Happy Birthday to Me....
  32. Calendar 3-25
  33. Back from Hawaii - son's wedding !!!
  34. happy birthday to all born this day
  35. Waste
  36. Dirty Dancing movie and Natalie
  37. Today's Birthdays
  38. Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Handbag- has anyone made this one???
  39. 136 former cheerleaders got together to do a dance routine to benefit "Susan G. Komen for the Cure" (Breast Cancer).
  40. Need an idea!
  41. Must Give Praise Where Praise Is Due
  42. My Great Aunt is a Hoot -- Update on Page 2
  43. Need a little TX travel help,
  44. Need a laugh....
  45. have any of you decided to just go gray?
  46. Tornadoes
  48. RetinalMacroaneurysm
  49. Anybody Do The FlyLady?
  50. Science link for the day...
  51. Sad
  52. Anyone know about Synovial Cyst on spine?
  53. thank you all
  54. New Calf
  55. Clothing for Half Body Puppets
  56. baby sweet!!!
  57. The Robins are back.
  58. u-tube video --- hysterical!
  59. A Good Reminder - Women's Heart Attack Symptons - EVERY DAY IS A MEMORY "MAKE A GOOD ONE TODAY"
  60. strange things cats do
  61. no quilting board today
  62. What's for dinner?
  63. Just venting....
  64. Burn Remedy - Worth Trying
  65. paid off car loan? sigh. i did try
  66. Remember our boys and RED Friday
  67. Another Natalie funny
  68. Rain, the Beatles Experience
  69. "New" Postal Regulation is going to cost us more for shipping.
  70. You viewed the Irish solo dress now you can view a dance video
  71. Have you N*O*T*I*C*E*D
  72. Uncle Wimpys Strange Humor
  73. Blockage
  74. Parsley Technique
  75. Where there's no looting in Japan
  76. seed swap
  77. This Quilter needs a Big Hug NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  78. What are my dreams telling me?
  79. You're too old when...
  80. Calendar 3-24
  81. Today's Birthdays
  82. is this a scam
  83. How I organize my genealogy
  84. Help! Burnt sugar in my pan!
  85. yahoo email warnings THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ALL USERS OF YAHOO!!!!
  87. This Boards History
  88. Thank You
  89. more spare time (?) animals
  90. Missing board member
  91. Now I know why I don't accomplish much!
  92. I have to laugh at myself on this one
  93. giving a dog asprin
  94. it is not been lucky
  95. Something to make you Smile!
  96. I sometimes feel like this
  97. just a little funny for the day
  98. Underwater Video - The Best
  99. Calendar 3/23
  100. There are days I just HATE me so much !!
  101. Anyone else still working on taxes?
  102. That time again!!!!
  103. Apologies
  104. Shall I buy a new Bernina or keep fixing this one?
  105. Thinking outside the box
  106. Elizabeth Taylor
  107. Anyone else have Yorkies?
  108. We conducted an experiment.........
  109. A Cat Story.....tooo funny
  110. important "rules"
  111. Come play or sew with me
  112. Do you know someone who would like this?
  113. Wasting a sick day being sick
  114. I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to send this "Thank you:
  115. Elizabeth Taylor Died
  116. For Angry Bird Lovers today only 3/23/2011
  117. I love this board!
  118. Today's Birthdays
  119. The Benefits of Miso
  120. all sections
  121. any herb growers out there
  122. A PET'S TEN COMMANDMENTS.........
  123. for those who plant veggie gardens
  124. Secret to a Happy Marriage
  125. The Price of Gas In France
  126. pillow give away
  127. saved by surge protector
  128. Feedback question
  129. The lodger....funny!!
  130. Shower Curtain
  131. Does anyone own a Dyson Vacuum?
  132. a freind sent this to me about the Tsunami
  133. What would you do?
  134. Team Name Idea Help
  135. ?? for those who write tutorials...
  136. Calendar 3-22
  137. church
  138. Worried about bad weather coming tonight.
  139. Old Wedding Dress
  140. Easter Baskets
  141. picture of bunny
  142. Stray cats are no longer welcome here.....
  143. another twirly skirt
  144. Lutterloh System
  145. Why Seniors Don't Understand Technology
  146. Texas vacation..
  147. Today's Birthdays
  148. A very proud mother
  149. Looking for a Small Purse Pattern using only one tie
  150. Silly Charlie cat
  151. Garage as a sewing room
  152. Anybody have a Hylar...????
  153. Need help finding a Canadian TV Show...
  154. Craft Ideas for Seniors?
  155. When you have nothing else to do, try this. Or, something else to drive you nuts!
  156. Ginger Rogers 92 and Great Grandson 29 dance
  157. storm
  158. Bumper Cars
  159. What's cooking tonight?
  160. Baby Rabbit
  161. First day of spring??
  162. What was your First Job?
  163. "Confessions" - The Family Episode #1
  164. Thankfully I was wearing shoes!!
  165. What Do You Believe?
  166. Guilty Dog
  167. Nobody Believes Seniors
  168. Thank You ALL for the Get well Wishes!!
  169. What is a resonable price for a viking sapphire 850?
  170. What do you do when you have wire and time on your hands !!‏
  171. Denver is Guilty
  172. WHO"S Watching D*W*T*S Tonight ??
  173. I must swallow my pride and apoligize to some of the members.
  174. Spring in Massachusetts
  175. Project for Japanese Children
  176. New grandbaby is here!
  177. Need puppy advice
  178. Walmart Again
  179. Housetraining a new puppy
  180. A Soldier Story
  181. Just doodling-interesting
  182. have you ever looked up your Dr's rating online
  183. Calendar 3-21
  184. More babies!
  185. Today's Birthdays
  186. Stale Peep Lovers Unite!
  187. Harriet Hargraves Freshman Year Book
  188. STC - (Senior Texting Code)
  189. birthdaygirl
  190. Chair makeover with Silk Ties
  191. Hide & Seek Eggs
  192. how to make a slipcover for a small recliner
  193. cotton prices are starting to come down but
  194. Army Wives
  195. Happy Naw Ruz!
  196. Looking for a specific bag pattern
  197. My new Granddaughter
  198. Did you see the 80 year old Japanese lady rescued today...and she was wrapped in a quilt!
  199. Why I love spring...
  200. "New to me" machine
  201. Exhibit at American Folk Art Museum in NYC
  202. Lost Dogs Have Gone Home!!
  203. Walking The Dog=True or Not, It's Funny
  204. Calendar 3-20
  205. A blondes cookbook......funny!
  206. Janome 7700 sewing machine
  207. Almost TWO months!!
  208. Full Moon in Las Vegas
  209. Proof that Men Have Better Friends...funny!
  210. What would be a great beginner project for a 10 year old who would like to learn to sew?
  211. Gotta L*O*V*E This Quote !!
  212. OK, just when you think you have heard everything.....
  213. Keepsake Idea for Deploying Soldiers
  214. He's back
  215. Selling clothing, accessories for 18" dolls
  216. How do I make a PDF smaller?
  217. Visiting My husband in Indiana
  218. My full moon
  219. Did you Notice The Moon Last Night?
  220. My DIL made a fabric necklace that makes regular tee shirts look all dressed up. .
  221. Cardinal
  222. Twister Quilt
  223. Signs of spring in the south-wysteria
  224. Anybody else an outage widow?
  225. anyone like watching the old Miss Marple movies
  226. Today's Birthdays
  227. I want to start a blog can anyone give me some
  228. laying in bed around 5:30 and I could hear a coyote we
  229. My Trip to Barcelona City - Pictures
  230. Knee replacement replacements
  231. Went to a silent auction tonight what a fun night!
  233. absolutely sick, a mouse chewed grams hankies!
  234. Getting ready for spring ...
  235. In case you're traveling tomorrow
  236. Have to love a good nurse. (funny)
  237. Beautiful coat (2nd post)
  238. Doggy dining....funny!!
  239. Getting Older....thoughts to ponder
  240. Beautiful coat.
  241. bucket covers
  242. fess up How many of you have a garden gnome?
  243. break from quilting
  244. Today's Birthdays
  245. Blood donor bonus!
  246. Conversation w/Owen, 5 yo earlier this week
  247. Have you heard what ATT is going to do in a few months?
  248. Hard water stains.
  249. Finally Got a Day Off
  250. Marshmallow Peeps

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