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  1. Hi y'all...I'm still here
  2. Don't fight with your man
  3. A second student vist!
  4. Photos from Borglum's Iris, aka Dad's
  5. The pet store
  6. Animal and Dog lovers will love this
  7. The Cat In the Hat -- On Aging
  8. My new Fur Babies
  9. BBQ Rules
  10. Join me for a Paella in Spain
  11. Congrats K3N!
  12. Those buds in the garden popped!
  13. A student and her parents came for a visit today!
  14. Happy Birthday Karla
  15. Happy Birthday Karla!
  16. ANTS!
  17. Engagement
  18. Car Show & Craft Fair
  19. botchat and newsletter bot
  20. 3 New Foster Kitties
  21. Oops or is it Patches
  22. Flirt is laying down
  23. overseas care package
  24. Susan Boyle Update
  25. Tiger vs Monkey
  26. News on Kennedy Joiner
  27. Someone asked about the dogs....
  28. Foals! Mazie got clipped!
  29. Poll for Flirt
  30. Flower pix!
  31. new office- OK it has potential
  32. Don't laugh too hard
  33. Twins are coming
  34. So...I'm thinking its...
  35. Our new horse!!!!
  36. My Cat Smoky
  37. Pics for you...two of our favourite subjects....
  38. T'is the season... for Convocations!
  39. How about some fun news?!?
  40. no comments needed - just sharing
  41. Summer is coming
  42. Out of work
  43. A funny from CassieMae
  44. Thought for the day
  45. Cute now - in four months, YUM!
  46. Good morning ladies
  47. Do you play games at pogo??
  48. My furbabies
  49. First roses of the season.
  50. can't type in chat!
  51. Winner at dog obedience training
  52. Spring flowers ....
  53. Bringing out the Stupid Stick again......
  54. Does anyone use AIM or MSN messangers?
  55. Diaper Bags
  56. God Bless our Troops
  57. Hug your kids...
  58. Turkey meets Windshield
  59. I am home from my trip to visit my brother in Canada
  60. My empty nest is Blue
  61. POLL FOR PATCHES (horse)
  62. Patches foal watch
  63. Anyone Know What These Flowers Are?
  64. Springtime in Roscoe
  65. Springtime in Roscoe
  66. Our animals
  67. My Weekend...
  68. Auction
  69. And then there were two. . .
  70. My New Grandson
  71. The Storm
  72. Can you cut phlox back after done flowering?
  73. my vegetable garden
  75. The garden is planted!!!
  76. one day.......
  77. Help Me With My Kitty
  78. Will soon have more time!!!!!!!
  79. About marrying the BF...(might be long and corny)
  80. I'm liking this alone time...
  81. Need zippers?
  82. Pic of Patches the Wide Load
  83. Hemming pants tip form I don't remember Thank YOU
  84. The weekend is here and I have photos already!! Flowers and foals.
  85. As Requested--Smoky's Kittens
  86. Barbie Cake
  87. DH's birthday trip to Vallée des Singes (Monkey Valley)
  88. Hubby's giving back to the community
  89. Is the Site Search function getting worse? UPDATE: new search function for the site
  90. Cruising to Alaska Sunday
  91. Anyone on Facebook?
  92. Away for the weekend.. again
  93. My whacko cat is gone
  94. The flaw of a Woman!
  95. Job
  96. My daughter just graduated from College
  97. graduation
  98. Lucky Dog
  99. Looking for picture
  100. Rewards gift cards
  101. Just a quick pic of Dale for the mare stare ladies
  102. Home repair store with husband diary (This is a true story and I have pictures) Part 1
  103. My lilies are blooming
  104. Proud Mom
  105. Clematis Are in Full Bloom
  106. Looking to adopt a dog
  107. I just need to"Whine" for a little bit and then.....
  108. Now where do you all park your ......
  109. Finally got to clean up the veggie plot and look what I found!
  110. Went fishing and
  111. A Message by George Carlin
  112. Prepare to have those heartstrings TWANGED.....
  113. Designer cloth baby diapers
  114. Roy had such a good time
  115. dressing up
  116. Wonderful knitted village
  117. Air Conditioning
  119. Frustration!
  120. I'm soooo glad....
  121. Getting a kitten
  122. VERY effective stress management
  123. Funny!!
  124. This is for all TEACHERS,Paraprofesionals and even Moms. This is GOOD
  125. FINALLY!! After 3 months of hard work..............
  126. Dr Appt update
  127. New Grandbaby
  128. Pics from DD's Sr Prom this weekend.
  129. How old is your brain?
  130. The latest from Britain's Got Talent - cute Cute CUTE!
  131. Sisters and cousins
  132. The Dress part 2!! Pics of my DD in the dress!
  133. !!Not going to be in chat for awhile!!
  134. Last foal pics for the week!!
  135. Feeling better today
  136. editing fun
  137. Under Great, Great Grandmother's Quilt
  138. birthday present
  139. Funny Furry Friends :) :)
  140. The Dress!!!
  141. For those who need a foal fix.
  142. What else I have been doing
  143. Update
  144. Baby kitties
  145. Poor Little Birdie
  146. My #1 Grandbaby, Anna Was Sick And Funny, Today
  147. sick family
  148. I'm QUITTING and need your support
  149. Exciting Ride
  150. This is insane! Pics added
  151. Off for the weekend
  152. UK Quilters - Malvern Spring Quilt Show - this weekend
  153. Chocolate
  154. Just got back from the vet...
  155. How many wives can you have?
  156. Pancho & Maggie
  157. What is up with this weather????
  158. cat bath question
  159. guess who
  160. Oh, To Be 6 Again!!
  161. Laid off..
  162. Time flys!!
  163. On for a bit
  164. tornados
  165. smileys
  166. I'm a new mommy!!!
  167. Doggie question....
  168. What other hobbies do you have??
  169. A special mans birthday!
  170. Blue Diamond Fetches record price
  171. My daughter had her baby girl...Yipee
  172. sight seeing advice
  173. Wanna see my new kitchen floor??
  174. Will Not be in chat for awhile!!
  175. I want to cry! My baby is walking!!
  176. Nice Surprise
  177. Cant seem to cut up your fabric?Here you go!:)
  178. Trying not to sew
  179. Plumbing problems
  180. Happiness is....
  181. bw is on a roll tonite. GETTING MARRIED
  182. Another Funny
  183. Funny for Today
  184. Offer on my house
  185. Hello everyone
  186. wanna go to Italy? for FREE????
  187. Calendar Girls - 10th Anniversary
  188. 1 year now
  189. The "I DON'T WANNAS"
  190. i want a weekend do over - nothing good about it
  191. Bevanger not feeling well
  192. Birthday on Mother's day this year!
  193. How many is from Norway in here, or atleast scandinavia????
  194. Birthday Party
  195. Okay--last horse post till next weekend. I promise! Jazz, the gelding with the fillies/
  196. Rosie and Tucker say hello
  197. True Mom Confessions
  198. Happy Mothers Day
  199. Another way to click for rescue animals
  200. The twins are here
  201. thought this was fitting since mothers day is tomorrow...
  202. who remember clotheslines?
  203. And I Say...OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!
  204. Photos from the pasture today!
  205. Are You Left-Brain or Right-Brain dominate? FUN! (:
  206. japanese game daughter was in one!!!
  207. what countries are we from?
  208. Just how much joy can be fit into 4 minutes?
  209. Happy Mother's Day
  210. Visitors this morning
  211. website reviewing needed
  212. Mayonnaise Jar & Two Beers...
  213. Artificial turf
  214. The unstopable virus
  216. Get your 2 cents worth
  217. Landed a part time job
  218. Dress Question #2...Markings
  219. Delia Smith vs The Real Woman
  220. Santa Barbara fire only blocks away--- evacuated!
  221. Had to show you "who" I saved from euthanasia.
  222. english as a first language
  223. chocolate fun
  225. From Matthew and his Mom
  226. GRT.GRND.D Keyli Easter Dress Posing
  227. A dress question...more to come!
  228. Spent the weekend with Maddy
  229. Car troubles!
  230. A question for the mommy's out there!!!
  231. sad and scary incident at school yesterday
  232. Mazie's asking for your vote today! Photo/horse contest.
  233. We had a bumpy evening with Severe weather
  234. Tucker is on a photo contest--almost too late to vote
  235. Tennessee Strawberries are in!!!
  236. FREE KFC meal
  237. Water Leak...OH MY!!!
  238. West Point
  239. bad week
  240. update on DD HeartAttack
  241. My veggie plot - summer is coming!
  242. Update on DH's Angiogram
  243. Today's Funny
  244. Grand daughter first dance gala
  245. Sigtned the papers
  246. new members
  247. Oldest DD had a heartattack
  248. One procedure down...
  249. He said, She said
  250. In need of help regarding a costume for my daughter for school.

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