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  2. for all you bag & tote makers - a couple questions
  3. Pet Peeve: FREE Shipping.
  4. Downs Syndrome--A Great Story
  5. why parents drink
  6. Happy Friday, April 23, 2010 Birthday to:
  7. Happy St. George's Day
  8. Bad weather
  9. Patriotic 3rd Graders
  10. DGD won her Scholarship for Jazz Band
  11. the flower show
  12. Restaurants in texas?
  13. stuffed animals
  14. To all those needing someone
  16. Almost apples (photos)
  17. I have been on the board all day and am still not the top poster.
  18. How many of us are organ donors?
  19. Quilting Poem
  20. Is anyone in Ketchikan????
  21. The Census
  22. Asparagus fights.................cancer
  23. Olive Oil Question
  24. Neat Website
  25. home short sales/foreclosures
  26. Happy Thursday, April 22, 2010 Birthday to:
  27. Inside of a clothes dryer
  28. Ugh... It Would Come Out Like Crap
  29. made major error - newbie
  30. Windows Live Photo Gallery
  31. Boy do I feel old!!
  32. the help
  33. Friendships
  34. Awe! Touching Video
  35. Stepmother gift ideas?
  36. Send Well Wishes to one of our members Please!
  37. Spring Beauty
  38. Computer woes
  39. MY Spring pictures!
  40. Spring has sprung! Random pictures of signs of spring
  41. Happy Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Birthdays to:
  42. Smooth Top Stove Update
  43. The World's Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets Book
  44. Baby pics!! Well, baby leaves. :-)
  45. Posting pictures
  46. NY: Rome, Oneida, or Utica
  47. Home work
  48. Love this site !!!!
  49. Joke - The talking horse
  50. I got my comp back online but still have a problem
  51. Do you watch American Idol tv show?
  52. "Quilts and Friends" by Cora Eelman (or Edman?)
  53. What I have to put up with...
  54. AAADD This is usually my day
  55. Discovered Something New
  56. Have you defrosted your freezers yet?
  57. You know you are getting older when?
  58. Happy Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 Birthday to:
  59. K-9s in abundance!
  60. Space Shuttle
  61. Recycling in its Truest Form!
  62. Dust if you must....
  63. heading to Texas tomorrow for 2 weeks!
  64. A pet peeve..checks....
  65. Mark Lipinski - Bad news......
  66. New puppy pics, 2 weeks old now
  68. it's NOT my blog!!!
  69. Oh Peggypooh where are you?
  70. Any nurses/dr's? A question....
  71. Heres the kids........
  72. BABIES! Daily smile
  73. Oprah, Monique and her brother -!!!!
  74. Just Returned from Texas
  75. Cute Joke
  76. Things Your Kitty Can Teach You
  77. JBSStrawberry Misses You
  78. How many Sharons are there here ?
  79. NY- Rome, Oneida or Utica
  80. Something's wrong with me!
  81. Happy Monday, April 19th 2010 Birthday to:
  82. Frost Advisory for Indiana, USA tonight
  83. Speaking of the CMA's.........
  84. 'My Daddy Had a Hysterectomy' And Fun Other Things Kids Say
  85. Wow, 14,189 members at Quilting Board Site!!!!!
  86. Bunny Rabbits back in our yard, You know it is Spring!
  87. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say.....
  88. Are you watching Academy of Country Music Awards?
  89. how to cuddle with an elephant seal
  90. Ebay & other auction sites
  91. The world's most useless machine!
  92. 7 Spring Diet Tips
  93. Read this about processed foods, what to avoid!
  94. That Kitty
  95. Do you stay logged in?
  96. Do you work at home?
  97. Work from home jobs
  98. Mare stare for a high risk mare, anyone?
  99. Happy Sunday, April 18th, 2010 Birthday to:
  100. Granddaughter Ashley's Wedding cake
  101. Getting close to that season
  102. herding cats commercial--have you seen it?
  103. Pictures
  104. Universal Truths
  105. Spring in Maine!
  106. Nintendo DS
  107. perminate marker
  108. Newbie do you start a blog
  109. Computer Clutter ?
  110. Spring...finally!
  111. "How Old is your Brain?" A quick test for fun! Enjoy!!!
  112. Hepatitis C and Liver Support
  113. Happy Saturday, April 17th, 2010 Birthday to:
  114. Portrait of my granddaughter
  115. Bottle to Fill for Mothers Day Stall
  116. Well, I was going to ask
  117. Branson, Mo pics
  118. just wondering
  119. Happy Friday April 16, 2010 Birthday to:
  120. JOKE: Wedding Photos - Priceless
  121. How cute are these babies?
  122. A Warning For Pet Owners
  123. Sign this Petition - Make school lunches Better
  124. Going to be scarce for a while
  125. Tough Economic times
  126. Deers
  127. Can't Believe It
  128. I need advice from a wise woman
  129. Buy, Buy American Pie
  130. who is Kate Gosslin
  131. lasik surgery
  132. Preparing for vacation trip
  134. Did Anyone See This?
  135. Yo Yo's
  136. And the plane leaves at 6:30am Friday
  137. Anyone see or feel this?? in the Midwest
  138. Is Anyone Else Suffering?
  139. JOKE: Internet Dating In Florida
  140. Re-using postage stamps, is it cheating?
  141. Too Close?
  142. Happy Thursday, April 15, 2010 Birthday to:
  143. Question for a realtor
  144. My Grandson,Jack..the little petri dish!
  145. Do you cook or zap?
  146. Hachi: A Dog's Tale
  147. a question to those of you that live in SC
  148. how to get my pm notices back on to my e-mail?
  149. Expensive Cat Toy
  150. Mystery book series
  151. How Did You Meet Your Spouse
  152. A different anniversary here today
  153. How do you do this????
  154. Happy Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 Birthday to:
  155. Anniversary
  156. Pillsbury Bake off
  157. Oregon
  158. my LR
  159. karma
  160. Pit bulls
  161. Soy Milk....good or bad???
  162. We Had a Visitor
  163. Coffee or Tea
  164. Mackinac Island - summer vacation?
  165. GRRRR!!!! MY vent!
  166. Happy Tuesday, April 13th Birthday to:
  167. Has anyone seen this!!
  168. insult to injury
  169. And They Will Breed!!
  170. Funeral services for Dixie Carter
  171. Still Waiting For Baby William's Arrival
  172. NOT!! my cat
  173. Yeah!!!!! 'New' is not in front of my name this week!!!!!!!
  174. is there a good gardening forum out there?
  175. Our chuckle for the day...
  176. Link to Animal rescue and Breast Cancer mamos
  177. This is Autumn
  178. Please vote for Bix the piano playing dog
  179. Sacramento CA three litters cat/kittens NEED help asap
  180. Happy Monday, April 12th, 2010 Birthday to:
  181. House hutting
  182. Hattiesburg MS
  183. look what we drove home in on Apr 3rd
  184. Questions for a Book
  185. Question?
  186. Computer virus -need some advice
  187. Kroger bag design--please vote
  188. A few flower pictures just for fun
  189. Does This Make You Dizzy?
  190. Cell Phone Newbie Questions
  191. Cute Avatars?
  192. Please Watch The Chickens And Check The Other Links
  193. Vestibular Syndrome in Dogs
  194. Just a Quick Hello
  195. RE: Gangs all here....New puppy pics
  196. Our Canine Kids
  197. beware
  198. One Flaw in Women ..
  199. GETTING EVEN!!!
  200. HOW IS NORMA?????
  201. what is rhe problem with the census form
  202. Happy Sunday, April 11th, 2010 Birthday to:
  203. Can anyone tell me anything about these ceramic pieces?
  204. Self Parking Cars!!!!!!!
  205. Free Monitor Cleaner
  206. Thanks to No1jan
  207. On the stripper pole... Pam!
  208. Spring photos of the yard.
  209. We should be
  210. Cute - How old is grandpa?
  211. What a funny Dog!!
  212. Our Canine Fur Babies
  213. Pizza For Breakfast?
  214. People Are Just Too Weird
  215. Happy Saturday, April 10th, 2010 Birthday to:
  216. summer camping
  217. Cute Story Goodnight to Mother
  218. What kind of music do you relax to?
  219. Disappointed
  220. Dental Issues, What Happened?
  221. Eureka Springs, AR pictures
  222. Happy Friday, April 9th, 2010 Birthday to:
  223. My Letter to the Editor (a work in progress. Need ideas on how to finish)
  224. Multiple types of needlework?
  225. Statue - Christ Of The Ozarks
  226. Guess who got together for some shop hopping???!!!
  227. I didn't want drama in the household...
  228. Can You Tell Me About Safflower Oil for Losing Weight?
  229. Muscle relaxer advice....
  230. I need to vent
  231. No Honey, really, thanks for making supper....
  232. Cardinal nest~Babires hatched!!!
  233. Red tailed hawk cam
  234. Do you take walks each day? Exercise!
  235. Happy Thursday, April 8th Birthday to:
  236. Do you collect the state or country Thimbles?
  237. Recipes, Do you save them online?
  238. Do you collect buttons and old spools of thread?
  239. How many of us have at least one....
  240. Admin--"Scan Cafe" ad sound effect?
  241. JOKE: Mr. Smith Goes To The Doctor
  243. My Daughter just got engaged!!!!
  244. Tornados in Indiana, USA
  245. Quilting Board is Awesome!
  246. How much time do you spend on Quilting Board site?
  247. Do you learn something every day from this site?
  248. magazine scam
  249. storage solution to too many pix on your computer
  250. Do you have birds as pets??

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