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  1. Blue Diamond Fetches record price
  2. My daughter had her baby girl...Yipee
  3. sight seeing advice
  4. Wanna see my new kitchen floor??
  5. Will Not be in chat for awhile!!
  6. I want to cry! My baby is walking!!
  7. Nice Surprise
  8. Cant seem to cut up your fabric?Here you go!:)
  9. Trying not to sew
  10. Plumbing problems
  11. Happiness is....
  12. bw is on a roll tonite. GETTING MARRIED
  13. Another Funny
  14. Funny for Today
  15. Offer on my house
  16. Hello everyone
  17. wanna go to Italy? for FREE????
  18. Calendar Girls - 10th Anniversary
  19. 1 year now
  20. The "I DON'T WANNAS"
  21. i want a weekend do over - nothing good about it
  22. Bevanger not feeling well
  23. Birthday on Mother's day this year!
  24. How many is from Norway in here, or atleast scandinavia????
  25. Birthday Party
  26. Okay--last horse post till next weekend. I promise! Jazz, the gelding with the fillies/
  27. Rosie and Tucker say hello
  28. True Mom Confessions
  29. Happy Mothers Day
  30. Another way to click for rescue animals
  31. The twins are here
  32. thought this was fitting since mothers day is tomorrow...
  33. who remember clotheslines?
  34. And I Say...OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!
  35. Photos from the pasture today!
  36. Are You Left-Brain or Right-Brain dominate? FUN! (:
  37. japanese game daughter was in one!!!
  38. what countries are we from?
  39. Just how much joy can be fit into 4 minutes?
  40. Happy Mother's Day
  41. Visitors this morning
  42. website reviewing needed
  43. Mayonnaise Jar & Two Beers...
  44. Artificial turf
  45. The unstopable virus
  47. Get your 2 cents worth
  48. Landed a part time job
  49. Dress Question #2...Markings
  50. Delia Smith vs The Real Woman
  51. Santa Barbara fire only blocks away--- evacuated!
  52. Had to show you "who" I saved from euthanasia.
  53. english as a first language
  54. chocolate fun
  56. From Matthew and his Mom
  57. GRT.GRND.D Keyli Easter Dress Posing
  58. A dress question...more to come!
  59. Spent the weekend with Maddy
  60. Car troubles!
  61. A question for the mommy's out there!!!
  62. sad and scary incident at school yesterday
  63. Mazie's asking for your vote today! Photo/horse contest.
  64. We had a bumpy evening with Severe weather
  65. Tucker is on a photo contest--almost too late to vote
  66. Tennessee Strawberries are in!!!
  67. FREE KFC meal
  68. Water Leak...OH MY!!!
  69. West Point
  70. bad week
  71. update on DD HeartAttack
  72. My veggie plot - summer is coming!
  73. Update on DH's Angiogram
  74. Today's Funny
  75. Grand daughter first dance gala
  76. Sigtned the papers
  77. new members
  78. Oldest DD had a heartattack
  79. One procedure down...
  80. He said, She said
  81. In need of help regarding a costume for my daughter for school.
  82. Bad news for me
  83. Chuckle for today
  84. Awesome inspiring story!!!!!!
  85. What a day! (hee hee)
  86. Went to Son's house today...
  87. Finally Back
  88. help removing ink plastic/glue ?
  89. vacation planning for NC
  90. Tucker pics!
  91. Mazie's morning dance routine
  92. Angiogram
  93. A DAY OUT WITH DAD!!! resized LOL
  94. Chuckle for today
  95. BF wants to get married but I want to run...need advice
  96. Kaylee's first Softball Game
  97. Link to Tucker tale and photos
  98. Sock monkey question....
  99. anyone here do clothing before?
  100. A Nest of Wiener Dogs :D
  101. Janome Take Up arm keeps losing thread
  102. teenagers
  103. what happened to Henry?
  104. Chloe foaled!!!
  105. Mommy memories since Mother's Day is coming up!
  106. Upset and need help :o(
  107. One For The Grils
  108. lose 10 lbs quickly
  109. Good morning!
  110. My Kitty
  111. Growing old
  112. Birthday cake
  113. Wisdom Teeth are coming out tomorrow.
  114. Mare update....
  115. Birthday Girl wants breakfast in bed!!!
  116. Finally Spring~the whales have returned!
  117. Doll Swappers, What are we going to do for June?
  118. Wisdom for today.
  119. I wrote a front-page article on my HD forum :)
  120. Butterflies
  121. What every man should know
  122. I wish for you, a sandpiper.
  123. Very sick of people right now...
  124. Just had to show off my handsome son
  125. trying to remember to be grateful for the good things . . .
  126. Son's First Prom
  127. Favorite books
  128. 25 Reasons I Owe My Mother!
  129. So painful a time
  130. Being Curious, How well read are you?
  131. My experience with a cat
  132. MIA for a spell but now back in action....
  133. julie andrews' birthday song
  134. That damn cat
  135. section 44 lol
  136. Swine Flu
  137. Here comes the bride.....
  138. Searching the board
  139. Busy lovely weekend....
  140. What's the temperature where you're at?
  141. If one wants a posting deleted - - -
  142. Installing a husband
  143. Why Women Are Crabby...
  144. 4 Sisters Road Trip
  145. Bea Author Dies
  146. Grandparents and Grandchildren
  147. Chicken sayings anyone???
  148. Help I posted this in wrong place . Maybe this is where it should go..Sorry
  149. tootie ta
  150. I haven't disappeared
  151. My son got his first turkey today, pictures
  152. Anyone have a Blog
  153. Where's Craftybug?
  154. I missed you guys!
  155. Mazie
  156. chat problem
  157. My latest project.
  158. A pooped little man
  159. Down and out
  160. looking for bag pattern snap closure
  161. Susan Boyle - the transformation!!!
  162. It's a girl
  163. Just made an offer on a house
  164. Getting discouraged
  165. Let's Do Something... Update
  166. just a sad day
  167. I'm going crazy!
  168. oh my goodness homework is driving me crazy
  169. Gypsy's ready!
  170. Creativity with {eggs}! :)
  171. Funny
  172. Disappearance
  173. I'm am desperately sleep deprived.
  174. How do you know...
  175. Apology
  176. what is ???
  177. We had a little bit of rain....
  178. Ok, I nearly peed myself lauging - CAT BATHS
  179. This is Awesome!
  180. Is it me or.....
  181. Help copying pictures from pc to cd/dvd disk
  182. Chuckle
  183. To defrag or not to defrag??
  184. What I did over spring break!
  185. Britianīs Young Talent
  186. Wisdom of the Aprons
  187. Help---I can't change my avatar
  188. Dear Dogs and Cats
  189. I am a collector and I collect....
  190. Pennie pockets
  191. Idiot Proof Diet. I admit I need this.
  192. We're Moving
  193. Thinking about
  194. I am falling apart
  195. bookmark
  196. Woke up with a stye
  197. Santa Fe New Mexico Flea Market
  198. My apologies
  199. The gym...
  200. High School Reunion
  201. Mare update--to start a post
  202. Am I being too harsh
  203. More Susan Boyle
  204. Brand new "You know you're a redneck when..." -- These are so bad
  205. Contacts
  206. Time Zones - Who is REALLY online so early?
  207. OMG Admin lol i'm a mind reader lol :)
  208. Aaaahhhh, Springtime in the Rockies
  209. Been Back into Hospital
  210. Just a little related/friend related
  211. Vote for my green bag design?
  212. Pictures of Patty44's equine babies
  213. My BlueBird of Happiness, Gotta see this
  214. Just stuff from the past few days....
  215. Thanks to PurplePassion...
  216. Will someone explain to me what the "mare stare" is?
  217. Rice bag...Dorothy of Kansas
  218. teacup cut out
  219. Vet update on our dog, Serena.
  220. I WON!!! I WON!!!! Hippity Hoppity!!!
  221. Susan Boyle, British singer
  222. Your daily dose of cute!
  223. Wanna see a real blue chicken?
  224. Amma
  225. Girls looked so cute on Easter...
  226. Way cuter than lettuce!
  227. Shophop Gift Certificate winners!
  228. I found out why I've been sick and in pain...
  229. Raising Chickens
  230. Silly question.....
  231. Funny, What People Say Next...
  232. I am back...
  233. Happy Easter to you!
  234. Happy Birthday Mimisharon
  235. Terri???? Kay??? Karla??? Amma??? Calling mare stare buds
  236. Kitchen Disasters
  238. Taxes
  239. Missing pet...
  240. I'm a Great-Grandmother!
  241. What's the time?
  242. Cat in love.
  243. Pictures of Spring Holiday or Easter Doll Swap
  244. May Dotee Doll Swap AND SIGN UP! NEW RULES!
  245. Absolutely hysterical "How the Fight Started..." jokes!
  246. avatars
  247. My first grandchild is here! He's gorgeous!
  249. A huge Thank You From Scrappinmad's Daughter
  250. and they think our hobby is addicting...