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  1. San Diego fires
  2. Excited for a quilt road trip with a friend!
  3. What was the name of that oder removing candle
  4. Have you ever received a call saying your computer called them?
  5. sparkling wedding
  6. Work Basket magizines?
  7. A True Story
  8. Quilts Shops in Round Rock, Texas
  9. I guess August wants this!
  10. Garage Sales
  11. Macinac Island?
  12. Esmeralda
  13. Fishing in the Florida panhandle
  14. Butterfly the Teddy Bear
  15. My first attempt of making a "pillow case" dress
  16. Blacklist season finale
  17. Fiction suggestions
  18. Weird Question About Potty Paper
  19. animal shelter
  20. Vacuum help needed
  21. 5D
  22. thread
  23. Craigslist Fabric
  24. Math question
  25. Aprons were a success!
  26. Question for Brother PE-770 owners
  27. end of season TV programs...
  28. Rat Terrier Owners?
  29. Where's the bunny
  30. Again this month I'm stuck
  31. find at estate sale
  32. Good Vacation Spots
  33. tiara/tiara II
  34. self binding dinner napkins
  35. Happy Mother's day
  36. A Short Funny
  37. Happy mothers day!!!
  38. Don't Forget the Lipstick When You Sew!!
  39. Researching types of air conditioning systems - what do you have?
  40. Inner Peace!
  41. Anyone wear an activity tracker?
  42. Sidewalks....brick, pavers, or poured concrete??
  43. Looking for free purse pattern/tute EASY PEASY for this newbie
  44. Sharing my unusual Flowers
  45. How men peel apples!!
  46. 2 little bears
  47. Salsa dancing like you never seen before!!!
  48. Another Scam Alert for Magazines
  49. 1800 watt iron & breaker
  50. Pillow cases
  51. TV commercial question
  52. Advice for Fall trip to Europe
  53. Possible Scam Alert
  54. Keeping a fitted sheet from slipping
  55. Treasures from my childhood ... from Mom's sewing room
  56. help finding apron pattern?
  57. Mitered corners for lace hankie.
  58. Advice needed for carpet fabric!!
  59. Repurposing 100% too-large-now cotton sweaters
  60. Patchwork elephant
  61. must love cats
  62. May Fab Shop Hop
  63. Not quilting related in any way
  64. Crazy Patch Very very Embellished Teddy Bear.
  65. Little Dumplings from Bermuda Quilt Weekend
  66. Need instructions for attaching clasps or other closure to a bracelet.
  67. A Really Lovely Story
  68. Cross Stitch found at yard sale for $3.00
  69. Anthill art
  70. Rag rugs.
  71. Do any of you watch Bates Motel on TV?
  72. Alton Brown's fridge idea. Genius.
  73. omg get your tissue out
  74. questions about Goodwill outlet stores
  75. trip to Ireland and overnight in London
  76. Wonder how many countries are represented by our members
  77. What day is it?
  78. Any techies out there?
  79. May weight loss
  80. Tornados
  81. Virus? Related to quilting survey
  82. OMG! Incredible mosaic!!
  83. Want to be blesses today
  84. Cat testing the water
  85. Do You Use YAHOO ??
  86. Quilting Weekend at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Bermuda.
  87. Computer problems
  88. Tooth Fairy Pillow for little boy
  89. New Inspector in Training
  90. Hello, hello
  91. Benefit basket ideas?
  92. Can anyone tell me what these are please?
  93. This Years Birthday Cake
  94. trip to ireland and London, looking for contacts for 23 yr. daughter
  95. T-fal fryer
  96. framing wool applique
  97. Not Sure What To Charge
  98. Parrot embroidery
  99. What my Hubby thinks.
  100. Kindle Fire HDX 7"
  101. Flannel
  102. WHAT u call this
  103. Food Warmer/Holder
  104. Very Clever Commercials
  105. Good Movie
  106. Shirley and Moe
  107. Yard Sale Find
  108. Kelim
  109. Has anyone made a US Flag?
  110. question for canadian members
  111. Microchipping Your Pets
  112. Blacklist TV Show
  113. Free e-cards?
  114. Storing Silver
  115. Heaven is for Real
  116. Inkjet or what?
  117. Has anyone purchased a washer/dryer set recently?
  118. Quilt designs on Sneakers!
  119. 100 % cotton calcutta cloth
  120. question on changing color of hinges on room doors
  121. Backing and lining a Shepherds Bush Stocking
  122. most of the snow is gone
  123. our yard critter
  124. Tuplips
  125. Easter dresses for DGDs
  126. Easter
  127. The Class Reunion.....This WILL make you laugh!!!!
  128. does anybody do zentangle?
  129. Wow! Great Ice Cream
  130. It is done
  131. Refurbished Old Mosaic Table
  132. I was astonished!! Watch this!
  133. Links
  134. teen dancers
  135. Granddaughter thinks I can do anything
  136. One of the best songs I have EVER heard from a priest !!!
  137. Pattern for plastic bag holder from Annie's?
  138. Bunny Help!
  139. So disappointed with Dr Phil
  140. Weave-It loom
  141. Britains Got Talent
  142. VERY thick blanket!
  143. Spring Cleaning Inspiration
  144. American Girl Doll Fabric
  145. Do you enter online give aways?
  146. It's April 16th and we are still dealing with bad weather
  147. Grandchild #5 Nora Violet
  148. Remarkable Poem by a 14-yr-old
  149. Warning about Tuna, Other Fish and Mercury
  150. Funny for Today
  151. Is this unusual??
  152. favors
  153. Meet furbaby Nibbs. New quilting inspector
  154. Easter Lily warning for cats
  155. Eclipse tonight!
  156. This is creepy!
  157. TV shows Blacklist and Elementary
  158. A random question about Lemi Shine
  159. Happy Easter
  160. The Singing Priest
  161. Spring - it's snowing here AGAIN !!!
  162. Friendship
  163. help locating a pattern/instructions
  164. Ever Been to Nebraska Furniture Mart?
  165. Maxine's yearly Dementia test
  166. Help with Embroidery needed
  167. Embroidery
  168. A severe butterfly virus.....
  169. Where is that bunny??
  170. Garage Sale Update
  171. How does he do this??
  172. Black socks- what to make?
  173. What have you done about the threat Heartbleed ??
  174. Looking for padding to put underneath wading pool on patio
  175. A good Sunday giggle!!!
  176. IF YOU LIVE in Texas
  177. IF YOU LIVE in Phoenix, AZ
  178. IF YOU LIVE in Florida
  179. IF YOU LIVE in San Diego, CA.
  180. Pillow Talk...sorry it is a long post.
  181. Any movie recommendations?
  182. No pattern, no problem
  183. Releasing my Inner Pigpen
  184. Funny
  185. square pillow ruffle?
  186. They walk among us
  187. The Land That Made Me, me
  188. Pudding Wife fishys Gyotaku quilted pillows
  189. Bermuda Frog Race
  190. My little quilting buddies
  191. Stinky throws
  192. Making a Picture be a Hot Button
  193. Retreat "welcome" package
  194. What's for dinner?
  195. My turn to make the treat
  196. Washing machine laugh
  197. Out of the mouths of babes...
  198. Any quilters in SanJuan, St. Maarten, St. Thomas Or Dom. Rep.
  199. Well, I had to ask!
  200. Dandruff Stuff....not shampoo
  201. 3 cheers - my qb daily digest is finally back !!!
  202. Where to buy Cotton Voile?
  203. Shirt my Grandson ask me to make
  204. XP support
  205. Computer gurus- No sound on utube, any ideas??
  206. Shop hop bunny at Quilted Kitty
  207. A string walks into a bar…..
  208. IMPORTANT: Your quilting blog posts may be being pirated!
  209. I need help finding Korean alphabet
  210. ? pdf software on PC for embroidery
  211. my baby Rufus
  212. To My Friends in the Houston Area
  213. A cure!!!
  214. Australia, Penrith
  215. Gooooo cats!!!
  216. Any thoughts about juicing?
  217. Wallmart block of the month - help
  218. Nook Books (e-reader)
  219. VW Bus Bucket
  220. irons and wattage
  221. Sundresses and hats for 6 month old
  222. Finally home
  223. How's this for a problem -- gift certificate I can't use!
  224. 12 signs your sewing machine is….. cute..
  225. Stickers on Storage Drawers
  226. What Do You Wear When You're Quilting?
  227. Renters?
  228. Deleted scene from Gravity (Sandra Bullock movie)
  229. Quick Birthday Pressie for Sister in Law!!!!!
  230. Source for flannel
  231. Laugh of the day….
  232. What Was Your Worst Injury While Quilting?
  233. What I do when I take a break from quilting...
  234. I think I'm going nuts!
  235. What Are You Doing Today?
  236. Garage Sale Tips?
  237. Is it spring yet?
  238. Water in the carburetor
  239. do you suffer from 'pursue points?
  240. Digital Scrapbooking
  241. Anybody use FotoFusion?
  242. Any Ideas to Upcycle or Repurpose Leather Jackets?
  243. boxed edges on pillow help
  244. My own little picket fence
  245. Spring has arrived!
  246. Did anyone feel the earth move last night?? 3/28
  247. Emma Grace is here!!
  248. Where to buy PUL fabric?
  249. Pensioner's reply in Coles shop.
  250. Serger recommendations

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