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  1. Finally had my operation on 6/10
  2. Looking for Wendy on the Forum.....
  3. Any Ditter sightings???
  4. Sewing machine decals ??
  5. anyone from Billings Montana
  6. HANGING FREE!! A new version of hangman on IPhones and droids
  7. NBA Champions 2011
  8. Keeping Mommy company!!!!
  9. A Good Laugh for your Day
  10. Even Koalas feel the heat
  11. Has anyone done a "my page" tracking pics on round robins?
  12. Flag Day in the United States
  13. Quilt Trip
  14. Monday's Birthdays
  15. This is why I dont want to lose my home...
  16. Am I the only senile one on the board?
  17. Abbey Retreat and Quilt
  18. Pressing Flowers
  19. Thank You Rubiesnana
  20. Anyone have good lost cat experiences to relate?
  21. New addition to family......
  22. New Pots and Pans
  23. Overheard in the shop today...
  24. Another Shaky Day
  25. bow tucks
  26. I know I am not alone, but I love, love , love
  27. My thought for the day.
  28. Walmart FABRIC Change!
  29. Look what I spied at Lowes.........
  30. "Spit Rags" phew...take a long time to do
  31. New User
  32. Clementis vine
  33. Have you ever?
  34. I did it!!!
  35. What do your grandchildren call you?
  36. Need someone to translate from Russian to English
  37. A Recommended Read ...
  38. Here i am
  39. Need Games to play
  40. do you think Tom Sellack is
  41. searching for advice on using cast iron grill pans
  42. For Airedale Lovers, and Those That WannaBe
  43. Not much sewing time today I bet - day with 6 mo GS!
  44. Have to brag on bargain
  45. does anyone sew scrubs?
  46. Norton 360 is driving me nuts!
  47. The Cake of Friendship
  48. I won at the roller derby!
  49. do you remember Leslie Gore?
  50. When Unemployed??
  51. NEVER IN MY 64 YEARS..................
  52. South Carolina Gamecocks baseball team
  53. Family
  54. Too Too Precious
  55. What is your favorite old "saying"?
  56. New furniture after 19 years - yikes!
  57. Where is she ???
  58. Those with Fibromyalgia ,,,question
  59. FL members..why do FL homes have doors that open outward
  60. How do I remove musty smell from quilt?
  61. Smart Phones-finally might want one!
  62. What does this phrase mean?
  63. Has anyone from the USA had a surgery performed in Mexico on the QB??
  64. I can think of hundreds of reasons why... (re: garlic)
  65. First horse show in 10 years
  66. Cancer
  67. Burgulary in Florida....funny!!!
  68. Question about cast iron
  69. Too much time at a desk
  70. I'm also a clothing designer
  72. Gas Prices!! OUCH!
  73. Just dropped my DD off...
  74. Sunday's Birthdays
  75. Stolen checks?
  76. newest and last new furbaby "Nikko"
  77. I Bet You Can't Do This! (funny)
  78. Need advice on adapting barbie clothes pattern
  79. Lost my "regular" status, but it will be back!!!
  80. Puppy pics
  81. Preserving Flowers
  82. Lancaster.Pa Quilt Shops ?
  83. Craft fairs?
  84. Eagle Scout- Court of Honor
  85. Friday's Birthdays
  86. looking for Ditter
  87. puppy pictures
  88. my avatar
  89. walmart!
  90. Riding horses
  91. Sjogren's Syndrome
  92. Dog With Bladder Infections
  93. i was going to buy this?????
  94. What to do with thin strips of fabric.
  95. Sewing Question
  96. Any Home Loan processors out there?
  97. Brass Band Festival--Danville KY
  98. My hands hurt
  99. What a horrible day...I hate hospitals
  100. Mural made by many different artists
  101. "Gotta live to be 100"!!!!
  102. Thursday's Birthdays
  103. Some of my flowers...
  104. Sorry having problem adding pics of the boxes-USPS New Regional Priority Shipping Boxes
  105. Saturday's Birthdays
  106. Is there a birthday list some where?
  107. Where they live
  108. Baby Hummers!
  109. Teddy Bear and Lily Playing
  110. "Whooooo" are you looking at???
  111. Singer machine
  112. Have Joann's email coupons stopped?
  113. Kids Bowl Free all Summer!!
  114. I guess I'm older than I thought
  115. Too hot to cook! Suggestions??
  116. Found a New Friend while Craig List hunting Again!!!!
  117. Remember Little Richard?
  118. Totally OT.. Photo series....
  119. Need Recipe for NO SUGAR Catsup !!!
  120. Anybody watch 24 hour restaurant battle last night?
  121. Do you knit too?
  122. Day off?
  123. we have kitties : )
  124. Need non-quilting help
  125. White treadle
  126. What did you like about Alaska?
  127. Help with figuering out Lining for a bag
  128. smile for the day.....Women!
  129. Anyone have an anniversary today? June 9th
  130. Snow to Fire - Arizona
  131. Garden tilled
  132. How to get cigarette smoke smell out of fabric?
  133. Kindle
  134. Hummingbird cam showing Phoebe and 2 eggs
  135. How to recognize drowning situation
  136. Nook color vs regular nook
  137. Road trip
  138. Anyone also a scrapbook person?
  139. Deer in the garden
  140. FabShopHop I am on a roll !!!!
  141. old wool tied quilts
  142. HOT HOT HOT
  143. My new baby
  144. So excited -- My son won.....
  145. Lookie what I just made my little Yorkie for our family reunion...LOL
  146. Avatar
  147. Granddaughter's new Dresses
  148. Wondering about the connection
  149. Help finding simple project for 4 yr old DGD
  150. Mattress preferences
  151. Knoxville fabric stores?
  152. great service at Joanns today!
  153. Bailey
  154. What kind of F*L*O*W*E*R are YOU
  155. oh my acking knees
  156. Bored puppies
  157. a chance to buy 3 truck loads (full size truck) of fabric
  158. Back from Hawaii - son's wedding !!!
  159. Free sewing machine
  160. Rockford Il Quilters
  161. Craft Shows
  162. Spinal Stimulator
  163. You just have to laugh . . .
  164. Dirty Dancing, senior style
  165. My little boy said something....
  166. Freaking OUT - But ok now :)
  167. Les Paul Google Guitar Logo Lets You Play, Record & Share
  168. Speaking of Kalidescopes...
  169. Anyone have scleroderma
  170. Couponing-anyone else?
  171. Shopping (joke)
  172. Floridians...Anyone know what this is???
  173. Yesterday I was married for 2/3 of my life!
  174. Kokeshi dolls!
  175. Pillowcase Dresses and Granddaughters
  176. Ever have an episode of Deja Vu?
  177. HOLY CATS!!!!!
  178. Mrs Brown gets a bikini wax.....hilarious!!!!
  179. Hair Styles, Do you wear your hair short or long?
  180. 4th of July wedding theme
  181. Does Anyone Remember
  182. A tribute to our grandmothers.
  183. Problem with not seeing pictures
  184. My weekend
  185. Haven't seen this one here, so get out the hanky..... I'ts a story about love.....
  186. Thinking of getting a embroidery machine
  187. Eyelid surgery !
  188. Do you have excess wire hangers?
  189. Wednesday's birthdays
  190. my fur baby playing with scraps
  191. Where do you purchase your HP printer ink?
  192. Strawberry Squirrel
  193. Location in Hiding
  194. Are there any nice quilt shops to visit near wolvering, MI?
  195. Shirt Pattern To A Dress
  196. Multiple Sclerosis
  197. Quilt retreat
  198. Dog Lovers What about Parsley
  199. I saw this lady yesterday with a georgious summer dress on...
  200. This works for me........
  201. Watch a 1700 TON building being moved
  202. I need your opinion
  203. Jungle Jims Syore Cincinatti,Oh
  204. sewing machine vacum
  205. Movie - Bridesmaids
  206. Viewing Photos on forum
  207. Words I've been wanting to hear
  208. Made some curtains for my sewing room
  209. found in my garden
  210. Any realtors out there? I have a home improvement question...
  211. The Bruins Are Not Dead Yet
  212. Camas County, ID Tornado Warning
  213. Penguins......too cool facts
  214. "family portrait"
  215. Calling all people from Indiana
  216. Look at this beautiful dog I saw at Petmast last week
  217. We Did Eat that Snapping Turtle, but not this!!
  218. travel package for friend having surgery
  219. Pattern for Driver's Seat Cover
  220. Saying goodbye
  221. The Haircut
  222. "Bikers"?
  223. looking for a movie title about a teen that was beaten
  224. Home made Laundry Soap
  225. Embarrassing Medical Exams (JOKES)
  226. Why...
  227. Making Period 1860's clothing
  228. Changing Sewing Rooms out
  229. Anybody taking Lovasa?
  230. its driving me crazy
  231. If you use pincushions with walnut shells please be aware
  232. Cutest pets
  233. Wrap your mind around this one
  234. WHY?
  235. Snow Snow and the dog
  236. Harbor Freight blades and the cashier
  237. Change of Avatar
  238. Tuesday's Birthdays
  239. GS dog owners
  240. Wind
  241. Has anyone here had this?
  242. Commopn Cause of Failure
  243. What is your city known for?
  244. Surgery tomorrow
  245. Soap for Leg Cramps
  246. Boston Terrier owners
  247. Arbonne vs Mary Kay
  249. I finally outsmarted the squirrels!!!
  250. Any one use a DVD player with Netflix streaming?