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  2. Duh!!! I need help - suggestions!
  3. Sewing long edges
  4. Sewing chair
  5. Jim Oiled My Machine
  6. Newbie needing help
  7. Scrap Happy quilt pattern ???
  8. What's the perfect picnic blanket size?
  9. Hand Steamer????
  10. Tip from Man Sewing Rod Appell
  11. Skateboard Quilt as seen on MSQC Tutorial
  12. tips for cutting lengthwise?
  13. Suggestions for quilting
  14. Most popular Aurifil thread colors
  16. I Hate This Quilt Top
  17. Do I HAVE TO...?
  18. Inspired by Tartan....but which way to go?
  19. What type of rotary cutter?
  20. Can you use Golden Threads paper to hand quilt with?
  21. question about sewing cabinets
  22. What is this block? Makin' me crazy...
  23. Q Retreat-1st time!
  24. Brother 1500 problem
  25. Jelly roll variation question
  26. Ottawa quilt shops to solve the winter blahs
  27. Calling all pattern experts.....
  28. thread choice for machine quilting
  29. need ideas for half square triangles...
  30. Generic walking foot-is it me or do I need brand specific item?
  31. Serger help
  32. SITD - How to Keep it From Shifting and Bunching Up?
  33. needle out of alignmeent
  34. Can you help me Why are my stitches doing this
  35. VP not attending meetings
  36. Ever make quilt with a silhouette on it?
  37. craftsy sight
  38. Sewing table space
  39. quilt ladder help
  40. making a srap quilt not to look like a dogs breakfast????
  41. Match thread to front or back on FMQ?
  42. Owners of Brother SQ9000 - Help
  43. Patrice's Quilt of the Week
  44. McCall's Quilting Magazine
  45. not so square blocks from my go cutter
  46. Fleece as backing
  47. Believe your sewing machine manual
  48. How do you decide on a machine?
  49. New Juki TL2010 owner needs help
  50. Looking for warm batting
  51. Favorite batting for hand quilting
  52. quilting
  53. Thread breaking
  54. Happy Valentine's Day/Anniversary to me!!
  55. Vibration and Noise Levels of Heavy Duty SS Machines
  56. Hoarding
  57. Yet Another FMQ Question
  58. How do you buy your batting?
  59. Never learned to measure, Is that bad?
  60. 5 Minute block
  61. Janome 6600
  62. Good size for cutting table
  63. border quilting suggestions needed
  64. Wedding ring quilt
  65. How long would you expect a quilt to last?
  66. Pipe Cleaner use ?? who knew !
  67. Blooming Nine Patch
  68. My Quilting Manifesto
  69. Spray sizing/starch
  70. PelTex 71F vs Bosal 326/426LF?
  71. Any ideas on a pattern for this fabric?
  72. Detroit-Ann Arbor-Farmington area quilt shops?
  73. Do you know this pattern ?
  74. sewing table
  75. Straight line quilting suggestions?
  76. Montgomery ,Al
  77. Pfaff Powerquilter P3 with computer system
  78. Bernini 750 info?
  79. I made a mistake-opinions please
  80. Sewing Machine Cabinet
  81. Vote For the Border
  82. Vintage Happy fq bundle
  83. Question for those who spray baste
  84. Fmq
  85. Little Red Truck
  86. looking for...
  87. RE: Friendship or French braid with batiks
  88. First Quilt - Help Please!
  89. Dreaming Ahead
  90. Quilting suggestions, Please!
  91. Update to "need color help please"...
  92. labreith quilt
  93. Name of quilting gadget?
  94. HST Papers to print on home printer
  95. Quilting Dilema
  96. Las Vegas
  97. fabric dregs
  98. Shops in lancaster area
  99. Ever trace a pantograph for use on DSM or mid-arm sit down?
  100. F&P template
  101. graph paper and EQ
  102. Does this look alright?
  103. Learned something new about kits and muslin backing
  104. Question about stencils...(long-sorry)
  105. question about quilting the sashing and borders with a longarm
  106. Storing Vintage Fabrics
  107. Color/pattern help
  108. Microtex Sharp... Yay!!!
  109. This group and charity quilting
  110. Looking for a pattern
  111. Need ideas for a little girlish blue jean quilt
  112. Christmas tree Stonehenge panel quilt
  113. Homemade Midarm Machine
  114. How to soften fabric.
  115. tiny vacuum for cleaning sewing machines and keyboards
  116. Help.... bobbin thread messed up
  117. Sweet sixteen sit down machine
  118. Stack & What Quilts
  119. design-a-quilt machine problems
  120. Question About Using Transfers
  121. quilting a quilt on the back?????????
  122. Color Bleed Test
  123. GO DWR die???
  124. Clear thread or...and black batting or?
  125. Psychedelic 4 Patch Paisley lost in a fire
  126. Looking for Tiddly Winks pattern
  127. Civil War Peace and Unity quilt
  128. I just learned 2 new terms to help remember
  129. What is the name of this block?
  130. House space and sewing area
  131. Superior Threads
  132. Batting-Right Side, Wrong side
  133. How Many Jelly Rolls Would it Take to Make a Quilt?
  134. "larger" block on bottom??
  135. Took the plunge
  136. Need color help please
  137. How Do You Schedule Your Projects?
  138. Help: boring quilt top ideas?
  139. considering a Babylock
  140. HEAT PRESS Batting tape
  141. Looking for tutorial
  142. What is your most impressive but simplest quilt?
  143. Straight Line Quilting - Do You Lengthen You Stitch?
  144. Quilting group
  145. Juki 2010 knot problem?
  146. Need thread help from the experts!
  147. Has anyone tried this?
  148. I think it's called Little Boy Blue
  149. Twelve Block of Month Blocks Finished
  150. Mans dress shirt quilt
  151. new to appliqué ...
  152. Cleaning Very Stained Vintage Embroidery
  153. White-white fabrics online
  154. Has there ever been a quilt that you loathe
  155. Noah's Ark Quilt
  156. Need a suggestion
  157. Two Layers of Batting
  158. ISO easy framed square pattern for friend
  159. Scant 1/4" or full 1/4" seam allowance?
  160. Help: hang a triangular quilt?
  161. I Dislike Machingers!
  162. Brother Embroidery Sewing Machine 400e
  163. Help! Who's up for a bit of maths?
  164. Quilting with Suede???
  165. Any left handed quilters out there?
  166. machine suggestions
  167. Puzzle Quilt Pattern
  168. For those who piece or add left over blocks to their backing
  169. Border fabric
  170. Layering fabrics for turning
  171. question about selvages
  172. Right thread for piecing
  173. Where to find a sewing table?
  174. I need a Suggestion for Bonding
  175. Bernina quilt frame
  176. MQG Victoria Great Sew In today
  177. thoughts on Janome Skyline?
  178. Baby lock Evolve serger
  179. Trying to plan border(s) and binding
  180. Channel locks
  181. Myn first chevron design need help
  182. Janome 1/4" foot
  183. Jeanne S's Modern Floral Irish Twist--Now need border help, please!
  184. I need longarm quilters help!!
  185. Glue for Apliquick?
  186. Wedding Ring block - I don't really want to do this!
  187. juki oil
  188. Anyone know what this design is called
  189. Gray Fiskars Cutting Mat
  190. Bargello--design wall?
  191. Starching Fabric--in Sink or Washing Machine??
  192. Thread keeps breaking on Pfaff 2.0 Expressions
  193. quick techniques
  194. Small project bunching up after quilting
  195. Need Inspiration for Vintage Fabric
  196. What Kona colors match Army Multicam? Anyone have kona swatches?
  197. Block Size Question
  198. Need advice on fabric flaws
  199. Attaching Buttons
  200. Yo-yo attachment: Machine sew or hand sew?
  201. Even looking at the pattern, I needed my friend
  202. Addicted to zipper pouches
  203. Looking for patterns for applique planes from the kids' movie
  204. Double Batting question
  205. Paper Piecing and cutting fabric
  206. BabyLock Tiara II - Should I buy it?
  207. I like quilts that . . .
  208. Ott light trouble
  209. public domain quilt blocks and patterns
  210. EQ questions
  211. Doe anyone use 60wt Presencia thread for general piecing?
  212. What's on your quilting "Bucket List"?
  213. Whats the best way to add blended or solid quilting fabric?
  214. Question about needle changing
  215. Looking for quilt pattern's name
  216. Don't you just love it when . . .
  217. Double Wedding Ring from Eleanor Burns' Book Egg Money
  218. Question about machine quilting.
  219. Juki 2010q ?
  220. Quilting Aids From Funny Sources
  221. Need Help with Quilting Layout for Courthouse Steps in Log Cabin Fashion
  222. Anybody have a Singer Nostagia?
  223. what backing would you use?
  224. Using Flat Felled foot to attach and stitch down quilt binding
  225. Black batting
  226. Need help,choosing serger...
  227. double wedding ring tote bag
  228. Slidelock Ruler
  229. Brand new to quilting- working on a starflower
  230. flannel quilt - do you bind with flannel?
  231. Looking for the name of this pattern???
  232. Blanket stitch along a pieced seam?
  233. Making a two color queen size chevron quilt
  234. Peaches and Cream--Who Knew???
  235. I Think I can, I know how?
  236. I have a question about copyrights
  237. What part of quilting do you dislike the most??
  238. Using crayons for shading on quilts?
  239. freezer paper
  240. I've Joined the club for injuries with a rotary cutter
  241. Adding to older lap quilt
  242. Table runner
  243. searching for post about sampler
  244. Ergonomic cutting tool
  245. What shall I do re:broken Bernina 1260? Is it a good model?
  246. The most basic of questions
  247. Thinsulate Batting Question
  248. "Gourmet batting". Hobbs 80/20 +1/2 layer of wool batting
  249. batting
  250. Not to beat a dead horse but I have a question?