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  1. Another beginner question
  2. I need help. Please!
  3. Looking for a pattern Please!
  4. Carpenter Star quilting help needed please
  5. Squaring up with shape cutter
  6. Blue Jean Quilt, help please
  7. 4fabrics @ 2 yards each: what would you do?
  8. Looking for Free FMQ pattern sources
  9. Question about fusing circles
  10. favorite easy fat quarter pattern
  11. I am about ready to give up on triangles. Any suggestions on making them easier?
  12. Any good resources for Wilsom Studio?
  13. Appliqué.
  14. Help! I'm fraying!!
  15. Quick, Easy, Yet Stunning??
  16. I think I found a new addiction
  17. Advice on purchasing a quilting/embroidery machine
  18. Brother 420PRW and Janome 6600/7700
  19. Minki Fabric
  20. the winding way pattern
  21. Piecing batting
  22. 6 hr quilt
  23. neck and shoulder pad
  24. Looking for a heart shape cushion
  25. New to quilting
  26. Card Trick 12" finished block
  27. Help Does anyone know the name of this pattern?
  28. Sawtooth Star to Rising Star sizing question
  29. Niagara region quilters out there?
  30. Sewing machine not catching bobbin thread
  31. can anyone send me a link for this pattern
  32. Looking for the sewer of this quilt and advice on how much fabric for a full.
  33. Newbie looking for advice on home longarm machine
  34. Beginner looking to make non-traditional quilt.
  35. Looking and searching for a pattern...PLEASE HELP!
  36. Need help on 1/2 Square Triangle size
  37. Did you get sewing accomplished this weekend?
  38. Opinions on repair pricing
  39. Newbie with Rag Quilting Worries
  40. Need help finding fabric PLEASE!
  41. which side up?
  42. Denim Rag Quilt
  43. quilts for hot climates
  44. Happy New Year and need some tips!
  45. Embroidery Hoop holder
  46. Extra backing & batting
  47. Gaven's Tying Needle- Anyone know where to get these?
  48. Bernina 1008 tensioner problem
  49. Husqvarna Viking machine
  50. Have an old wool sweater grandmother knit
  51. This Board is So Wonderful!
  52. Rag quilt and accuquilt
  53. Blue Fabric online
  54. Trying to find post
  55. Simplest requests can turn nightmarish!
  56. How do you display your quilts?
  57. Floor Quilts
  58. Help!!! Is there a Step 1?
  59. Earth Tones
  60. Did you quilt your holiday gifts on time?
  61. Discontinued Pattern
  62. Need Help!!
  63. String Blocks questions
  64. sq in a sq
  65. Juki 2010q bobbin wind problem
  66. Superman Log Cabin...hmm
  67. Which boarders look best?
  68. baby clothes quilt
  69. Backpack pattern
  70. looking for the names of these patterns
  71. Have you used Pounce and stencils to mark your quilt??
  72. HST method
  73. Wall hanging on my embroidery machine
  74. Excited about the rest of my Christmas present next week.
  75. How do you quilt a jelly roll quilt?
  76. Brother PE-Design 5.0, turning jpgs into .pes files
  77. Scrappy quilts
  78. Finally, got a couple hours to play...
  79. Self healing?? Olfa rotary mat
  80. Interesting instructions
  81. curves your opinions
  82. Mini Panel Ideas
  83. mini/toy machine
  84. Craftsy class
  85. Mettler thread??
  86. Finding a lidded sewing basket
  87. "Hi-Fashion" brand fabrics?
  88. Best/Favorite Flannel
  89. Need Advice on 2 projects: Wash before? After? Which materials & products?
  90. Problem with color bleed...
  91. Where can I find this pattern?
  92. need help on tshirt quilt
  93. Going from 1 to 3 Machines - Setup Questions
  94. Christmas surprise: Brother Innov'is NX450Q
  95. Pressing sheet
  96. So Excited
  97. Lastest Mystery Quilt
  98. Elmer's Glue Stick - Yellowing?
  99. A thread nipper ?
  100. Surprise from my husband
  101. Shoulder bag
  102. binding...oh how i hate it!
  103. Brother PE770 embroidery machine
  104. What name would you give this business??
  105. Quilting with Minky
  106. Recycling
  107. Tying quilts with sewing machine
  108. Brother PE-Design Ver 2.0
  109. 1 comment on stash and 1 question about EQ7
  110. cleaning your machine
  111. Please help with suggestions ont-shirt Memory quilt
  112. Binding Color
  113. Mini Bow Tuck tote question
  114. Looking for easy baby boy quilt pattern
  115. Any recommendations for an iron?
  116. Spiderweb blocks
  117. Please tell me about your INNOVA! :)
  118. designing new quilt, seeking know-how
  119. new PfAff, new Bernina 710 or used Pfaff
  120. Light for Sewing Machine?
  121. Rag Quilt
  122. Question about pricing.
  123. Seeking information on embroidery?
  124. Maderra Serger Thread
  125. quilt pricing
  126. Bernina 820 BSR update
  127. Anyone familiar with this quilt?
  128. Pattern for really small quilt scraps
  129. Mouse Blocks/Quilt
  130. double fold binding 7/8.. need help
  131. A quilting bucket list?
  132. Fray check
  133. Hot pad question
  134. Thank You Everyone!!!
  135. Hexagons
  136. help with quilt block
  137. Have You Worked With the new Moda Simply Color Ombre (see goregous log cabin)
  138. If you want a good laugh, here it is!
  139. Looking for directions
  140. Challenge-embrace yourself!
  141. washing question
  142. I'm so excited!!!
  143. rail fence question
  144. Anyone tried quilting with an embroidery sewing machine?
  145. Quilt of Mens Shirts
  146. Scraps- how small is too small.
  147. Help with bottom thread problem
  148. Longarm thread
  149. Presser foot up or down?
  150. Looking for " what to buy a quilter"
  151. help me find a post
  152. Help Please
  153. Help please! distorted wall hanging, can it be saved?
  154. Sign of the times.
  155. Pictures of jean quilt??
  156. low shipping
  157. Old Threads: Is It To Late To Add Your 2 Cents Worth?
  158. Favorite quilt?
  159. Connecting Threads Batting Sale
  160. Picture of t-shirt quilt that's a tree
  161. Printing Photos on Fabric
  162. Jelly Roll Patterns...what are your favorites?
  163. Need pattern help
  164. Large wall hanging - thoughts on backing fab
  165. Janome blue bobbins
  166. Give Me the Dumbest Quilter Award
  167. Hardware store score
  168. Sewing with terry cloth
  169. looking for signature quilt ideas
  170. Virtual Quilt Day?
  171. Your tips for working with black fabric?
  172. Cutest homemade sewing boxes!
  173. Help! Binding quandry
  174. Paper piecing
  175. Picnic Service Carrier
  176. Best fabric paint and/or pens?
  177. looking for BOM posted in December
  178. What Free BOMs will you be following this year?
  179. New and need help with block size
  180. Help..which fusible/stabiliser to use in t-shirt quilt
  181. Need Ideas
  182. Old vs. New (machines, that is)
  183. Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine
  184. I've come a long way, baby!
  185. New Rotary Blades - do not throw out your old ones- trade them in.
  186. 4-Patch Ideas?
  187. Strangest Dream - Really!
  188. Tea towels for a quilt?
  189. Attempted Long-arm quilting with a template
  190. Has anyone tried this Sewing table?
  191. Design Gurus! What looks good with ticking fabric?
  192. Custom-made dies?
  193. Going to Sister's Quilt Show?
  194. Mountain Mist Polyester batting-
  195. Need Help with fat quarters!
  196. Interfacing Applique Question
  197. Bernina BSR troubles
  198. Fancy Lady pincushion pattern
  199. Site name for selling my quilting machine/frame
  200. Please tell me we're not crazy!
  201. Accuquilt help
  202. Help to understand pattern
  203. IPad!
  204. Looking for pattern elephant
  205. Is there a difference between machine oils?
  206. bow tuck
  207. excited
  208. batting
  209. Pe design plus
  210. How much fabric for backing? Lap and Queen size quilts
  211. Attitudes towards young quilters
  212. Walking Foot-Used for anything other than straight stitches?
  213. I've choosen!
  214. Pumpkinvine Corner
  215. Kudos to Connecting Threads
  216. 1/8" Shy on Jelly Roll Cut
  217. Looking for Anna Bella Rosa Burgundy yardage by RJR
  218. Fabric Shopping
  219. Be Honest Please - Quilting: love it. Should I quit while I am ahead?
  220. Is the customer "always" right?
  221. Need help from anyone who has made a T-shirt quilt in the past....
  222. Does it count if I broke my resolution before the New Year begins?
  223. Need name of the discount book company
  224. will be purchasing a long arm in 2013--any suggestions welcome!
  225. Quilt patis templates
  226. What kind of scissors do you use to fussy cut?
  227. Yellowed quilts
  228. suggestions please..
  229. Eleanor's block party?
  230. Car Caddy
  231. personalized namw lables.
  232. Boston area peeps - Winmil Fabrics Q
  233. What I need for blue jean Quilt???
  234. Bailey's HQ 13 and frame
  235. Any one know the name of this?
  236. I'm Confused!
  237. Help me figure material for D9P
  238. The Wife's New Sewing Machine
  239. ***CALLING ALL LONGARM QUILTERS***....pretty please???
  240. Machine Embroidery info needed
  241. Printers
  242. What do you use for templates?
  243. Hancocks emails
  244. Marshall Dry Goods?
  245. The Best way to learn FMQ on a DSM
  246. I need ideas on what patterns might work better for these kinds of prints
  247. Exhausted and yet content!
  248. pattern for jewel of the night
  249. The Quilter Magazine March 2008
  250. Saddle Quilt