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  1. Quilting Funny
  2. charity quilt paterns
  3. Bowl holders
  4. Bernina binding attachment
  5. Snow Carpet - anybody tried one for Quilting?
  6. Quilting, please!?!
  7. Quilter's candy
  8. Need advice in buying a longarm!
  9. Why shops close
  10. Happy learning in the New Year!
  11. Celtic Layers embellishment ideas?
  12. question about making a photo quilt
  13. need help designing a quilt, Please
  14. Quilt pattern
  15. Colored Pencil Quilt quilting suggestions needed!
  16. How do you like EQ8?
  17. Does anybody know the name of this pattern
  18. Cuddle advice
  19. Looking for a Block of the Month Quilt a long for 2018! Happy New Year!
  20. Quilt blocks with 7 pieces?
  21. Those of you who have BlockBase from EQ,
  22. A Few Questions About Minky.
  23. Prewound bobbins from Superior threads
  24. which is better
  25. Bias binding questions
  26. Superior Thread 'Brytes' question
  27. Handicapped Quilter
  28. Newbie needs help!
  29. need help deciding on surrounding blocks for panel
  30. Which 2018 Mystery Quilt Are You Doing?
  31. Merry Mayhem NYD Mystery, who is participating?
  32. Need input/advice on a basic sewing machine
  33. question about quilt patterns and pattern names
  34. Quilting Expo class vs LQS class
  35. Recommendations for quilt shops in Portland, OR metropolitan area
  36. how to remove ironed-on fusible items?
  37. Help - I don't know how to hang a quilt!
  38. Batiks
  39. 1st quilting problem
  40. Used Bernina 440 QE with BSR or Bernina 530 without?
  41. Who gets your stash when you are 'gone'?
  42. Looking for pattern
  43. Does Batting Go "Bad"?
  44. making a sit down quilter
  45. Does anyone use this for longarm bobbin?
  46. Help with Janome 6600 dual feed
  47. Janome skylark S9
  48. Need help re: materials used in quilt
  49. New Year's Weekend Virtual Quilting
  50. different background?
  51. Borders And Centers
  52. How to compare machines
  53. Lesson learned
  54. Barnyard Selfies panel design help please
  55. anyone else "stretching" their skills with the start of the New Year?
  56. combining lengthwise and crosswise grain
  57. Advice on quilt element
  58. Batik quilt help
  59. Quilting Resolutions 2018
  60. Brother XL3030 Machine
  61. Is there a kaleidoscope quilt block
  62. Looking for this pattern
  63. Help with Warm Wishes pattern
  64. Pulling Up Threads
  65. What a way to go ... home!
  66. Gee’s Bend?
  67. Handquilting
  68. Can I use a poly/cotton ( Joann's Symphony) blend in a quilt?
  69. Christmas tree skirts
  70. Should I worry about how many quilts someone gets?
  71. Rotary Cutter Direction
  72. 3-D illusion window pane quilt
  73. Copyright on a lone star block?
  74. Fun project for 2018
  75. do you worry about the size of the quilt compared to the person?
  76. thread breaking on a collage quilt
  77. UFOs
  78. Stabilizer
  79. Leave in old seam?
  80. How to Plan your Seams?
  81. quilted curtains
  82. T-Shirt Quilt - Rescue me!
  83. Visit to Joann's
  84. Need your help finding a thread
  85. Applique question
  86. Help with directions on table runner pattern.
  87. Churn Dash & 4-Squares
  88. best way to cut 240 ft of batting - 1 1/8" wide please help!
  89. Tips to FMQ with metallic thread?
  90. Need help salvaging this ugly quilt
  91. Do Quilting Pins Go Bad?
  92. painting on fabric
  93. Gifts made with my Babylock Sashiko
  94. What machine to buy?
  95. Does Anyone Have a Pfaff sewing machine?
  96. Patchwork Math Using Quilting Design Components Book
  97. Anne Louise, This Is Not Chain Piecing
  98. Yet another 1/4" seam question
  99. Missing template
  100. Average time in repair shop?
  101. Paper piecing foundation paper
  102. Kim Diehl
  103. Pillow corners
  104. Long Arm basting question
  105. Tin Lizzie
  106. fabric God bless us
  107. Question about Pfaff
  108. Painting caused fabric to spread....
  109. Basting- pins vs spray or? What do you do?
  110. Yo Yo Rows pattern
  111. Baby "Bricks" sizes
  112. Machine quilting question
  113. Cutting Mat and Gravy
  114. What's the smallest size scrap you save?
  115. Nolting funquilter
  116. Eq 8
  117. Haphazard straight line quilting query.
  118. quilt panels
  119. Janome 12000 Horizon link install on windows 10
  120. a quilt story
  121. This Quilt Needs a Name
  122. Looking for a specific Christmas skirt with appliqued angels...
  123. brimfield block
  124. 1" single fold bias tape - how wide cut strips
  125. Dream Machine Upgrades
  126. Another Christmas Present to Myself! LOL
  127. Help with puckered seams
  128. bleed on quilt--how to get out?
  129. Virtual quilting weekend—12/15-12/17/2017
  130. Garage turned studio
  131. Suggest batting for placemats
  132. Pattern copywrite question
  133. What quilt/quilts are on your bed?
  134. Help - pattern for a Christmas Wreath Quilt.
  135. How Many Do You Make?
  136. Batting for quilt as you go
  137. Lightbulb moment re donated something-or-others
  138. Finding a quilt pattern
  139. Pressing a Hexigon Quilt Top
  140. Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment
  141. Hugos' amazing tape
  142. 2 Questions re Table Topper
  143. Batting/quilting Myth
  144. Feels good..
  145. Baby Lock Grace 2014 model
  146. Help with an old top
  147. Laura Ashley/Brother Innov-IS NX2000 Machine
  148. Babylock serenade question?
  149. Quilt Sales! I Can Hardly Believe It!
  150. Looking for this Christmas pattern...
  151. Rounding corners on qults
  152. Machine Quilting
  153. Another applique question - tiny pieces
  154. Babylock foot swap?
  155. Trapunto question
  156. Help! Sewing on Fabric Sheets
  157. minky fabric - what is the widest?
  158. How do I bind these angles?
  159. Quilt repair pricing
  160. Applique question
  161. Have you used a sharpdraw pencil for marking?
  162. Printed Treasures Wonderful Customer Service
  163. To Boldly Go-Maybe-Where No Quilter Has Gone Before?
  164. Who knows how to find...
  165. How do you decide how to quilt a top?
  166. Baby Lock Coronet / Tiara Question
  167. Rotary blade shapeners help
  168. Need ideas for a Featherweight travel case
  169. Need help with Printed Treasures
  170. 45 Degree Diamond Ruler
  171. I scored big time!
  172. What kind of pen?
  173. Marti Michell 4-layer seam
  174. Quilting designs that highlight well matched points?
  175. Machine and hand piecing
  176. Looking for magnetic clasp
  177. What is under your needle?
  178. Jack's Chain...have you made one?
  179. Places to donate quilts
  180. Using freezer paper as a template for fmq.
  181. Looking for Benartex "good tidings" loden color advent calendar panel
  182. Desperately need help with new machine
  183. Machine question...
  184. Please help me find a pattern
  185. How much thread on a bobbin?
  186. Pencil marks--Gone!
  187. Need Advent Christmas Tree Calendar Pattern! Help
  188. What is the one quilting tool you had to have but have never used?
  189. Hollow Cubes
  190. Moda Bakeshop pattern?
  191. Need quilt ideas...
  192. Babylock prices
  193. Hexie question
  194. I have a quilting frame... Now I need to learn how to use it...
  195. Would you hang an 85 year old quilt?
  196. Borders are Fine. Bindings are Wavy!!
  197. Help with Fabic Sheets Printed Sheets
  198. Attention Retired Quilters
  199. Can I piece the back, too?
  200. Fat quartrers
  201. Does Anyone Sell on Etsy?
  202. Have you seen fabric with a message on the selvedge?
  203. Making a quilt from shirts: Question
  204. Koala table for Bernina 880
  205. Sullivans Sew and Go Adjustable Foldable Sewing Machine Table
  206. Thanks to my Quilt Board Friends
  207. Question using Elmers glue
  208. 5 pieces?
  209. Removing pencil marks
  210. What exactly is this Flying Geese Method
  211. One block wonder - two fabrics
  212. suggestions for quilting this on long-arm
  213. would like help with a quilt yardage
  214. Keepsake Quilting Online Ordering Experience
  215. Need Thread Help Quick
  216. looking for patterns - chergram
  217. FMQ Baptist Fans on DSM
  218. Bernina 560 or 770?
  219. Beginner, Novice or Expert
  220. looking for guide lines & suggestions
  221. Help, "Glitter Fabric"
  222. Light Suggestions for Christmas
  223. Machines that have a dual feed feature??
  224. ? about wrap n zap batting.
  225. Dryer sheet "stain"
  226. Future Teacher Question
  227. Batiks with flannel backing, together?
  228. Good Class Behavior by the Students
  229. Easiest Spray Basted Quilt
  230. Just can't cut it!
  231. I had such a fun day yesterday!
  232. Couching/Quilting from the backside?
  233. upholstery fabric for quilts?
  234. here comes sashiko
  235. Need help with machine binding please!!!
  236. Bearding
  237. Prince Harry got Engaged- Need to Make Another Quilt :)
  238. Customer Service
  239. Illuminated cutting mat
  240. T-shirt quilt interim photo
  241. The Missing Link-Can't find a particular QAYG method
  242. Dance of the Dragonfly
  243. Review please. Craftsy Designing custom sashing. Barb eikmeier
  244. Alias Grace on Netflix - Beautiful Quilts
  245. Is a cut at any angle considered a bias cut
  246. Stabilizer for Redwork Embroidery on Quilted Wallhanging
  247. Pineapple Block ruler
  248. Need advice ASAP re: finishing quilt
  249. How to hang
  250. I did not know this.