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  1. Burned out Clover Mini-iron?
  2. Sewing Today!!!
  3. Seattle Quilt Stores
  4. Questions regarding precut fabrics
  5. HELP! marks in quilt....
  6. Thread Weights-HELP!!!
  7. Singer Stories
  8. Need suggestions please.
  9. What do do - can't prewash precut layer cake of flannel
  10. Question about your sewing rooms
  11. Lil Twister question
  12. Postage stamp quilt from 2 1/2 inch squares? Anyone done one?
  13. Question for the Spiderweb Quilt pattern
  14. What batting for corduroy/cotton quilt?
  15. To Wash, or Not to Wash?
  16. Sorry, another question, please!
  17. Fabrics in EQ 7
  18. Pressing seams open.
  19. Hey Scrappy Quilters...
  20. Clover mini iron and angelina
  21. Lining
  22. Slowing down a project?
  23. Could just bawl!!! Please give suggestions!
  24. rulers with paper backing
  25. Civil War Journals BOM
  26. hiding quilting threads
  27. Help!! My DH surprised me with a birthday trip and we just arirved in paduka
  28. Teaching Classes
  29. Area for Posting about Donations of Fabric
  30. Tax deductions
  31. How Can I Get Out of My Slump?
  32. Bernina Generic Bobbins for 440 QE
  33. Need last minute valentines idea
  34. Wash Tie Quilt
  35. Best way and best supplies to include a picture in your quilt
  36. Best Quilting fabrics?
  37. It finally came into Walmart ($1.50-$2.00 fabric)
  38. crazy quilters
  39. The Lorax is coming!
  40. Has anyone ever used Deb Tucker's (Studio 180) techniques?
  41. Math Help with a cathedral window
  42. Foot Pedal Help
  43. "Sponge Bob", what pattern to use?
  44. Like going home, well sort of
  45. Thread question
  46. Did Vintage 1930's Feed Sacks Come In Paisley?
  47. New A-1 longarm first quilts!
  48. Multiple Projects
  49. Help-doubting myself re border
  50. What can I do with double knit?
  51. I get it, I finally get it. I now understand why everyone has a STASH!!
  52. Quilt Beading---
  53. I need advise on old quilt
  54. Hearts and Butterflies - A Doll Quilt Pattern for Valentine's Day
  55. Singer Limited Edition 160th Anniversary is Here!!!
  56. My "NEW" pressing tool!
  57. Singer 160th Anniversary Model Just Launched on HSN
  58. Vintage Sewing Machine Enthusiasts
  59. Singer Anniversary edition anyone?
  60. My FIRST mini ...AND paper piecing !!!!
  61. John Flynn Frame
  62. OMG I just bought it!!!!
  63. Guild quilt raffle tickets price question
  64. fabric storage
  65. Choosing thread color
  66. i won!!!!
  67. Insul-fleece for lifters?
  68. I won! Fab Shop Hop
  69. Does anyone remember?
  70. Book for Singer Curvy Machine
  71. Seeking info from quilters who live OUTSIDE the US
  72. pattern for a thread catcher ??
  73. My new to me Altos' Quiltcut 2 arrived this morning
  74. EZ Trimmer- Do You Have One? Pros? Cons?
  75. IKEA/Varde Counter Storage Unit
  76. any ideas
  77. I'll be visiting Ireland this quilting popular there?
  78. HELP! Thread nest, and the usual solutions don't work!
  79. Help Stains Out!
  80. Aging spots
  81. Black Featherweight Outline
  82. Measurements for new way to make HST?
  83. Paper Piecing Spider Web
  84. Cut or rip?
  85. Leaving the paper in on Paper Piecing?????
  86. The reorganization Bug has bitten me!!
  87. Long quilt label??
  88. Another Newbie Fabric Fraying question for hand quilters?
  89. New (to me) Tool I Found Helpful for Flying Geese Type Blocks
  90. ATA Card says "ATA PC card memory error"
  91. has any one done white birches from the mag. quilters world
  92. What is floating on a long arm machine?
  93. mega quilter help
  94. SUPER excited!! Major Fabric Haul!!!! (Picture heavy - sorry! :) )
  95. This may be a dumb question but . . . .
  96. Wise FMQuilters help
  97. thread color for quilting
  98. Dizzy quilt, last update, I think...
  99. looking for theme fabrics
  100. What to charge?
  101. Ever use camo fabric for a quilt?
  102. The blessing of our "Giggles" group :-)
  103. Free Motion Quilting
  104. haven't been feeling like crafting...
  105. Machine Snobbery?
  106. Advice about flying with sewing machine?
  107. Moda fabric does it need tobe pre-washed??
  108. Post About Donating Fabric
  109. Road to California Quilt Show 2012
  110. Sun Bonnet Sue each month of the year...wallhangings. No stash so....
  111. How do you stabilize applique?
  112. Transferring pictures to fabric
  113. hexagon patterns
  114. Suggestions for the 10 minute block set-up?
  115. Accuquilt ragg die
  116. Quilting article from 1886
  117. Using adding machine paper rolls?
  118. Why do you paper piece?
  119. I have no Hair LEFT!
  120. Question re: using my Accuquilt
  121. Software for creating labels
  122. Singer 15-91 - FMQ question
  123. Paper Piecing Question
  124. I wanted to share the quilt boarder I made with the Creative Grids Trapezoid
  125. Help finding applique!
  126. Is anyone a member of "Creative Quilters Fabric Club"????
  127. I wanted to scream and laugh at the same time!!
  128. Selling my EQ5
  129. Looking for curved safety pins for basting
  130. mega quilter help
  131. sewing on buttons
  132. How do you know when to quit sewing for the day?????
  133. Pellon Grid paper update- Finished top
  134. Hand quilting
  135. Question: How will I know?
  136. I'M BACK-- Ladies/Gent's/ and new members
  137. FMQ help! The plastic foot broke; can I FMQ without it?
  138. Backing for a flannel quilt
  139. Is there a quilt yardage calculator?
  140. How to true up fabric for cutting?
  141. design walls
  142. Using 75% poly/25% cotton sheets for quilt backing
  143. Grace hand quilting frames
  144. Has anyone made a QAYG T-Shirt Quilt?
  145. Where do you do your cutting?
  146. A question about working with Flannel
  147. Looking for a circle cutter
  148. Chalk powder for a Pounce Pad
  149. Help Please for short forms used in posts on this board
  150. Help , inspiration please !
  151. Help!! with 2" block pattern
  152. quilting leaders
  153. Add more quilting??
  154. Ever start a quilt & quit because you aren't happy with it?
  155. Long arm quilt frame using standard sewing machine
  156. Square in a square block - need help
  157. Problem with quilting density
  158. Roxanne's Quilt shop in Carpinteria CA
  159. looking for a block
  160. bernina 430e price/reviews?
  161. Help for Mason Jar quilt
  162. Slice fabricate
  163. Paper peicing
  164. Hand sewing Octagon blocks-
  165. Brother Embroidery and Sewing Machine with USB Port HE-240
  166. New to site and quilting
  167. Even spaces for cross hatch quilting?
  168. Check your rulers before purchase
  169. More about Labels - How about Raffle or Auction Quilts?
  170. I cut the wrong size. Boo Hoo!
  171. What size stiches
  172. Does anyone have an idea
  173. Thanks to you all - my Valentines
  174. USPS raised international shipping costs
  175. When do you mark for hand quilting?
  176. Labels on quilts.....
  177. More 9 Patch Wonder Block Potholders
  178. Scary Situation
  179. Frustrating Sewing Day
  180. Quilt Shops in the San Francisco area
  182. Osnaburg
  183. Packing list for Paducah Quilt Show
  184. Challah Cover - Work in Progress
  185. Sewing non-nesting seams together
  186. Need advice??how to quilt?
  187. Slow Machine
  188. Spray Starch Alternative
  189. looking for queen size quilt pattern with high rise bldgs design
  190. Quilted name tags.
  191. What would you do with this fabric?
  192. Shadowplay pattern...
  193. City quilter
  194. Boy did I get lucky!
  195. Help - Question re cross hatch quilting
  196. New ways to hide your stash
  197. Please help me buy a Colour Printer/Scanner for Quilting!!!
  198. What colour to quilt this?
  199. What will I do?
  200. 100 ways to hide your stash
  201. Complete Newbie
  202. Help, any ideas on how to quilt this?
  203. Any tips for FMQ on a 301A?
  204. Following my dream
  205. canned air alert
  206. Help with Viking Designer SE
  207. Opinions and assistance please - Mega Quilter and Inspira frame
  208. Substitute for Little Genie Washers
  209. Little Genie Bobbin Washers
  210. Advice Please! Electric Quilt (EQ7)
  211. machine quilting using plush 100% polyester as backing
  212. What Machine Do You Have on Your Pinnacle Frame?
  213. ISO Baby Lock Jewel/Crown Jewel Owners
  214. Attention donation quilters , knitters , crocheters
  215. Garden Party Block of the Month
  216. Fleece as batting?
  217. Leader zippers--CHEAP PRICE!!!!
  218. Water Fantasy
  219. need advice: bed runner using vintage crochet doilies
  220. HELP!! Can't find the right issue for Valentine's placemats....
  221. Help with Janome 10001
  222. I could really use help
  223. Appliquilting
  224. dizzy quilt, update 2
  225. Bernina Sewing Machines
  226. whom ever made flower pot fantasy please reply
  227. Online site closing. Sales!!
  228. Looking for a pattern.....
  229. Pfaff Qrand Quilter 18.8 with Quilt Artist
  230. wore out my machine!
  231. need help clarifying differences in interfacing/stabilizer
  232. 132 "Featherweight"
  233. quilt books
  234. Starting EQ7
  235. What do the words 'scrappy quilt' mean to you?
  236. Darn bills..
  237. Hawaiian quilting
  238. Purse/ bag Closures
  239. sewing several layers on Janome 7700
  240. How would you sew this, I'm winging it with no instructions
  241. Ready to FMQ this... but how??
  242. I need help on how to make a play rug or mat
  243. dear jane quilts
  244. Malinda's bargello heart
  245. FM Quilting
  246. Question About Selling EQ7
  247. Teeny Weeny applique pieces
  248. back to square one with machine purchase
  249. Help trying to find a past posted picture
  250. Another Basting Question