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  1. DSM to LA...Can you Mix them?
  2. Seam allowance open or to one side?
  3. Great fabric/antique/thrif stores between Lexington, Ky, Cincinnati and Ann Arbor, mi
  4. Looking for ideas for a fun way to give out a prize during a guild program.
  5. I Love Sleeping Under a Quilt!
  6. Need opinions on border
  7. Need opinions of Fusi-Boo batting
  8. Pressing seams on isosceles triangles?
  9. Wool applique /cotton
  10. New mechanical (not computerized) machine suggestions with large throat/harp
  11. May I have your opinions please?
  12. log cabin for quilt backing
  13. Rolling Waves Pattern
  14. can't get good stitches
  15. Old Fashion Bias Binding - Never Done That
  16. Tk quilting
  17. Quilting Embroidery question
  18. Binding - Which way do you prefer to cut it?
  19. Adjust tension on drop in bobbin
  20. Juki 2010Q with Grace Sr2 and stitch regulator review
  21. Asking for ideas
  22. Need help burying thread
  23. Unfinished UFOs - One done and a few to go!!!!
  24. Washing a new quilt
  25. jean quilt
  26. Need your eyes and opinions
  27. Disconneact thread cutter on foot pedal
  28. learned a couple things about my Accuquilt at the KCRegional Quilt Fest
  29. I Figured Something Out Today
  30. Tell me about templates....
  31. Quilter's Select Rulers 8X8 or 8.5X8.5 6X6 or 6.5x6.5
  32. Saving money on rotary blades
  33. pink charlie brown doll quilt
  34. warm and plush batting
  35. Fabric pens
  36. Sew Easy Premium Quilting Thread
  37. Help! First Quilt Need Help Quilting it!
  38. What about quilting/piecing do you prefer/not prefer?
  39. Quilted Fabric
  40. I need heip with finish block sizes and so forth
  41. LAers, Pieced Backings
  42. Lone Star
  43. Parts for Berninia Record 830
  44. question about table runners
  45. Pounce frustration
  46. My first try at a Hunter's Star block
  47. What is the name of this quilting tool?
  48. janome 2160dc machine help
  49. snail trail?
  50. Dr Who quilt fabric
  51. Okay, I'll bite....
  52. Dresden Plate Block with round edges
  53. this maybe a silly question-can you sew on a mid arm quilting machine?
  54. It just took 3 tries to get the quarter inch seam.....!!!
  55. Birthing a baby quilt
  56. Virtual Quilting Weekend -- June 30 - July 4, 2017
  57. Octagon quilt
  58. Project for me
  59. Prague and Budapest
  60. Are quilters perfect?
  61. Bernina 830 with over 8 million stitches stitched
  62. Singer Clemson 100
  63. Cross Quilt
  64. Need help to use nice wool fabric
  65. Rotary Blades
  66. Baby Quilt Fabric Search or Repair suggestions
  67. Opinions please
  68. Machine locked up.
  69. Has anyone ever made a quilt from infant onesies?
  70. Hanging Quilts
  71. Technically speaking...
  72. Crayola Washable and Berol Fine Washable for those in the UK
  73. Fat quarter baskets
  74. Question For Long Armers
  75. HST - Border or not?
  76. If I Make Hot Mats (pot holders)
  77. Learned something new about rotary cutters!
  78. Sewing machine not stitching
  79. Quilting on white fabric
  80. Not sure how to quilt this
  81. Hearts All Aglow Christmas pattern help needed
  82. Searching... cobalt blue quilt fabric
  83. Sometimes You Just Say a Little Prayer....
  84. Can someone identify the name of this quilt pattern, Please??
  85. Flannel Batting
  86. PFAFF 2036 parts
  87. Self made kits
  88. Color Theory
  89. What is Facing?
  90. Truckers quilt
  91. Steam distorts the fabric?
  92. Big Cone or Normal Spool
  93. Ideas???
  94. Iron Stupdity
  95. Thread stands
  96. Turning curtains into a quilt?
  97. Is any fabric obviously out of place?
  98. Has anyone made something and not know if you like it?
  99. Question re Countertop Hotpads
  100. 60mm Cutter
  101. Uneven sizes vintage blocks
  102. Di Ford books
  103. Pfaff QE4.0
  104. What the heck were these meant to be?
  105. Batting Braindead
  106. Quilt Backings
  107. Ok This Tablerunner needs a name!
  108. RE: found blocks
  109. Thin material for quilting
  110. nylon mesh stencils
  111. Quilt Shows
  112. How would you do this
  113. Durability of a Tied Quilt
  114. copyright and use of a pattern
  115. Please Give me your favorite tips for Free-Motion Quilting Success
  116. I need your help with applique
  117. Quilt Stores in Oregon
  118. The Fabric Hut
  119. Best cotton thread for tying a quilt?
  120. Machine binding
  121. Can someone help me price a machine?
  122. Please help me ID this fabric!!
  123. Orvus soap to clean quilts
  124. Sergers
  125. I Need Some Advice For A Graduation Quilt Please
  126. Looking for pattern
  127. Suggestions needed
  128. Easiest way to make this border
  129. Thrift store find
  130. Mixing Machine Applique and Hand Applique
  131. Make your rulers, templates absolutely non slip!
  132. Panel to qyilt?
  133. Which pens have the most permanent ink thread
  134. Looking for this pattern
  135. Name of this block?
  136. Grandson's quilt
  137. I have an Appliqué Question or Problem-both?
  138. ideas on how to quilt this
  139. Shredding seams
  140. I want to go bigger!
  141. Fabric Leader
  142. Double wedding ring using fusible interfacing?
  143. Does anyone know ...?
  144. Quilt backing's
  145. Flannel backing vs quilt fabric backing?
  146. applique circles
  147. A, B, or C?
  148. This Quilt block needs a new name!
  149. just finished a Judy Niemeyer pattern class with Jackie Kunkel!
  150. Clover Chaco Liner
  151. found old quilt blocks
  152. How much are you willing to pay for pre-owned, LQS quality, fabric?
  153. My Red Log Cabin
  154. Perseverance always wins
  155. Hancock's of Paducah questions
  156. Double wedding ring quilt pattern with square edges
  157. What is the best flannel at Joann's?
  158. Stash or Buy as Needed?
  159. Used Rotary blades
  160. Help please with ideas for a guild t-shirt.
  161. Theatre Throw Layout Question
  162. Well I did it!
  163. Hand Quilting stencils/designs
  164. By the pound??
  165. Backing on tee shirts for a quilt
  166. frame question
  167. Update on thread throw ups using 100wt on cone, fixed!
  168. sweet sixteen
  169. which inner border?
  170. Labyrinth walk quilt help Please
  171. binding foot?
  172. Sashing or no sashing...opinions please
  173. Quilting a Round Bottomed Fabric Basket
  174. Organic cotton
  175. Baby Lock Ellegante
  176. those iron on labels
  177. binding on birthed quilt
  178. Grand Illusion- Bonnie Hunter question
  179. anyone still working on the 365 quilt challange?
  180. No Thread??
  181. Question About "Merry Merry Snowmen"
  182. Hand quilting - first attempt!
  183. Advice On Sit Down Long Arms
  184. what do you guys think?
  185. looking for Laura Lobb heart pattern
  186. Five inch charm
  187. 100 wt. thread causing thread throw-ups on my quilt
  188. Help! funky bobbins with microquilter thread
  189. Quilting a Pineapple Block Quilt
  190. The fabric says "50/50 cotton/ polyester"...
  191. Serpentine stitch Pfaff 1473
  192. Log Cabin by E. Burns
  193. Help - Silk Finish Thread
  194. Deciphering Judy Niemeyer Pattern Yardage Amounts
  195. Please rack you brains...
  196. It happened again
  197. No frame, no hoop, no thimble
  198. Triangles verses Rectangles
  199. Bias Binding for quilt with inside corners?
  200. Yes I have a retirement plan, my plan is to Quilt!!!
  201. Help with a square in a square block
  202. A simple quilt in blue
  203. Seam Align and/or Fabric Folding Pen
  204. MODA cake mix recipes
  205. What is this quilt called?
  206. Hand Quilting Without A Hoop
  207. Quilting fence rails
  208. Debbie Mum Owl Quilt
  209. What's a good pantograph for this fabric?
  210. what is this pattern called?
  211. First attempt at placemats, what's easiest? Batting or double fusible interfacing?
  212. Aurifil Thread
  213. Wavy edges
  214. Wonderfully Rewarding and Creative Day
  215. Flying geese
  216. T-Shirts Quilt
  217. Questions...Using the Parrs-Reel Ruler system
  218. Batting for microwave bowl holders
  219. Insecticides in Fabric
  220. Too Late for Trapunto?
  221. Confessions of a pattern collector
  222. Sashing or no sashing.
  223. Choosing a sashing for baby blue
  224. Glue Baste It
  225. Anyone lose a box of quilts recently
  226. Quilt Market Notions
  227. Scrappy HST - Which Pattern?
  228. Frayed seams question
  229. Joining rows of stars together
  230. Border or no border?
  231. Floor Hoops for Quilting
  232. How to applique yoyo centers to dresden plates?
  233. Rotary Cutter Blades
  234. Need answer quickly re: washing
  235. Question about Kona black solid fabric
  236. Labels for quilts-- embroider or print???
  237. Which assembly method?
  238. Martelli mats, rulers and more
  239. Qui8lting Hoop
  240. Spindle Up Or Sideways
  241. Portland Maine quilt/fabric shops
  242. Do You use Press n Seal in your quilting?
  243. Is It Kind of the Same?
  244. Which butterfly body looks better?
  245. EQ5 question - borders
  246. Cleveland quilt shops
  247. where can I buy a zipper that will ship fast?
  248. New Gadget
  249. Your favorite applique scissors?
  250. Already Cut Triangles