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  1. Long Arm practice
  2. Pattern Tester Needed.
  3. How many 5" squares can you send for 44 cents?
  4. Quilt Shows 2011 Which ones shouldn't I miss?
  5. Walking foot
  6. My Avatar
  7. Does anyone dye fabric?
  8. See & Sew
  9. Questions about EQ 5
  10. scissors approved for air travel
  11. Kaleidoscope quilt rulers
  12. Which thread to use?
  13. Larger Trolley Sewing Machine Bags
  14. Question about cleaning under or removing bobbin case and feed dogs on Singer 201-2
  15. Quilt Group or Guild
  16. Never thought to use
  17. To those I owe
  18. Won turning twenty kit!
  19. Did i mess up-bought a Cricut -quiltting????
  20. I know I am a lucky gal...
  21. Virginia
  22. What machine for labels?
  23. Sun Bonnet Sue applique help
  24. Definition of "postage stamp" quilt?
  25. What needles do you use?
  26. "Carolina Cloth"
  27. How do you transfer designs?
  28. Can I just say....I love this place. except
  29. Learned a valuble..and frustrating lesson today!
  30. Looking for star wars and harry potter fabric
  31. Does everyone here own a....
  32. Rocky Mountin Sewing Show
  33. I am such an idiot & need help
  34. Duckie Pattern
  35. Help please
  36. Confessions of a Want-to-be Quilter - episode #5
  37. Need Quick and Easy Horizontal Quilt Panel Pattern
  38. Need Quick and Easy Horizontal Quilt Panel Pattern
  39. I need your help
  40. Indiana quilters would you like to be hired?
  41. It's 3:00 in the morning
  42. new applique project
  43. Autograph Quilts
  44. Printing on Fabric
  45. Help and Advice needed
  46. What are they called?
  47. UFO's today but tomorrow's treasure?
  48. Med arm sewing question
  49. FOUND... Thank you! Triangle looking quilt
  50. How do I calculate backing?
  51. Applique lessons learned
  52. FMQ
  53. Dellusion of grandure
  54. Need help on squaring up tops
  55. T shirt quilt question
  56. Found this in my Carrie Hall Block book
  57. Quilting Board to the rescue
  58. marked with wrong pencil
  59. Look what I found! Grandmas unfinished quilt top.
  60. So Nice!!
  61. What is this
  62. Craig's list/Ebay scam
  63. just a thought
  64. Longarm quilters - I looking for suggestions
  65. Help with finding picture please
  66. Cutting your own stencils???
  67. HSTs from strips Help needed
  68. Shop hop and chocolate
  69. I'm doing the happy dance
  70. texture magic
  71. Need pattern instructions for strata? quilt
  72. Viking Saphire 835
  73. bobbin woows
  74. Is this Cheating...
  75. Do your fabric tastes change like mine?
  76. Old dyes running
  77. Kits or not to kits?
  78. Baby Quilt Question
  79. how many yards?
  80. Tumbler Block
  81. Advice needed
  82. Which batting should I use?
  83. 4" squares
  84. I am a quilter from Colorado
  85. good deal at Stitchen Heaven
  86. How many PIGS
  87. Birthday purse for my daughter
  88. pfaff
  89. Question on Fleece in a Quilt
  90. Fabric
  91. 7 days since finding the Quilting Board
  92. cabinet
  93. Eureka, MT Quilt show 2011
  94. Liz Fons, Fons and Porter
  95. Quiltcut fabric cutting system.
  96. Walmart, in works to make changes
  97. table runners
  98. hand piecing and starch
  99. Does any one have a Wow Quilting Machine?
  100. Quarter inch seam allowance & cutting Need explaination please?
  101. 10 top reasons I love quilting
  102. Does anyone have the Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine for cutting strips?
  103. Fons & Porter Sept/October 2010
  104. "Bendable Bright Light" from DreamWorld
  105. Double-ended needle
  106. Log Cabin Pumpkin table runner
  107. Is 400.00 a good price for a Husqvarna Viking 500??
  108. Quilting lady
  109. Valentine rice packs
  110. Recognize this line?
  111. Quilting and the poetic instinct within us
  112. Fabic
  113. need help with color choice...
  114. Did YOUR stocking arrive?
  115. machine quilting
  116. Need advice on machine purchase
  117. Anyone tried the Viking Bias Binder Foot?
  118. Picture of soldier
  119. Scottish Plaid
  120. Joann's Does Care About Flyers Not Arriving on Time
  121. Emboridery Machines
  122. Hand Quilter
  123. Since we're all snowed or iced in
  124. Rotary cutter blades
  125. Qty of blocks
  126. A trip to Hancock's
  127. Dear Jane Cyber Group?
  128. What color thread should I use?
  129. I think at one time someone told me about a website where you could search
  130. The problem with UFO's is.....
  131. quarter square triangles--help
  132. mug bag directions
  133. Sewing machine with embroidery? help please
  134. Janome 350E Question
  135. Thinking of making a charity quilt uninvited- how does that work?
  136. Accepted degree of variance--the close enough factor
  137. Sandwich, pinning and boards
  138. Peter Walsh fabric stash organization tips
  139. QAYG????
  140. Help please
  141. WIP Border on
  142. My Friday Good Will find..
  143. Erroneous quilting information on Wikipedia
  144. My Tin Lizzie lost it's mind and now I'm losing mine
  145. More needle threading help
  146. Birds on View Progress - WIP
  147. Size of longarm machine?
  148. HELP!!! What have I done to my bobbin case?
  149. Mandala quilt
  150. WIP - Butterflies
  151. For your enjoyment
  152. I won
  153. Quilting a embroidery quilt
  154. explosion in fabric prices
  155. Joann's free shipping code
  156. Went to new JoAnn's store today
  157. Hello from Dothan, Alabama
  158. nees sewing machine info please
  159. How are quilts judged?
  160. Is It Really "Kaleidoscope"?
  161. Mug bag with handles
  162. Met a fellow Board Member today!!
  163. Sisix BIg Kick cutting machine, is it good?
  164. what I did today
  165. What kind of thread for FMQ
  166. Fat quarters
  167. Mildly terrified
  168. Please, I need help with the math
  169. Bunny Hill BOM
  170. help!!! Can't get star spin to lay flat
  171. Wheel Chair Carrier
  172. What I want from my online fabric store is .....
  173. I need help
  174. Marking! Grrrr. There must be a better way!
  175. Confused on terminology
  176. 100 year old quilt top grandmother did
  177. Fusible interfacing ?
  178. Does any body here use cheater's print for quilt tops?
  179. LQS experience
  180. Quilt Police Got Me
  181. Who use their User's Pages: (list)
  182. finished 2 ufos
  184. I need help with Embroidered Blocks
  185. Help with rotary cutters.
  186. Batting for hand quilting
  187. Magazine Photos
  188. Paducah Fabric
  189. question to longarm quilters
  190. help
  191. What I learned about needles for your hand quilters out there
  192. Longarm Quilting Average
  193. Turning Twenty with yardage vs. fat qtrs.
  194. Quilting - Purpose?
  195. Turning twenty quilt
  196. resizer
  197. What is on this walking foot?
  198. Hoffman Challenge
  199. Please I need Your Help,
  200. Question about a ruler
  201. I cannot BELIEVE I MET my favorite quilt designer!!!
  202. I can't believe this happened.....please help!
  203. Paper Piecing Pattern Questions
  204. Are you making any Valentine Gifts? If so we love to see photos!
  205. OBW and Cubes Question
  206. Help! Looking for the best Online Store!!
  207. Have you ever participated in this kind of project?
  208. How, how, how..............
  209. Went to my first quilting expo
  210. Crazy in love about fabrics with _______ ! (fill in the blank)
  211. Need help from someone smarter than me!
  212. Am I understanding this right??
  213. Leader cloth for Grace EZ3 frame
  214. vet soap
  215. Shop Hop tomorrow
  216. Quilts for Cats
  217. Really had to hold back today!!
  218. Help
  219. Material amt for Fabric Fling
  220. Can't find post...
  221. I need help with my 100001 Janome
  222. Name that tune
  223. Need help with a quilt for a fallen officer.
  224. Has anyone else had problems with them.
  225. pattern- grandmothers fan
  226. Where to buy supplies wholesale
  227. Brother SE 400 machine
  228. Thread breakage using Mega Quilter
  229. Busted!
  230. Using paper templates
  231. rag quilts
  232. Test drove the Husqvarna Sapphire today
  233. frustrated
  234. Stitch in the ditch
  235. Pinwheel Project to start Feb 10, 2011 NEW
  236. Just curious.....
  237. how to I best use these "scraps"?
  238. mixing different fabrics???
  239. Rulers to help with SID
  240. Need some help with my new Gammill,Please!
  241. 1/2 square triangles
  242. Janome not allowing some accessories to be sold online
  243. Hinterberg Quilting Frame
  244. New Quilt Kit
  245. JC Penney sold fabric?
  246. Help with a pattern...............please
  247. book club quilt block
  248. How much do you buy?
  249. Baby "Go" Fabric Cutter
  250. Cold Day Sew Day

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