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  1. Is a square hoop better than a round hoop?
  2. Thread Tension
  3. Farmer's Wife Club at LQS
  4. Storing rulers...
  5. Too much quilting
  6. Has this ever happened to you?
  7. ISO Sweet P's Custom Quilting
  8. Teaching a new quilter
  9. best price for shipping charges
  10. seam allowances for hst's
  11. Wide backing
  12. I need help please...
  13. Ooops!! Extra screw in my machine:)
  14. Curved Log Cabin Quilt
  15. Rather unhappy with Janome Horizon footpedal
  16. My First Attempt at Quilting
  17. did I mess up my machine
  18. Pillowcase to store your quilt?
  19. Fabric bleeding disaster, is it possible to fix it?
  20. Broderie Perse and Applique
  21. Crazy or crazed
  22. vintage singer
  23. what a great way to use scraps and have some creative freedom
  24. Wide Batik Backings
  25. Can you tell me what this is?
  26. Koala Cabinet
  27. How young is too young for a quilt?
  28. Check out this applique - Sharon Schamber
  29. My turn for a great bargain
  30. Is a quilt that's machine pieced/quilted any less hand-made?
  31. A quilt for a church to raffel off
  32. Pillowcase Question.
  33. Wonder Under, is it supposed to be this difficult?
  34. to tie or not to tie
  35. Janome Horizon - Calling all owners
  36. This message board is addictive.
  37. Applique Question
  38. Quilt math...ugh!
  39. everyone PLEASE watch tonight on the History channel
  40. Help with My Bookmarks feature please
  41. ??question about online quilt magazine
  42. Disaster Area Clean Up
  43. Have you seen "pay for" tuts from Missouri Star??
  44. I have a keeper!!!!
  45. If you live near Knoxville TN......
  46. Do I Need Batting for Flannel Back?
  47. How old is too old....
  48. I live with a smoker and cats...
  49. Mitered corners
  50. Fabric
  51. Extra Lighting for machine area
  52. Hem question, (begginer)
  53. Does everyone pre wash their fabric?
  54. Shopping in the attic, part 2
  55. Layer Cake/Altered States
  56. Sewing Machine Collectors Unite!
  57. Juki TL98E Help
  58. not sure what to do
  59. How difficult are Mckenna Ryan quilts to make??
  60. My new baby
  61. fabshop hop tomorrow???
  62. Trapunto
  63. Quilt shops in New York City??
  64. Have you worked with antique Cigarette Silks?
  65. boring strip piecing
  66. Charity qults
  67. Bernina 820 Bobbins
  68. Thimble-It -- my new favorite notion
  69. How many yo-yo's would it take to make a double bedspread??
  70. Do you have the quilt book named "2 Piece Patchwork"
  71. Sew It Is
  72. Dove in head first: FMQ
  73. measurement for block
  74. alot of talk about labels- and wanting to sell your quilts-be informed
  75. Mixing flannel with cotton?
  76. Pattern name??
  77. Hello Kitty Quilt
  78. Math whizzes needed- Making Ricky Tims HST smaller???
  79. Anyone know abt Domestic D Treadle
  80. Snowball Nine Patch coloring page
  81. Death of an old friend
  82. ISO a Christmas tree quilt pattern
  83. crumb quilt help needed...... what to do...
  84. My up-coming exhibition is advertised!
  85. Organized stash...
  86. Starch question
  87. french braid pattern
  88. When Life Gets in the Way ... sigh
  89. Found these two old sewing machines at a yard sale today!
  90. Teflon mats and sprays for FMQ
  91. Fabric moratorium
  92. Need to hear from Military Moms
  93. Is there any way.....
  94. long arm quilting
  95. My lovely day, and extra lovely family : )
  96. Eyelashes
  97. Anyone travelling to this quilting festival?
  98. Singer site for owners of vintage sewing machines
  99. Iron on Postcard fabric
  100. Sunshine 16 by Pennywinkle Valey Ranch
  101. I've joined the ranks.....
  102. Janome machine?
  103. An--ahem--unusual quilt theme
  104. What to look for when hiring a long arm quilter.
  105. prewashing fabrics
  106. My favorite radio station for quilting and everything else
  107. need to Know how to figure the cost of quilting atop
  108. Snowball Block
  109. crumb directions
  110. Baby Lock Jane
  111. Connecting Threads Essential Cotton Quilting Thread?
  112. Mercury Sewing Machine
  113. Pin basting without destroying your back
  114. How do I quilt this?
  115. Flynn Quilt Frame
  116. I need a snake
  117. ? Re snap happy bags
  118. Would this idea interest you?
  119. I broke my walking foot!
  120. SUPER SATURDAY SALE !!! @ Hancock Fabrics (August 13th, ONLY)
  121. "A Garden Of Quilts"
  122. What do you cut fabric on?
  123. border measurement
  124. This year for Christmas presents I am making quilts and quilt products
  125. Remember Me by Lydia Quigley-The Rabbit Factory for Clothworks
  126. Leaders and Enders.... how do I????
  127. Opinions - Continue or Start Over
  128. 100% poly fabric that feels like cotton
  129. Thank You JANOME..... Festival of quilts
  130. I'm SO EXCITED !
  131. " Wrapped Up In Scriptures "
  132. quilt marking
  133. Looking for LQS's around Astoria...
  135. Stitch-n-Frame is having a sale
  136. Jolson Sewing Machine
  137. Summer in The Park Quilt
  138. marking quilts
  139. opps lone star?
  140. sewing room set up on a budget
  141. Foundation piecing question....
  142. Appliqued Sharks finished
  143. Trouble with flying geese
  144. Singer 3130
  145. Quilt Guilds - What are your experiences?
  146. I'm married to a prince!
  147. For My Brother
  148. Quilts for Sale?
  149. LV quilters lunch
  150. Washing Fabric
  151. Sizzix & Go! Die Sales at Stitch-in-the-Ditch Canada
  152. ♥♥ Do you hide fabrics and Quilting Supplies from your spouse? Come on confess and tell us where you stash your fabrics! ♥♥
  153. Awareness Ribbon/Accuquilt
  154. ISO Lizard applique shape
  155. What can I use to remove rust on flywheel of my old machine?
  156. Ordering fabric on line- minimum amount
  157. Granddaughters and their preferences
  158. Tuesday Morning store
  159. Calling out for all opinions on sewing machines
  160. Using muslin for quilt labels -
  161. Quilting the Quilt
  162. black backgrounds
  163. Any quilters from the Quad Cities area?
  164. When you use white background what kind of material do you use?
  165. What kind/type of chair do you use?
  166. Off to Dallas for week end
  167. Pinked Edges on Pre-cuts
  168. Other Quilting Acronyms
  169. sewing machine
  170. assembling blocks
  171. Help Please...Fabric search
  172. Saw one of us in McCalls Quilting Magazine!
  173. project runway....
  174. Spray baste or pin
  175. brands of fusible
  176. pictures
  177. Bury Threads
  178. shipping a quilt
  179. Looking for Horse Panel Panel recently shown
  181. Hamd quilting thread questions>......
  182. Well, now I understand the fuss about vintage machines!
  183. meteor showers
  184. How do you mark your quilts?
  185. Free Quilt Blocks
  186. Help locating quilting frame clamps
  187. Floorcloths
  188. Any one using a Cricut with quilting?
  189. Do you quilt through your label or sew it on after quilting?
  190. When is it hoo humid to quilt???
  191. how much fabric might I need?
  192. ideas for quilt needed -and quickly!
  193. Singer website no longer has link?
  194. Which ruler is it, please.
  195. Wedding dress quilt?
  196. Boy nursery color/themes/fabric
  197. Photo copy for DeskJet at JoAnn's
  198. Thread Holder For Hand Sewing - Cheap Idea
  199. What iron would you recommend?
  200. Pineapple Ruler
  201. Plano quilt show today
  202. Quilting on a shoe-string budget
  203. Flying Geese Problems
  204. Looking for a pattern for a cancer survivor
  205. Name your favorite 2-color quilt block
  206. Another storage suggestion.
  207. What Would You Do With This?
  208. Wheelchair quilt
  209. Ruffler Sewing Machine???
  210. Another quilt I'm working on
  211. Quilting Fabric Sale
  212. Brother SQ-9000 monogramming
  213. Old School Quilting
  214. just one more post on charity quilts...
  215. New Plastic Bobbins
  216. Turn around time for longarm quilters
  217. Sewing for our soldiers
  218. Sister and niece want to learn to sew
  219. Help Identifying a Quilt Pattern
  220. Needle reminders
  221. 10 minute block
  222. Embroidery question
  223. What color thread to us
  224. Denim collections
  225. I thought I saw a ISO for motor cycle racing
  226. singer 201 help!
  227. 22 Uses for Dryer Sheets
  228. How do you soften a quilt?
  229. Entering quilts in shows
  230. Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!!!
  231. Quilting got me a Job
  232. Austrailian Patchwork and Quilting magazines
  233. question when making queen quilt - tuck, or sides...
  234. how many washes to "rag"?
  235. Tee Shirt Quilt...I don't get it!
  236. Question regarding use of glue stick
  237. Mega Quilter Problem
  238. Oodles of Free Quilt Patterns
  239. In Love!!!
  240. oh my basting.
  241. Upcoming Quilt Retreat
  242. disappearing nine patch
  243. DS Quilts at Joann Fabrics
  244. hand pieced tumbling blocks
  245. What do you consider to be "Speciality Thread"
  246. Help! Need tablerunner pattern for formal country dining room
  248. Don't you hate it when you forget to take pictures??????
  249. Piecing squares for quilts
  250. Looking for fabric