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  1. Just finished my first quilt top!!!
  2. Thread Turner, holy cow
  3. Had a brief panic attack yesterday...
  4. French Braid tutorial????
  5. What do abbreviations mean?
  7. Underground Railroad
  8. Do you refuse to buy fabric from shops in your own state?
  9. resizing paper piecing block
  10. Large print ideas please
  11. ironing board by machine
  12. looking for pattern
  13. Setting Seams?
  14. Black Mesh back rests
  15. Needle Change
  16. Is applique like a second-level quilting skill?
  17. Thanks To All of You
  18. Fabric Idea
  19. quilting or fabric poems
  20. Got my Horizon :)
  21. Brother NS30 tension will not allow machine quilting- help!
  22. Need Tinkerbell , Faries & Dinosaur Fabric
  23. Adoption
  24. where can I find star print fabrics?
  25. Picture Quilt
  26. how do i decide
  27. Quick Rotary Cutting
  28. When machine quilting, what size stitch should I use?
  29. help me with an idea?
  30. Invisible Thread
  31. Madison Quilt Show
  32. Fab Shop Hop
  33. Table Runner Help
  34. Quite A Bargain...
  35. Linda's Grand Prize
  36. Full line Stencil & Ponce & Ponce Pads
  37. Need Help quickly please
  38. Warning- That needle is really sharp!
  39. a different way of sewing circles to a square
  40. Need help with how to wash a mildewed polyester (?) king sized comforter.
  41. A good Joanns story :-)
  42. Looking for a pattern
  43. What kind of quilt to make?
  44. Connecting Threads solids, blendders, and batiks?
  45. What to do?
  46. My Favority Mom and Pop Store
  47. Scraps...too many!
  48. why set seams??
  49. Joanns Coupons
  50. Help with Qbot!???!!! ARRRGH
  51. Janome help needed, please
  52. Never, Ever...
  53. Tin Lizzie Owners - Help, Please!!
  54. Generous Friend
  55. Fusible applique - how to not fray the ends?
  56. Yippie!!!!
  57. Hi from Michigan!!!
  58. Yellow brick road quilt pattern?
  59. leader cloth on quilt frame?
  60. Accuquilt Worth IT?
  61. Kinder mat cover
  62. Crochet Baby Headbands
  63. Raggy Quilt Question
  64. Polyester fabric for a Bow Tuck
  65. Would love to see again.
  66. Where to find RadiaShield® fabric?
  67. Laura Ashley Bargain
  68. EQ6 ? - variable column (strip?) width
  69. fabric origami quilt block
  70. ebooks
  71. Spray Basting
  72. Smoky Mountain Stars
  73. Quilting your Bow Tucks
  74. pattern suggestion for awesome fabric?
  75. Need Help locating a halloween panel
  77. Anyone else have Gremlins...
  78. Yes ,There are good pepole out there
  79. Buckwheat for Filler
  80. Fusable pellon for purses
  81. Fabric Prices
  82. Janome Horizon - Fair Price?
  83. Bobbins with not enough thread left to do a project
  84. EQ7--all my projects are gone.
  85. Fabric Depot
  86. Halloween fabric overload
  87. Somerset ky
  88. 10 minute table runner question
  89. I Need Your Help
  90. Quilting Question About a Polyester Woven Fabric
  91. Att Secret Pal Swappers
  92. New Neighbor
  93. how to fade fabric
  94. Has anyone quilted with dress weight Linen?
  95. Is there a color you hate?
  96. What way do you quilt?
  97. I am holding my breath!
  98. Water Soluble Thread??
  99. Have your tried the True cut ruler and rotarty cutter?
  100. Fusible batting
  101. Your favorite free pattern
  102. Pfaff and Viking dealership issues!
  103. Repairing a cutting mat to new condition
  104. Help putting the tension back together please!
  105. Wow! Drama at quilt shows?
  106. Buying fabric by the pound
  107. Pattern Idea, what do you think?
  108. question
  109. Machine embroidery question?
  110. I didnt know EQ had quilting patterns, LOL!
  111. A gift to a friend
  112. Applique (A Piece of Cake) Does anyone have this book?
  113. Another dumb question...
  114. Pfaff Embroidery Extra software
  115. Big bold prints
  116. measurments on needle plate
  117. Need U Help
  118. I Pod Pillow
  119. Best way to mail a fat quarter
  120. Machine Quilting for a beginner
  121. Quilting Machines
  122. Any ideas?
  123. Cotton fabric that feels like canvas?
  124. Can I mix my fabrics.....
  125. Irritating - The Sewing repair shop - grrr!
  126. Compressed Air for Cleaning Machine
  127. Hancock Fabrics
  128. Quilting Halo
  129. Star blocks?
  130. How do you do stippling?
  131. Update for Pfaff and Viking Owners
  132. Service that brings a smile...
  133. Fork pins
  134. I love Delta Patchwork
  135. Long Arm Question
  136. I pod pillow
  137. When directions say...
  138. Border/ binding drama
  139. Classified Post
  140. Beach Theme??
  141. fab sale
  142. Something I saw but now can't find
  143. piece quilting?
  144. Help
  145. koi material
  146. jury duty rant
  147. Curious George
  148. Blades back in stock at HF
  149. Help me find : Chenille fabric( it looks like a mop)
  150. To everybody!
  151. Joann Coupons ?
  152. DMC Perle Cotton-Does it shrink?
  153. Thanks to everyone
  154. Cross Stitch and Quilting
  155. straight seams
  156. bargello made with fat quarters
  157. Did anyone find the Amish Spinning Star quilt pattern
  158. Best Way To Quilt Grnadmother's Flower Garden?
  159. turnovers
  161. quilters anonymous
  162. Need advice on how to raise tables ?
  163. Fishing quilt
  164. Quilter's Poem
  165. How much shrinkage from applique?
  166. Needle dropped out in my Janome 6600p
  167. Searching for flying geese technique from strips
  168. Trouble With Rag Quilt
  169. Questions
  170. Fat Quarters from Connecting Threads
  171. fabric
  172. what do you make with your embrodiery machine?
  173. bow tie bags
  174. Quilt Basting Guns
  175. What Should I Do?
  176. old quilting magazines
  177. I need Everyone's help
  178. HST
  179. poplin
  180. Swap Shopping
  181. Decorative stitches on quilt
  182. Whole cloth quilt
  183. Apprehensive about spending
  184. Is there such a thing as Paper Pieced borders?
  185. What would be the easiest way to......?
  186. Superior Threads - Treasure and Perfect Quilter
  187. Bus trip
  188. Hand Quilting
  189. How do you all do it
  190. no picture, I have a question
  191. Who to blame and do I write it off as a loss?
  192. My avatar
  193. ? Hand piecing Dresend Plate pattern
  194. Any ideas for table cloths and napkins?? PLEASE
  195. We have some great husbands!
  196. Conversion chart
  197. some cotton picking saving ideas
  198. Fat Quarters
  199. Embroidery Machines
  200. Virtual Section
  201. Accuquilt
  202. many UFO's orbiting my sewing room
  203. Shop Hop W. Wa 2006
  204. Fat Quarter Quilt?
  205. How do I make the Block if I change one thing?
  206. using invisible thread.
  207. Looking for a pincushion pattern...
  208. Anyone with cheap sewing machine advice?
  209. What about the "sew steady" riser table?
  210. I heard Jackie Paton speak tonight...
  211. Rotor cutters
  212. flammable fabric
  213. I've looked and looked and looked
  214. Lounge chair pin cushions
  215. Size of Strips for Bethlehem Star or Lone Star Quilt
  216. Beginner big block pattern help please...
  217. Kittie T-shirt quilt
  218. Christmas Tree Skirt.
  219. Fractions quilt
  220. selling quilts
  221. Mounting a quilt on the Longarm
  222. SweetRosie
  223. Three Stooges Fabric
  224. Has anyone ordered from Marshall Dry Goods online?
  225. I need help from quilters who have overcome vision problems
  226. Harbor Freight - Wichita Falls TX
  227. Looking for:Different Grandmother's Fan
  228. Quilters retreat
  229. help on finding daisy pattern
  230. Quote about quilting I really liked
  231. Are you a member of an other board then this one?
  232. My Grandaughter making her first doll pillow
  233. Wool batting ?
  234. How many quilt tops do you have?
  235. kalidoscope dresden plate quilt pattern question
  236. Looking for a Santa applique pattern.
  237. ISO- tabel runner recommendations
  238. Help with size of Hexagon's
  239. What do you do with those...
  240. Cost of quilting
  241. what fabric would you use to make dresser scarves?
  242. Your choice in Starch???
  243. Walmart Full Service Fabric Center Closure Petition
  244. Looking for pattern
  245. Marking a quilt with new pen.
  246. Charging for Bow Tucks Type Bag
  247. let's design ipad bags
  248. My bummer experience with Hancock’s of Paducah
  249. For those here who bought this storage cart
  250. Pinwheel math question

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