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  1. Quilting with Suede???
  2. Any left handed quilters out there?
  3. machine suggestions
  4. Puzzle Quilt Pattern
  5. For those who piece or add left over blocks to their backing
  6. Border fabric
  7. Layering fabrics for turning
  8. question about selvages
  9. Right thread for piecing
  10. Where to find a sewing table?
  11. I need a Suggestion for Bonding
  12. Bernina quilt frame
  13. MQG Victoria Great Sew In today
  14. thoughts on Janome Skyline?
  15. Baby lock Evolve serger
  16. Trying to plan border(s) and binding
  17. Channel locks
  18. Myn first chevron design need help
  19. Janome 1/4" foot
  20. Jeanne S's Modern Floral Irish Twist--Now need border help, please!
  21. I need longarm quilters help!!
  22. Glue for Apliquick?
  23. Wedding Ring block - I don't really want to do this!
  24. juki oil
  25. Anyone know what this design is called
  26. Gray Fiskars Cutting Mat
  27. Bargello--design wall?
  28. Starching Fabric--in Sink or Washing Machine??
  29. Thread keeps breaking on Pfaff 2.0 Expressions
  30. quick techniques
  31. Small project bunching up after quilting
  32. Need Inspiration for Vintage Fabric
  33. What Kona colors match Army Multicam? Anyone have kona swatches?
  34. Block Size Question
  35. Need advice on fabric flaws
  36. Attaching Buttons
  37. Yo-yo attachment: Machine sew or hand sew?
  38. Even looking at the pattern, I needed my friend
  39. Addicted to zipper pouches
  40. Looking for patterns for applique planes from the kids' movie
  41. Double Batting question
  42. Paper Piecing and cutting fabric
  43. BabyLock Tiara II - Should I buy it?
  44. I like quilts that . . .
  45. Ott light trouble
  46. public domain quilt blocks and patterns
  47. EQ questions
  48. Doe anyone use 60wt Presencia thread for general piecing?
  49. What's on your quilting "Bucket List"?
  50. Whats the best way to add blended or solid quilting fabric?
  51. Question about needle changing
  52. Looking for quilt pattern's name
  53. Don't you just love it when . . .
  54. Double Wedding Ring from Eleanor Burns' Book Egg Money
  55. Question about machine quilting.
  56. Juki 2010q ?
  57. Quilting Aids From Funny Sources
  58. Need Help with Quilting Layout for Courthouse Steps in Log Cabin Fashion
  59. Anybody have a Singer Nostagia?
  60. what backing would you use?
  61. Using Flat Felled foot to attach and stitch down quilt binding
  62. Black batting
  63. Need help,choosing serger...
  64. double wedding ring tote bag
  65. Slidelock Ruler
  66. Brand new to quilting- working on a starflower
  67. flannel quilt - do you bind with flannel?
  68. Looking for the name of this pattern???
  69. Blanket stitch along a pieced seam?
  70. Making a two color queen size chevron quilt
  71. Peaches and Cream--Who Knew???
  72. I Think I can, I know how?
  73. I have a question about copyrights
  74. What part of quilting do you dislike the most??
  75. Using crayons for shading on quilts?
  76. freezer paper
  77. I've Joined the club for injuries with a rotary cutter
  78. Adding to older lap quilt
  79. Table runner
  80. searching for post about sampler
  81. Ergonomic cutting tool
  82. What shall I do re:broken Bernina 1260? Is it a good model?
  83. The most basic of questions
  84. Thinsulate Batting Question
  85. "Gourmet batting". Hobbs 80/20 +1/2 layer of wool batting
  86. batting
  87. Not to beat a dead horse but I have a question?
  88. Questions about copyrights
  89. Top stitch needle
  90. Accquilt and DH
  91. t shirt quilt
  92. Suggestions on squaring large center block
  93. Memory Quilt using knits and layer cakes
  94. If you could have any iron which would it be??
  95. Help with sashing please!
  96. An Artist's Rights
  97. Looking for Inexpensive Quilting Site
  98. Traveling South to Florida from Michigan quilt shops I have to visit
  99. how wide should the border be?
  100. Ideas for displaying small quilt at a craft fair space without wall
  101. Help requested
  102. Disappearing 9 patch help
  103. Cuddly Crazy Quilt
  104. Which thread color??
  105. Fabric Finder Website?
  106. Help / Advice please
  107. inherited fabrics
  108. Batting for Place Mats
  109. Best website, shop or ebay seller for moda mini charm (candy) packs
  110. sewing caddie chair cushion
  111. quilting bargello quilt
  112. Ergonomic Quilting Products?
  113. Chevron Quilt
  114. Question about a Bernina
  115. Worked on my Quilted Pillow Top
  116. Tips when using Wool Blankets for Batting
  117. Batting
  118. What can I do to fix this???
  119. Copyright Perplexities
  120. New type of quilt for me!
  121. Brother Scan and Cut
  122. Yardage purchases when buying for your stash
  123. embroidery machine
  124. Adjust for larger quilt?
  125. My Material
  126. 10" Rolling Stone Block
  127. Bernina Q20
  128. What machine do you use FMQ on?
  129. Layer cake vs cutting your own?
  130. Washing vintage quilts
  131. Can anyone tell me the name of this block?
  132. Do you prefer the look of Machine applique to that of hand applique?
  133. HELP finding...MSQC tutorial for tote.....
  134. Baltimore style quilt advice
  135. washing fabric
  136. How to applique letters
  137. Any experience with renting time on a longarm quilting machine?
  138. Looking for sewing machine to do free motion quilting?
  139. What pattern do you suggest for 15 fat quarters?
  140. Whip stitching over my basting stitches
  141. It's Been a while.
  142. Bought Material for Pillows
  143. Quilt appraisals
  144. Simple wedding quilt
  145. What do people do with all those smaller quilts
  146. would it be "tacky" to put a hanger sleeve on the back
  147. Border thoughts
  148. Queen size quilt patterns
  149. Advice about my first raw edge applique
  150. Michigan--Dream Shop for HQ Owners in Lake Odessa
  151. I have a ??-quilting project.--Don-isewman
  152. Large bed spread under smaller quilts??
  153. sailright
  154. Dear Jane Software Question
  155. Matching front and back
  156. Fashion blocks???
  157. Looking for name of Eleanor Burns pattern.
  158. Lawton Oklahoma Quit Show
  159. Tell me what this is
  160. What is your "must have" quilting tool?
  161. Should I buy a binding ruler?
  162. How would you set these antique candle wick blocks?
  163. Repairing a tied quilt
  164. Lazy Girl Designs Pattern Question
  165. Design your own Bargello?
  166. Happy Garden by StudioE
  167. Pineapple Block- Variations? Techniques?
  168. Any idea What this fabic makes? need help
  169. Mens Handkerchiefs
  170. Oakland, Ca Quilters?
  171. Virtual Quilting Weekend--2/13-2/16/15
  172. Book or magazine that shows all the short cut methods of piecing
  173. linen
  174. looking for a pattern
  175. how to quilt hunters star
  176. Madison, WI; Midland, TX LQSssssss????
  177. How to assemble Clam Shell pattern?
  178. What to do with 2 1/2" strips
  179. Needle type and size?
  180. Singer Starlet Machine (QUESTIONS)
  181. what machine
  182. Opinions on the Dear Jane Software?
  183. Time to Think About Summer Quilts
  184. Help I need ideas for a wedding lap quilt
  185. Does anyone know where I can find this pattern?
  186. looking for 'Mug Rug" book
  187. LA @ Missouri Star Quilters
  188. Layout for an "un Baby" Baby quilt.
  189. 12" block
  190. Patchwork Friendship panel
  191. looking for pictures of fabric stash/sewing area
  192. Border-phobia
  193. What to use to draw on with crayons then set onto fabric
  194. Patteran
  195. What to charge to put binding on a quilt?
  196. Help with fabric.
  197. Help OBW
  198. Viking Mega Quilter needles
  199. Had to improvise
  200. Problem with fusible appliqué
  201. I need a quilt pattern for my nephew's queen quilt.
  202. Design Question
  203. 4 Easy PiecesfromQuilters Dream...
  204. Fusible interfacing
  205. glow in the dark quilting thread
  206. wedding dress quilt & need help with label text
  207. Good Bargello Book
  208. Why wash finished quilt right away?
  209. How do you pick your colours
  210. Comic book fabric quilt
  211. Gifted fabric - need advice and opinions
  212. Take a cereal bag to make a baby toy...
  213. Help needed to make a King Quilt "jelly roll style" from Charm Rolls?
  214. Scorched ironing board cover
  215. Brand of Serger Thread
  216. Stitch regulator advice
  217. Headed to London on Wednesday
  218. Question about sandwiching
  219. help with deciding what machine to buy..
  220. Why do I struggle so much with Flying Geese?
  221. Looking for a particular children's quilt in primary solids
  222. How Does This Work
  223. paper piecing - where to stop sewing?
  224. Bernina 750QE Automatic Thread Cutter Problem
  225. Making my own pattern for the first time ever!
  226. Do You Have an Avante HQ 18 Long Arm Quilting Machine
  227. Why not to wash top before quilting.
  228. Anyone used the Quinique Quilting system?
  229. How many of you have an acrylic extension
  230. Need help in finding the correct book to learn new skill
  231. Three Swans Pattern
  232. oh wow, I forgot about this foot!
  233. sewing machine
  234. Common Sense quilt
  235. Trip to Ireland--ideas for quilt shops??
  236. Digitizer programs for embroidery machines
  237. Hand Quilting thread question
  238. I don't like these colors
  239. Help finishing a quilt left to me
  240. Quilters in or around Fruitland Park, Florida??
  241. ??? About piecing a border?
  242. How do I hide my beginning and ending threads?
  243. Quilting stitch ideas for my first quilt!
  244. Superior Threads - Bottom Line
  245. A FMQ Feathering Ponderable ............
  246. I'm afraid I don't have enough backing!
  247. Puzzle box pattern--set in seams?
  248. Looking for a previous post
  249. Homemade 1/4 inch thick ruler
  250. Any suggestions? HEAVY stabilizer used on T shirt squares