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  1. Can you have a red top thread and a whute bottom thread?
  2. OMG help, need suggestions
  3. Does anyone have a link for a small purse for 2 yr old?
  4. Attaching Layers to Hand Quilt Frame - Info & Help Please
  5. I finally stumbled across a great deal.
  6. Black fabric
  7. Thanks
  8. Making something from some orphan blocks.
  9. Half a quilt
  10. What can I do with these 10" squares?
  11. Starting a stash... what would you include?
  12. Animal shaped flannel floor quilt- HELP
  13. Storing big cones of thread
  14. Garment Bag
  15. when do you add borders
  16. Problems with Sulky thread
  17. I've had my long arm machine since April and....
  18. Can you help me find Outdoors panels?
  19. Quilt in the freezer...
  20. DH Made Me a Block Setting Board
  21. Slide Show Quilt Pattern question
  22. Are there any quilting apps?
  23. Batik question
  24. Better now than later.
  25. Where to purchase
  26. This is a first ... a quilted bug
  27. Guess what I just found!
  28. Best Printer for Fabric?
  29. Mid or long arm quilt machine made in upstate New York
  30. Love Janome HD 1000
  31. OOPS my needle goes through my FMQ foot?
  32. I bought a new pfaff expression 4.0!
  33. just had a realization about my sewing machine
  34. All Squared Up
  35. Quilt shop auction haul
  36. Frustration/FMQ and Janome 1600P
  37. I used my design wall as an ironing surface.
  38. Look, Ma, no stitch regulator!
  39. Help is needed for a star block
  40. 2012 Quilt Extravaganza, Oaks Pa
  41. Do you have a pattern for this?
  42. One of our LQS has been chosen as a Top Ten Shop
  43. Do you see any connection with these pieces?
  44. Revisiting TutorialsI
  45. What pattern is this?
  46. How do these companies compare?
  47. Longarm Machines
  48. Pressure Steam Iron Systems
  49. My Quilted Patio
  50. I have the Longarm Learning Blues!
  51. My New Toys !!!!
  52. Advice Needed: Machine Appliqued Quilt Top and Hand Quilting in the Ditch?
  53. 18" Ohio Star - help
  54. Anyone up for Quilting today??
  55. Buzz Tools
  56. Update to melon seeds tute!! Can you believe...
  57. Oregon Quilting Challenge Project
  58. Rak
  59. Need Help! Do you ever piece the backing?
  60. I am interested in purchasing a mid arm machine and frame.....
  61. Ever made a mini quilt?
  62. Very Narrow Strips
  63. just wondering??
  64. Flannel
  65. monterey ma
  66. Lap pads for children(sick)
  67. Need help with ideas for non-sewist group.
  68. Help antique Bow tie quilt
  69. Don't like quilt top ..what to do with it
  70. What is your experience or opinion about Erasable Gel Pens?
  71. Baby Bibs
  72. Chair - what do you have?
  73. Lap quilts for nursing home residents
  74. cheap plastic storage bins
  75. Batting with scrim
  76. My next question is.....
  77. Will This Tool Make This Hexagon Quilt Pattern?
  78. owners of tin lizzie
  79. economical basic machine?
  80. favorite quilting website
  81. Storing/Displaying Quilts
  82. need suggestions for a lap quilt
  83. Thought I was Nuts!
  84. must have items
  85. Need Help! Farmer's Wife Block Size
  86. Name of quilt pattern.
  87. Any Japanese textile experts here?
  88. Is there an easy way??????
  89. Pattern idea needed please
  90. No picture but have question
  91. Quilt Show at the Oaks in Pa.
  92. Help!! Paint Ball Quilt
  93. little puckers FYI
  94. On Point Quilts
  95. Help! Am I using this product wrong?
  96. Great tip for 1/4 seam.
  97. One UFO, down, too many to go!
  98. Log Cabin Blocks
  99. Ahhhh annoying!!!
  100. need ideas for Quilt Guild Christmas party
  101. What are quilting judges looking for when they judge a quilt?
  102. Keeping track
  103. Anna Griffin quilt kit on HSN
  104. Christmas Quilt
  105. Bargello
  106. Why do they call it a "stash"?
  107. Applique precut fused shapes
  108. Quilt Shops in Portland, OR area
  109. Just figured
  110. What can you tell me about Battizer Batting?
  111. farmers wife sampler or what?
  112. about batting
  113. Wool Appliqueing
  114. Washing Yardage and (Not) Washing Pre-Cut Pieces
  115. Why would I want a Singer Redeye? Just asking... are they special?
  116. Anyone sell purses? What do you charge?
  117. Newbie is lost help.
  118. Need suggestions about long arm quilting for others
  119. How do I??
  120. Any Sunshine 16 Sit down model owners out there?
  121. Bennington Quilt Festival
  122. Drunkard's Path Math Question
  123. Help creating a pattern
  124. In your opinion!!!
  125. hand stippeling...anyone
  126. African Kanga
  127. Question for Embroidery machine people
  128. Lazy Girl Couch Caddy
  129. Necchi on Craigslist
  130. What fabric to use..
  131. Whether to buy used BL Ellure or something else??
  132. Woven Lattice Quilting Pattern
  133. Craftsy class: Color Play for Quilters
  134. E-Bosser
  135. Stippling on White Sewing Machine??
  136. Hand Quilting - where do you get your ideas?
  137. How would you finish this?
  138. Square then quilt, or quilt then square?
  139. JoAnn's has done it again...............
  140. Embroidery books
  141. Arrow Gidget II acryllic inserts
  142. what to make from many 1/4 yard pieces
  143. State Fabrics
  144. Another Question about Aunt Grace/30's Reproduction Fabric
  145. Sheets on half-square triangles
  146. How long is to long to have.......
  147. Why do I need a serger?
  148. To Prewash or Not?
  149. Long arm quilting machine question
  150. Need this Pattern! Can you tell me the name?
  151. Basting Spray & Hand Quilting
  152. What stitch needle plates do you use on your machines?
  153. Picture of Quilt with circles
  154. ladyjay
  155. Dresden plate nifty notions 22.5 degree ruler
  156. quilting swap info
  157. Aunt Grace Fabric
  158. HELP!! Goofed up! Need help!
  159. Moda Warehouse
  160. Squaring up queen size backing
  161. What is "Modern" Quilting? - need help with a definition!
  162. Grace frame - king, majestic or pinnacle?
  163. Fast flying geese
  164. High end brother embroidery machines
  165. New Serger!
  166. buying fabric by the bolt
  167. Dimension Advice for Wall Quilt
  168. Need help with a Jelly Roll Quilt
  169. Janome even feed rotary foot set for bindings?
  170. Need a suggestion for a quilt
  171. How many projects do you work on...
  172. Golden Threads Quilting Paper
  173. Need Long arm quilting advice
  174. Has anyone quilted with a Pfaff Creative 4.0 using Grand Dreams Hoop?
  175. Looking for a Pattern
  176. question about your quilt guild
  177. Please Help Me Identify this Charm Pack
  178. Do quilters believe that imitation.....
  179. Free-Standing Quilt Display at a Craft Show?
  180. Need more help with diagonal cutting!!!
  181. Nervous, high anxiety to start on my first quilt by myself......
  182. First Post...Machine Question
  183. How Many Quilts Have You Made?????
  184. Tension setting for Juki TL-2010Q
  185. Has anyone ever done "sandwitching", this way?
  186. Need Help With Diagonal Pieced Backing
  187. Quilt Top Repair
  188. International Shipping - fabric online
  189. Need opinion on squaring up/quilting a table runner
  190. In over my head with quilts!
  191. New (to me) quilt artist
  192. Can you name this pattern?
  193. Redbird in the bowers
  194. How do I make a Pumpkin with Lil' Twister ruler?
  195. Newbie Question
  196. Cleaning a Quilt
  197. Embroidery machine
  198. Backing quilt with fleece
  199. Quilt shops on the Southern Maine Coast
  200. Another Biscuit Quilt Question
  201. Irish Chain Quilt
  202. Quilt Shows Pros and Cons
  203. Beginner! Snowball quilt's corners problem. HELP!
  204. Do I need a Featherweight?
  205. Outstanding service
  206. Where's Waldo type fabric?
  207. Hand-quilting Question?
  208. Vintage thread spools?
  209. Sewing Machines with Built in Walking Foot
  210. Virginia Avery passed away Sept. 8th
  211. My new panel
  212. Stained Glass QAYG method
  213. ? Batik's
  214. Stab stitch needles?
  215. Biscuit or Puff quilt question
  216. T-Shirt Quilt Book
  217. Looking for Pattern suggestions...
  218. Quilt necklace found on Pinterest
  219. batik question
  220. MH Designs Growth Chart?
  221. Janome 6600 & Hinterberg Frame
  222. Life's a stitch, LLC.
  223. Janome 12000
  224. New Embroidery machine-Please help with advice!
  225. Half rectangles help?
  226. Need Advice on an Unfinished for a dear friend...
  227. Bernina's Extra Feet????
  228. ruffleless dust ruffle pattern sought
  229. New machine dilema!
  230. QASG Quilt
  231. Secret santa
  232. Twister pattern
  233. Question about tying a quilt
  234. Quilt Halo
  235. Batik Beauty
  236. sewing machine needles
  237. If I have to rip out these stitches one more time...
  238. batting seam tape
  239. What is this? Hoping you can help!
  240. Thank you
  241. Looking for this fabric.
  242. A plea for smaller pictures (for our Gallery, and in general)
  243. Ready to start another quilt
  244. Need help with ideas for non-sewist group.
  245. How to charge for tabletopper
  246. Suggestions, please
  247. Joann's and Hancocks coupons
  248. I may have a future quilter right under my roof!
  249. Has anyone ever done a quilt for someone who has passed away???
  250. Bailey's you will have my business