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  1. HELP!!!! Need Hat Pattern
  2. does any one own a pro flex quilting frame... need help
  3. thread
  4. Crazy Quilt
  5. mistakes I've made
  6. Garden gloves for quilting
  7. How do I square strip of stacked coins that are not squared
  8. Paper piecing
  9. easy pattern for these fat quarters
  10. treadle machine ?
  11. What's it worth?
  12. Help me with binding selection...
  13. Panama City, Florida-Quilts on the Bay
  14. Feed sack fabrics
  15. Bernia 440 BSR Question-HELP
  16. Landscape quilt - large area without quilting
  17. Do you know the name of this quilt block?
  18. Picture
  19. If there's one thing I've learned ...
  20. Took the plunge and I'm so excited!
  21. For those with a Juki 98/200/2010 - binder foot?
  22. Advise Needed for Memory Quilt
  23. newbie block of the month question
  24. Pattern for crib bumper
  25. Birthing a quilt
  26. Opinions on the Singer Futura Quartet on Hsn TS?
  27. I can't figure this out......
  28. Table Cloth Pattern
  29. How much should I charge??? help
  30. Paper piecing info
  31. security blankie
  32. One More Walking Foot Convert and One More Question
  33. Spool of thread instead of a wound bobbin?
  34. Best thimble I have ever used!
  35. Log Cabin Trim Tool Two
  36. Table top ?? Quilter
  37. Need help with a quilting dilemma
  38. Need help locating tissue holder pattern
  39. Fairy House made of fabric.
  40. Interesting gadget...anyone try it?
  41. Antique quilts
  42. Scrap Christmas ornament
  43. scrappy quilts using 2.5" squares
  44. Giving ten minute table runners as Christmas gifts?
  45. Using polyester batting for first time...
  46. I went shopping also
  47. Borders?
  48. Shopping spree today
  49. It's Election Night - Let's Sew!
  50. Sewing machine for grand-daughter??
  51. Paper Piecing
  52. Need assist on cutting out the quilt back. Am really stuck for what to do.
  53. What go pay friend who's stippling a baby quilt??
  54. Update on my new pattern!
  55. "Big Momma"(?) batting
  56. Need help please
  57. Warmer!
  58. No EQ8 in the foreseeable future
  59. Gift for friend who sews?
  60. How to put out an iron fire?
  61. Foolish cheapness
  62. Sewing Machine Needles?
  63. Pattern for pinwheel block
  64. Scallop Edge Pinking Scissors
  65. Please help! Searching for a Log cabin block
  66. I need someone who knows long arm quilting frames to look at this
  67. Is there a difference between Hobbs Heirloom & Tuscany cotton battings?
  68. New to this, and confused!
  69. Yeeeessshhhh !!! need help with foriegn measures
  70. Question about using Elmer's school glue to baste
  71. looking for inexpensive storage bags...
  72. A fairly decent score!
  73. A couple of questions on my Janome re: 1/4" foot & needles
  74. Flannel scraps approx 12" x WOF
  75. Curve master foot
  76. Color of thread to use for quilting
  77. Working with flannel and the Supreme Sliders
  78. Question on having your sewing machine repaired.
  79. Beginner machine?
  80. Thread for free motion quilting
  81. Question on a sampler quilt?
  82. I am a believer.
  83. Attn: Long Arm Quilters
  84. Hanging Sleeve
  85. Printing on Fabric -- do you know how?
  86. quilted "cuff bracelet"
  87. Topstitching???
  88. silk slips and slides. Help!
  89. Can you give suggestions on fullness in block?
  90. Opinions Please, Mega Quilter & Inspira Frame Price Confirmation
  91. I need binding help pretty please...
  92. Does anyone know the name of this fabric?
  93. Fabric stash
  94. Bernina repair parts
  95. Do walking feet wear out?
  96. Houston International Quilt Show
  97. Do you iron your backing? OR...?????
  98. Cutting Vs Tearing-- How do you make sure your backing is cut straight?
  99. Serger ?
  100. Feedback on Sapphire 835
  101. Books For Long Arm quilters
  102. use polition signs for fabric storage boards????
  103. design gurus, scrap masters, geniuses at large - help!
  104. What makes a quilt a Welsh Quilt?
  105. Using snap hoops for embroidery and quilting
  106. SUggestions on Christmas placemants
  107. Houston Quilt show
  108. Why do machines "like" threads?
  109. Please diagnose my machine
  110. Dear Jane in person
  111. Quilt as you go ?
  112. preparing to quilt my first quilt
  113. Portable design wall question
  114. Binding circles ?
  115. What do you listen to while you quilt?
  116. Tutorial I need help with
  117. Confusion about walking foot
  118. Paper Piecing Miniatures - Can you recommend....
  119. Question for anyone who has made a rag quilt with Accuquilt Rag Die?
  120. Pfaff Grand Quilter
  121. Help with Selvages Please
  122. ebay pricing of quilting Stencils
  123. Help!!
  124. Hiding thread ends or just cutting them off
  125. Safety first pretty please.
  126. Need help finding the name of a pattern
  127. Has anyone tackled the Lecien Vintage Tiles Revisited BOM??
  128. Hawaiian Quilt
  129. Pineapple Blossom
  130. 1st Craft Show of the season - results
  131. Safety first pretty please.
  132. triangle problem
  133. What is best for fabric/quilt storage
  134. Baby quilt for my first grandchild.
  135. Do You Quilt for Others on your Tin Lizzie?
  136. End of Daylight Savings time means an Extra Hour of Quilting
  137. Where are the 108" wide fabrics in JoAnn's?
  138. Fall table runner
  139. Quilt show freebies - HOUSTON
  140. Templates
  141. ?Quilt shops in Eugene and Roseburg Oregon?
  142. need help thinking about t-shirt quilt!
  143. Disapointing Quilt Show
  144. I did it! Now questions...
  145. Paper Piecing question
  146. ? about using decorative stitches in quilting
  147. How Long Does Gold Leaf Outlining Last on Asian Sytle Prints?
  148. Are there any quilters here around Mt Dora, Fl?
  149. What do you do when you have a lot of bobbins with bits of thread?
  150. Buying fabric online
  151. Can't remember what the pattern is....
  152. 1961 beige Featherweight 221J
  153. Formula for figuring out binding?
  154. quilter's dilemma
  155. wonderful quilt kit
  156. just wondering
  157. Using Different Fabrics in Quilts
  158. Jelly Rolls--assorted prints of 1 color
  159. Newbie quilter & member.....
  160. Finally got a new machine
  161. 6 fat quarters quilt challange
  162. Are you working outside your comfort zone...I am...
  163. I love gradpa
  164. Free motion designs on fabric
  165. today at the library...
  166. Do you know this pattern?
  167. Looking for a pattern--lattice quilt
  168. Ideas Needed for pink and brown print quilt
  169. What is important to know, for Log Cabin
  170. Mariner's Compass pattern
  171. Q- Snap frame
  172. Need suggestions for "woodsy" quilt!
  173. Let's talk about thread!
  174. Wait for it... Wait for it.... Wait for it....
  175. I need help with a binding question.
  176. So I did it . . .
  177. For those of you with multiple sewing machines....
  178. Golden Threads
  179. Applique' question, and lessons learned...
  180. lighting for new sewing room
  181. Preventing 1/4" seams from Unravelling
  182. Walking foot question
  183. Quilter's Cruise Control
  184. Thinking about buying my first quilting machine... Any advice?
  185. Quilting Books and the Size of the Quilts in Them
  186. Kona Premium Muslin?
  187. My quilt-as-you-go quilt is finished
  188. Question about charity quilt size
  189. Table Runner Hot Pad
  190. Appliqued Quilt Top Kits: ISO
  191. Selling quilt top on ebay
  192. Synthrapol
  193. Pattern
  194. So excited about the quilting classes I have signed up for, starting this Sat.
  195. Stack & cut? What is the pattern?
  196. looking for a member's avatar picture
  197. Do you have good tips for making the backing of your quilt?
  198. Machine maintenance
  199. Removing a broken needle from sewing machine
  200. Need size for quilted pillow
  201. Bobbin Work
  202. How do you folks organize your fabrics?
  203. Looking for A Pattern
  204. Brother Laura Ashley machine
  205. Ideas needed for quilt
  206. Quilt Guild lessons
  207. My first ribbon
  208. Newbie Confusion
  209. quilt in a day sale
  210. Need help sewing Minkee
  211. knotting warm and natural quilt
  212. nine patch squares help
  213. Is anyone here going to Houston?
  214. Leah Day On Craftsy
  215. scared to cut scraps
  216. old faithful gave up on me
  217. Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt
  218. Batik Bleeding
  219. How to quilt a busy pattern
  220. Joining Judy's3Mystery Train quilt...
  221. First Quilt Block!
  222. Beginners Applique Question
  223. Pressing seams open or to the side? And why?
  224. Getting ready to go on Quilt Retreat need advice
  225. Heard of stretching machines?
  226. Looking for Moda Pure by Sweetwater
  227. Christmas Fun
  228. Karen Kay Buckley Scissors
  229. Aurifil thread from Tristan in Canada
  230. Not to be stupid, but do you know about Quilterscache?
  231. Quilt Shops in Japan
  232. sewing half square triangles without marking the squares
  233. A very easy way to make ruffles.....
  234. Free Motion Quilting ideas
  235. How would you use this fabric?
  236. Walking foot?
  237. Why does a thread in the fabric get pulled?
  238. Please share your tips when using flannel
  239. What size is that block?????????????
  240. Lightweight Batting Alternative?
  241. Can I make anything pretty out of this?
  242. Need Help with Husqvarna Daisy 330
  243. Help! How should I quilt this?
  244. Desperate--Monopoly thread keeps breaking
  245. HELP! Rag, Puff quilt enlarging.
  246. Does anyone know the name of this pattern?
  247. She had to be avquilter!
  248. Looking for machine advice
  249. Elm Creek series new book out
  250. Hickory nut question