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  1. uneven quilt
  2. Need help with a T shirt quilt
  3. Preschool quilt help!
  4. Need help finding fabric....
  5. Found a treasure trove of a shop
  6. Cheap Jelly Rolls?
  7. To our Australian Friends
  8. Pattern or Design for Challah Cover
  9. need ideas for 'Radiant Suns' quilting
  10. BabyLock Jewel or Crown Jewel? Opinions please.....
  11. Quilt Design Programs
  12. How do you make the diamond quilt?
  13. T-shirt quilts
  14. Pathchwork design book with quilting blocks and accompaning block designs...?
  15. Rag Quilt
  16. creating a new bargello design?
  17. Does Joanne fabrics price match ?
  18. help me see this from another perspective, please
  19. Pricing Quilts
  20. I love this!
  21. which batting for a doggie quilt?
  22. Accessory organizer/tote?
  23. Question About Fabric Manufacturers
  24. Senior Discount at JoAnn
  25. Three days and counting....fffffmq
  26. my latest projects
  27. Has anyone tried Invisafil thread for invisible machine applique?
  28. Anyone else suffer from neck and shoulder pain while sewing?
  29. Has anyone ever used Keepsake Quilting cutouts?
  30. I'm about to purchase a new sewing/embroidery machine.......
  31. So what sewing/quilting thing work on today?
  32. Jelly Roll Quilt Race...found my roll!
  33. Cutting question
  34. Need your Help with PP pattern.
  35. If you had $1000, which machine would you purchase?
  36. etsy people again - sorry about all the questions
  37. Question about Gutermann Machine Quilting Thread
  38. Deciphering quilt patterns
  39. Longarm Bobbin Pigtail
  40. Carolina Christmas quilt by Bonnie Hunter
  41. Need some help with Dresden Plate please!
  42. Tumbling Block Quilt Help
  43. Recognize this pattern?
  44. How can I repair a small cut in quilt backing?
  45. What is your definition of "NEW" fabric??
  46. help planning a carpenter star quilt
  47. Loose threads and Machine Quilting
  48. Have you ever held (or been to) a fabric yard sale?
  49. Coroplast at Home Depot
  50. Is It Time to Replace My Cutting Mat?
  51. Pinwheels
  52. Is there a tutorial on calculating fabric requirements?
  53. need suggestions
  54. Old Embroidery quilt
  55. Help! Need pattern inspiration for 8 batiks
  56. Information Regarding Keepsake Quilting
  57. Bernette H79 Embroidery Machine Help
  58. Overheard at Joanne's
  59. Any Tips Before Starting a Bargello pattern???
  60. need advice please
  61. Memory Failure!!
  62. How much thread for a quilt?
  63. Trash Bag
  64. Batting tape
  65. slippery table issue - solved
  66. What tools of the trade will I need as a beginner?
  67. quilt making me dizzy
  68. How to change the size without big borders?
  69. Straightened My Stash
  70. Thread Shredding
  71. Viking Designer II 4D dcard Reader Writer Kit
  72. Looking for a free twisted bargello wallhanging pattern!!!
  73. Electric blade sharpener
  74. Free-Motion Quilting, Thick or Thin?
  75. Fabric for Folded Dahlia Pillow
  76. Is it too risky? Tell me why I should - or shouldn't - order these!
  77. Yellow Brick Road help
  78. Need help! how much fabric to buy
  79. Help.....sewing around curves
  80. Looking For A Beach Themed Quilt Pattern
  81. Question re: Bernina BSR and thread tension
  82. Great Tip from Fons & Porter **Photo Added**
  83. Connecting
  84. This pattern called to me! Bella Verona.
  85. Need help identify quilt
  86. Brown bag challenge
  87. a scrappy question
  88. Removing pencil markings from a quilt top
  89. Tumbling blocks out of charm packs?
  90. Twister tool
  91. re 50 paper pieced stars
  92. What to do with 2 gorgeous jelly rolls?
  93. Quiltsmart products
  94. question for quilter's with machine/frame set up
  95. Follow up on threads...
  96. Crazy quilt
  97. Wool batting and washing
  98. Batting pieces?
  99. Dear Jane or Pony Club????????
  100. UPDATE To embroidery help...
  101. bought a new book/author signed it
  102. something to ponder.....
  103. Cupcake Pincushion Surprise
  104. Need easy 2.5" strip patterns!
  105. Hopefully someone has an answer
  106. How do you store you Accuquilt Dies?
  107. need ruler with metal edge
  108. How much yardage to buy on speculation?
  109. Bernina 830
  110. How to wash/clean these quilts?
  111. Oklahoma City Quilt Show
  112. What is your opinion on Walmart's fabric and dept?
  113. Update to Yikes, look what I did!
  114. just got back from Mary Jo's cotton going up!!!!
  115. Interesting News in This Week's Newsletter from Allbrands...
  116. Billie Lauder one block, 24 different looks with value placement
  117. Need help with figuring out queen size
  118. Back to the drawing board...
  119. Flynn Free Motion quilting table
  120. I remember when I could buy......
  121. Sort Of FMQ Question
  122. Quilting software question
  123. Thought I was losing my mind
  124. Please "do the math" for me!
  125. Easy Potholder made from 9 Patch Wonder Block
  126. Stitching in the "ditch" question...
  127. Help with creative design?
  128. Batting
  129. Advice required from UK members re Lakeland slider substitute
  130. Help with twister pattern
  131. Does your quilting guild sponsor Challenges/
  132. batting
  133. Looking for warmer batting
  134. T-Shirt left-overs?
  135. Aurifil Threads, which colors are a must have.
  136. Super Bowl Sunday Mystery Quilt
  137. looking for a pattern in a magazine . ??
  138. Jude and over sized blocks
  139. batting for free motion practice?
  140. Many Thank You's
  141. Help needed, using plush (cuddle) fleece as a backing on jean quilt, tips?
  142. Fraying
  143. To wash the backing or not
  144. My head is spinning about thread info!
  145. Quilter's Newsletter - UK stockists?
  146. Picture Quilts
  147. I need a 50% off Joanne Fabric coupon links
  148. Organizing Fabric
  149. it needs something....suggestions?
  150. how to make ribbon boarder
  151. On a scale of 1-3, how serious are you? JUST FOR FUN!
  152. I would like to make a wider top to put on my ironing board
  153. snap bag tute
  154. Recommendation for printing color to fabric?
  155. Edge joining foot and Stitch in the Ditch foot are the same?
  156. selling on etsy
  157. Quilting gets a shout-out in Southern Living Mag
  158. Update on flying geese fiasco
  159. Quilters Dream Puff Batting?
  160. I just realized Fusible Webbing and Heat N Bond are NOT the same thing.
  161. Twister Heart needs to be quilted
  162. Funky Folds?
  163. Pfaff QE4 free-motion question please please help
  164. Patterns
  165. A FMQ question for all of you feather quilters
  166. Janome question ~
  167. How do you pre-shrink batting
  168. Quilting Inspiration in Israel
  169. When do you mark quilt lines on your quilt tops?
  170. Machines-New or Old?
  171. Fabric Shop in Old Jerusalem
  172. Saw an interesting technique
  173. Broken Kenmore? Fix or replace
  174. Women of the Bible
  175. Looking for Helen Ryan's Kimono Doll Pattern
  176. Which background fabric would you use?
  177. underground railroad quilts
  178. searching yellow flannel
  179. Paper pieced part of a quilt?
  180. Just a heads up!
  181. Squaring Up Log Cabin Block
  182. Quilting Pet Peeve
  183. Purse pattern from Quilt Magazine
  184. Applique question about thread
  185. entrance Fee's for GUILD shows!
  186. When you FMQ quilt on a domestic machine,
  187. Hate to bother everyone...again
  188. Question son Disappearing 9 patch
  189. 20 fat quarter quilt
  190. Embroidery HELP needed...
  191. Rotary Cutter
  192. Passionate Purple Quilt
  193. Yikes look what I did, what shoud I do?
  194. Jefferson, tx quilt show
  195. Alternative to basting
  196. Carrying tote for rotary cutter mats, supplies
  197. Singer 431-G
  198. Great tip from Fons & Porter
  199. Redwork: Do you need to use a hoop?
  200. Help with flying geese - AGAIN. I am so dense :)
  201. Pinwheel help
  202. Mfg. Patterns ?
  203. Monthly Jelly Roll Clubs?
  204. Another Project on My List - What was I thinking?
  205. Needle sharpening pad
  206. The start of my first quilt...
  207. ? on HST sizes
  208. I'm nervous! I've never made a "scrappy" quilt before!!! :/
  209. The joy of a real sewing table
  210. What color would you choose?
  211. Tidying up at last
  212. Help! How do I pack my Janome 11000?
  213. Hopping foot
  214. Help locating this quilt pattern!
  215. I have a question for the quilt police!
  216. Who knew?! old New Home JA 1508 - sews great/can FMQ on it!!
  217. Paper piece to regular pattern piece
  218. New Sewing machine; Wow!
  219. Changing thread brand and type in the middle of a project???
  220. Substitute for Golden Threads Paper
  221. Quilting Prices
  222. Pfaff Select 4
  223. Hawthorne Threads
  224. using pellon gird paper
  225. I would love to see pictures of your all-cream/all-beige quilts!
  226. Kleenex holder tute
  227. Downloaded jelly roll book
  228. The Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show
  229. Husqvarna 875 v Pfaff Expressions 4 for FMQ
  230. Those who made IRONING BOARD COVERS I have a ????????
  231. Anyone from Augusta, GA or close to there?
  232. T shirts quilt
  233. Hobbs heirloom fusible question
  234. Centre of Dresden Plate Color?
  235. quilt for my son
  236. What do you get when you put red, aqua, and white together?
  237. Fitting a modern Brother machine to a vintage Stradivaro cabinet/desk?
  238. Oops, tightened it a bit too much!
  239. Fleece for batting?
  240. snipits
  241. frosted memories quilt pattern
  242. FMQ on Flannel - any pointers?
  243. vintage flower garden, quilting or ties?
  244. Carolina Christmas
  245. Points on flying geese (they fly away into the seam)
  246. What to charge??
  247. Pound puppies quilt
  248. New Applique Book
  249. Charms vs Layer Cakes vs Jelly Rolls vs Fat Quarters....
  250. New Applique Book