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  1. Cutting fabric wrong?
  2. Japanese fabrics
  3. Different Scissors for Different Uses
  4. Wondering what this block is called
  5. My double wedding ring quilt again NEED HELP
  6. Need help please!
  7. Sheets as a backing
  8. Need help with a wheel chair cover.
  9. The "Fan" design Quilt frame on eBay--anyone actually use one?
  10. DSM harp size
  11. fabric search
  12. Bailey's Home Quilter
  13. Brother 1500s setup - inset into table?
  14. Who's done this?
  15. Bernina 930 machine question
  16. Innova and Glide Bobbins
  17. Should I get this second machine?
  18. Irish Chain Quilt?
  19. Need suggestions for quilting -
  20. Longarmming and thread
  21. Nonslip potholder ideas
  22. Trouble with Horrizon
  23. Selling Quilts from Magazine Patterns?
  24. Opinions on Baby Lock machines
  25. Ideas for a quilt label for a wedding quilt
  26. Overwhelmed by my stash
  27. Cutting table / ironing board size?
  28. help finding flowers for applique
  29. I used up all my Misc batting,
  30. Bloc loc rulers
  31. How do you keep fabric from raveling?
  32. Tackle Box as a Kit
  33. Baby Lock Tiara price
  34. Janome Horrizon:
  35. Opinions on Brother?
  36. Bailey 15
  37. Sewing Machine Prices
  38. How much quilting do you like on your quilts?
  39. Hand Quilting: To Knot...or NOT
  40. What do you think?
  41. Are there feed dogs on a sit-down quilter?
  42. Questions on making Art quilts
  43. help finding a quilt posted on qb
  44. Who? What?: Brother Dreamweaver
  45. the old lavender singer
  46. Working on a tshirts quilt
  47. Magazines
  48. Need quilting suggestions for a special quilt, please!
  49. Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam Quilt Blocks
  50. Using Pre-cut fabric
  51. Tumbler Quilt Question ?
  52. How do I make these OBW's into square blocks?
  53. More Bargello advice, please....
  54. Parts for Qbot
  55. round Robins
  56. Want to Make a Bookcase Quilt...Need Advice
  57. Need help
  58. Does anyone have a method for laying out a vine boarder????
  59. Two-colour quilt?
  60. Need help with new machne
  61. FMQ on Brother ult2003 (Disney) Embroidery Machine, thread help please.
  62. How Often Do You Upgrade Your Sewing Machine?
  63. Wonder Clips size
  64. Question about pattern making
  65. ThreadArt threads arrived ... wow and a question
  66. Missouri Quilt Company
  67. rag quilt
  68. Happy camper
  69. Making half square triangles question
  70. Machine quilting with a double needle??!!
  71. Pattern suggestion please for 3 inch squares
  72. What is a "leader-Ender" project?
  73. All white embroidery!
  74. Misto spary bottle and Elmers Glue
  75. Squaring a Quilt Block
  76. Free Shipping code Nancy's Notions
  77. Looking for ideas for an artisan fair
  78. What's your slant on those new LA-type machines I'm seeing around?
  79. Trouble w/ Bernina 830. Help please!
  80. So many colors-which should I use
  81. Would you give your first quilt...
  82. Looking for fabric
  83. Jenny Haskins
  84. Sioux City quilt shop - Heart and Hand
  85. Border suggestions?
  86. Wonder Clips
  87. Products Vicki Welsh recommened for color control
  88. ??? about rag quilt.....
  89. How to get brown paper off template.
  90. If this works- I'm hooked (or glued)
  91. I can't figure it out!
  92. Spray basting vs glue basting
  93. Have you used a Bloc Loc strip set ruler?
  94. Needing some ideas / suggestions please
  95. Fixing tension problem - thank goodness for the internet
  96. No mistakes, only artistic additions!
  97. Obsessed quilter - literally designing quilts in my sleep
  98. It turns out I really LIKE cutting fabric
  99. Could there be a long arm in my future?
  100. Fabric Search
  101. Bernina Embroidery machine Deco 330
  102. Which background fabric???
  103. Found fabric in stash. Not sure what to do with it. Ideas?
  104. Handiquilter vs Babylock vs Viking Mid and Long Arm
  105. What do you use to keep your foot pedal from moving around?
  106. Knee Controller
  107. walking foot?
  108. What type of quilting would you do???
  109. Machine Quilter's Showcase
  110. Sewing embroidery machine?
  111. QUILT WITH EBROIDERY AND pieced blocks
  112. Help with Batiks, and tiedye fabric
  113. used Babylock BLDC2 - should I buy?
  114. Steady Betty?
  115. Runner for church
  116. Sewing quilt sandwich together
  117. Rulers for long arm quilting
  118. Advice on Longarm Quilting machines
  119. Please help me find a pattern !!
  120. PurplePassion - surprise of the day!
  121. Stardust quilt
  122. Design wall woe..
  123. SIZZIX - Did I make a mistake?
  124. Does anyone have an ironing cover for their cutting table?
  125. Glue basting for weaklings
  126. What do you call....
  127. which machine do you prefer?
  128. Seam guide for sewing machine
  129. Straight line Machine quilting
  130. Help Looking for those top tips for the Elmer glue bottles???
  131. In Search of this Fabric.
  132. Fun day to get back in sewing
  133. ready to call this one a baller.
  134. Another Silk Tie Pillow Question
  135. Photo Fabric Paper
  136. Help needed on Brother PE770
  137. I have a problem with marking my quilt
  138. "Go" Cutter or Brother Scan N Cut
  139. copyrights
  140. Manitoba Prairie Quilters Show - guess what I bought!
  141. QuiltSoft
  142. Quilter's Fabricalc?
  143. a book on the block?
  144. Best way to get starched and ironed fabric to class?
  145. Sew and flip 'leftover' triangles recycling ideas please!
  146. International Quilt Show- Cinti???
  147. Did anyone attend?
  148. Need some help
  149. Making a quilt with the chevron material "for a baby quilt"
  150. 505 Spray basting
  151. Quilt label placement for show?
  152. how many layers are too many
  153. Chuckle: My "built in bluetooth" fabric
  154. Fat Quarter Quilt pattern for large prints
  155. How would you attach this set of borders?
  156. Quilting design for my hunters star
  157. Felt Question
  158. Quilting machine opportunity
  159. From Don-isewman--??? for anyone
  160. Pressing seams one direction or open?
  161. Radiance
  162. Color coding sewing machine needles
  163. Log Cabin oops....can I fix this?
  164. Please help locate this pattern!
  165. HQ Avante 18
  166. Muslin Backing
  167. Pearl and Sequin Presser Foot ESG-PP for Baby Lock
  168. Pre-Washing Charms Experiment!
  169. Repairing an older quilt
  170. Best Press Question
  171. Batting wrinkles
  172. Brother PQ1500 and Grace stitch regulator question
  173. Fleece pieced quilt top?
  174. confused about cutting 30 degree angles
  175. Cleveland area quilters, where do you buy your flannel?
  176. ggrrrr... cut through fabric
  177. Don't Prewash Red Fabric???
  178. what am i supposed to do with the thread tails?
  179. It's A BOY~~~~~~~
  180. Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt
  181. Wash before entering in County Fair?
  182. What's a good choice for a second sewing machine?
  183. Ohio Star
  184. Best Needle Threader for poor eyes
  185. First completed Whole Cloth Practice quilt using New Baby
  186. Looking for a pattern
  187. Help in printing on Newsprint Foundation paper
  188. Need help finding projects PLEASE
  189. Corners
  190. Passover gift suggestions?
  191. Long arm Supplies
  192. By American terms what does a double measure?
  193. Warm and natural versus Hobbs cotton with scrim
  194. What is a good circle template to purchase? I'd like to make a quilt with circles.
  195. Fyleron bag
  196. Good Fabric
  197. Cabinet for Crescendo machine
  198. How artsy can I get with quilting?
  199. What made you decide to go from quilting on DSM to mid/long arm?
  200. How does Hobbs 80/20 hold up to many, many washings?
  201. Read the labels on the end of the bolt
  202. Saving money becoming expensive ...
  203. Need help...
  204. Washing a new quilt
  205. how to transfer applique placement?
  206. Janome 8900 Question
  207. Stash question: If you live in two homes, how do you divide your stash??
  208. New Fons & Porter DVDs
  209. Finally finished a quilt top (my first), now what?
  210. quilting with silk
  211. Thread Painting Stabilizer? Which one?
  212. When to square up blocks?
  213. What do you know about Hobby Lobby?
  214. Question about borders
  215. What happened to all the Batiks at Connecting Threads?
  216. cresendo bobbins
  217. a little discouraged
  218. Need Help Using Alphabet Stitches
  219. Hand piecing
  220. Border Fabrics?
  221. Free motion quilting on Front or Back
  222. Cleaning Rowenta
  223. Bargello colors FINALLY!!
  224. Basting Spray
  225. Need an opinion on colors
  226. Black or Jet Black
  227. Find of the day
  228. Thread strength?
  229. Looking for cutting Ruler
  230. oiling machine
  231. What blocks do you think quilters should learn?
  232. I Love my job-Harriet
  233. Favorite fabric marking tool??
  234. Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo - Feedback - is it just me?
  235. looking for a name...
  236. Just hung a quilt
  237. star quilt
  238. Do you use pencils to mark outlines
  239. help with border choice
  240. Back from Pigeon Forge Quiltfest
  241. Wavy borders - need suggestions for long arm quilting
  242. Help with this pattern
  243. I need help fast ,quilt pattern ,easy 3 colors
  244. eq 6
  245. Lil Twister tool...
  246. Pfaff 1200 Hobby Grand Quilter "presser foot" problem causing my thread to break
  247. John James Twin Pointed Stab Stitch needles, anyone ever use them?
  248. Clover fork pins
  249. I Scored Today!
  250. Should I Or Shouldn't I? Opinions, Please

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