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  1. 9 patch and 4 patch ruler by jody barrows
  2. ALCO stores closing fabric department
  3. many thanks for mega quilter help
  4. What do you practice your Free Motion Quilting on?
  5. Question about threads?
  6. Brother Quattro 6000D
  7. i got a huge car load of fabric
  8. Bottom Line Thread and needle size
  9. Olfa circle cutter
  10. butterfly quilt patterns
  11. I got to look at WalMart's big book
  12. Spray Starch (homemade)
  13. Quilting Books
  14. Went to a quilt show and this is my loot! LOL
  15. Janome 8080
  16. Anybody doing Hazel Ilene Quilt Along?
  17. What's the nicest thing that anyone has said...
  18. ? about hanging a quilt
  19. Springfield MO Fabric shopping
  20. Need some opinions on border fabric (pics included)
  21. Help, Overwhelmed but Happy!
  22. masculine blue fabric?
  23. Washing Fabric
  24. "Where is my department today?"
  25. How much time to make a Bow Tuck Bag?
  26. Starching fabric?
  27. Types of batting for hand quilting
  28. What is your favorite large block contemporary pattern?
  29. heart quilt
  30. Looking for.......
  31. 221 To Lubricate the Motor
  32. question for everyone
  33. I''m new to quilting but........
  34. How Do You Design/Create a PP Pattern?
  35. Back Pack Pattern?
  36. How often do you change...
  37. Singer Quantum 200
  38. What batting should I use?
  39. Pin wheel seams need Ideas
  40. Feeling torn between projects (WIP)
  41. Dose your LQS
  42. Putting a name on a quilt
  43. looking for a pattern
  44. Kids Activity Quilt
  45. Viking Sapphire Drop in Tables?
  46. Cutting mat question
  47. Hand Quilting Needles
  48. Help!! Sewing machine not working
  49. How Young is Too Young?
  50. plastic quilting tables
  51. Question for L A Q
  52. wool batting
  53. Finding a Star Pattern
  54. Who is your first " quilting mentor"?
  55. Janome 3160DQC
  56. Book wanted
  57. Is it original if you alter a traditional quilt pattern?
  58. Help...looking for blog
  59. Have you ever used these?
  60. Received Fons and Porter DVD in mail - did not order
  61. Mixed bag at Paducah
  62. Douglasville, GA Walmart fabric
  63. Any Kaffe Fassett experts out there?
  65. Help! Looking for a pattern
  66. Using Home Dec Fabrics
  67. YAHOO
  68. featherweight221
  69. Best way to sell my fabric?
  70. Basting your batting, what is your process?
  71. Help with a potholder ?
  72. New Quilter -squaring up a nine patch question
  73. How many Pincushions does it take...
  74. hand project ideas for road trip
  75. Have you ever done an I-Spy quilt?
  76. Has anyone ever used a serger to piece a quilt top?
  77. July Fabshophop?
  78. Question about sewing machines.....
  79. Need help with Bow Tuck
  80. Quiltcut 2
  81. Does anyone have any "ebooks" or PDF's
  82. Looking for feedback on EQ6 or EQ7
  83. guys in quilt shops
  84. Building the stash from old clothes etc
  85. New Ballarat Patchwork Shop
  86. summer sewing
  87. Help for ideas for boys quilts.
  88. seen or have?
  89. Template Curiousity
  90. Etsy - thoughts on....
  91. What Pattern to Use with 6 Jewel Tone Fabrics - Suggestions Please
  92. Bow Tucks Tote Bag
  93. Speaking of Quilt Labels
  94. Quilt Labels
  95. Question?
  96. Ladies hankies for a quilt
  97. stinky Fiskars self healing cutting mat
  98. Need help with color please
  99. Do you baste your quilt??
  100. Macine Washing Hand Applique
  101. Look what my brother sent me! Quilting Books!!!!
  102. Game ideas?
  103. Block ID
  105. My Zig Zag Stitch Is Not Working
  106. Blankets for batting?
  107. County Fair
  108. Are your quilts for you? Or are they gifts?
  109. she won't use the quilt
  110. any other have incidents with the quilt police or is it just me?
  111. mitering corners
  112. hand quilting for left handed
  113. Juvenile quilt panels?
  114. Any Other Jinny Beyer Addicts about
  115. Brother XL-5130 Mechanical Sewing Machine Any one familiar with it?
  116. Use the same thread?
  117. Variegated Quilting Cotton thread?
  118. 2nd Block Challenge
  119. Lost Sharon SchamberNet's videos on how to baste a quilt with boards. Can anyone help me.
  120. Looking for Panda Bear Pattern
  121. Pay it Forward
  122. Blocks for a "hippie" quilt
  123. Question for Longarmers
  124. Found a treasure. . . now how to use it?
  125. newbie quilter
  126. MSU Quilt pattern/Ideas
  127. Cover/bag for the Nook?
  128. Which foot do I buy...and where?
  129. Lego Quilt
  130. Designing quilting pattern
  131. cleaning cutting board
  132. Would like info on EQ6 -7
  133. When does a WIP turn into a UFO?
  134. First Attempt at Creating Quilt Design
  135. what is
  136. Restoring Vintage Machine Cabinet
  137. wide backing
  138. Magnets - how close is too close???
  139. Sentimental Journey Quilt
  140. Keeping Track of your Dear Jane blocks
  141. Allergies & Washing Linty Jelly Rolls
  142. Table Runner
  143. startch question, again
  144. Bow Tucks Questions - Please help!
  145. Snowman Pattern...
  146. Blood on your quilt
  147. Quilt Magazines
  148. How do you put the prices on your items?
  149. I won!!
  150. What's a good Embroidery Machine
  151. What do you sew on???
  152. using EQ7
  153. Block Idea Help
  154. Interlocking French Braid Pattern
  155. Found Old Baby Quilt at Estate Sale, But.....
  156. Twist & Turn Bargello quilt book?
  157. can sew again
  158. Addicted To Bad Fabrics!
  159. Need Advertising HELP !
  160. Starch/Sizing
  161. Mark Lipinski and "Fabric Trends" Magazine
  162. Rent time with HQ16? How hard to use?
  163. Using sheets for backing
  164. Going to Mary Jo's tomorrow
  165. PE Design vs Embrid
  166. Cleaning Help - Brother PRW-5000 & PE-780S
  167. JoAnn's Block of the Month
  168. Looking for a pic of a Kalidescope quilt
  169. Colorado Beauty or Colorado Pass
  170. so consumed with my lqs experience i forgot to tell you about the quilt police!
  171. Long Arm Quilter questions.
  172. Jelly Roll Projects & What is a Jelly Roll? (Specialty Cut or make your own)
  173. Seamless color changes possible?
  174. Had to share
  175. Help me find a quilt I saw 2 days ago
  176. Have you made anything from the links or tutorials from this Quilting Board site?
  177. What have you made or bought anything since you found this Quilting Board site from reading messages!
  178. Need some advice....
  179. Huge Find
  181. Top Sheets for Fabric
  182. Chairs
  183. Which machine for my granddaughter
  184. trouble with walking foot
  185. ideas for new quilter
  186. Embroidery Book
  187. Viking Mega Quilter
  188. Crazy Patch Quilt
  189. Bow Tucks on youtube?
  190. In charge of your own time.
  191. Young boy bed quilt
  192. Crazy Patch Quilt
  193. Do you sit outside to hand quilt or use sewing machine outside? Enjoy!
  194. extreme paper-piecing!
  196. Why Sew At Angle
  197. Wonder ruler
  198. How do I figure out yardage for this quilt?
  199. Bad Fabric, Good Fabric
  200. Favorite Online Fabric Shopping
  201. D9P Question
  202. please help me
  203. Lets talk LONG ARM and MID ARM quilting Machines for home use
  204. Janome 6600P
  205. Why I Overcast Raw Edges Before Washing
  206. Easy Quilted Jacket Pattern?
  207. Purse/Handbag/Tote interfacing
  208. Floorquilts, have any of you made one?
  209. BQ quilt?
  210. quilt pattern
  211. Flannel quilts
  212. Easy, cheap, effective base for purses
  213. Donating Fabric
  214. Thank you all for the warm welcomes
  215. fleece as batting????
  216. Sewing curved edges
  217. Is this you? The singing quilter
  218. Round Robin
  219. Portfolios
  220. Do you pre-shrink batting?
  221. AccuQuilt system ?s
  222. Attention: All Gentlemen-Quilters
  223. MY GOAL FOR THIS WEEK - Do you have any goals for this week?
  224. Are you going to make some Halloween & Fall Quilting projects? Let's Chit Chat!
  225. Have you made any Quilted Bed Runners? Let's Chit Chat!
  226. Rusted rotary cutters!
  227. I'm short of time, can you help?
  228. hit the jackpot
  229. Twin Pointed Handing Quilting Needles
  230. EQ 7
  231. Need Manual for this machine
  232. Help with a border problem please
  233. Leaders and enders
  234. Alphabet Stencils
  235. FMS how do you regulate stitch
  236. Sewing machines
  237. newbie needs to cover electrical box
  238. Quilting Software
  239. Coping as a left-hander
  240. Fabric searching...where do YOU look? Heres my top 3
  241. I need help... can I lay my quilt out like this?
  242. What do you think
  243. What fabrics are being used for this BOM
  244. How to keep your foot pedal from walking away...
  245. Umbrella quilt??????
  246. Marshall's
  247. Nov quilts for vets
  248. hit the jackpot
  249. ?giving your top to professional quilter??
  250. what size needle to use

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