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  1. Yay!!! I don't need my foot pedal any more!
  2. Could this work?
  3. Can you mic white and cream for the light colors?
  4. HUGE Mistake
  5. Bobbin Genies
  6. Long Arm Dilemma
  7. Question-Hobbs 80/20 fusible batting
  8. is Moda Marbles Baby White white enough?
  9. Working tips for really slippery minky type fabric
  10. Enough is Enough!
  11. Tired of repeating the same block
  12. What are you quilting must haves?
  13. Is there a thread about unloved, fed up with, unfinished quilts ?
  14. Examples of horizontal design?
  15. Do you use a Spacing Gauge to mark for Cross Hatch Quilting?
  16. Quilt for small camper
  17. color catchers
  18. Help! I'm having withdrawals!!!
  19. long arm frame
  20. Inspira Quilting Frame and Grand Quilter
  21. Pre-cut batting squares?
  22. shark steam iron UGH!
  23. Help With Pattern
  24. Plz!! Need help with bobbin on longarm
  25. Ruler with cutter attached
  26. Asian lattice
  27. Looking for red and black buffalo plaid in cotton not fleece or flannel
  28. ? About 24" Creative Grids Ruler
  29. So how do scallops go around the corners?
  30. Fabric at our WalMart
  31. Then And Now
  32. Hand quilting novice
  33. Can't find it!!!! Help?
  34. Straight lines
  35. Didn't need a long arm machine
  36. Keepsake Quilting Services?????
  37. Sewing machine finger guards
  38. Katahdin batting
  39. pfaff grand quilter 1200 thread fraying and skipping stitches
  40. OK, I'm sold.'s been really nice but I have a new love now.
  41. Disposing old quilting magazines
  42. Repairing old quilts
  43. Your opinion on the Brother Galaxy 3000
  44. Vintage quilt flimsies
  45. I need your help with finding previous post
  46. Metallic Thread
  47. Any idea where I can find this pattern? It's fabulous!
  48. Which fabric do you think I should use for binding?
  49. Machine Stitching Question
  50. hexies, diamonds, triangles, handpiecing, etc
  51. Woven labels to put on your Quilt
  52. brand of fabric
  53. Help for a newbie pls!
  54. Fabric Stores?
  55. That awful moment when...
  56. Janome 3160 QDC
  57. I WAS making son a Bargello, but he wants a San Diego Charger Quilt
  58. New Crescendo is Mine!
  59. Acid-free storage options
  60. How crazy is this?
  61. Hq sweet 16 owners - advice please
  62. New Pfaff Power Quilter 16.0 with Damage - UPDATE
  63. Moan, groan, why did I ever say I'd do this?
  64. Poly/Cotton blends
  65. Owners of Baby Lock Ellisimo quilting and embroidery machine --
  66. Need advice on new machine
  67. The Ulmer Quilter
  68. vintage quilt blocks, badly warped...what to do
  69. How Would You Do This?
  70. trying to figure out how to quilt this
  71. Fabrics fading
  72. spinoff- selvage users - question about washing of projects for non prewashers
  73. Advice wanted
  74. Quilt Shop in Alaska
  75. Hoopsisters Designs Stiff?
  76. Applique and scan n cut?
  77. The quick ripper
  78. ? For those that save the selvage edge
  79. Anyone know of a "Graceland" quilt block?
  80. Advice for beginner please: is this a good deal?
  81. Honest opinion needed on another Dresden Plate
  82. Super 60 ruler
  83. Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors for applique?
  84. Supreme Slider
  85. Portable ironing pad as see on Sewing with Nancy
  86. crayola washable markers vs the ultra washable markers
  87. General sewing question
  88. how to cut triangles
  89. Got my new Arrow sewing table- small gap problem fixed easily.
  90. Eq7
  91. Tension help
  92. Long arm quilter machine advice
  93. Feed dogs on DM, UP or Down?
  94. need help with border ideas - or not!
  95. Tools/gadgets..what is your experience with these?
  96. Which Serger? Brother 1034D or Janome 7933
  97. Batting for microwave bowl potholder
  98. I found a treasure in my closet :)
  99. judy neimeyer double wedding ring acrylic templates by Creative Grid
  100. Need ideas for quilting
  101. Is this enough quilting?
  102. Book to put on my wishlist?
  103. blade sharpeners
  104. Quilting Suggestions, Please
  105. Argh! Stupid mistake
  106. New Sewing Machine Purchase
  107. Color Value Tool?
  108. mantel cover or mantel scard
  109. Opinion
  110. How to Quilt This?
  111. Design Dye (paper that transfers color to fabrics)
  112. Rag quilt trying again............measurements
  113. Help w/Pattern
  114. Warning! Don't EVER give or donate ANYTHING EVER! lol
  115. How do YOU organize/manage your fabric?
  116. Old Quilting frame
  117. Janome at Joanns?
  118. Prairie Points
  119. Can you id this fabric, anyone. please?
  120. suggestions?
  121. ADVICE PLEASE: Hexies
  122. Placemat pattern
  123. Ruler that sharpens the rotary cutter?
  124. I have a question about those charm packs, jelly rolls, etc.
  125. Haven't been here since contemplating the purchase of my machine.
  126. olispro iron
  127. Combine hand and machine quilting?
  128. Prewash or not???...flannel for rag quilt??
  129. Hattisburg Ms quilt show
  130. Your Favorite Seam Ripper?
  131. Placemats
  132. Question About Putting Together A Coin Quilt
  133. Sylvia (miss zip and rip)
  134. setting tri's
  135. Suggestions for a quilt using 52 yards of different fabric!!!
  136. Fabric Storage?
  137. For any ME or NH members
  138. Birthing a quilt
  139. How to quilt this
  140. Best Online Quilt Stores?
  141. Row by Row Experience
  142. Garage Sale Find!
  143. Dimensions of Husqvarna Sapphire?
  144. Heavy muslin for photo printing?
  145. Organizing
  146. Need help finding chart.
  147. How do you decide
  148. Glue basting a quilt marked with wash-out pen
  149. Advice on Hand Quilting Frame
  150. Flannel
  151. Need Help
  152. binding--ice cream cone border.
  153. Questions about Vintage quilts
  154. My first BQ2 quilt ... how to quilt
  155. pincushion planter?
  156. Where can I buy this fabric
  157. Storing quilt tops
  158. Binding, Fabric Fraying & Pre Washing
  159. Big Stitch Quilting
  160. Does anyone know.....
  161. Problem with HQ 16: Help!!
  162. Help - Choose an insert strip for Bargello
  163. Question about painting sewing room
  164. Hst
  165. Cutting help requested
  166. Help needed ...looking for this fabric
  167. changing my way of thinking
  168. Paper Piecing
  169. Need Ideas
  170. Thoughts on a drop in sewing machine with a gap behind the machine
  171. Janome 2030QDC
  172. what to do?
  173. Juki Owners- Help Desperately Needed!
  174. Christmas Gifts
  175. Looking for quilt pattern made from half square log cabin blocks
  176. Fundraisers for a quilt guild
  177. rules for a round/roosting robin
  178. Warped Cutting Mat?
  179. Sulley Plantation Quilt Show
  180. Elmers glue on high loft batting?
  181. Craftsy Pictures to Pixels
  182. New Project for my nephew(?)
  183. Connecting threads line of thread....anyone used?
  184. It's BACK! Steam A Seam
  185. Hexagon and Square Quilt Pattern
  186. Would this work?
  187. Fmq
  188. Tilda fabrics
  189. 2 questions about wall hangings
  190. I just tried this
  191. half square triangle sizes
  192. Row by row
  193. How do you do it
  194. quilting over applique?
  195. What is the best method to sell a longarm?
  196. Elmer Glue Question
  197. quilted door banners
  198. favorite line/brand of rulers
  199. What to use for fill in??
  200. Shape Cut Pro
  201. Silicone Spray
  202. long arm quilting with skipped stitches
  203. Looking for brand name of muslin?
  204. Question about craft booth item....
  205. quilt ideas for bandanas
  206. Easing mismatched seams
  207. new 11000se vs used 12000
  208. UK quilters - where do you buy fabric?
  209. Machine Embroidery
  210. Is this a good tool to have??
  211. Knee Lift
  212. Fabric Questions
  213. Has anyone ever...
  214. blooming bias
  215. Juki Long Arm
  216. Rhino Cutting Mat?
  217. Birthday Party Favor Bag for my 90 year old Mom
  218. Help with wavy border
  219. Loving the sizzix!
  220. Do I need an expensive machine?
  221. Look into the future
  222. Border help!
  223. 3 fabric quilt ideas?
  224. Note to self
  225. How do you prep your fabric?
  226. Math Whoopsie
  227. It is amazing !
  228. Question about size
  229. Applique instead of quilting?
  230. What's on your design wall?
  231. Long Arm opinions
  232. Help needed to find a pattern
  233. Fons $ Porter show today
  234. Help! I can't use a foot pedal
  235. linen for quilt back
  236. amount of yardage to buy?
  237. Question About Baltimore Album
  238. looking for pattern and instructions
  239. Sunshine or star sunshine pattern?
  240. So excited! Accuquilt!
  241. Best quilt shops in Seattle WA area today?
  242. Hexie Quilts - How do you quilt yours? What pattern looks good?
  243. Buying Christmas Fabrics?
  244. Question about groups
  245. Help - check magazine for me?
  246. Creased Quilt
  247. Very thin wadding/batting
  248. Looking for baby quilt pattern
  249. How do I piece this medallion?
  250. Do people buy Accuquilt Dies for just one quilt??