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  1. hand quilter qnd hand piecing
  2. coloring blocks ?
  3. loopy machine update
  4. mixing fabric
  5. batting recommendations?
  6. Thanks for quilt show pictures
  7. Log Cabin Quilt
  8. black, white and red quilt with maybe lime green
  9. Quilt Guilds& Charity Work
  10. Return a fabric?
  11. baby quilt/embrodery marks question
  12. Machines
  13. What date do you use- Labels?
  14. I'm all flustered!!!
  15. Applique ?
  16. Bandana quilt
  17. special binding technique?
  18. Taking out machine quilting
  19. Need help to find good Christmas fabric.
  20. Quilting Terms
  21. pricing
  22. PFAFF quilt expression 4.0
  23. A question about online shops...
  24. All threads are not created equal
  25. Lattice tute in tutorial section
  26. From Don-isewman1
  27. From Don-isewman1-- A ?? for anyone..
  28. christmas tree skirt or table runner patterns
  29. need help finding a spin star pattern
  30. Wool Applique
  31. Dark wool batting - Looking for sources and advice on hand tying with it
  32. For those that watch QNNTV
  33. kalidescope quilts...
  34. Favorite online fabric shop?
  35. Block technique by Rhonda Woodsmall
  36. latest Fons and Porter--are the pages in yours goofed up?
  37. new problem--cutting and unraveling from mat
  38. Who do you think makes the best line of blender fabrics?
  39. Need help with totes made of plastic canvas(the kind u have on the table and just wipe off the mess,
  40. A good source for ...
  41. Mini Mystery
  42. New online quilt show, Mark and Jodie
  43. Thank you from Oregon
  44. New Chicken & Rooster Fabric
  45. School glue to repair a teddy bear??
  46. Piecing batting
  47. Table Cloth Quilts
  48. EQ6 users I need help.
  49. Good Housekeeper sewing machine Model 301
  50. Fractals and quilting
  51. Help with "quilt label"
  52. Lancaster, PA Quilt Show is now by AQS
  53. I treated myself today
  54. How much is 10 fat quarters in yards approximately?
  55. McCall's Quilting Adventures
  56. Quarter Square Triangle Blocks
  57. I should know this by now
  58. Necktie chair
  59. East Texas Quilt Retreat Oct 23,24 & 25 Come join in...
  60. What does your LQS do? Tear or cut?
  61. What is your favorite....
  62. How Many Quilts Have You Made
  63. creative quilt holders
  64. Hoopless quilting
  66. Wrongside applique
  67. Bailey 15inch quilting machine
  68. Beginner Sewing/Quilting Lessons (?)
  69. So frustrated I want to scream!!
  70. My great grandmothers quilt
  71. Labyrinth patterned quilts?
  72. Jelly Roll
  73. Brands that tend to fade
  74. What should I do -Needs to be easy and kind of plain
  75. Reverse stitching w/ an even feed foot
  76. In Search of Pattern for a Pink Ribbon Block/Quilt
  77. I machine sewed my label onto the back like advised here...
  78. How would you back & quilt this quilt top, found in barn, purchased at auction?
  79. How much should I sell the quilt for that I put in the county fair?
  80. Loosing my mind totally here, am very tempted to put my ragf quilt in the bin, or set fire to it....
  81. Ditch Quilting Foot
  82. Best Beginner Rotary Cutter
  83. Attention hand applique-ers!!!
  84. Questions on machine quilting
  85. AQS quilt appraisal program
  86. Kathy Sandback author/teacher/quilts... long message
  87. looking for pattern for 1 3/4 x 5 inch pieces
  88. Getting a new iron?
  89. Help for wavy borders
  90. PED-Basic Help
  91. I spoke with the lqs owner about being overcharged (and, her response to me).....
  92. This might be a dumb ? but...
  93. Copyright/NFL fabrics
  94. Purse
  95. Advise me on prices, please?
  96. How do you finish sewing the binding on?
  97. Come out! Come out, whoever you are!!!!!
  98. What do you use muslin for?
  99. Another Marriage Announcement
  100. Why Does This Happen To Me???
  101. Longarm quilting service - Eastern NC
  102. What causes bobbin thread to jam up?
  103. Lincoln's Legacy - Progress Report
  104. difference between thread....
  105. help with machine applique, please.
  106. What's the best way to
  107. How do I quilt this unusual quilt?
  108. Batting substitute?
  109. Joann's Has Lots of Fabs on Sale Today
  110. What kind of starch do you use?
  111. What do you think is the best SOLID fabric?
  113. Free quilting designs
  114. batting question
  115. what kind of batting is best for a table runner?
  116. Excuse me for being dumb
  117. Do you use surge protectors?
  118. Need help with picking out a pattern
  119. Squishies and firmies
  120. Flynn Quilting Frame
  121. Design Wall
  122. What do I do with unfinished Nosegays?
  123. I have a question on machine quilting...
  124. How critical are you of your own work?
  125. Anyone own a Janome Memory Craft 3000?
  126. Please take a quilting survey for a graduate art therapy student writing her thesis!
  127. what is anti pil????
  128. Batting and backing size - question
  129. what type of machine for the grace machine quilter pro?
  130. What quilting design would work best??????
  131. Help - Looking for [and Judy Gail Found] a Witch Pattern
  132. Back from library with 2 yrs of Quilter's Newsletter and The Girls From Ames
  133. Members meeting in Southern Indiana Northern Kentucky wanna come
  134. Quick Snap Quilting
  135. TO START A Long Arm Quilting BusIness
  136. Viking Machines?
  137. "Samovar Quilt Pattern" from Walmart
  138. Does anyone know what block this is?
  139. Juki TL-98 Q
  140. How successful is stretching / blocking a block?
  141. I need help in making a template
  142. Getting discouraged
  143. Open Invitation to Forum Members
  144. looking for a particular fabric
  145. What is it called?
  146. New Idea for embroidery
  147. Re: Butterfly Blooms Pattern
  148. How do you respond to ......
  149. Something that annoys me....
  150. help needed please
  151. Quilter's Cache
  152. To wash or not to wash (gifted charms)
  153. help needed please
  154. Anywhere you can find Dear Jane Quilt Block patterns for free?
  155. New lines from Quilting Treasures - fall 2009
  156. Angel Bear
  157. Remember my unpleasant story about being overcharged at the lqs?
  158. How long does the blade last..
  159. Free Motion Quilting questions
  160. someone else took credit for one of our member's great tips! (oops! not really)
  161. noisy crackle fabric
  162. Shop Hop and just general shopping question
  163. Ideas for girls' birthday party?
  164. Fabric Help Needed
  165. How should I mail?
  166. Jelly Roll bargellos????
  167. loopies
  168. Twice Around the Block
  169. Best Way to remove chalk
  170. Festival of Quilts 20-23 Aug, Birmingham, UK
  171. Cloth Napkins
  173. I totally understand artistic license but.........
  174. cleaning machines
  175. Shamash Fabrics & Elizabeth's Studio
  176. I joined a quilt guild tonight
  177. Quilt sizes
  178. Tonight was a hard night....
  179. A sewing Question Please
  180. quilt backings
  181. Silk Thread?
  182. Do you have a list?
  183. How do you edge applique?
  184. Fleece Alert:Wal-Mart
  185. baby flannel
  186. Adding more quilting
  187. I'm going to cry - (Machine Broke Down)
  188. what's a HST quilt?
  189. Long Arm Quilting
  190. What's the best lamp?
  191. dissappearing 9 patch?
  192. heart quilt pattern
  193. Ragg quilt questions
  194. Taking quilt photos?
  195. Cranston / VIP / Quilting Treasures - no longer selling through distributors
  196. Help! - Questions about working with vintage fabric
  197. Thanks to my angels
  198. Sewing With Insul Brite
  199. Prism99
  200. Help with tying knots
  201. Re: Baby Quilt Patterns
  202. 108" quilt backing
  203. Fabric dying
  204. Experience with Kaleidoscope fans and blocks ?
  205. Where do I start to try to remove heavy odor of smoke????!!###
  206. Cranston Print Works is indeed closing....
  207. Quilting and Borders...
  208. Help me find Around The Corner pattern
  209. Uneven sashings creating issues....
  210. Help,anyone????
  211. July Fab Shop Hop Winners
  212. Quilt Record Document
  213. I have a Super, Secret Squshy Sender!
  214. Cutting Question
  215. designing a quilt on point
  216. Quilt show Sunday--and it's just me. Suggestions?
  217. "Patchwork Minus the Mathwork"
  218. Bear Paw
  219. brother pc420...any thoughts?
  220. Is there a free pattern anywhere.....
  221. Machine Issues
  222. Keeping track of projects
  223. Jane A. Stickle Quilt Poster (Dear Jane)
  224. about using old blankets
  225. Take Along Project Suggestions??
  226. Received a 'firmie' from another message board member!!!
  227. When you Hand Quilt
  228. made in the usa. should this be in links? or both?
  229. Strip-Piecing Wizard software from Quilt Pro. Is it worth the money?
  230. Question regarding basting spray
  231. strippy binding question...
  232. Isn't it nice when a gifted quilt is truly loved.
  233. Fabric online
  234. If you need a quarter-yard... exactly a quarter-yard...
  235. Anyone used fabric Charm Packs or Turnovers?
  236. Paper Piecing
  237. I took my first machine quilting class, yesterday
  238. Are you in a quilt guild?
  239. Finishing off an embroidered piece that I have sewn borders around
  240. Quilting Tack kits
  241. Planning a Mini Mystery Quilt
  242. Looking for a fabric
  243. WAL MART
  244. Christmas Ornament Patterns?
  245. To Pin Or Not To Pin, ..That is the question....
  246. Do you hand, machine or send out your quilt
  247. Having Trouble Deciding How to Quilt
  248. Sewing Machine Question
  249. Sewing Machine Recommends for Beginner?
  250. Troble with quilting hoops