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  1. Grapes
  2. mending tip
  3. Found Neatest Tool
  4. Rotary Cutters
  5. Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild
  6. Pillow or birthing quilts
  7. LQS FWS Club - 2nd mtg
  8. Quilt Board Name Block Quilt
  9. How To Quilt It
  10. Partial jelly roll
  11. new to me technique
  12. How much fabric do I need.
  13. Quilt Shops in Myrtle Beach?
  14. New Quilt Shop in Michigan
  15. Quilt Shops in Northern California?
  16. Sampler Canvas
  17. Look What I made today
  18. Quilt Retreat - What should I take?
  19. Vintage Singer, Which needle, and how?
  20. Do many of you quilters keep your batting scraps?
  21. I am a quilter
  22. Thread color?
  23. Sun Bonnet Sue in pants
  24. Suggestions needed......
  25. ♥ Craftybear needs Your Help!!!!! Does anyone have a Singer 774 sewing machine and if so do you like it???
  26. Runner's fabric
  27. Threading the needle
  28. So eerie
  29. Angles
  30. Hoffman Challenge 2011 Collection
  31. Bernina 530 (new with BSR)
  32. Help on border
  33. Anyone doing the latest Civil War Chronicles BOM?
  34. A question about batting
  35. Big Trouble with Yamata FY920 Machine
  36. Mountain Grove fabric
  37. Do you just throw your old needles??
  38. Janome MC11000 Special Edition - Free Motion Quilting Questing
  39. ( new topic ) Paris Queen
  40. Update to What Color should I use
  41. What's the best iron for piecing quilts?
  42. Baby Lock ellure embroidery machine
  43. Need opinions on Connecting Thread's fabric
  44. First order
  45. Machine Pricing
  46. layering a quilt and starch
  47. ISO Hoffman Fabric
  48. Did you learn to sew in Home Ec?
  49. Stitch, stitch, skip...
  50. SCORE!!!!
  51. Best thimble "ever"
  52. Problem with an Heirloom Quilt Top
  53. Class w/ BarbaraOliver Hartman
  54. Las Vegas Members-WM Quilt of the Month?
  55. Any two fabric pattern ideas?
  56. nice surprise as I was checking out in Walmart this morning
  57. New Sewing Machine
  58. a friend asked me and I don't know the answer
  59. I am looking for ideas on how to make a quilt using the uniforms my granddaughter has worn in her shool sports.
  60. How do I cut ?
  61. I found out what I've been missing at the LQS
  62. Cathedral Windows ?
  63. Im a dummy,,,help please!
  64. Janome MC11000 Special Edition - Free Motion Quilting
  65. Need help on a mystery quilt
  66. How do you incorporate machine embroidery into your quilting projects?
  67. Quilt shops in northern California???
  68. PP Palm tree
  69. Fabric
  70. My latest French Braid quilt (Autumn)
  71. Long Armers make yourself known
  72. On-line fabric stores
  73. Question about designing quilts using certain size blocks
  74. update on "Quilt contest............should I?"
  75. Hi from Texas
  76. How much time a day do you spending quilting?
  77. It's All This Board's Fault - That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It - lol
  78. Your opinions please on the sashings for my new WIP
  79. Looking for bag/basket pattern...
  80. Help re creating a destroyed quilt
  81. Only sewing backward
  82. Suggestions, please???
  83. Quilts for flood victims
  84. phaff sewing machine and cabinet..what's it worth?
  85. A Boy Named Sue
  86. which came first, the pattern or the fabric
  87. what to put in irish chain?
  88. Quilter friends are the best!
  89. Quilt for a customer
  90. New Fall Pattern at Walmart and an Odd Surprise
  92. When an on-line store messes up
  93. quilting pattern board
  94. log cabin strip width
  95. Can someone identify the names of these for me?
  96. Religious quilts and wallhangings......Can someone help me??
  97. Is the Fons and Porter DVD worth the price?
  98. Planet Patchwork new mystery is on the 10th
  99. Your Tip Worked!
  100. Who wants to do a 5" Eye Spy swap?
  101. fat quarters
  102. ships internationally and has wonderful prices
  103. Need idea for a quilt
  104. singer 99k
  105. Bias versus straight grain binding?
  106. Ireland Quilt Festival 2012
  107. Road Trip! Looking for Quilt Shops along the way.
  108. Bias Tape Maker
  109. quilt police doll
  110. Do you know before you start
  111. Afghan Women and Quilts
  112. There's a black hole in my sewing room...
  113. Where to order oil and lube for a featherweight?
  114. What would you do?
  115. Afghan women are coming to quilt!
  116. Best picture based quilting book for a beginner?
  117. What do I take to the Quilt Show?
  119. quilt show vendors
  120. A Log Cabin Heart
  121. Metallic Threads
  122. Question about charge for LA quilting
  123. In Memory of Cathy Smith, aka adriansmom
  124. Big Thank You to debp33!!!!!!
  125. Featherweights? Why?
  126. I don't know how it happend,
  127. How to find Unread Topics for any given Month, Week or Year?
  128. Need help with a Husqvarna Embroidery Machine
  129. Quilt idea in progress
  130. sticky sewing table TIP
  131. Website for templates galore
  132. Scotchguard
  133. Mans shirt pattern (link)
  134. Looking for Glacier Star Pattern
  135. Abbey Bags
  136. Girly baby quilt
  137. Running fabrics
  138. New Jo-Ann Fabrics opening in Charlotte, NC
  139. viking 6370 sewing machine
  140. AQS membership
  141. looking for a needle in a haystack
  142. A Hugh Thank You note
  143. new fabric lines
  144. trying to find a pattern.
  145. Found thatnks to MTS :)Going crazy looking for a quilt pic- Shake Rattle & Roll
  146. School quilt
  147. Link to Joanns coupons ?
  148. Not sure which batting to use for wallhanging
  149. Thanks for the hints, tips and addy of the tips
  151. Has anyone used this Pam Bono tool???
  152. Grandmother's Flower Garden question:
  153. Sewing area
  154. How many different colors of threads do you need for applique?
  156. Regarding rotary cutters
  157. Looks like a WIN to me!
  158. What Color Would You Use?
  159. What I did this weekend - a comparison of productivity (or lack of)
  160. cutting fabric into pieces.......a question
  161. Alternative to FMQ
  162. How many have you made over the years?
  163. Not sure what pattern to pic
  164. Need patriotic pattern idea
  165. Vodka vs. Starch ?
  166. Singer Quantum 9960
  167. June Taylor Perfect Piecing
  168. Live Chat
  169. Farmer's Wife rotary instructions block #2?
  170. Need Advice about buying first Longarm!!!
  171. Stitch in the Ditch
  172. Quilting on Satin
  173. How to put leader cloths on LA
  174. Quilting book to recommend - children's literature
  175. best way to ship
  176. Singer's 160th Anniversary - Download your machine's certificate
  177. Dull Rotary Blade Resolved
  178. Hand Quilting & Hand Binding....I must be crazy!
  179. Had Lost Enthusiasm for Project Almost completed - needed and received encouragement - Update on Page 4
  180. My first quilt, i'm not loving machine
  181. Family Crest Quilt Idea
  182. I wanna Cry! Vilene Help needed
  183. Handquilting in circles. Is there an easy way?
  184. question about hanging quilts
  185. Family memory quilt
  186. Paper Piece Pattern
  187. using sulky polyester thread for machine quilting
  188. New Singer Sewing Machine Site
  189. Brother 1500
  190. Anyone interested in Wool Applique Quilts"
  191. New Accuquilt
  192. Go Cutter
  193. Hancock's of Paducah Fabric catalog
  194. Do you have a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine? Well Check out the Interactive Singer Site!
  195. Beginning my sewing room
  196. Sewing Machine Blues
  197. Help looking for a log cabin quilt.
  198. I should've marked the quilt before putting on the frame
  199. My Sewing Table
  200. Okay, Okay, I will
  201. felting?
  202. 200 thread count?
  203. I actually won something!
  204. Quilting cost
  205. Connecting Threads "After the Storm" ?
  206. What is meant by a "Scant" 1/4" seam?
  207. 3D Pinwheel Block Question
  208. what pattern with my studio
  209. FMQ on Janome horizon
  210. You know you are addicted to quilting if......
  211. Wisconsin Quilt Expo
  212. southern belle block
  213. Singer Redeye
  214. Queen Twister??
  215. Should I just give up?!?!?!?
  216. What's with the red words
  217. email to a friend
  218. Our County Fair
  219. When to change your machine's needle?
  220. OMG! Somebody call me the Waaahhhhmbulance!!!!!!
  221. Machine quilting
  222. Anyone doing the N TX shop hop this weekend?
  223. Do you use spray adhesive for basting?
  224. Ideas for modern & different baby quilt
  225. When do you cry UNCLE!!
  226. Thanks
  227. Labor Day weekend quilting...what are you working on???
  228. Thinking of buying a new Vintage Machine
  229. Yellow backing is bleeding through---HELP
  230. Bad blade.
  231. Appraisal on McKenna Ryan quilt
  232. Simple How-to question....
  233. Short to mid arm Setup question
  234. My crazy dream!
  235. Ball Man Pin Cusion
  236. Batting made from recycled soda bottles
  237. CalCo Quilt Show Battle Creek/Marshall, MI
  238. Township Yardsale Coming Up
  239. Wool Applique?
  240. What I have learned... funnies.... (revised edition... )
  242. quilt wall plan?
  243. americana applique resources
  244. Thanks Goodwill for making my day
  245. Old Thread?
  246. Davis Treadle
  247. Sewing Machine Question - Baby Lock Elisabeth vs. Melody
  248. sewing help...not quilting
  249. TY to the quilter who posted the suggestion to make quilts for Quilts for Kids Charity
  250. Thin fabric need Help