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  1. Anyone with a Brother XR7700?
  2. Got a 201
  3. Online Class???
  4. Darning/quilting foot plastic vs metal
  5. Hand quilting while flying
  6. Enlarging a Quilt Pattern
  7. Lancaster Shopping...
  8. Spray to prevent sun damage and fading on wall quilts
  9. Jacket/sweatshirt
  10. Darling Olivia
  11. Franklin sewing machine
  12. It's not a good idea to...
  13. What's the wood finish on coffin lids of old Singers?
  14. Link to Creme Brulee Quilt pattern
  15. Joannes 15% off $60 web code good till 10/15
  16. Anyone know what kind of sewing machine this is??
  17. How long have you had your Oliso?
  18. need halloween block ideas
  19. Do certian colors attract you when buying fabric for a quilt.
  20. London
  21. Clips?
  22. My goal
  23. Any idea what to do with these??
  24. advise on my flannel throw.........
  25. Measure twice, cut once.....
  26. What embroidery machine do you have?
  27. Vignette magazine
  28. Iso : baseball
  29. Sewing with fleece
  30. tennessee waltz quilt
  31. Easy Quilt - deleted?
  32. 1940 White Rotary Sewing machine with cabinet
  33. Fabric price increases: A comparison from 1993
  34. Question on Bookmarking on Board
  35. sewing machine question
  36. Really puffy batting for tied quilts
  37. the next time I want to do a quilt using denim... slap me
  38. I Won! I Won!
  39. sewing machine question
  40. Tablerunner Contest
  41. What Happened to the Creme Brulee Pattern???
  42. more help for floral log cabin
  43. Having trouble quilting....
  44. Just wanted to thank everyone that...
  45. I can Believe.. I Won I Won I Won
  46. Cat odor
  47. Flannel Q's
  48. Debbie Mumm fabric, do you recognize it?
  49. Envelope Pillowcase pattern
  50. Who does not use a walking foot on their DSM???
  51. bow tucks
  52. tutorial for thread catcher for serger
  53. Cutting the Panel
  54. creme brulee quilt
  55. Well I took the Leap!
  56. Pfaff GrandQuilter
  57. Does anyone know what this is?
  58. Okla. traveling vacation, where is your shop located
  59. HELP with pe770 and saving to memory from USB
  60. Bali Wedding Star Quilt - Help
  61. Downloaded patterns
  62. Wall Hanging for "Donor Awareness"
  63. Find your fabric?
  64. education?
  65. What is your favorite pattern?
  66. Please help with tube quilt
  67. amish quilts
  68. So yesterday...
  69. 2 things -# to call re" White " machine & finding serial # on Singer 301A
  70. Nest thread My solution
  71. corner template
  72. Free Christmas Red Work
  73. What do YOU do with your leftover bias binding?
  74. WSQ Show in Spokane
  75. What kind of thread do you like for FMQ?
  76. I NEED your OPINION....
  77. "Eye" Spy Quilts ... some questions!!
  78. Offlite lamps
  79. Indy Quilt Show
  80. Innova long arm quilting machine
  81. Need Help Identify Pattern Please
  82. 1980-1990's Cows in the Tulips pattern
  83. Could be a problem
  85. Difference in the quality of fabric
  86. Labels
  87. Felted wool?
  88. recommend Janome New Home 9000?
  89. Iron Question
  90. need name of a pattern... please.
  91. Applique question
  92. Christmas tree skirt pattern...
  93. New Adventure-My first Shop Hop!
  94. what is correct way to put FW in case
  95. Machine Quilting on a Viking
  96. Looking for idea's
  97. Juki TL98Q
  98. How can I limit fabric fraying
  99. help finding the name of pattern
  100. My dog wants my first quilt
  101. Janome Question
  102. Looking for Plugin/pedal Combo for 15-91
  103. chicken pincushions
  104. Felt for quilt designs
  105. Christmas gift ideas
  106. Creating a paper pieced pattern
  107. Help, my Brother SE 270 is eating my fabric!
  108. crutch covers
  109. Need Help w/ Kenmore 158.13031...manual or instructions
  110. Can't find the link for velum paper
  111. snow flakes
  112. Cat Quilt
  113. quilters swiss army knife
  114. What do you do that's "against the rules"?
  115. Ouch! I burned my finger again!!! Help!
  116. Foot for Sewing Machine
  117. Fabric Flower
  118. Sizzix BigKick
  119. Mug Rugs
  120. Need advice on fabric choices for quilt
  121. Help converting rotary to templates
  122. Do you Ever Get Obsessed!
  123. Color ideas needed
  124. Verna's Fabric in Miffinburg, PA
  125. Who Loves Free Fabric?
  126. Question - Cloth
  127. help color wise for a log cabin
  128. Personal quilts
  129. Which ruler do you use most?
  130. Nativity Scene pattern
  131. Borders on quilts
  132. Do you know where to find?
  133. Needed: Unusual Ideas
  134. Help me spend 25 bucks
  135. FMQ Question
  136. Alternative to the BSR??
  137. Learning curve FMQ versus Long Arm Quilting
  138. New to me Quilt Shop
  139. My favorite "Thimble" to use for hand quilting
  140. Matching fabric patterns
  141. Feed sack fabric.
  142. Help: looking for a pattern to make a cat bed. Tent or fish , something cute
  143. oh dear... who is it from?
  144. making table 'cutting' height
  145. Have you ever heard of Newcastle Fabrics?
  146. My husband just doesnt understand
  147. Am I a fabric addict?
  148. Bernina 1530 in TEST MODE HELP!!
  149. Knee lift lever, do you use it? If no, why not?
  150. What to use instead of white for reproduction quilts?
  151. Question About How You Charge For Machine Quilting
  152. Design/layout advice on scrappy
  153. Hanging FMQ?
  154. What can I make with these?
  155. HELP!!
  156. Binding question
  157. First try at continuous binding
  158. Fabric warehouse in Dallas TX
  159. Sylvias Bridal Sampler
  160. Too many Tops? No way!
  161. Long Arm Quilting Machines
  162. I could use a little help
  163. ISO good source for 505 spray
  164. where to find pre-cut fleece squares
  165. Quilting
  167. 6" / 8" squares set on point question
  168. Right Side of Fabric-What I learned when I first started quilting.
  169. Three baby quilts from 3 yards of fabric
  170. Quilt Binding Tip
  171. paper
  172. A question for you math geniuses
  173. Posting a Pictre
  174. Where are most of the vintage machine discussions on the board?
  175. Wanted: Your estimate on getting started quilting
  176. 1/4 sewing foot
  177. presser foot for 830
  178. Directions in quilting magazines
  179. Need Help "Silk Tie Quilt"
  180. Need advice - 100 year old silk from China
  181. Joannes 50% off webcode good till 10/14
  182. Quilt in a bag???
  183. My first Connecting Threads order....
  184. clotilde - 10% off webcode good till tonight
  185. Machine Quilting Phobia!
  186. cheryl Phillips having pattern sale
  187. Wow! You were right; Machingers ROCK!
  188. Start/stop button on sewing machines
  189. Score X 2
  190. Quilt Retreat
  191. Score X1
  192. Luggage Tags
  193. Need some Help Please
  194. A good girl in the quilt shops!
  195. which one would you get?
  196. Quilt Show in Atlanta
  197. Where in San Diego fabric?
  198. Double borders, how to miter?
  199. Who had the 3-D Pinwheel info? I can't find it anywhere.
  200. mail call
  201. Which machine should I get? Janome or Husqvarna?
  202. New quilter wondering where I can find inexpensive fabric?
  203. Such fun!
  204. My early Christmas present..
  205. EQ software....
  206. Making a quilt label do you?
  207. Quilting Fabrics
  208. Quilting Math Question
  209. Question about quilting feathers
  210. Hayloft Fabrics now 50% off
  211. Help! Paint on quilt
  212. Need Advice on Janome 6500 series
  213. EQ6: question about colouring designs
  214. Feltwork sewing projects
  215. How to use presser sheet with Wonder Under?
  216. Need help with border ideas please
  217. Should i buy this book and have you yourself made something?
  218. D9P help please
  219. My quilting expense account just got CUT!!!!!
  220. ISO Christmas Stocking Panel
  221. Bummed about batting
  222. My husband just doesn't understand.
  223. Electric Quilt - have you used it?
  224. INTERACTIVE...Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs
  225. Fabric and glitter
  226. Am I Wierd for Liking to do Binding??
  227. I need to buy fabric.....
  228. Doll Pattern Search
  229. Easy way to make 1/2 rectangles ("Bias Rectangles")
  230. Doing some online price for June Tailor Shape Cut ruler and
  231. Has anyone
  232. binding
  233. Christmas tree panel
  234. I love quilting but I hate making tops
  235. Finally packed for first machine quilting class!!!
  236. Marking tool for blanket stitch
  237. clover mini iron and PP
  238. Duvet cover
  239. Easy Angle/Lazy Angle rulers
  240. Rag Quilt Class
  241. Video's online
  242. Enjoy the process or race to the finish line?
  243. Adult Bibs
  244. Looking for a fall pattern.
  245. wow quilting machines
  246. Appliqued Memory Quilt - rest of the story
  247. Babylock Serenade do you have one
  248. Babylock Enterprise
  249. Did I do this wrong?
  250. Singer 15-125 Green

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