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  1. Chat Room Problems?
  2. is this a good deal from joanns?
  3. Pet peve for fabric designers and fabric mills
  4. Need Recommendation for Seam Ripper!!
  5. 110 napkins from daughter's wedding- now what?
  6. Stitch IN ditch or ABOVE the ditch?
  7. Do you know what this pattern is called or where I can purchase it?
  8. Cutting fabric sucks and I lost my quilting instructions
  9. Number of petals on a dresden plate
  10. Halloween quilts and wall hangings
  11. movie theater scaredy cats
  12. what to do with a old quilt that might have potential to run
  13. Want to do this but need help
  14. R u n a w a y. Foot Pedal
  15. vintage fabric identification
  16. When people don't appear grateful for the quilt they are given...
  17. Yesterday's Trip to the LQS
  18. old issues of newsletter
  19. Dispelling Myths about Quilts of Valor
  20. Mens ties
  21. Overwhelmed
  22. G*A*R*A*G*E***S*A*L*E***SCORE
  23. Q.B better than MSNBC
  24. sewing room ergonomics
  25. Quilt Frame Kits
  26. Help Me Find Quilt Stops on my TRIP!!!
  27. Need Help from Admin
  28. Broadcloth Fabric?
  29. Nolting Hobby Quilter
  30. To stay or go...Applique Bee
  31. Question...I may have hit the jackpot
  32. Camo Quilt
  33. Urge does not match mojo!
  34. I am SOOOOOO Excited
  35. Not enough room to put your quilt together?
  36. What Color Backing For White Quilt?
  37. My New Sewing Machine a Singer 15 NL
  38. Part 2 Wide ironing boards at Wal-Mart
  39. Dutch Windmills or Hearts and Gizzards pattern
  40. I Think This Would Make a Nice Quilt! It's USA map.
  41. Before I knew the difference between ironing and pressing I....
  42. omigosh! I just bought a featherweight!!
  43. Singer Featherweight
  44. I got it
  45. Vintage sewing basket w/ sweeties...
  46. Discovered a new thing to hate
  47. Launch of Garden Rose by Rachel Ashwell
  48. The Most Beautiful Sight in the World.........................
  49. Another space (spin off from yesterdays thread)
  50. Janome Horizon Fancy Stitches question
  51. Suggestions,please for organizing charity quilt group.
  52. Baby Quilt Made from Dresses?
  53. JACKPOT at the Goodwill Pound Store
  54. Cute Quilt Coasters
  55. My Longarm is skipping stitches
  56. Hot Hot Hot
  57. pin cushion
  58. FW's for sale
  59. stach and will
  60. FW
  61. Grandmother's Flower Garden
  62. back online
  63. Flamingo fabric
  64. How do I remove "Press & Seal" after I have sewn on it?
  65. Fleece and cotton???
  66. Has anyone here made the Dizzy Geese Quilt?
  67. Another question about Starch Re:Another question from a newbie
  68. a curbside find.....w/questions
  69. Table Runner Help
  70. Tunnels are fine to drive thru, not so for appliqueing
  71. selling quilt books
  72. Wedding Ring Quilt
  73. In The Hoop Projects
  74. 40" x 72" Cutting Mat
  75. Barn Quilts - another question?
  76. Cancer ribbon quilting stencil available from
  77. quilt store near Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  78. Queen Quilter 18
  79. Opinions LSU Tiger Baby Quilt Update
  80. Need help on squaring up tops
  81. What's the least amount of $ you've spent on making a quilt? Have you ever made one out of completely recycled materials, including batting (exception - thread)?
  82. Grandmother's Flower Garden Search
  83. Every Quilt Doesn't Have to be a Masterpiece
  84. SID
  85. I don't understand
  86. Quilting on this frame is like trying to read in a moving car
  87. Janome 1600
  88. Why is it that some days . . .
  89. Thunder Shirt for Lucy
  90. Craft or art and how to get from the one to the other?
  91. Man Quilt?
  92. Goodwill Find
  93. ♥♥ Fabric Collecting and Storage Ideas (Post your Tips and Pictures for all of us) ♥♥
  94. question on stiffening Bow tuck bags
  95. Two tips for the price of one! Rotary cutting
  96. Look what Missouri Quilt......
  97. cant believe that
  98. Sewing machines Styles and brands
  99. Anyone else crazy about HAWAIIAN fabric?
  100. Cotton Patch
  101. Thread found at JoAnns
  102. Quilting larger quilts in sections?
  103. Hand quilting again
  104. looking for bargello tree with bears picture
  105. Settings Frozen
  106. For Those of You Who ENTER QUILT CONTESTS
  107. Adding color to my material
  108. Looking for Celtic quilt patterns
  109. think I can get it done in time??
  110. Morris Workshop quilt error, need fabric
  111. postage rates for books
  112. paper piecing
  113. Hubby put Quilt Frame up..Finally!
  114. double eye needle
  115. Redwork except in Blue
  116. Question on embroidery thread
  117. What handmade item would you like to receive
  118. Quilt Magazine, which one?
  119. Do You Get The Board Digest?
  120. Making childrens clothes from quilting fabric?
  121. Where do you sew/quilt?
  122. What size stitch for SID
  123. Quilt for a teenager w/ Cerebral Palsy
  124. Spirograph Toy
  125. Problems with Seam allowance ??
  126. Tube Quilting.
  127. Quick Baby Quilt
  128. Fri X ion pens
  129. Yukata on sale
  130. I am a finalist!
  131. clear thread question
  132. Newbie has a question. Thanks for help.
  133. I think I found an embroidery machine. Yippee!
  134. Do you have fabric you like soo much you
  135. Do you always wash you quilts?
  136. OMG!!!
  137. angel here on board!!
  138. Has anyone ever tried.....
  139. Avatar update
  140. back from vacation but....
  141. Brother SE350 Computerized Embroidery-and-Sewing Machine
  142. Handquilting: always one missing stitch with new thread??
  143. Ohio Sewing and Quilt Festival!
  144. My adopted quilt arrived
  145. Red and white storm at sea pic
  146. Need advice on Bow Tucks lining
  147. Eleanor Burns show
  148. Photo quilt - Please help
  149. Would you?
  150. Sewing with knee lift and foot pedal
  151. Batting suggestions for California?
  152. Matching corners
  153. Is there a market for quilt tops?
  154. Which rulers do you use the most?
  155. Sewing Room Pictures - WIP
  156. New Book
  157. What have you done to me?!?!?!
  158. quilt top sizes - help
  159. Modern Quilt Movement
  160. Hardwood flooring protection?
  161. Happy Jack Aluminum Frame
  162. Pattern Sale
  163. perfect quilts ?
  164. FMQ Tension Gages
  165. Janome 1600p DBX User's Manual
  166. Quilt shops near Yellowstone N.P. and Salt Lake City/Park City area?
  167. Anyone quilt and piece on a Janome 1600DB?
  168. quilt shops in new england?
  169. Waterproof fabric
  170. Please Practice before doing FMQ
  171. Babylock ESG
  172. Using a different "eye"...
  173. Need help removing embroidery
  174. New topic/quilting suggestions needed
  175. stitching coming undone
  176. Whole cloth quilt top-how to dye?
  177. Create your own fabric?
  178. beginner FMQ question
  179. Double Wedding Ring
  180. I miss her already!
  181. need help with name of quilt
  182. First Block
  183. Help to finish quilt
  184. Very disappointing auction update
  185. question about grace frame
  186. Re-squaring fabric after washing.
  187. prewound bobbins
  188. scant 1/4
  189. Thread How old is too old
  190. What is the best cotton batting to use for hand quilting?
  191. Ruler question
  192. Whatcha Doin'?
  193. Mixed Threads?
  194. OttLite LED @ Joann's
  195. Sewing speed
  196. patttern
  197. No Sewing Until You Quilt It
  198. Most Likely a Stupid Question
  199. Lighting for above sewing area???
  200. Beginner Quilting Lessons
  201. We went "fishing" for a week....
  202. Book and rulers found!
  203. Can I Cut a Hole In My Sewing Table and Make It a Flatbed?
  204. question on speed control and stitch regulator
  205. patterns
  206. What book is this??
  207. How to square up a large on point quilt?
  208. Is this a good idea ??
  209. Plano Texas Quilt Shop?
  210. Oiling machine
  211. Batik backing for batik quilt top?
  212. Do you stay stitch?
  213. quilts for kids question
  214. HELP! All you Machine quilters:
  215. I have a one track mind
  216. Teaching a 10 year old to sew
  217. cutting table
  218. Bias Problems
  219. Question about hand applique
  220. Longarm Empress or Queen Quilter????
  221. I've gone and done it now....part 2
  222. machine applique using fusible interfacing
  223. Has anyone ever wanted to give up quilting?
  224. Fabric Cutting Table plan
  225. Help! Hairball Horror!!
  226. How do you photograph quilts so that the quilting shows?
  227. Am I the only one who doesn't want a long arm? What.....
  228. The Christmas theme this year is...
  229. Looking for opinions of the Pfaff Expression 2.0
  230. Misty Fuse
  231. Ways of putting a quilt together
  232. how's this for customer service ??
  234. National Quilt Museum
  235. new sewing room!
  236. Wow! Fabric Prices!
  237. Help for Quilting a small block.
  238. Mink scraps - use or not?
  239. Does anyone here use polyester embroidery thread for hand quilting?
  240. Retro Clean Quilt Soak --Product Review w/ Pictures
  241. Help with corners in the border, please
  242. Please help - Need ideas for a funny quilt (or craft)
  243. My great find!
  244. Best marking pen/pencil ?
  245. I finally got it fixed!
  246. More Organizing tips
  247. I finally decided on a thread
  248. New Janome 9700
  249. That was a wonderful day.
  250. long shot search for cocoon/butterfly