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  1. Paper Piecing Tutorial
  3. Embroidery question
  5. Need suggestions for quilting my Lone Star quilt.
  6. help with figuring block for sampler
  7. Have you tried x-blocks?
  8. Triangle Tutorial
  9. praire points
  10. log cabin quilting
  11. Ooops! Is it a problem if the paper was left on the pictures?
  12. Newbie here, any suggestions for me?
  13. *frustrated*----design process not working like it should
  14. Thread too thick for machine to handle?
  15. Need help ironing PLEASE!
  16. Any New Classes?? Love em!!!
  17. fabric
  18. Memory Quilt
  19. Sampler quilt
  20. What is a 1/4 Metre
  21. Need to decide what pattern to use for a two tone..
  22. Going Strange with Excitement
  23. Wider binding?
  24. Boston shop hop
  25. design or procedure?
  26. Two questions about this quilt . . .
  27. printing on fabric
  28. fraying thread
  29. LABELS
  30. Machine quilting for the first time..tonight
  31. walmart has quilting books online
  32. Chat Room
  33. I ordered French Braid Quilts book! cannot wait till it gets here!
  34. National Quilting Day or Month
  35. Michaels craft store
  36. Name suggestions for quilt designs
  37. Request for someone who has EQ
  38. i have another question about batting please
  39. GUESS WHAT I GOT D***????????
  40. need help on batting please
  41. Small quilting patterns
  42. What has happened to Simply Quilts?
  43. help and advice needed (batting)
  44. From Don AGAIN--sorry--Dble wedding ring question
  45. From Don-isewman1---A question for anyone or everyone
  46. measurments of quilts
  47. Pinking rotary cutter blade
  48. Childs sewing machine question
  49. Copyright Question
  50. Anyone Working on Any Projects Today???
  51. machine quilting
  52. cathedral window class?
  54. Double irish chain
  55. And another thing…
  56. Bias binding
  57. Gathering of Quilters Wabash Indiana
  58. How much fabric to buy?
  60. Quilt Hoop Stands
  61. Stain glass quilts---Zelda style!
  62. Quilt problem
  63. pattern for layered heart quilt
  64. Stain glass wall hanging-updated
  65. Free Motion foot
  66. shop hop
  67. I am just full of questions today...anybody made an appliqued flag?
  68. Quillow question...
  69. Apple core Quilt
  70. Thanks
  71. Help with foundation piecing using scraps
  72. Altar church pattern
  73. Looking for a Quilter in the Texas Area
  74. Smooth free motion quilting
  75. theme quilt
  76. I got my spring action free motion quilting foot today!!!
  77. From Don--Quilt block pattern finally founded:::
  78. Templates for a quilt some of you have ask for::::
  79. Shophop with the bunny
  80. curious
  82. phone number
  83. Farm Life Fabric
  84. went shopping
  85. Looking for ironing board
  86. Spool adapters
  87. Vinatage Fabrics and Patterns
  88. Quilting Arts TV
  89. Ruler Choices?
  90. Wanting Pattern
  91. Will there be a New Online Class? When? (The Answer is "YES")
  92. bookmark it!
  93. Help!! on decorative stitch patterns
  94. Time Again For Our Favorite Question: Where Are the Bargains?
  95. Steve's new quilting store
  96. need help with applique
  97. Magazine favorites?
  98. Quilting Question
  99. Janome 10000 ?
  100. Celtic knot design for border (help)
  101. Pajaro Valley Quilt Show
  102. Small Quillow Pattern
  103. quilting frames
  104. labeling blocks
  105. update on points
  106. looking for a quilter in DC area
  107. Fat Backs
  108. help with points
  109. Places of Inspiration
  110. Personal Touches???
  111. What Exactly Is A Scant 1/4 inch?
  112. Oh NO! My quilter friend isn't quilting any more!!
  113. Quilting frames and machine
  114. Wall hanging questions...
  115. Sigh--free motion machine quilting questions
  116. Funny Coincidence? Pictures added
  117. Always tied...
  118. Flannel Baby Quilt
  119. lock the seams or keep it the way it's ironed?
  120. Scant quarter inch has anyone? Do I need this Foot????
  121. What color thread would look best?
  122. I've been corrupted
  123. Cotton Sheeting???????
  124. Size matters...
  126. Jelly Rolls
  127. HST(halfsquare triangles)
  128. Walking Foot...GGRRRRR!
  129. Quilting Ruler Sizes
  130. 2 Lions,in a quilt
  132. How come when I cut corners fabric still frays in the wash?
  133. Quilt shop for sale on Ebay
  134. EQ6 Software and Laptops
  135. Sale.....Joanns pic below
  136. Sweet 16 suggestions help?
  137. Rotating cutting mat
  138. Palm Springs quilt shops
  139. I want!
  140. Irons
  141. Do you have a favorite brand of fabric?
  142. Patriotic Sampler Quilt
  143. fiscar spring loaded snippers
  144. Good standard blocks for Christmas
  145. foundation paper piecing patterns
  146. Right under my nose...
  147. Konstantin's On-Line Quilting Resources Directory
  148. FYI Quilting Museum
  149. Question - New Idea? for a Quilt Marker - Good or Bad?
  150. Where can I find a manual for a kenmore 158.18023???
  151. quilt binding question updated with picures on page 2
  152. Quilting Patterns Book
  153. Countdown is on
  154. Do you know of any Longarms for Real Quilters??
  155. Glad Press and Seal for marking quilts
  156. Southwest Pattern
  157. Taking suggestions
  158. I just got a great deal on FQ
  159. wedding ring chat class
  161. Pot-holder material...
  162. That quilt show I went to--lots of photos!
  163. lookin to start a quilting group in a small town, any ideas
  164. Blue Jean/Flannel quilt
  165. Where did I see the great pictures to show the best way to cut for backs?
  166. How to make a sweater quilt?
  167. sweater quilts
  168. Quite honestly a matter of tact...
  169. Neat quilt show tomorrow!!
  170. I need help! Can't get tension right for stipling
  171. Need help for a friend-Cathedral Window
  173. What Does Your Quilting Space Look Like?
  174. Is Stepping Stone good for complete beginner? IT'S FINISHED!
  175. Help! Red Flannel bleeding on white flannel
  176. Lap quilt??
  177. cathedral window
  178. “Lucy let me ‘splain…”
  179. Quilt Design Program for Macs????
  180. quilting with folded fabric
  181. Yet, another new quilting idea
  182. An honor, yet a lot of responsibiloity
  183. Grace Machine Quilting Frame
  184. pfaff and magic box
  185. Omnigrid ruler instructions help?
  186. Independence, MO Quilt Show
  187. mitered borders
  188. Quilting in Sections
  189. Glendale quilt show (held in Burbank), March 28th -30th, 2008
  190. embroiderey software and laptop
  191. Quilt Pro 5 problems
  192. Ok When is the other 1/2 of the class DB WED Ring???
  193. Granny's Crazy Quilt
  194. Launder baby quilt w/ detergent??
  195. Help! What size needle to quilt with?
  196. New Quilt Idea (Part 2)
  197. prewashing
  198. *gulp* does anyone have this sewing table?
  199. Has this happened to you?
  200. My Cutting Table
  201. Batting, bearding, and blah, blah, blah…
  202. t shirt quilt
  203. removal of dried blood stains
  204. Need advice on half and quarter triangles
  205. How Long Do You Keep Your Fabric?
  206. Vintage quilt - help determining age of fabrics
  207. block of the month
  208. Dot and Dash quilt
  209. Back to an old idea...have several more questions about it.
  210. Rag Quilts and babies
  211. For those who sell quilts...
  212. cordory
  213. Put a lot of strips in the dryer--seemed like a good idea at the time.....
  214. christmas stockings
  215. EQ6 or Quilt Design Wizard?
  216. Lace
  217. need pattern
  218. MY BESSIE PEASE Stuck on fixing blocks to put my quilt together
  219. HELP On fixing putting quilt together
  220. Printed Interfacing
  221. New idea
  222. Woo Hoo I have a new ladder--for the sewing room!!
  223. Elvis Has Left the Building!
  224. pattern
  225. Lattice Chain
  226. Ragged Flannel Quilt Pics?
  227. quilting calendar
  228. help with pattern name
  230. Grace GMQ Pro
  231. quilting in sections
  232. string blocks
  233. Pillow Topper Pattern/Instructions ?
  234. Cartoon Quilt Show
  235. What's A Good Pattern To Use Up My Stash?
  236. Yellow Brick Road
  237. Another way to visualize what your quilt will look like
  238. Vineyard Stars; looking for pattern
  239. kenmore ultra stitch 8
  240. How do you store an old quilt?
  241. international tie stitch- have you tried it yet?
  242. When do you unpin your pin basting?
  243. fabric softener
  244. shark machine
  246. aaargh! Bird's nest on back!!
  247. Looking for a pattern
  248. Get A New Machine Or Repair The Old One
  249. Help With Machine Quilting
  250. first piece quilts