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  1. Sometimes the Man does know best
  2. It Works! It Works!
  3. question about a scrap quilt
  4. Thread for hand quilting
  5. Flashback to '80's?
  6. Quilting a Batik Quilt and Tension Issues - Update at #16
  7. Quilt shops en route?
  8. Large tote pattern
  9. Crayon Quilt ?
  10. Autumn Leaves table runner
  11. Pinking rotary cutter?
  12. Major repair on king size quilt
  13. Iron Caddy & Mat Pattern
  14. Microwave bowls
  15. Bernina Presser Foot - Which one to choose
  16. Mounting mini quilt on stretcher frame?
  17. Laying Out Large Applique Design for Domestic Machine Applique
  18. Square Rulers
  19. Quilt from acrylic sweaters
  20. Need Advice on Machines
  21. Walking foot alternatives?
  22. Quilting on a budget......
  23. Suggestions for New Machine
  24. crayon color quilt pattern
  25. Minky - stitches breaking
  26. I need help again...looking for pattern
  27. Red & White Sampler - Sashing or No Sashing?
  28. Dye Lots and Jelly Rolls
  29. border dilemma
  30. Size 80 wt Aurifil thread
  31. Thread question
  32. Friendly Advise Needed
  33. Fabric Pen/Marker
  34. Chain piecing Woes...
  35. Notion collections.
  36. Anyone out there upgrade Gammill Classic with Vision2?
  37. Joann's Quilt Magic Kits
  38. How to quilt this???
  39. thick seams
  40. Silk batting from CT
  41. Stitch and fold fabric wreath
  42. Help - Trouble shoot free motion quilting on Janome 6600
  43. Are you a piecer or a quilter?
  44. Trip around the world quilt fabrics question
  45. Ideas for cross stitched squares quilt assembly...
  46. Quilt Tying Question
  47. Blue waltz l
  48. Help with applique signature quilt
  49. Machine quilting - Restarting a seam
  50. Labyrinth of St. Omer by Wendy Wetzel pattern help
  51. Anyone know what this is?
  52. What to quilt?
  53. Help me finish my daughters quilt
  54. Ideas for a memory quilt from this!?!
  55. nine patch heart block
  56. English Paper Piecing
  57. Help with FMQ
  58. Oh my!
  59. Have you ever cut yourself on an Accuquilt die?
  60. What's to replace the 440 QE?
  61. scrappy log cabin with HST
  62. Super Bowl Mystery Quilt from
  63. Thread bunching
  64. Help with quilt
  65. batting from JoAnn's???
  66. What would you do for a border?
  67. Help! Someone will know, I'm sure.
  68. I learn something new every time I make a quilt...
  69. preventing the wiggle after pivoting?
  70. Need help choosing borders
  71. Desire this fabric
  72. Anything fundamentally wrong with this layout
  73. Pantograph size as per block
  74. Basting by for free motion
  75. solid color
  76. Is this size okay
  77. Bernina stitch regulator question
  78. Need to know what size squares to cut
  79. Bernina edge foot and ditch sole plate
  80. issues with my Bernia
  81. Does this log cabin variation have a name?
  82. charity quilters - dirty fabrics/flimsies, what do you do?
  83. Calendar dishtowels
  84. How do you know the right side of batting
  85. Road Trip????
  86. Question for Accuquilt users---Square-in-Square
  87. Polyester Help
  88. Updated 6-hour quilt
  89. Sewing machine repair in Lexington, kentucky
  90. looking for fabric
  91. Cute Cheater Quilt
  92. Quilt Backs larger than 108".......where?
  93. Help for selection of fabrics
  94. Layering a silk crazy quilt
  95. Class 15 bobbins
  96. Cutting Mat
  97. Need advice on vintage quilt....
  98. Trying the "Asterisk" Quilt Pattern...Any Tips?
  99. Dampening/Steaming to Make it Fit
  100. New Quilter Learning The Ropes
  101. Great Sale today
  102. Corner triangle color suggestions needed
  103. Mini attic window
  104. Question about Frixion Pens?
  105. I've turned into a fabric snob!
  106. EQ5 help needed please
  107. Mini Professional Tote question
  108. Long term fabric storage for move
  109. math challenged quilt with log cabin blocks
  110. dumb question about thread
  111. Virtual Quilting Weekend 1/29-1/31/16
  112. Starched scraps?
  113. flannel quilt - need some help
  114. Applique Circle Question
  115. I too have a keeper.
  116. Irons that Don't Weigh a Ton
  117. Sourcing Japanese Fabrics
  118. Question on black fabrics
  119. Using Textured and Embroidered Fabrics For Quilting
  120. Bernina 1120 Knee Lifting Lever
  121. Ruler quilting & skipped stitches...
  122. Looking for a southwest or tribal style block
  123. I am color challenged, so I would like some advice
  124. Next Generation Quilting Frame Table Inserts
  125. Hand quilting
  126. Black or White??
  127. 3d folded christmas table wreath
  128. Opinion on Comic Boards Wanted
  129. bury knots or backstitch?
  130. can you see it? what should I do?
  131. Inspiration from fabrics hanging out together
  132. Help me spend my money wisely.
  133. Question for hand quilters
  134. where do I go to sell quilting books?
  135. need suggestions
  136. Sewing Batiks
  137. 2x2 packets
  138. Recommendations for cutting mat
  139. Looking for bunny pattern
  140. How used is "too used"
  141. Does this block have a name?
  142. Paper Piecing Pattern ?
  143. Why would I need an EQ7?
  144. Pfaff Expression 2.0
  145. rip ir or leave it???
  146. Advice needed re teen quilt
  147. Necktie wall hanging
  148. Thinking cross hatch quilting with black thread
  149. Math question......
  150. Class recommendations for Scan and Cut
  151. Help me choose a colour.....
  152. 10 Minute Block
  153. Need quilting suggestions
  154. Quilt for teens
  155. What's the difference
  156. Afraid to Start Next Quilt
  157. That 1920s look...
  158. What is Your Favorite "Wierdo" Color to Use in a Quilt?
  159. I Used to Think That Quilting Was All About Perfection...
  160. Looking for Material
  161. flannel quilt
  162. How would you quilt this one?
  163. In the process of making a Play Quilt
  164. Advice? Working with knits for a memory quilt
  165. Memorial quilt saying
  166. Hawaiian Quilts
  167. Hand print quilt questions
  168. Anyone done the Jenny Doan Blocks quilt pattern?
  169. Cutting devices
  170. Embroidery machine info
  171. Method for hanging small wall hangings
  172. New sewing machine......
  173. Scant 1/4" seam?
  174. frixion pens
  175. patterns for charm packs
  176. A Short Long Arm?
  177. Need some advice on a quilting frame and machine
  178. Accuquilt Go
  179. conflicting information for longarm quilting
  180. How Important to Cover Machine?
  181. Spider Webs in quilts
  182. border on a DWR quilt
  183. Irish Chain Question
  184. Is this a good price?
  185. I have a ?
  186. And this is why I hate following a pattern
  187. Extra around quilt top..
  188. Stitch in the ditch to stabilize
  189. Why enter quilt shows?
  190. Older iron on transfer patterns for embroidery
  191. Newbie needs some help
  192. Broken Herringbone Pattern ???
  193. HQ Avante long arm
  194. What do you use to mark your stencils with?
  195. Quilting with a Persian kitten in the house.
  196. Photographing Quilts
  197. Question about cutting boards
  198. Color Tools? Jinny Beyer vs. 3 in 1 Ultimate Color Tool
  199. Is it possible to resize this paper pieced block?
  200. Electric Quilt 7 Issues
  201. Warm & Natural Batting By Yard Any Good?
  202. Bobbin winder for the HQ long arms
  203. How many use stencils to mark their quilts?
  204. WWQD? or "Oops, I did it again...."
  205. What inspires your quilting?
  206. I need help.yellow brick road queen size
  207. Mini quilts patterns
  208. knotting up....Help!
  209. Adding borders, how much extra should I plan?
  210. Skipped stitches on Longarm
  211. My quilt board history
  212. Japan Quilt Festival
  213. Mint green, coral, light grey, sand fabric
  214. What a Mess!
  215. straight line quilting on pinwheel blocks
  216. design board flannel or felt?
  217. Pfaff Passport 2
  218. Pfaff Hobbymatic 919-1 & Pfaff Tipmatic 6122
  219. Thread Magic Product
  220. Having a hard time deciding... Would love to hear what you think.
  221. FMQ and SITD....Both?
  222. My turn!
  223. Stitching in the ditch foot
  224. Minky question for quilt
  225. how do you store your Accuquilt dies?
  226. A Know anything about the Brother CS6000i?
  227. Thread Question
  228. Need help from Longarmer's :(
  229. Suggestiosn for photo transfer fabric
  230. Why?
  231. Advice should i upgrade triangulations from 3.0 ~ 4.0 ?
  232. Identify Fabric
  233. Pin basting question
  234. My hexagon experiment
  235. New equipment, help!
  236. Is it okay? Topstitch vs piecing thread
  237. Has anyone done the Elm Creek Loyalist Union Sampler Quilt?
  238. Novice buying a Baby Lock DC... maybe. Advice please!
  239. White Marking fine line pencil?
  240. Star blocks, easy, fast! Help please!
  241. Ziploc organizer
  242. Bonnie Hunter Craft U Class?
  243. Help! Baby shower 3 weeks..Mom wants red/blue with trucks.
  244. Another "How would you quilt this?"
  245. Question about making a crazy quilt
  246. Need help down sizing Storm at Sea block /pattern
  247. Quilting Gadgets
  248. Is there a method to calculate........
  249. What to do with my Yo Yos
  250. How do you store fabric lines?