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  1. Need opinions on sashing - pt 2
  2. No Sew Until You Quilt
  3. bernena 820
  4. Seams coming apart when I start hand quilting
  5. Cutting machine(does it really work?)
  6. Notions for shopping trips
  7. New idea.To me anyway
  8. pink & brown, blue & brown
  9. Has anyone taken a class called Inklique?
  10. Fusible batting??????
  11. Need a Boys Quilt pattern - something VERY unusual...but cute
  12. Interesting observation....
  13. Help!!! with Fons And Porter"s Tool bag pattern in Nov/Dec
  14. I need a bichon frise applique!
  15. Does anyone have a Brother PE770 embroidery machine?
  16. Quilting paper pieced quilts
  17. Wow So simple!
  18. Dust concern
  19. I need a little help please with machine applique
  20. New Laurel Burch Fabric !!!
  21. Moda
  22. Through the window
  23. Binding for a Flannel quilt
  24. Granny Mary's Quilt
  25. Valentines for Granddaughter
  26. Perfect Reason for Washing Quilt before you gift it. . . .
  27. Go! or EQ7?
  28. Question about quilt borders ...
  29. Together - We're perfect!
  30. Question for all GFG quilt makers
  31. Attic Ribbons Quilt Pattern by Janet Wickell online
  32. Refurbished Voyager Longarm machine ???
  33. Ott light alternative.
  34. Just finished my first table runner
  35. Ideas for Firefighter Quilt
  36. choosing binding fabric
  37. Pantographs
  38. Flannel Rag Quilt
  39. Pins: horizontal or parallel?
  40. Is it ok to use Fray-check?
  41. How many miles would my stitches reach?
  42. Looking for solutions for scrappy baby quilt that came out too narrow ...
  43. labyrinth whole cloth quilt
  44. When do you bury your threads?
  45. Sewing Together 1 1/2" blocks (finished block size 1 inch)
  46. Am I the only one getting nothing done?
  47. Quilter's Dictionary & Acronyms ... a consolidation of previous posts
  48. MIssing topic post
  49. looking for "patchwork chair"
  50. Hand Tying for a Queen Sized Quilt??
  51. needle sizes???
  52. Cotton batting for a tied quilt
  53. Walking Foot
  54. Quilting is Addicting!!
  55. Warm and Natural Batting Prices
  56. How to get rid of mothball smell in fabrics?
  57. Rotary cutting on Back of mat - You tube video????
  58. Marking for Crosshatch Quilting
  59. Looking for Quilt Pattern Strips Help!!!
  60. Frustration Here and Gone
  61. oooooohhhh!!!!!! the sale!!!!
  62. Things I have learned already this week, and it's only Tuesday!!
  63. I'm so excited about Quilts For Kids
  64. Do You Think A Rag Quilt Would Be Alright For A 2 Year Old?
  65. Using cardboard from fabric bolts
  66. Walmart's failure to staff fabric/craft department
  67. Wash the @#%&^ out of the fabric!
  68. Polyfil or batting
  69. How do you...
  70. Amish tried selling their quilts to my LQS
  71. White? Never again!!!
  72. Sizing of lap quilt to King quilt
  73. strip cutting machine?
  74. I think i "over iron"
  75. here we go again - large item missing
  76. Valentine's Day Wall Hanging
  77. mega quilter help
  78. Need opinions on sashing
  79. Need help to finish bargello
  80. Whta is your "Have to have" other than sewing machine
  81. most economical way/place to get your fabric?
  82. Thank you for Quilt show food, 1/28/12
  83. Rotary Cutting Machine
  84. Mountain quiltfest/pigion forge
  85. Lap Quilts--115
  86. Selling Quilts
  87. Question about a farmer's market fabric
  88. Need ideas for leftover squares, rectangle blocks
  89. Hello Kitty quilt
  90. "Not Your Grandmothers Log Cabin Quilt"
  91. binding measurements
  92. Somethin' for Nothin' and your Quilts for free...
  93. knitted pattern fabric :o(
  94. I think I've found my absolute least favorite task in the quilting process...
  95. Where do You Get Your Color Inspiration From?
  96. Juki Exceed
  97. kenmore 19001
  98. Help, I have never flown!
  99. bargello quilts.
  100. Quilt shops
  101. EQ - Is it worth it? Do you love it?
  102. Beginner Applique
  103. Entering a 3-D Pinwheel in Quilt Show
  104. Opinion on Nine Patch with sashing
  105. a doll themed quilt
  106. need some input please...
  107. Looking for help from someone with a Kenmore 19001
  108. can anyone ID this block?
  109. Input on ebay machine
  110. Have you used flannel as batting?
  111. Anyone worked with the Xanadu Kit or pattern by Janine Burke?
  112. Too big! Now what?
  113. LQS downsizing
  114. Coloring fabric/Quilt Label Collective
  115. Civil War Tribute quilt questions
  116. Washing antique feed/flour sacks?????
  117. Lesson learned....check your feed-dogs!!!
  118. For our songbirds
  119. Mary Ellen's Best Press
  120. Yikes! Feed dogs won't feed! Help?
  121. Need some ideas, for Native American theme
  122. LAQ..Do you use micro handles?
  123. Has anyone ever found insects/bugs in fabric that was starched?
  124. time to add borders...
  125. Has anyone taken a Craftsy on-line class?
  126. Comin' and goin'
  127. pattern
  128. Rubik's Cube Pattern needed
  129. luggage tags
  130. NMSU school colors???
  131. In my heart it is right now!!
  132. HELP: suggestions for quilting a One-Block Wonder quilt
  133. Janome 2030DC machine
  134. Ruler Revolution - anyone tried these?
  135. Paula Reid DVD or Class
  136. addicted to quilting?
  137. How do you quilt your Twisters?
  138. Dang darn it!!!
  139. question for long arm quilters
  140. Looking for a weekend retreat quilt class, maybe
  141. Singer 160th Anniversary Sewing Machine
  142. Who else has two sets of notions?
  143. Need help 1st quilted quilt
  144. Needle threader
  145. Has your quilt pattern ever made you seasick?
  146. Using flannel
  147. Has anyone made the Iron Caddy?
  148. Cotton Theory
  149. Patterns with 1 1/2 inch squares
  150. Chattanooga Area Quilt Charities
  151. Templates and triangles help!
  152. Quilt top done - yeah!!
  153. Sewing with clothesline, new way to me, anyways
  154. Folk Art Applique
  155. question about making handbags
  156. invisible thread
  157. Who manufactures what????
  158. Help - identify machine model number
  159. Bernina table
  160. Tumbler Quilt
  161. Best size comic book boards to order???
  162. Need advice with border malfunction
  163. A couple of dumb questions
  164. Muslin question
  165. Help. Looking for recently posted quilt in browns/creams
  166. Calling all "Labyrinth" quilters
  167. Have you ordered from Marshall Dry Goods?
  168. 3 1/2" Block Challenge
  169. New sewing machine advice?
  170. Any quilt shops around Lancaster, PA open on Sunday?
  171. Harbor Freight Blades
  172. Are Dots Considered Feminine?
  173. Twister template
  174. Looking for a web site that was posted
  175. Dog Beds from Scraps
  176. Thread Catcher?
  177. Looking for Novelty Prints of anything in England France and Spain
  178. Lost Downloaded Quilt!!
  179. Seam presser stick, Thank You
  180. Have you used the Vinyl Coated Fabrics?
  181. Thanks SC Quilters
  182. anybody like giraffes?
  183. How much material??
  184. accuquilt ?
  185. Bucket of Strips Quilt Blocks Done - Now What? Help!
  186. Making the sandwich with a striped backing - help please
  187. ??? about scrappy quilts
  188. Have a question about Project Linus
  189. Baby quilt
  190. How do you hang a wall hanging on the wall
  191. Boy am I stupid!!
  192. Piecing Quilt Back
  193. I need a pattern and or some help
  194. Hand Towel Memory quilts
  195. Fabric Moritorium Challenge-February
  196. Australian members!
  197. What is size10 DMC Thread
  198. Metro Thread
  199. When you give your quilting for a gift
  200. D9P is it a trational pattern?
  201. Antique quilt finished
  202. Turning Twenty quilt
  203. Did anyone see the quilt on the wall on the show The Firm?
  204. Jelly Roll Race quilt top is done!
  205. Need help in lengthening a quilt pattern
  206. Help with first time Machine quilter!
  207. What is your New Years promise, as far as quilting
  208. I need help, but I'm picky
  209. More quilting space between needle and front of table?
  210. Has anyone used a stitch length regulator for FMQ
  211. Email to JoAnn's....
  212. Using Janome 6600p on quilting frame
  213. Next Generation Grace quilt frame
  214. clover- shamrock patterns
  215. T-shirt quilt...any recommendations?
  216. Need advice about quilting on a standard sewing machine.
  217. My "Bead Inspired" WIP and my Hand Dyeing Mania
  218. Researching for a new sewing/embroidery machine. Would like opinions?
  219. Company Response re: Alternatives to Starch Products
  220. Charity Wheelchair or walker Bag.
  221. Look what I found
  222. What sewing/quilting bad habit have just never been able to break?
  223. Has Anyone tried Zen Quilting?
  224. Thread start time-a viewing choice, and a new quilt
  225. Mug Rugs for Football Fans
  226. Should I upgrade from a Bernina 730 to the 830?
  227. Anyone know about quilting in Albania?
  228. Looking for Fons and Porter Magazine with Hexagon Quilt Pattern
  229. sasquatch quilt.
  230. MINKY, so cuddly and soft, such a pain to sew!
  231. Please Help!!!
  232. So how many quilts are you working on?
  233. Clover's "wonder clips" for binding
  234. can you get a kenmore computerized to do FMQ?
  235. january doll quilt swap
  236. Triangulations software???
  237. Does anyone make a quilt using gingham ?
  238. Using a gracie ez frame it is for hand guilting
  239. "Cat's Eye" quilt - Has anyone made one?
  240. The Cotton Loft. Has anyone ordered from them?
  241. Ricky Timms
  242. Uneven Half-square triangles
  243. potato bags
  244. Quilting templates
  245. New Fabric for 2012- what are your favorite new lines?
  246. Which White?
  247. Baby Moss Bag Pattern
  248. Borders, Sashes
  249. Help thread keeps breaking
  250. Hey PINKBERRYKAY - Did you ever try the Janome Horizon 7700?