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  1. Tracing Paper and Wheel for marking? Paper stencils?
  2. Does anyone know the name of this pattern
  3. I did it! FMQ But have a question
  4. Help find a pattern
  5. LooK! My New,Old Baby!!
  6. janet atkins' lost/missing quilt
  7. Another great fabric shop that has fast delivery and....
  8. appliqueing do you keep feed dogs up or down??
  9. TUTE for New Toni Whitney Patterns (Applique)??
  10. It is going to run...
  11. Do You Recognize this Machine??
  12. Looking for LQS recommendation in Norfolk, VA
  13. Machine applique stitch?
  14. Ok which layout
  15. looking for fabric please help me find
  16. Anyone else taking the Webinar
  17. Double Wedding Ring vs Twisted Bargello
  18. thinking about getting a machine for FMQ - need help please
  19. Embroider Brother LB6800
  20. Jean Quilt Question
  21. Baby Rag Quilt
  22. PM question
  23. Screwdriver and Hammer Quilt block
  24. Here I go again!
  25. Jo Morton's Snowballs at Harvest quilt
  26. ripping yardage?
  27. Dcoumenting your quilt(s)
  28. Embroidery Bobbin
  29. At thrift shop today ...
  30. Pfaff Longarms....
  31. quilt tablecloth
  32. Opinions re: Flynn Quilt Frame
  33. vintage machine for free motion quilting?
  34. FAST "chop-fun" quilt
  35. Quilting and eye strain
  36. DH Doesn't Like My New Quilting Inspectors
  37. Children's reaction to doll quilt?
  38. New York Beauty
  39. San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles - opinions?
  40. Sizing or Spray Starch
  41. My Wid Flying gees quilt
  42. Pellon Natural One Batting
  43. Singer help
  44. Baby watch.....
  45. Cutting fabric that is longer than my mat
  46. free postage??
  47. Quilt Backing
  48. singer 201 - best years?
  49. Where to buy bolt of batting
  50. Help my fabric disolved and left dye
  51. Help, all you walking foot users do you change tension? do you FMQ
  52. Connecting Threads... a dangerous thing!
  53. Which side of the quilt do you do your quilting?
  54. Animals/ Nature Inspired and Art Quilts Opinion Needed
  55. tater bag update!
  56. EQ7 and Expression II
  57. how is this posted on google when I posted here
  58. Cover up with it or hang it on the wall?
  59. singer confidence quilter
  60. How many hours do you spend actually sewing/quilting
  61. What's the difference
  62. Pigeon Forge
  63. Thread to use when tieing a quilt?
  64. Quilt shops around DC area and Lewisberg Pa
  65. Carpenters Star
  66. Question about a log cabin
  67. EQ5 is driving me crazy!
  68. Help with batik bleeding
  69. Looking for Teachers
  70. Cool Tip on making a Non-slip Rulers
  71. Singer Sewing Machines
  72. picing w/2 inch squares
  73. I am feeling really stupid now
  74. Update Mickey
  75. Need opinions about fabric quality from Connecting Threads
  76. Seams-do you iron them open or to the darkest side?
  77. designer topaz 30
  78. Fabric shrank-- before my eyes!
  79. Do you wash your fabric before sewing ??
  80. Another Challenge For You!! Do You Recognize This Machine??
  81. Label
  82. Gloves or Glycerin
  83. What applique pattern
  84. Quilts for Alabama
  85. GFG Problems. Suggestions?
  87. New Poll Question for week of May 1st
  88. Oh my, did I make a mistake?
  89. Help...I'm a 1/4" Short!
  90. Need Help Making Pillow from Flannel Shirt
  91. Janome foot pedal acting strange
  92. Lap Quilting
  93. colonial blue (odd blue) fabric
  94. Keepsake Quilting Free shipping
  95. Singer 201 for quilting?
  96. What can i bring on a plane...quilting wise?
  97. What's in your batik stash?
  98. 1-1/2" quilt ruler????
  99. Quilt design software
  100. basic stippling
  101. What tools or products do you use from other hobbies for Quilting? Please share your ideas and I will make a list of them for us in my pages for all of us to enjoy!
  102. need advice about borders
  103. What is bark cloth difference than homespun?
  104. The Last Minute
  105. Making a Tee Shirt Quilt
  106. EZ3 hand quilting frames
  107. SITD Questions
  108. What is your opion of the machines like the cricut?
  109. Anyone use a cricut to cut fabric for applique?
  110. makeing a tissue case?
  111. Walking Foot
  112. cutting machines
  113. When a friend asks What do you charge for this: UPDATE
  114. Creating Labels
  115. Foot pocket - Quillow picture
  116. Help for a mistreated quilt?
  117. Hall Dempsey Quilt
  118. Meet BLUE
  119. Math questions solved?
  120. Have you ever started a quilting club to sew for donations? Do tell!
  121. Mary Ellenís Best Press vs. Niagara Non-Aerosol Spray Starch
  122. Piped Prairie Points
  123. What method should I use to piece this?
  124. What do you use to stiffen your fabric after prewashing, and the ironing thing
  125. Would vintage wool Army blankets work for batting?
  126. left over batting pieces
  127. just finished
  128. Camera Flash
  129. Old Singer
  130. Landscape fabric pre-cuts
  131. Do you machine quilt with your Featherweight?
  132. Looking for pattern of little shirts
  133. VFW
  134. my friend tells me but..........
  135. Look What I found today
  136. Intersections
  137. Help with size of Twister Quilt
  138. Did you know that all the newer sewing machines are set for ?
  139. When to press washed fabric?
  140. math help for flying geese
  141. Quilting a Dahlia?
  142. EQ - Electric Quilt - Pros and Cons
  143. New toy found at a yard sale today
  144. Project Linus??
  145. Looking for accuquilt go dies
  146. Thinest batting suggestion
  147. Birthday gift for son
  148. Meet my new friends!
  149. Homespun Fabrics
  150. Tell me why?
  151. turning 20 quilt pattern using 16" blocks
  152. how to go to different pages on forum
  154. quilting with Lace
  155. Bernette Deco 600 Embroidery machine
  156. Inklingo v. Cricut Imagine
  157. Batik Fabric
  158. What it really costs to make a quilt
  159. Day 7 Red Bargello
  160. free shipping code for Nancy's Notions
  161. Next time tell me not to!
  162. Old Quilting Frame Hung From Ceiling Question
  163. Iron or press strips?
  164. What's worth being at your LQS at 5:30 AM? A 50% OFF SALE!!!
  165. Where to find Invisifil thread?
  166. Weighted Quilt/Blanket
  167. Binding too wide--Need input
  168. Need opinions about Etsy's usefulness
  169. Should a bed quilt have 3 or 4 border panels?
  170. Antique fabric what should I do ?
  171. Featherweight Storage Bin
  172. little girl t shirt dress
  173. Is this the pattern
  174. Bow Tuck purse everyday use?
  175. help find Lost Quilt
  176. Any Suggestions for Best Threads for MACHINE APPLIQUE (ING)...
  177. Cabbage Patch Doll Pattern
  178. pics of some of my stuff
  179. not 'busy' pattern
  180. Embroidery Mishap
  181. Help me find this sailboat fabric pleeeeease!
  182. The Quilt Show
  183. Why do people
  184. Island Batik Rose of Sharon Quilt Kits--Sharon Pederson
  185. What's that Vintage machine worth?
  186. quilt show
  187. How to Start a Stash
  188. It's 4:30AM and I'm so excited I can't sleep!!!!
  189. Question re Corner Triangles made from Squares
  190. The Best Compliment Ever
  191. Frixion Pen for marking
  192. Quilt Video Fantastic!!!
  193. Embroidery machines
  194. stitch in the ditch
  195. Flannel Quilt
  196. Free quilt pattern site
  197. Tote Bag Linings
  198. Meandering Quilting
  199. Question regarding Take 5 Pattern
  200. I have a ? about a 1946 Kenmore sewing machine. A friend has one....what would you offer?
  201. Help please with embroidery on Bernina 730 Artista
  202. someone gave me a wool batt fresh off the sheep
  203. Reasons I shouldn't sew after midnight...lessons learned
  204. Can I mix fabric types? Flannel and another...
  205. Nancy's Notions
  206. Quilting Patterns
  207. ?sewing machine part
  208. PINMOOR thingie-doodles work!
  209. Back stitch or not
  210. Learning to use a long-arm
  211. What do you think of the Bernina 830 Limited Edition?
  212. Quilting Class
  213. all pinned up
  214. I'm Back...Need More Help!
  216. Does the entire quilt need to be quilted?
  217. quilts for MO
  218. Jacks quilt
  219. Just installed EQ7 yesterday!
  220. I need help figuring this out....
  221. Ott light 50% off Plus 20% off more for veterans
  222. I have some fabric that is 35" wide,
  224. How to sew vintage tablecloth into a quilt?
  225. All those quilts and bags......wowwwww Cat-on-a-mac
  226. Have you ever used these products?
  227. Quilts for Joplin, MO residents
  228. Iron On Batting
  229. Calendar 5-28
  230. Airdale Terrier Lovers.
  231. DS fabric at Joann;s, have you tried?
  232. How Would You Hand Quilt This One?
  233. 10 minute block with only 2 fabrics
  234. quilts I made
  235. Found these on the Dayton Craig's list
  236. Well DUH
  237. feet for singer featherweight
  238. My first trip home to America as a quilter
  239. Does anyone know where to buy a less expensive Magic CI ircle Ruler!
  240. Cork flooring in sewing room
  241. I went and got the fabric
  242. Hand quilters, to you.......
  243. Need a row robin swapper
  244. Never thought it would happen to me!
  245. Pictures
  246. Day 8 - Last day - Red Bargello
  247. Need help deciding on binding color
  248. information on a vintage machine
  249. Back stich?
  250. books on Sale!!!!