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  1. Pattern ideas needed
  2. Anyone have a Singer Solid State 93220
  3. Fons and Porter's show
  4. I just saw the coolest show!
  5. What should I quilt on this????
  6. Moda Fabric Search
  7. Olive Rose fabric on sale 40% off at
  8. MO lady in chat looking for sewing machine
  9. New Addiction!!!
  11. Plastic Templates
  12. block arrangement
  13. Recs on new machine for my novice quilting mom
  14. Please come to the quilt show in Lebanon, OR Oct. 17-18
  15. help deciding on border sizes etc
  16. Gone to Texas (New Book)
  17. Which One?
  18. question about chat and fall gift swap
  19. What do you keep by your sewing machine?
  20. Quilt Festival (Online) Fall 2009
  21. chalk pen/pencils
  22. Explain, please
  23. PP question
  24. Has this happened to you?
  25. What needle size do you prefer for piecing and quilting (home sewing maching)
  26. Games to play with your Quilting Buddies
  27. What sends you back to your favorite LQS?
  28. If you sign up ,what if u want OUT?
  29. About Christmas
  30. sharpening sissors
  31. Binding
  32. Cost of professional quilting
  33. Thread turning from white to grey in my machine...
  35. Pineapples by Karin Hellaby
  36. Beginner project.
  37. Has anyone seen a Snowflake Pattern?
  38. free motion quilting
  39. LongArm Quilting.
  40. I need some advice on using Fleece.
  41. Looking for a pattern for the quick trip quilt
  42. Made my reservations for Paducah!
  43. I know what I want for Christmas!!!
  44. Help finding fabric PLEASE
  45. free patterns
  46. Copying patterns --- again
  47. free shipping
  48. Washing embroidery... colour bleeding?
  49. Newbie Looking For Beginner Machine
  50. flannel
  51. I REALLY need to go to fabric REHAB!!!
  52. Road Trip to Mary Jo's Fabric Store in Gastonia, NC
  53. Help needed in finding Cheshire Cat embroidery design
  54. Penny Rug
  55. Janome machine
  56. Yokohama Quilt Festival November
  57. Question about copying a pattern from a magazine.
  58. Buying fabric online
  59. Trip Around the World Quilt Pattern
  60. Do you have to have a foot on your machine?
  61. coupon code - 25% off $50 min order
  62. Hancock online
  63. Another Joann's Coupon
  64. How Many Borders Do You Like?
  65. CT Essential Thread
  66. Pot holders
  67. Finding fabric
  68. looking for ideas for Brother's quilt
  69. Straight-Line horizontal vs vertical
  70. What is the science behind potato bags?
  71. I'm new to quilting and have a ?
  72. My first firmie!!!
  73. Need advice
  74. Viking Machine
  75. around the world pattern
  76. Light Weight Machines for Quilting????
  77. Ironslide 2000 - Ironing board cover
  78. log cabin quilt pattern
  79. Found a hidden LQS
  80. Question about hand piecing and machine piecing
  81. Seam Ripping How-To?
  82. ugh don't ya just hate when....
  83. Help on paper piecing!
  84. Stack of Old fan shaped pieces - very old
  85. Stack of Old fan shaped pieces - very old
  86. Is anyone goind to AQS show in Des Moines?
  87. Macon Quilt Shops?
  88. binding formula?
  89. Flannel Quilts
  90. Taking a Road Trip!
  91. Stencils
  92. Gingher seam ripper
  93. I got a REAL sewing machine!!
  94. help with a flying geese pattern!!! ???
  95. I love this quilting board.
  96. Quilt Shops UGGG!!!!
  97. Owl
  98. Help newbie needs explaination of quilt terms
  99. Platinum moment -- need help please!
  100. Treasure.....
  102. quilt shop shipped wrong color fabric
  103. Turnover quilt pattern?
  104. looking for a pattern, squares.
  105. YAY!! :) Just got my swap items
  106. camouflage fabric
  107. Quilting Retreat
  108. quilting retreat websites
  109. Selling Quilts Online -- what's your ideal?
  110. stained glass robin
  111. Seven Sisters Quilt Block
  112. help me choose fabrics for my pig quilt!
  113. Amish Quilt Patterns
  114. Anyone used Hobbs Thermore Batting?
  115. Difference between obw and stack and whack?
  116. signing quilts ?
  117. Stain Glass Quilt Class !!
  118. Used Longarm Quilting Machine
  119. Question,How do you NOT Do a Project???
  120. tool help
  121. Joann's Coupon Codes
  122. sheila from AL.
  123. help! how do I work this fabric into a quilt design?
  124. Making a sleeve to hang a quilt
  125. why is it......?
  126. opinions on how to quilt this table runner
  127. Frame and machine
  128. Hancocks of Paducah
  129. Sewing Machine Help
  130. Just a Tip I Learned :-)
  131. Hobby Lobby
  132. What is it, and Where can I find it ?
  133. Quilters Quarter
  134. Where to find doll quilt patterns?
  135. Basting a quilt....
  136. Does anyone have some ideas?
  137. What should I FMQ on this??
  138. Elephants
  139. Need help with free motion quilting
  140. mandorla - vesica piscis
  141. need help
  142. For all you Okies out there and anyone interested in a road trip
  143. Rotary cutter question
  144. Quilt Request from DIL
  145. Longarm quilting machine. Which one?
  146. Stitches and Features question
  147. Quilt Retreat Starts Tomorrow! Yippeeeee!
  148. Wedding Rings
  149. Help on enlarging a pattern? Frustrated!
  150. Wool Squares ????
  151. Went to quilt show...with DH
  152. Working on Tumbling Blocks quilt
  153. Mosaic Tile Quilts
  154. Machine quilting advice for large quilted door curtain please!
  155. Anyone here from Italy?
  156. Yipee!!!!!! I am getting my new Featherweight Today!!!!!!
  157. what machine to buy
  158. Are these cutting dimension right
  159. Old quilt frames Help please
  160. October 2009 Fab Shop Hop
  161. Left Handed Quilter needs tools
  162. FMQ Gloves
  163. Need help to get the stitch number on my Bernina 440QE
  164. Looking for an inexpensive quilting software
  165. strange question
  166. Needle Education
  167. Fractured Quilts
  168. Downloading pictures
  169. I Finished Smoky's Quilt
  170. Selling quilts
  171. Singer Sewing Machine Need Help
  172. Shadow Box quilt pattern
  173. Airing of the Quilts
  174. cotton thread
  175. Drunk in Love log cabin
  176. Personalizing pillows
  177. easy level pattern
  178. Need help with starting a wool quilt
  179. stupid ??????
  180. I'm going on a Night-Owl-Hoot tonight, for Jelly Rolls!
  181. Where do you find your doll quilt patterns?
  182. Quilting Christmas Wish List Help!!!
  183. cute for Grandma or Grandpa's Christmas!
  184. Roman Shades
  185. Quilt pattern ideas for adult son?
  186. 60% Table Topper
  187. quilted Christmas ornaments...
  188. What a surprise
  189. Needles
  190. Closing my local Joann's
  191. I just finished my first FMQ! A few problems....
  192. Janome Harmony Model 3125
  193. Website that was posted here with awesome pictures
  194. Christmas gifts?
  195. I am having the hardest time finding this pattern
  196. flannel rag quilt
  197. Sample block?
  198. Quilt labels
  199. Do you have that battery operated bias machine??!
  200. Discount on Connecting Thread website
  201. I will not - - - -
  202. How many Christmas gifts are you making?
  203. To All Tote Bag Makers
  204. Starting big quilt..Help
  205. Secret Sister??
  207. activity quilts
  208. Guess what I bought tonight........
  209. pencil to mark a sewing line?
  210. bisquit/puff quilt
  211. Quilted christmas gifts that are NOT quilts?
  212. To my fabric angel lisha
  213. Charm Squares - why are they cut that way??
  216. Cleaning a quilt question
  217. Nickel Quilts
  218. Ricky Tim' Suggestions for Cleaning Gunk Off Iron Bottoms
  219. What do you do with blocks you love- but you dont like pattern when its all put together?
  220. My own Quilty Angel!!!
  221. What's your favorite [b]Permamnent [/b] fabric marking pen
  222. New marking product!
  223. Ironing right beside sewing machine?
  224. prevent fabric from fading in the wash
  225. Getting exciting, tacking my first quilt this afternoon.
  226. A children's doll quilt swap????
  227. Looking for a diamond shaped log cabin pattern
  228. Diamond shaped log cabin pattern
  229. stack & whack placemats
  230. Not free block pattern sites, but quilting pattern sites.
  231. Memory Quilts... what have I got myself into!?
  232. Babylock Jewel
  233. what to make with a charm pack?
  234. saved pockets
  235. I don'[t know what you call them!
  236. Quilt Retreat
  237. Applique
  238. Bought Fleece today for batting/backing.
  239. I just won.
  240. PIQS In Santa Clara, CA in October
  241. Kona cotton for backing?
  242. Printers
  243. Embroidery on Onesies or Toddler T-Shirts
  244. Using startch
  245. Quilt stores in Denver!
  246. Colors for Dear Jane??
  247. Help!
  248. Do you do quilt swaps?
  249. I HATE binding
  250. Help with a template