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  1. Old fabric -- risky?
  2. Need some advice from rag quilting ladies please.
  3. Working With Very Small Pieces
  4. HQ Sure Foot
  5. Placement question
  6. All about Thread
  7. Cleaned my machine, help
  8. Broke down and bought a new machine
  9. Baby Lock Destiny II
  10. Picking Petals Design
  11. Help with squaring panel!!
  12. gammill optimun locks up
  13. Quilting With Crochet String
  14. T-shirt quilts
  15. Fire Extinguishers
  16. tissue box cover
  17. Free Patterns
  18. STID question
  19. Pfaff Passport - Should I?
  20. Puckers after the fact
  21. Machine Quilting
  22. Sandwiching Problem
  23. Name of quilt block
  24. Preponderance
  25. Favorite needle type and size for piecing?
  26. Pfaff QE 4.2 with Sew Stead table
  27. Chenille help
  28. To Steam or Not to Steam?
  29. What I Learned in Recent Days
  30. Math help please! Medallion borders...
  31. batting lint problems
  32. I have a question about EQ7 for resident experts...
  33. Necktie Quilt Pattern
  34. Embroidery Machine Fonts for Making Quilt Labels
  35. New machine fever
  36. looking for bag pattern ideas
  37. Need help with a quilt pattern
  38. Cone thread - 60/3 left twist - Is this ok??
  39. Back brace for quilters
  40. Best Type of Thread for Piecing
  41. Repair quilt price to charge?
  42. How should I quilt my latest quilt
  43. Virtual Quilting Weekend--January 19-21, 2018
  44. Zirkel vs regular magnetic
  45. JUKI hzl g210 adjusting pressure of presser foot
  46. Help with cutting rag quilt squares and quilting squares
  47. How many patterns have a mistake in the directions ?
  48. sun bonnet sue
  49. Inspiration?
  50. Sizzix vs Accuquilt - My humble opinion
  51. Dresden Cushion - advice on how to come up with a pattern?
  52. Fleece Won't Hold Still for my Ruler!!!
  53. Ordered from Common Threads?
  54. Favorite fabric seller at . . .
  55. wool batting- extreme wrinkles
  56. Removing Blood Stain From My Quilt
  57. has anyone used these templates?
  58. 3 quilts 3 yards
  59. Lost my book Divide and conquer?
  60. And if that does not work?
  61. Windmill quilt layout opinions needed
  62. Cuddle vs minky
  63. Hand tying a quilt
  64. Scant quarter inch seam?
  65. Seam coming out...
  66. Flying geese and HST rulers
  67. triangles
  68. has anyone ordered from Material Maven?
  69. finishing placemats
  70. Looking for Ami Simms quilt pattern
  71. Need thoughts on finishing this wall hanging
  72. Janome Artistic Quilter SD Help needed
  73. replacement power cord stops working at the slightest touch...
  74. I have the acuquilt 9" block set. Could I use this to modify the last BH mystrey?
  75. market/grocery tote bag fabric
  76. Question about wool batting
  77. favorite battings
  78. TIL: Do not use a screwdriver in the notch to turn the shaft
  79. Convergence quilt
  80. Time for a new machine?
  81. Fish piecing pattern?
  82. Colors that go with salmon peachy pink
  83. Can I do blanket stitch with Pfaff 1473 machine?
  84. Fabri Flair.
  85. Sewing the edges of a quilt together before binding?
  86. Final chapter of the Dizzy Geese...I promise!
  87. Instead of binding--turning in the raw edges?
  88. Fleece as backing ,instead of batting and backing fabric
  89. Flat side bobbins
  90. Look what DH made me
  91. Block Tool App alternative?
  92. Have Question on Directional Fabrics and Triangles
  93. My Christmas Gifts from DH..
  94. Border length Way off.
  95. I have Finally figured out FMQ
  96. Update to Dizzy Geese
  97. to border or not to border
  98. Historical Quilting Patterns and Motifs
  99. Pfaff Passport 3
  100. fusible fleece???Help maybe a mistake..
  101. What stitch length do you use?
  102. Hiroshima needles
  103. Need some ideas
  104. Best batting for hand quilting??
  105. Block pattern needed
  106. OK to use this fabric?
  107. Have any of you used this cuddle fabric?
  108. Wool batting compared to cotton/wool blend batting.
  109. Quilting Retreat
  110. Quilted offcuts and practise pieces
  111. Free shipping from Hancock's of Paducah
  112. Should i buy this sweet sixteen????
  113. How do you maneuver the quilt through the machine?
  114. Tokyo International Quilt Festival - 2018
  115. Piecing fleece backing
  116. One block wonder - layout option # 2
  117. Piecing with chenille
  118. any idea on the name of the pattern???
  119. Grace inspiration imperial aluminum frame
  120. Counting stitches per inch
  121. Threads driving me crazy
  122. Did you use your Accuquilt on the latest BH mystery quilt?
  123. hanging a wall hanging???
  124. One block wonder - layout option
  125. Using templates.....need some help!
  126. Need tips on designing a sampler quilt
  127. Suggestions for a "farm" theme baby quilt?
  128. Handquilting Thread issues
  129. Help Making Quilt Kits for Vacation
  130. I need some ideas for a tea pot quilt
  131. Magnified view for binding
  132. Using strips for borders
  133. Sweet 16 sit down sure foot
  134. Warm & Natural batting fuzz
  135. Help with border
  136. Source wanted - where can I buy this fabric???
  137. Rowenta steam iron with generator
  138. help finding a quilt picture page
  139. Shoulder bag/tote
  140. Has anyone used Printed Treasures?
  141. Cotton seeds in batting stained quilt
  142. Anyone here a member of ?
  143. Problem Burying Threads
  144. String priceing
  145. Flying Geese
  146. Panel suggestions
  147. Anyone FMQ on slant needle machine?
  148. Asian type quilt pattern
  149. Pineapple Blossum Block
  150. Trapunto and applique question
  151. Pre washing flannel precuts????
  152. Are you finished yet?
  153. How to increase 10in Pineapple quilt block to 12in using Creative Grid ruler
  154. Flying Geese - Variation???
  155. Bristol Star
  156. Crayola crayons
  157. Straighten Up And Fly Right
  158. Sewing space?
  159. irioning board cover
  160. found package of Hoffman Bali Batik squares....
  161. How long does it take to make a quilt?
  162. Kona Fabric of the Year- Orange What About You?
  163. fun idea for quilt guild program
  164. Encoder problems on a long arm, please help
  165. Vintage quilting site?
  166. Looking for this pattern
  167. My cousins, they did it again!!
  168. What are small items for a guild to sell at a quilt show?
  169. Is there a way to load an oversized quilt on an SR2 Grace frame?
  170. Looking for a new machine...
  171. Why Its not Always Easy to Choose the Quilting Motifs
  172. What is your favorite pattern using fat quarters?
  173. Machine quilting advice
  174. delsey-looking for I Spy tutorial or instructions/pattern on pinterest site
  175. LQS Christmas fabric clearance?
  176. I need help figuring out the pattern/process
  177. yo yo's
  178. No-Hassle Triangles Gauge
  179. Craftsy classes
  180. Fading advice
  181. Bowl covers
  182. Crayons on fabric
  183. Do you know this block/pattern
  184. How young is too young???
  185. seek for good journal: quilt/textile art/crazy quilt/application
  186. Marking a quilt top
  187. Grace Frame - end cap locking mechanism assistance needed
  188. Gift idea
  189. Quilting Funny
  190. charity quilt paterns
  191. Bowl holders
  192. Bernina binding attachment
  193. Snow Carpet - anybody tried one for Quilting?
  194. Quilting, please!?!
  195. Quilter's candy
  196. Need advice in buying a longarm!
  197. Why shops close
  198. Happy learning in the New Year!
  199. Celtic Layers embellishment ideas?
  200. question about making a photo quilt
  201. need help designing a quilt, Please
  202. Quilt pattern
  203. Colored Pencil Quilt quilting suggestions needed!
  204. How do you like EQ8?
  205. Does anybody know the name of this pattern
  206. Cuddle advice
  207. Looking for a Block of the Month Quilt a long for 2018! Happy New Year!
  208. Quilt blocks with 7 pieces?
  209. Those of you who have BlockBase from EQ,
  210. A Few Questions About Minky.
  211. Prewound bobbins from Superior threads
  212. which is better
  213. Bias binding questions
  214. Superior Thread 'Brytes' question
  215. Handicapped Quilter
  216. Newbie needs help!
  217. need help deciding on surrounding blocks for panel
  218. Which 2018 Mystery Quilt Are You Doing?
  219. Merry Mayhem NYD Mystery, who is participating?
  220. Need input/advice on a basic sewing machine
  221. question about quilt patterns and pattern names
  222. Quilting Expo class vs LQS class
  223. Recommendations for quilt shops in Portland, OR metropolitan area
  224. how to remove ironed-on fusible items?
  225. Help - I don't know how to hang a quilt!
  226. Batiks
  227. 1st quilting problem
  228. Used Bernina 440 QE with BSR or Bernina 530 without?
  229. Who gets your stash when you are 'gone'?
  230. Looking for pattern
  231. Does Batting Go "Bad"?
  232. making a sit down quilter
  233. Does anyone use this for longarm bobbin?
  234. Help with Janome 6600 dual feed
  235. Janome skylark S9
  236. Need help re: materials used in quilt
  237. New Year's Weekend Virtual Quilting
  238. different background?
  239. Borders And Centers
  240. How to compare machines
  241. Lesson learned
  242. Barnyard Selfies panel design help please
  243. anyone else "stretching" their skills with the start of the New Year?
  244. combining lengthwise and crosswise grain
  245. Advice on quilt element
  246. Batik quilt help
  247. Quilting Resolutions 2018
  248. Brother XL3030 Machine
  249. Is there a kaleidoscope quilt block
  250. Looking for this pattern