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  1. floor mat
  2. I need help!
  3. Suggestions...
  4. Long bobbins?
  5. Need help identifying this quilt frame
  6. In search of....
  7. Reverse applique and painted quilts
  8. Machine Quilting
  9. Hand quilters
  10. How do i do it if i wanted big fat letters with a name on my quilt? or do you got any other ideas?
  11. Question about borders
  12. Great sale
  13. What do you do when you are NOT quilting?
  14. Works great
  15. quilt show in Oklahoma City
  16. Pattern sought
  17. Need help with pattern for a quilt
  18. Finally got the hang of it!
  19. Disappointed - no squishy for me
  20. Please reassure me about basting spray
  21. Looking For - - - FOUND!!!
  22. Can I use cotton and batiks in the same quilt?
  23. Janome L-393... anyone know it?
  24. Rose Applique Pattern
  25. gridded ironing board cover question
  26. Cleaning fabrics
  27. Latest Quilting Order - Qbot
  28. tote bag pattern?
  29. Favorite Jelly Roll book?
  30. Doll Quilts...Patterns
  31. Why must he always rain on my parade....
  32. quilting books and dvds
  33. Triangulations 2.0 on sale
  34. Fabric Depot question
  35. Any Viking Sapphire owners out there?
  36. Help! Top thread keeps breaking!
  37. thanks to all from molly o
  38. Hand Quilting Pain Relief!
  39. Wanting a pattern
  40. pfaff sewing machine
  41. I must be lucky...
  42. HELP I need to make block bigger
  43. Black fabric question
  44. Wonderful squishies.
  45. Triangulations 2.0
  46. fabric choice advice needed!
  47. Question about thread and age......
  48. Patterm suggestions for quilting Irish Chain for a wedding gift
  49. Invisible thread
  50. Home Dec Fabrics for Quilting
  51. Quilter's Dream Green Recycled Soda Bottle Batting
  52. Sewing Room ALMOST DONE!!!
  53. So what's the deal with dmc embroidery floss??
  54. Need advice on iron or iron plate
  55. HELP! Where to find Moda Marbles Fabric online
  56. Looking for this block pattern
  57. What is your faveorite quilting blogs?????????????
  58. Question for those who also Machine Embroidery
  59. Fat Quarter Storage
  60. what's the name of this block please?
  61. Quilting and Fingernails.
  62. That thing to push seams out?
  63. Has anybody bought from
  64. Accuquilt Go Die Cut Accuracy
  65. pressing cloth
  66. Dick and Jane fabric
  67. One Step Quilting by Donna Dewberry & Cindy Casciato - any reviews?
  68. quilt to send out
  69. long arm quilter - how to find one- what do they charge -
  70. Pantographs for Quilting Machine
  71. Pledge Fabric Sweeper
  72. Quilt Pattern for a Pastor?
  73. Joanns sale
  74. machine quilting
  75. Signing Quilts
  76. Looking for Fireman Fabric
  77. Quilt Dash
  79. Binding quilts.
  80. singer 7467 quilt; anyone tried it or have u other favorite reasnable priced sewing machines?
  81. I quilt alone!!!
  82. thread color - please help
  83. Favorite Sewing Feet - Machine
  84. I m gonna kill my sewing machine...
  85. clear thread
  86. Need a good laugh? I know I do.
  87. New Toy!!
  88. Quilting Book at yard sale
  89. Quilt as You Go Photo Quilt Question
  90. Romanian Quilt Charity???
  92. looking for a geisha
  93. sewing machine reviews?
  94. Come Quilt With Me
  95. Templates
  96. Has anyone made a floor cloth using Modge Podge
  97. Baby lock serger BL3-407?
  98. Help Bear pattern
  99. selvedges
  100. Quilt gardens
  101. Recommend a good book?
  102. Cutting straight strips.
  103. New Ruler: June Taylor Perfect Half Square Triangles
  104. Duh! (and another newbie question about thread)
  105. Any Long-Arm quilters out there?
  106. Just curious...
  107. help with linings
  108. How many are basically lone quilters or have close friends they quilt with?
  109. Quilters that rocked my world when I was learning.
  110. So excited
  111. Franklin Treadle?
  112. Foundation Piecer Magazine Savers please help me.
  113. Did I mess up?
  114. help me think of quilting terms for my future new dog's name!
  115. what do u think about this pattern?
  116. pop ups
  117. I'm having a brain fart!!
  118. Sisters, Or
  119. Is this a sign the fabric I bought is poor quality?
  120. Question: Crayon Quilts
  121. Riccar Sewing Machine
  122. My version of sewing table extension
  123. What comes next?
  124. I got to sew with the Bernina 830!
  125. Have you seen what's new?
  126. Design Walls
  127. Scraps Anyone? (Feel like the dog hanging around butcher shop, lol)
  128. I saw a book on Floorquilts today....
  129. searching
  130. Quilters are the best; a thank you from me
  131. need help please
  132. Klunk!
  133. Stabilizer
  134. Binding scallops and working with alternate blocks
  135. Mark Lipinsky fans (and those who are not)
  136. Lap Quilts
  137. Fab Shop Hop
  138. machine quilting
  139. question about EQ5 and vista
  140. Did anyone see the store Patchwork Plus in Quilt Sampler?
  141. Quilted Name Badges ?
  142. Harley davidson fabric
  143. 1 INCH
  144. Easiest quickest way to do binding?
  145. Dresden
  146. cotton batting
  147. Has anyone used this bias maker yet?
  148. on-line purchasing of jelly rolls - how can you tell what else is in there?
  149. sewing in germany
  150. What block is this?
  151. I love my LQS
  152. How do I find a fabric that's not at the store anymore??
  153. Don't walk but run.....
  154. Why advertise what isn't available?
  155. Fabric covered coiled coasters and baskets
  156. Charming Jelly Cake patterns?
  157. Color/width of binding?
  158. Another question about needle turn applique....
  159. Not my morning
  160. Washing Batiks - Bali Pops
  161. Question about blind stitching
  162. question?
  163. question about a treadle sewing machine
  164. Traffic Jam fabric from Windham Fabrics
  165. Having been in here in over a month
  166. Free quilt kits for charity
  167. For Colorado QUILTERS:
  168. Central Coast Quilt Run
  169. Don't remember who I promised this picture to but here are the PJ bottoms
  170. For Sharon and Roy
  171. half square triangles
  172. Looking for a pattern
  173. fabric storage question about spray sizing and/or spray starch
  174. Does anyone make your own fabric?
  175. Lots of Stash Questions
  176. Needle threader
  177. Back from Alaska
  178. There is a quilting angel out there!
  179. My WIP list
  180. Quilt Shops in Boston
  181. Roxanne Glue???
  182. 10,000 Dream Sewing Room Make over
  183. what prints work for kaleidoscope?
  184. Great news. I got all of the ugly fabric that the store had!!!!
  185. Anybody Machine embroirdered to quilt a quilt?
  186. Rhonda - Inchie Quilts
  187. I'm Mad!!!
  188. Arrggh!
  189. binding on a 45 degree corner
  190. what is Synthrapol and Retayne?
  191. hand painted fabric
  192. Looking for feet for Pfaff 1475CD
  193. April Shop Hop Winners
  194. Fab Shop Hop WINNERS for April
  195. My Quilty Fairy Godmothers
  196. Safety Pin Basting Tip
  197. Warm Wishes ?
  198. How Do I
  199. "Dresden Kaleidoscopes" an e-book by Rhonda
  200. I have a question, or maybe it is a poll?
  201. Foundation piecing: Choice of paper
  202. selling quilts
  203. What do you do with your tails?
  204. Ok Bunny Hoppers!!
  205. Converting regular block patterns into Foundation paper pieced patterns
  206. Need Your Opinion
  207. Omaha Quilt show.
  208. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Quilting
  209. Sally Post quilt
  210. Titanium coated machine needles
  211. shadow trapunto quilting tutorial
  212. looking for recent quilt pattern...
  213. need you help please
  214. Now here is a sewing room that turns me green with envy.
  215. You want to join a guild? This is a good example of how a demo goes during a meeting.
  216. Frustrated with chain qs in my area
  217. Sulky Invisible Poly Thread?
  218. Polka Dots
  219. How to flatten out rotary mats??
  220. Question on Bias Tape Maker
  221. question
  222. Help please! hand applique bias strips for "vines" or stems"
  223. Portrait quilt
  224. A c ollage of pictures?
  225. Hand stitching Vs. Machine
  226. Need your help, sites you recommend for finding fabrics not readily available anymore
  227. UNABLE to join live chat???
  228. To new quilters
  229. do you wash your batting too?
  230. Looking for an embroidery resource
  231. this is for admin - re: showing copyrighted stuff
  232. Washing fat quarters???
  233. Craft Fairs
  234. Applique'
  235. Ugly fabric adoption thread
  236. how many blocks for a lap quilt?
  237. math question on block
  238. Anyone own a Pfaff Tiptronic 6270 Sewing Machine
  239. I really like this ugly fabric, but what to do with it.
  240. my favorite quilting books
  241. Help Me! I am drowning in red and white striped material
  242. My first ever quilt-I need help!
  243. Foundation paper piecing - can I hand sew it??
  244. pillows have floppy corners
  245. How do you convert a garage into a quilt room/studio?
  246. angle on lonestar
  247. How to make a Swag Border Or Block???
  248. Bernina 830-just curious!!
  249. Question about Seminole borders
  250. Double Wedding Ring Quilt

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