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  1. I want to make potholders...
  2. handquilting question
  3. I'm at work, can someone calculate yardage for me?
  4. Can someone help me with link to placemats
  5. Quilt - Dethreading? Quilt Delinting?
  6. HELP!!!Meandering vs stippling
  7. I Won...
  8. opinions please
  9. Finding a site
  10. Sale at Nixie Chicks! Blenders at $1.80 yd
  11. So we have yet another convert....
  12. Which way?
  13. favorite needle??
  14. how many quilters are left handed vs. right?
  15. singer 7430
  16. Anyone interested in joining the International Round Robin?
  17. help, please
  18. Has anyone ever wound bobbin to bobbin?
  19. ? about fusibles
  20. Bobbin screw on a 221 featherweight
  21. Diagonal seams
  22. Joann's Coupons-----they don't work anymore!!!!!
  23. I'm having a hard time with my new to me singer featherweight.
  24. The Rotary Cutting and Piecing Gods are smiling on me!
  25. How do I thread a Singer Featherweight
  26. Wondercut Ruler????
  27. RockingHorse quilt pattern
  28. Sewing machine has mind of it's own.
  29. Sale
  30. question on Steam-A-Seam2
  31. The art of hand quilting, where has it gone?
  32. Interesting....the meaning of colors
  33. Help with dissapearing 9 patch!! I'm stuck
  34. I found a stitch in the ditch tool on this site at Keepsake quilting
  35. Questions about EQ5 and 6
  36. What is the best most inexpensive thread?
  37. is there a teflon plate iron?
  38. christmas ornaments
  39. I've heard...
  40. Is there a difference in thread??????
  41. funny cartoon
  42. To all my Quilting Sisters
  43. basting spray
  44. Troubleshooting Janome 6600?
  45. when to do the satin stitich question.....
  46. My class with Libby today==what a blast!!
  47. Quilt Borders?
  48. How to wash your quilts!!!!
  49. Tension issues...
  50. Marking Chalk
  51. Boo Hoo MY favorite LQS is closing!
  52. Money Spent
  53. What is the name of this block?
  54. Memory quilt
  55. Potholder Question
  56. Different types of quilt frames....what do you use?
  57. How is brother with Embroidry?
  58. Japanese quilt pattern
  59. Secret Santa's Santa comes to your town 12/14. No peeking!!!!! 4pm central time on chat!!!
  60. Please welcome Dizzy.
  61. Can you bind a quilt for me?
  62. fleece tie blankets
  63. Featherweight
  64. Check Out What I'm Ordering Today!!
  65. looking for a pattern
  66. Breathe Aggi.. BReeeathe!!!!
  67. What do you wish your sewing machine would do?
  68. Hey ummm...need a anwser
  69. Free-motion quilting
  70. Working with flannel
  71. 7year old UFO
  72. How can I print custom patterns?
  73. Has anyone used/have a Elna?
  74. Pumpkin Seed Pattern?
  75. Is it just me?
  76. Magnetic clip questtion
  77. Non-quilter needs advice!
  78. Removing the Fold of the fabric
  79. i need help on a pattern please
  80. I need this pattern!!! HELP!!!
  81. looking for pattern
  83. what I'm going to do with my vacation days this week
  84. Chinese Take-Out Box pattern
  85. Beginner cutting
  86. lone star attempt: still need help
  87. EQ6 vs Quilt pro
  88. Free Motion Supreme Slider
  89. I saw a neat basting table setup today
  90. Can anyone remember?
  91. Quilting T-Shirt Quilts
  92. Charm Pack Quilt Patterns
  93. Need a quick answer about an Easy Build Quilt Frame :)
  94. Ever taken a class from Libby Lehman?
  95. Do I really need Muslin?
  96. bailey's 15" throat quilting machine
  97. A quilt for friend
  98. Book on machine quilting?
  99. cats vs. dogs
  100. Cams on an old Singer
  101. cutting table
  102. Duvet cover for my Mom…green or white, which do you prefer?
  103. Free pattern just in time for next year!
  104. wild winding
  105. Why is it??
  106. Pattern online or print?
  107. Craft Auction
  108. Hi, new with a question.
  109. How to remove ink, rust and brown spots out of your quilt
  110. Need kit ideas for my 11 yr old DD's Christmas gifts
  111. removed
  112. binding grandmothers flower garden
  113. My biggest sewing pet-peeve is...
  114. Northern Threads
  115. A Question For The Lady That's Doing The Shoofly Quilt?
  116. pincushions
  117. Got booted out of chat I gonna miss the party boo hoo!!
  118. A Problem
  119. How did you get into quilting? How long have you been Quilting? Your favorite quilt?
  120. COMING SOON: New FVG Quilt design
  121. Quilt with all 12 months?
  122. find fabric? Horses
  123. 1/4" Walking foot????
  124. I'm on my way to Hancocks Fabrics..anyone need anything?
  125. Peek a boo quilt
  126. Won somthing
  127. Favorite Thread to use
  128. My first and last quilt kit
  129. Need to rant...
  130. Janome Sew Mini Machine on sale $39.99
  131. If you slice your finger...
  132. curious question
  133. Row Round Robin Christmas Theme for 2009! Groups Assigned see page 8
  134. ideas for teachers gifts for christmas
  135. I got published today
  136. Hand quilting lap hoop
  137. Ideas for Round Robins 2009
  138. Looking for a pattern not in print any longer
  139. What products can't you live without?
  140. Does anyone know what this quilt block/pattern is?
  141. Binding Thingy
  142. WOO HOO I WON!!!
  143. Cutting into a piece of fabric
  144. Help choosing a sewing machine for quilting...newbie
  145. pattern
  146. Stippling...
  147. Where and what for UFO's
  148. I'm trying machines today, so far....
  149. Silly Question ( Hand stitching)
  150. What color is a shadow?
  151. any Long Armers on here?
  152. thread color
  153. Soft Books
  154. If you poke your finger>>>>>>>
  155. Want to see some pretty spectacular quilts?
  156. How would I
  157. What are your Christmas projects?
  158. Flannel Question
  159. What would you charge?
  160. Quilting Magazines
  161. Quilt for christmas
  162. Keeping my promise :)
  163. From Don-isewman1---???? for joann coupons
  164. looking for new machine
  165. Doing it right.
  166. Mixing Flannel with plaid?????????
  167. Love all the pillowcases....
  168. Buttonhole (blanket) stitch on your sewing machine
  169. NE1 have the White 3300 embroidery machine?
  170. Chicken Quilts
  171. Won
  172. I Spy Quilt
  173. What would YOU do?
  174. Let's talk proportion
  175. turkey table centerpiece
  176. Sewing machine I got, where can I get informantion?
  177. Reversible Kittie T-shirt quilt idea
  178. 65 yards of fabric!!!! PICS ADDED
  179. Pillow cases...............
  180. quilt backing?
  181. Free Quilting patterns
  182. I'm not a pillow maker but have some questions....
  183. International Quilters, could you help?
  184. Bitten off more than I can Chew.
  185. Two Questions
  186. I have an idea for a tutorial....
  187. Anyone remember the name of the online quilt store search site that.....
  188. Neat Quilt shop!!
  189. Try these scissors!!!!!
  190. Applique Pattern?
  191. Flying Geese Question?
  192. what would you do with this fabric?
  193. Help on finding the name of this quilt/how old it is..
  194. Quilted book covers?
  195. From Don -isewman1-- I have a ??????
  196. Fab News :Famous in Spain
  197. Yikes! what size?
  198. Prices on cabinets?
  199. Craft Fair Etiquette
  200. What would you do?
  201. Someone was looking for a cutting table-check this out
  202. Quilt hanger-upper gizmo thingie
  203. I Need Help Please
  204. Pincushion?
  205. t-shirt quilts
  206. Home Quilting Frame and Machine advice
  207. Initiated!
  208. Taming the Scrap Pile
  209. Quilted Picnic Blanket made with Oilcloth? Help!
  210. how to get pencil marks out of your quilt!!!!!!
  211. Quilting frame for machine quilting
  212. Show Us Your Raffle or Auction Quilts for Charity
  213. Cobblestones....
  214. FREE Quilt Block Patterns Galore!!!
  215. Double Wedding Ring CopyWright BooBoo
  216. Any EQ6 users here?
  217. New Quilt
  218. Moving my sewing room..where did it all come from?!
  219. Newsletter
  220. Where to find block pattern
  221. Brother vx-809 shank question
  222. Questions: What kind of batting... Potholders
  223. Enlarging or Reducing quilt block sizes
  224. Stitch in the Ditch Question
  225. Types of Quilt-Tops
  226. Did someone post a Valentine applique pattern a while back?
  227. Ready to Explode
  228. latest raffle quilt
  229. It's Here ALREADY (Secret Santa)
  230. Quilt shops in Ann Arbor, Michigan?
  231. Quilter's Catalog
  232. teaching 8 YOA niece to quilt
  233. I am back from the Houson Quilt Show!!!!!!!
  234. New patternI saw in Houson/ Applique
  235. Magazine Question
  236. NE1 ever do this? Quilts for Kids . . .
  237. CRAFT FAIR...OVER AND DONE!!! UPDATE!!!! on first post
  238. Cutting table
  239. Understanding terminology.
  240. Info on White embroidery machine?
  241. double wedding ring quilt
  242. Cutters block?
  243. A Big Thank You!
  244. "Sew Like a Pro" Sweepstakes
  245. What's a Reasonable Price for Machine Quilting?
  246. jukie 98qe
  247. Deleting double posting
  248. Using purchased or mock binding
  249. Quilt Dash
  250. EQ5 question/Answers found! 11-4 posted

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